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Families covered: Gage of Castle Island, Gage of Firle, Gage of Hengrave

Sir Thomas Gage, 2nd Bart of Firle (d 02.07.1654)
m. (1635) Mary Chamberlain (d 1694, dau of John Chamberlain of Sherborne Castle)
1. Sir Thomas Gage, 3rd Bart of Firle (d unm 22.11.1660)
2. Sir John Gage, 4th Bart of Firle, Sheriff of Sussex (d 27.05.1699)
  m1. Mary Middlemore (dau of Robert Middlemore of Edgbaston by Henrietta Maria, dau of Sir Maurice Drummond)
  A. Mary Gage (d before 1722)
  m1. (c1690) Sir John Shelley, 3rd Bart (d 25.04.1703)
  m2. George Mathew of Thurles
B. Bridget Gage (d 18.11.1732)
  m. (07.1698) Thomas Belasyse, 3rd Viscount Fauconberg (d 26.11.1718)
  m2. Mary Stanley (dau of Sir William Stanley, 1st Bart of Hooton)
  C. Sir John Gage, 5th Bart of Firle (b 1692, d 01.1700)
  D. Sir Thomas Gage, 6th Bart of Firle (d unm 10.1713)
E. Sir William Gage, 7th Bart of Firle (b 1695, d unm 23.04.1744)
  Identified as a natural dau of Sir William Gage of Firle was ...
  i. Elizabeth
  m1. John Throughton
  m2. Felix Feast, Sheriff of Anglesey (a 1764, brewer in London)
  F. Mary Gage (dsp 04.01.1716-7)
  m. (22.01.1715-6) Henry Roper, Lord Teynham (b c1676, d 16.05.1723)
3. Henry Gage (dsp)
4. Joseph Gage of Sherborne Castle, Oxfordshire
  m. Elizabeth Penruddock (dau of Sir George Penruddock of Hale)
  A. (Sir) Thomas Gage of Firle & High Meadow, 1st Viscount Gage of Castle Island, later 8th Bart of Firle (d 21.12.1754)
  m1. (1717) Benedicta Maria Theresa Hall (d 25.07.1749, dau/heir of Henry Benedict Hall of High Meadow by Frances Fortescue)
i. William Hall Gage, 2nd Viscount Gage (b 01.01.1718, d 11.10.1791)
  m. (03.02.1757) Elizabeth Gideon (d 01.07.1783, dau of Sampson Gideon of Stepney by Jane, dau of Charles Ermell)
  a. son (d infant)
  ii. Thomas Gage (d 02.04.1787, General, CIC in North America)
  m. (08.12.1758) Margaret Kemble (d 09.02.1824, dau of Peter Kemble of New Jersey)
  a. Henry Gage, 3rd Viscount Gage (b 04.03.1761, d 29.01.1808, Major General)
  m. (12.01.1789) Susannah Maria Skinner (d 09.04.1821, dau of Lt. Gen. William Skinner, cousin)
(1) Henry Gage, 4th Viscount Gage (b 14.12.1791, d 20.01.1857) had issue
  m. (08.03.1813) Elizabeth Maria Foley (d 13.06.1857, dau of Hon. Edward Foley of Stoke Edith)
  (2) Thomas William Gage of Westbury (b 04.08.1796, d 26.01.1835) had issue
  m. (12.06.1824) Arabella Cecil St. Quintin (d 25.02.1840, dau of T.W. St. Quintin of Scampston Hall)
  b. John Gage of Rogate (b 23.12.1767, d 24.12.1846)
  m. (20.05.1793) Mary Milbanke (d 09.11.1846, dau of John Milbanke)
  (1) Thomas Wentworth Gage (d 19.03.1837, vicar of Higham Ferrers) had issue
  m. (17.02.1831) Mary Elizabeth Douglas (b 04.11.1807, d 16.05.1888, dau of Sir Charles Douglas, 5th Bart of Kelhead, 5th Marquess of Queensberry)
  (2) John William Gage (dsp 10.01.1849)
  m. (04.08.1832) Mary Elizabeth Lushington (dau of William Lushington)
  (3) Mary Gage (d 17.06.1870)
  m. (28.04.1820) Henry Peter Delme of Cams Hall (d 29.01.1883)
(4) Charlotte Margaret Gage (d 09.09.1851)
  m. (20.10.1825) John Hodgetts Hodgetts-Foley of Prestwood (d 13.11.1861)
  (5) Louisa Henrietta Gage
  m. (16.11.1847) Ernest Randoph, Baron Bertouch (d 08.07.1869, of Denmark)
  (6)+ other issue - Frances Elizabeth (d unm), Sophia Matilda (d unm 14.03.1897)
  c. Maria Theresa Gage (d 21.04.1832)
  m. (02.03.1792) Sir James Crauford, 2nd Bart (d 09.07.1839)
  d. Louisa Elizabeth Gage (d 21.01.1832)
  m. (13.02.1794) SIr James Henry Blake, 3rd Bart (d 21.04.1832)
  e. Charlotte Margaret Gage (d 09.1814, 4th dau)
  m. (22.04.1802) Sir Charles Ogle, 2nd Bart of Worthy (b 24.05.1775, d 16.06.1858, Admiral)
f. Emily Gage (d 28.08.1838)
  m. (27.08.1807) Montagu Bertie, 5th Earl of Abingdon (b 30.04.1734, d 16.10.1854)
  g.+ other issue - Sir William Hall (b 02.10.1777, dsp 02.01.1864, Admiral), Harriet (d unm 1835)
  iii. Theresa Gage (dsp 1775)
  m. (1755) George Tasburgh of Bodney
m2. (26.12.1750) Jane Godfrey (d 08.10.1757, widow of Henry Jermyn Bond)
  B. Joseph Gage (Count in Spain, CIC of army in Lombardy)
  m. Mary Herbert (dau of William Herbert, 2nd Marquess of Powis)
  C. Elizabeth Gage
  m. John Weston of Sutton
  D. Anne Gage
  m. Richard Arundel Bealing (Bellings-Arundell) of Lanherne
5. Frances Gage
  m. Sir Charles Yete, Bart (d 1680)
6. Mary Gage
  m. Anthony Kempe
7. Catherine Gage (dsp 02.04.1720)
  m. Walter Aston, 3rd Lord of Forfar (b 1633, d 24.11.1714)



Sir Edward Gage, 1st Bart of Hengrave (b c1617, bur 08.01.1707)
m1. Mary Hervey (d 13.07.1654, dau of Sir William Hervey of Ickworth)
1. Sir William Gage, 2nd Bart of Hengrave (d 08.02.1727)
  m1. (c10.1675) Mary Charlotte Bond (d 1717/bur 18.04.1708, dau of Sir Thomas Bond, Bart of Peckham)
  A. Thomas Gage (b c1684, dvp 01.03.1716)
  m. Delariviere D'Ewes (b c1688, d 18.10.1746, dau of Sir Symonds D'Ewes, Bart)
  i. Sir Thomas Gage, 3rd Bart of Hengrave (dsp unm 01.09.1741)
ii. Sir William Gage, 4th Bart of Hengrave (dsp 17.05.1767)
  m. Frances Harland (dsp c08.1763, dau of Robert Harland of Sproughton, widow of John Ellis of Cotton)
  iii. Edward Gage (dsp 1741)
  B. John Gage (b 1687-8, d 20.07.1728)
  The following is supported by CTG (vol 2, 1835, 'The Family of Rookwood', p147).
m. (07.01.1717) Elizabeth Rookwood (b 04.01.1683, d 30.01.1759, dau/heir of Thomas Rookwood of Coldham Hall)
  i. Sir Thomas Rookwood Gage, 5th Bart of Hengrave (b c1718, d 21.03.1795-6)
  m1. (1746) Lucy Knight (b 1721-2, d 03.09.1781, dau/heir of William Knight of Kingerby, sister/heir of Richard)
  a. Sir Thomas Gage, 6th Bart of Hengrave (b c1751, d 01.12.1798)
  m1. (22.11.1779) Charlotte Fitzherbert (b 1755-6, d 29.08.1790, dau of Thomas Fitzherbert of Swinnerton)
  (1) Sir Thomas Gage, 7th Bart of Hengrave (d 27.12.1820) had issue
  m. (1809) Mary Anne Browne (d 13.06.1840, dau of Valentine Browne, 1st Earl of Kenmare)
(2) Robert Joseph Gage, later Rookwood of Coldham Hall (b 02.05.1783, dsps 31.07.1838)
  m1. (18.02.1804) Mary Worswick (d 02/27.09.1807, dau of Thomas Worswick of Lancaster)
  (A) Maria Rookwood (b 14.08.1806, d 12.1813)
  m2. (04.1809) Eliza O'Donnell (b 1787-8, d 18.08.1827, dau of Gen. Count O'Donnell)
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (b 15.08.1811, d 28.08.1811), Robert Nugent (b 13.06.1812, d 03.05.1814), Thomas Ambrose (b 25.10.1814, d 27.12.1814)
  (3) John Gage, later Rockwood of Coldham Hall (b 13.09.1786, d unm 1842, youngest son)
  (4)+ other issue - William (b 19.11.1785, d unm 25.03.1828, Major), Charlotte (b 18.08.1787, bur 22.12.1787)
m2. (22.09.1796) Charlotte Campbell (d 1849, dau of John Hooke Campbell)
  (6) Lucy Gage (b 30.06.1797)
  (7) Emma Gage (b 10.09.1798, d 17.06.1845)
  m. (31.07.1826) John Collett (MP)
  (A) Chatlotte Eustatia Collett
  b. Lucy Gage
  m. George Maxwell of Munches
  c. Elizabeth Gage
  m. (1767) Henry Darell of Calehill
  d. Mary Etheldreda Gage
  m. (1774) John Dalton of Thurnham Hall
  m2. (30.07.1783) Mary Fergus (b 1735-6, d 11.04.1820, dau/coheir of Patrick Fergus of Montserrat)
  ii. John Gage of St. Edmunsbury (b c1720, d 31.10.1790, priest)
  C. Charlotte Gage (dsp bur 04.06.1733)
  m. Fitznun Lambe of Troston (Throston)
  D. Mary Lelia Gage (bur 22.09.1770)
  m. Henry Huddleston of Durham
E. Katherine Gage (d 09.04.1732)
  m. (01.12.1730) Henry Sorrel of Bury (St. Edmundsbury)
  F.+ other issue (d unm) - Henrietta (bur 27.06.1757), Penelope (b c1687, d 27.10.1772, nun), Anne (bur 02.04.1760)
  m2. Merelina Jermyn (dau of Thomas Jermyn, Lord of St. Edmundsbury)
2. Penelope Gage
  m. Edward Sulyard of Haughly Park
3. Mary Gage (bur 28.02.1719)
  m. William Bond of St. Edmundsbury (bur 18.04.1696)
m2. Frances Aston (dau of Walter Aston, 2nd Lord of Forfar)
4. Francis Gage of Pakington Hall (d 06.09.1729)
  m. Elizabeth Devereux (dau/heir of John Devereux of Montserat)
  A. Devereux Gage (dsp)
m3. Anne Watkins
5. Edward Gage (b c1665, a 1695, d unm)
m4. Elizabeth or Frances Feilding (dau of George Feilding, 1st Earl of Desmond)
6.+ other issue (a 1695) - Charles (b c1669), John (b c1676), James (b c1677), George (b c1678), Henry (b c1681, a 1718), Catharine, Basilia (a 1718)
m5. (sp) Bridget Feilding (bur 07.09.1704, widow of _ Slaughter, of Denbigh family)

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(2) For Gage of Hengrave : BP1870 ('Gage, Baronets'), 'History and Antiquities of Suffolk: Thingoe Hundred' (John Gage, 1938, p205)
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