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Families covered: Giffard of Brimsfield (Brimpsfield), Giffard of Boyton, Giffard of Buckingham, Giffard of Fonthill, Giffard of Winterbourne Houghton
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It appears that this family's name came directly from the nickname "giffard" which meant "The Liberal".
Osborn or Osberne de Bolbec (b c940)
m. Wevie/Aveline de Crepon (sister of Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy)
1. Walter 'Giffard', Lord of Longueville§B
Some web sites are clearly confused with the dates of Walter and his son & grandson, identifying children as having been born before their parents! What we show is supported by TCP (Buckingham) though that does not mention any of the daughters except to confirm that Rohese was sister of the 1st Earl. Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Giffard of Halsbury) shows an additional generation between this Walter and the 1st Earl, being another Walter (father of Hugh, lord of Beuff in Normandy, and Catherine, wife of Richard Grevnile). Vivian identifies that Hugh as ancestor of the Giffards of Brimpfield (which line is shown below as coming from Walter's younger brother Osborne) and the Giffards of Chillington (which line is shown below as coming from Walter's younger brother Berenger).
  m. Ermengarde (Ermentrude or Agnes) Fleitel (dau of Gerard de Fleitel)
  A. Walter Giffard, 1st Earl of Buckingham (d 15.07.1102, Justiciar)
  m. Agnes (sister of Anselm de Ribemont)
  i. Walter Giffard, 'Earl Giffard', 2nd Earl of Buckingham (dsp 1164)
  m. Ermengarde
  ii. Catherine or Isobel Giffard possibly of this generation, to be investigated further in due course
  She is named Isobel by Vivian (Devon, Giffard) who shows her as sister rather than daughter of the 1st Earl. However, she is identified by Vivian (Cornwall, Grenvile/Granville) as Catherine, dau of Walter, Earl of Longueville.
  m. Richard FitzRobert FitzHamon de Graynville (Greinville, Granville)
  B. Rohese Giffard (a 1113) GHJRSY
  m. Richard FitzGilbert de Toneburge (d c1090) GHJRSY
  C. Lora Giffard connection suggested by Hampden record
  m. Sir Robert de Hampden
2. Godfrey, Vicomte of Arques not mentioned by BLG1952
  The following comes from TCP (vol X, Appendix F).
  m. _ de Rouen (dau of Gozelin, Count of Rouen, by Emmeline)
  A. William, Vicomte of Arques, lord of Folkestone (a 1086)
  We hope that there has been no confusion between this William and another (earlier?) William d'Arques or William of Arques!
  m. Beatrice
  TCP gives no indication of Beatrice's parentage. Various web sites identify her as William's cousin, daughter of Geoffrey de Bolebec. Others suggest that she was Beatrice Malet who is known to have married a William d'Arques. Others suggest that she was daughter of Hugh, Count of Ponthieu. We hope to identify her 'properly' in due course.
  i. Maud of Arques HJY
  m. William de Tancreville (d 1129, Chamberlain) HJY
  ii. Emma of Arques (a 1140)
  m1. Nele de Monville, lord of Folkestone
  a. Maud de Folkestone
  m. Rualon de Avranches, Sheriff of Kent (a 1130)
  (1) William de Avranches, lord of Folkestone
  m2. Manasses, Count of Guisnes (d 1139)
  iii. Yvette of Arques not mentioned by TCP but suggested by various web sites GSY
  m. Adam le Brus, Lord of Skelton (d 1143) GSY
3. Berenger Giffard of Fonthill
A. Robert Giffard of Fonthill
  i. Gerard Giffard of Fonthill had issue (but dspms or sons dspms?)
  BLG1952 reports that Gerard's "male line became extinct, ca. 1211, when the Barony of Fonthill was divided among the co-heirs, Robert de Mandeville, of Marshwood, Dorset, Robert Mauduit, William Cumin, and Robert de Fontibus." VCH (Warwickshire, vol 5, Avon Dassdett) confirms this (in the main), adding that the last of this line was Andrew (d 1220), nephew of William (a 1166, 1175). We presume to show this as follows:
  a. William Giffard of Fonthill (a 1166, 1175)
  b. ?? Giffard
  (1) Andrew Giffard of Fonthill (d 1220)
  (2) daughter
  m. Robert de Mandeville of Marshwood
  (3) daughter
  m. Robert Mauduit here?
  (4) (Eve) Giffard
  m1. William Cumin (d 1223-4)
  m2. John de Mara
(5) daughter
  m. Robert de Fortibus named William by VCH
  ii. Walter Giffard (a 1166) ancestor of Giffards of Chillington
  B. Adam Giffard of Fonthill not mentioned by BLG1952 but presumed of this family, of this generation
  i. daughter (coheir)
  m. John de Comyn (d after 1135)
4. Osborne Giffard (d before 1096)
  There is some confusion with this branch of the family, some sources confusing this Osborne with his father with added confusion shown between successive generations of Eliases (Heliases). We follow BLG1952.
  A. Elias or Helias Giffard of Brimsfield or Brimpsfield (d by 1131)
  m. Ala
  i. Elias or Helias II Giffard of Brimsfield (d c1165-6)
  m. (c1127) Bertha FitzRichard (dau of Richard FitzPonce of Cantref Bychan)
  a. Elias or Helias III Giffard of Brimsfield (d c1190)
  BLG1952 reports that Elias appears to have married 2 or 3 times, with his last wife being Maud de Berkeley, mother of Gilbert and Osbert. It appears therefore that the mother of his successor Elias is not known.
  m1/2. ??
  (1) Elias or Helias or Elis IV Giffard of Brimsfield (d 1248)
  m1. Isabel Musard
  (A) Maud Giffard
  m. Godfrey Escudamor
(B) Isabel Giffard
  m. Thomas de Tabler
  (C) Mabel Giffard
  m. Richard Dansy
  m2. Alice Mautravers (sister of Sir John Mautravers of Lytchet Matravers)
  (D) Sir John Giffard, 1st Lord of Brimsfield (b c1233, d 1299)
  m1. (10.1270) Maud de Clifford (d before 10.1284, dau of Walter de Clifford, widow of William Longespeye)
  (i) Katherine Giffard (b 1272, a 1322)
  m. Nicholas de Aldithley (Audley) (d 28.08.1299)
(ii) Alianore Giffard
  m. Fulk le Strange, 1st Lord of Blackmere (b c1267, d by 23.01.1323/4)
  (iii) Maud Giffard (dsp)
  m. William de Gyenvill (son of Geoffrey)
  (iv) Elizabeth Giffard (dvp)
  m2. (sp) Alicia Maltravers mentioned by BE1883 but not by BLG1952 or TCP (Giffard)
  m3. Margaret (d before 13.12.1338, widow of Sir John de Neville of Hallingbury, etc) @@ below
  (v) Sir John Giffard, 2nd Lord of Brimsfield (b 1287, dsp 1322)
  m. Aveline de Courtenay (dau of Sir Hugh de Courtenay of Okehampton by Alianora Despenser)
  (vi) Edmund Giffard (dsp after 10.1308)
  m3. Yseud (Isolda)
  m2/3. Maud de Berkeley (dau of Maurice FitzHarding of Berkeley, sister of Thomas)
  (2) Gilbert Giffard
  (A) Gilbert Giffard
(i) Alexander Giffard
  (a)+ issue - Edith (had issue), Joan
  (3) Osbert or Osbern Giffard of Winterbourne Houghton (d 1236-7)
  BLG1952 notes that Osbert was usually styled 'of Brimsfield' "to distinguish him from his contemporaries, Osbert Giffard, of Norfolk, and Osbert Giffard, a natural son of King John". The identity of his wife's mother comes from TCP (Giffard).
m. Isabel de Bocland (d before 08.07.1242, dau of Alan de Bocland of Egg Buckland & Hooe by Alice, dau of Ralph Murdac by Eve de Gray, lady of Standlake & Dornford)
  (A) Sir Osbert or Osbern Giffard of Winterbourne Houghton (b 10.03.1234, a 1308)
  m. Joan
  (i) Osbert Giffard (dvp 1290)
  m. Sarah
  (a) Alice Giffard
  m. Richard de Arcy
  (ii) John Giffard (d c1327)
  (a) Edward Giffard
  (iii) Ralph Giffard of Hoo
  (B) Sir John Giffard of Twyford (a 1272)
  Unclear who was mother of ...
  (4) Berta Giffard
  m. _ de Cailwey
(A) Elias de Cailwey
  (i) John de Cailwey
  (a) John de Cailwey or Kelways (a 1330)
  b. Walter Giffard of Boyton (a 1192)
(1) Hugh Giffard of Boyton (d 1246)
  m. (1216) Sibyl de Cormeilles (dau of Walter de Cormeilles, sister of Alice de craucumbe)
  (A) Walter Giffard of Boyton, Archbishop of York, Chancellor (d 1279)
  (B) Godfrey Giffard of Boyton, Bishop of Worcester, Chancellor (d 1301-2)
  (C) William Giffard of Barewe or Barrow, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk (a 1273)
  m. Katherine Passelewe (dau of Hamon Passelewe, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk, by Maud, dau of Thomas de Barewe)
(i) John Giffard of Boyton, Itchell, Norton, etc (d 1319)
  (ii)+ other issue - Hugh (parson of Barewe), others (?)
  (D) Maud Giffard
  m1. _ de Friville
  m2. William de Ebroicis (d Evesham 1265)
  (E) Alice Giffard possibly the Alice who married ...
  m. Walter de Mandeville
(i) Walter de Mandeville (dsp)
  (ii) Sibella de Mandeville (b c1264) possibly of this generation
  m1. Piers Le Power (or de Ponwers of Layton)
  (a) John de Ponwers
  m2. Sir Henry de Bodrugan of Bodrugan (d 1309)
  (F)+ other issue - Alexander, Hugh, Mabel (abbess of Shaftesbury)
  One of the above was probably parent of ...
  (i) Margaret Giffard (d by 12.1338)
  m1. John de Neville (d before 20.05.1282)
  m2. Sir John Giffard of Brimpsfield, Lord Giffard @@ above
  c. Gilbert Giffard
  ii. ?? Giffard
  BE1883 reports that the second son was called Gilbert and was ancestor of the Giffards of Chillington. BLG1952 reports otherwise.
  a. Richard Giffard of Ailesford and Luddesdon (judge)
  (1) Osbert Giffard of Luddesdon (dsp 21.08.1229)
  m. Isabel de Frievill or Friville
  Some sources suggest that Osbert and Isabel were parents of Hugh Gifford of Yester (b c1162) who moved from England to Scotland. As BLG1952 specifically reports that Osbert dsp, we provisionally discount those reports.
  (2) Maud (Matilda) Giffard
  (3) Mabel Giffard
  m. Adam de Kailly
5. daughter reported on some web sites
  m. Rescelin, Count of Rouen
6. Josceline de Bolbec possibly fits here, see note here EHGJRSWY
  m. Roger de Montgomery (a 1028) EHGJRSWY

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Giffard of Chillington), BLG1952 (Giffard formerly of Rushall) with some support from BE1883 (Giffard of Buckingham), BE1883 (Giffard of Brimsfield)
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