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Families covered: Gibbs of Aldenham, Gibbs of Claypitts, Gibbs of Clyst St. George, Gibbs of Fenton (Gibbes of Venton), Gibbs of Topsham
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William Gibbs of Fenton (b 1471, d c1531, Escheator of Devon & Cornwall)
m1. (before 10.1487) Elizabeth Yarde (dau of Gilbert Yarde of Bradley & Teygnwyke)
1. Thomas Gibbs of Fenton (b c1490, d c1549)
The following is partly supported by Visitation (Devon, 1620, 'Wotton') which identifies the Gibbs arms as "Argent, three battle-axes sable".
  m. (c1509) Anne Courtenay (dau of Sir William Courtenay of Powderham)
  A. William Gibbes of Fenton (Venton) (b c1520, d 08.12.1570)
  m. Dorothy Berkeley (dau of Sir Richard Berkeley of Stoke, widow of Nicholas Wadham (probably son of Sir Nicholas)
  i. Dorothy Gibbes (bur 1539)
  ii. Silvester (Silvestra) Gibbes
  m. Walter Wotton of Inglebourne & Fenton (d 29.09.1616)
  iii. Elizabeth Gibbes
  m1. Edward Wotton of Inglebourne (dsp)
  m2. Edmund Drew of Hayne
2. Joan Gibbs (dp befroe 1501)
  m. Andrew Hillersdon of Membland (d 1539, m2. Anne Hatch)
m2. Katherine (a 1517)
m3. Wilmot (a 1544, m2. Thomas Bond of Luxulyan)



(1) Most of the following section was first uploaded on 31.03.08 as the lower section of Gibbs01. It was moved here when review of the Gibbs family using Hunsdon's book provided the possible connection to the senior branch of the family.
(2) BLG1886 identifies the following as "a junior branch of the Venton family (which) planted itself in Exeter (in the latter part of the 15th century)" and identifies their arms as "Arg., three battleaxes erect sa., a bordure nebuly of the last".
John Gibbs of Clyst St. George (b 1475?, a 1524, d by 1543?) possibly father of ...
1. George Gibbs of Claypitts (b 1505?, d 1562)
  A. John Gibbs of Claypitts (d 1593)
  m. Cecylie Coade
  i. William Gibbs of Claypitts (b 1572, dsp 1631)
  ii. daughter
  m. _ Baker
  a. John Baker of Claypitts (d 1638)
  (1) John Baker of Claypitts (d 1671?)
2. William Gibbs (b 1507?, d 1571, Rector of Clyst St. George)
3. John Gibbs of Clyst St. George (b 1510, d 1573)
  m. Joane possibly parents of ...
  A. George Gibbs (Gybbes) of Clyst St. George (b 1540?, d 1606) the first given by BLG1886
  m. (1569) Welthean (Gwenllian)
  i. John Gybbe of Clyst St. George (b 1570, d 07.1652)
  m. Anstice
  a. George Gibbs of Clyst St. George (b 10.1604, d 1683)
  m. Alice
  (1) George Gibbs of Pytte (in Clyst St. George) (b 1641, dsp 1723)
  (2) Abraham Gibbs of Topsham, Devon (b 18.10.1649, d 1718, 4th son)
  m. Tryphaena Rowe (dau of William Rowe of Shobbrooke)
  (A) Abraham Gibbs of Topsham (b 02.1686, d 09.1726)
m1. Mary Monke (dau of Nehemiah Monke of Topsham)
  (i) George Gibbs (dvp bur 1713)
(ii) George Abraham Gibbs of Exeter & Pytt
  m. (1747) Anne Vicary (dau of Anthony Vicary of Exeter by Elizabeth, dau of Nicholas Munckley of Exeter)
  (a) Sir Vicary Gibbs of Hayes, Kent (b 27.1751, d 08.02.1820, Lord Chief Justice, 2nd son)
  m. Frances Cerjat Kenneth Mackenzie (dau of Major William Mackenzie, sister of Francis, Lord Seaforth)
  ((1)) Maria Elizabeth Gibbs (b 17.11.1785, d 25.08.1879)
  m. (09.05.1808) Sir Andrew Pilkington of Catsfield Place (d 23.02.1853, Lt. General)
  (b) George Gibbs of Redland (Gloucestershire) & Bristol (b 09.05.1753, d 15.08.1818)
  m1. (c1776) Esther Joanna Farr (d 29.10.1787, dau of Richard Farr of Bristol)
  ((1)) George Gibbs of Belmont, Somerset (b 27.12.1779, dsp 28.03.163, 2nd son)
  m1. (27.05.1802) Salvina Hendy (d 1809, dau/heir of Henry Hendy of Barbados)
  m2. (08.08.1814) Harriet Gibbs (dau of Antony Gibbs, cousin) @@ below
  ((2))+ other issue - George (b 30.10.1778, d infant), Richard (b 12.04.1781, d young), Joanna (d 11.1823), Anne (b 1785-6, d 04.1793)
  m2. (23.07.1795, sp) Anne Aleyn (dau of W. Aleyn)
  (c) Antony Gibbs of London (b 03.03.1756, d 10.12.1815, 5th son)
  m. Dorothea Barnetta Hucks, heiress of Aldenham (b c1760, d 04.02.1820, dau of William Hucks of Knaresborough (son of Joseph of Bloomsbury by Fidicua, dau of Joshua Lomax of Childwickbury) by Eleanor, dau of Thomas Barnett of Knaresborough)
  ((1)) George Henry Gibbs of Aldenham Park (Hertfordshire) & Clifton Hamden (Oxfordshire) (b 24.08.1785, d 21.08.1842) had issue
m. (07.07.1817) Caroline Crawley (d 13.02.1850, dau of Rev. Charles Crawley by Mary Gibbs, cousin)
  ((2)) William Gibbs of Tyntesfield in Wraxall, Somerset had issue
  m. Matilda Blanche Crawley-Boevey (dau of Sir T. Crawley-Boevey, Bart of Flaxley Abbey, by Mary Albinia, dau of Sir Thomas Hyde Page)
((3)) Joseph Gibbs (b 23.07.1801, d 22.03.1864, Vicar of Clifton Hamden) had issue
  m. Emily Vaughan, later of Belmont (d 07.09.1869, dau of Rev. Charles Vaughan of Crickhowell by Emilia, sister of John Berkeley Monck of Coley Park)
  ((4)) Harriet Gibbs (b c1786, dsp 15.10.1865)
  m. George Gibbs of Belmont (cousin) @@ above
  ((5))+ Anne Gibbs (b c1797, d unm 06.10.1852)
  (d) Elizabeth Gibbs (b 1750, d 1780)
  m. (1776) Robert Butler Remmett of Plymouth (cousin)
  (e) Anne Gibbs (b 1757, dsp 1828)
  m. Samuel Banfill of Exwick House
  (f) Mary Gibbs
  m. Charles Crawley (b 1766-7, d 04.06.1849, rector of Stowe Nine Churches, vicar of Broadway)
  (g) Catherine Gibbs (b c1767, dsp 1820)
  m. _ Burroughs of Taunton
  (h)+ other issue - George (b 23.09.1748, d 24.09.1750), Abraham of Exeter (b 19.08.1754, d unm 05.1782), Sibella (b c1761, d 1841), Sarah (b c1763, d unm 1785)
  (iii) Anne Gibbs
  m. _ Remmett of Crediton
  m2. Sarah Lyle (dau/coheir of Robert Lyle of Topsham (by Mary, dau of Nicholas Downe), widow of _ Ewings)
  (iv) John Gibbs of Topsham (bpt 1723, d 20.07.1774, captain)
  m. Elizabeth Meachin (dau/heir of William Meachin)
  (a) William Gibbs of Topsham (bpt 19.06.1757, d 1830, 2nd son)
  m. (08.1790) Susannah Ley (dau of Rev. Thomas Ley of Doddescombe Leigh)
  ((1)) John Ley Gibbs (b 05.06.1793, d 1837, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Ellin Gamble (dau of John Gamble of London)
  ((2) Charles Gibbs of Genoa (b 23.05.1807, d 14.12.1857, 5th son) had issue (1 dau)
m. Stuarta Browne (d 07.1873, dau of Yates Browne (by Stuarta, dau of David, 2nd Lord Erskine), m2. Emilio Brioschi of Milan)
  ((3))+ other issue (d unm) - William Henry of Naples & Palermo then Genoa (b 03.06.1791, a 1779), Lyle (b 1800, d 04.03.1814), Abraham (b 1805, d young), Frances (b 1797, d 10.01.1847), Mary Matilda (b 04.1801, d 08.01.1877)
  (b) Abraham Gibbs of Naples & Palermo (bpt 10.09.1753, d 12.1816)
  m. Mary Elizabeth Douglas (dau of Sir James Douglas)
  ((1)) Mary Elizabeth Catherine Gibbs (b 11.10.1793, d 21.01.1878)
  m. (10.05.1815) Charles Ashe A'Court, later Repington, of Amington Hall (d 19.04.1861, Lt. General)
  (c) Elizabeth Gibbs (b 1752, dsp 04.1840)
  m. James Richards of Abbot's Leigh
  (d)+ other issue (d unm) - John (bpt 07.1755, d after 1779), George (bpt 07.1761), Lyle of Genoa (bpt 07.1761, d 1839), Thomas (bpt 10.1767, d 1798, RN)
  (3)+ 3 sons and 3 daughters
  ii. George Gibbs of Hethfield (d 1659)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of Gibbs of Fenton' (Lord Hunsdon of Hunsdon, 1925) with some support as reported above
(2) For lower section : BLG1886 ('Gibbs of Aldenham Park'), 'History of Gibbs of Fenton' (Lord Hunsdon of Hunsdon, 1925)
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