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Families covered: Fulthorpe of Tunstall

Alan Fulthorpe
1. Sir Roger Fulthorpe
A. Adam Fulthorpe
  i. Alan Fulthorpe "of the Bishopricke"
  a. Sir Roger Fulthorpe
  (1) Sir William Fulthorpe
  m. Isabel Lumley (sister of Ralph de Lumley)
  (A) Roger Fulthorpe
  (i) William Fulthorpe
  (a) William Fulthorpe
(b) Thomas Fulthorpe
  ((1)) Isabella Fulthorpe
  m. Henry Radcliffe
  ((A))+ issue - Ralfe, William
  ((2)) Philippa Fulthorpe
  m. Richard Booth
  ((A)) Ralpe Booth
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Maude, sister of Sir Rafe Swinnow)
  ((i)) Anne Booth
  m. Thomas Fulthorpe of Tunstall @@ below
  ((ii)) Jane Booth
  m. George Smith of Nunstanton
  ((a)) Anne Smith
  m. John Swinburne of Chopwell
  ((B))+ other issue - Roger, Lawrence
  ((3)) Jane Fulthorpe
  m1. Philip Strangewayes
  m2. William Constable
  (B) Sir William Fulthorpe
  (i)+ issue - Thomas, Roger
(C) Sir William Fulthorpe
  b. John Fulthorpe (dsp)
  c. Alan Fulthorpe
  m. Catherine Bland (dau of William Bland)
  (1) William Fulthorpe (dsp)
  (2) John Fulthorpe 'of Yorkshire'
  (A) Alice Fulthorpe
  m. Richard Yersley
  (B) Anne Fulthorpe
  m. (1469) Thurston Andertone (d 06.05.1516)
(C)+ other issue - Richard, Jane
  (3) Thomas Fulthorpe
  m. Elizabeth Crathorne (dau of John Crathorne)
  (A) Thomas Fulthorpe
  m. Eleanor Lambert (dau of Thomas Lambert)
  (i) Alan Fulthorpe (Constable of Midelham Castle)
  m. Catherine Broughe (dau of William Broughe or Borough of Borough)
  (a) Christopher Fulthorpe - continued below
  Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4) identifies Christopher (Crystofer) as the heir but shows no family for him. Visitation (Durham) shows the father of Thomas of Tunstall (who m. Anne Booth) as a Christopher. Various web sites show them to be the same person. We provisionally show that also but note that this warrants confirmation.
  m. _ Metcalfe (sister of Christopher Metcalfe)
  (b) Thomas Fulthorpe
  m. Edith Hoord (dau of John Hoord or Hore of Elsfield or Edfield)
  ((1)) Alice Fulthorpe
  m. John Conyers (dau of John Conyers, son of Christopher of Pinchinthorpe)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Fulthorpe
  m. Simon Conyers (son/heir of Robert of Danby)
  (c)+ other issue - William, Rowlamd, Geore (d young), Alan (d young), Joan (d unm), Elizabeth, Catherine, Margaret, Margaret (nun)
  (ii)+ other issue - John, Anne, (Agnes,) Catherine, Elizabeth
  (B) Elsabeth Fulthorpe



Christopher Fulthorpe - continued above
Visitation (Durham) identifies Christopher's wife as sister of "Chris. Metcalfe, Knt". Various web sites identify her as Agnes, the unnamed daughter of Thomas Metcalfe of Nappa who is shown in the Metcalfe records as married to a Fulthorpe (## see here ##). However, that Metcalfe was aunt rather than sister of a Sir Christopher. We have not fully connected the couple pending further investigation.
m. _ Metcalfe (sister of Christopher Metcalfe)
1. Thomas Fulthorpe of Tunstall
  m. Anne Booth (dau of Ralphe Booth) @@ above
  A. Christopher Fulthorpe of Tunstall
  m. Mary Blakeston (dau of William Blakeston of Coxsay)
i. Nicholas Fulthorpe of Tunstall (a 1615)
  m. Margery Heyfield (niece of Sir Robert Brandling)
  a. Christopher Fulthorpe of Tunstall (d 25.02.1662)
  m. Mary Colmore (dau of Clement Colmore of Durham, Chancellor of Durham)
  (1) Clement Fulthorpe of Tunstall, Sheriff of co. Durham (b c1604, a 08.1666)
  The following is supported by 'The Herald and Genealogist' (vol 7, 1873, John Gough Nichols, 'Pedigree of Fulthorpe', p140).
  m1. (20.11.1628) Isabell Claverley (dau of Sir John Claverley of Littleburne)
  (A) John Fulthorpe of Tunstall (bpt 11.04.1630, bur 08.02.1698-9)
  m. Mary Trotter (dau of George Trotter of Skelton Castle)
  (i)+ issue - Christopher (b c1662, d young?), Mary (d young), Mary, Elizabeth
  (B) Christopher Fulthorpe, later of Tunstall (bpt 11.06.1633, d 1709, rector of Siglesthorne in Holdernesse)
  (i) daughter ("who had three daughters and coheirs")
  (C) Gabriel Fulthorpe (bpt 20.04.1635, bur 05.04.1667)
  m. (13.05.1662) Barbara Emerson (bur 15.10.1671, dau of John Emerson, alderman in Newcastle)
(i) Barbara Fulthorpe (bpt 11.01.1665-6, d 1736)
  m. Peter Justice of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  (a) Mary Justice (b 31.01.1687-8, d 28.04.1720)
  m. (19.11.1711) Taylor Dorman of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (MD)
  ((1)) May Dorman (b 21.04.1720, d 19.12.1788)
  m. (17.06.1741) Michael Longridge of Newburn-on-Tyne (b 1718, d 1769)
  ((2))+ other issue (d infant) - Robert, Mark, Fulthorpe, Barbara
(ii)+ other issue - John (bpt 19.02.1662-3, d infant), Mary (bpt 07.11.1664, bur 14.09.1665)
  (D) Timothy Fulthorpe (d 09.1664)
  m. Mary Smith (dau of Peter Smith of London)
  (i)+ issue - Peter, Timothy (d young)
  (E) Mary Fulthorpe
  m. Henry Fetherstonhaugh of Stanley (b c1631, a 08.1666)
  (F)+ other issue - Clement (bpt 20.11.1631, d unm bur 10.03.1661-2), William (d unm)
  m2. Mary Boyle (dau of Sir Edward Boyle of Fredville, widow of George Trotter of Skelton Castle)
  (2) Elizabeth Fulthorpe (b c1600)
  m. (1619) Robert Hutton of Houghton le Spring (b 1597, d c1643)
(3) Mary Fulthorpe (b c1601)
  m. Christopher Dodsworth
  b. Eleanor Fulthorpe
  m. Thomas Colmore (son of Clement)
  c.+ other issue - Eward, John
  B. Francis Fulthorpe
  m. Elizabeth Musgrave (dau of George Musgrave of Goldsborough)
  i.+ issue - John, Roger
Mentioned by various web sites as of this family, of this generation, was ...
2. John Fulthorpe of Hipswell
  m. Jane Wharton (dau of Thomas Wharton by Agnes, dau of Reginald Warcop)
  A. Jane Fulthorpe
  m. Francis Wandesford of Kirklington (d 1559)
  B. Anne Fulthorpe
  m. Christopher Neville (son of Ralph, Earl of Westmorland, by Catharine Stafford)

Main source(s): Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, Fulthorpe of Tunstall) with some support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Fulthorpe)
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