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Families covered: Graham of Abercorn, Graham of Dalkeith, Graham of Dundalf, Graham of Kincardine, Graham of Menteith

William de Graham of Abercorn & Dalkeith (a 1127, 1147)
The ancestry we show for William is by no means certain but, given that it appears that he moved to Scotland at or around the time that King David I came to the throne (1124) and as David and his Queen (Matilda, whose mother was Judith, dau of Lambert, Count of Lens) are known to have brought many Flemish lordlings in their entourage, it is thought likely that, although he was designated "de Graham" (probably Grantham in Lincolnshire), William was of Flemish origin. The view that he was descended from an early Pictish warrior called Graeme seems fanciful. We have not seen much support for the view that he was a son of William de Tancarville or Tankerville, the Chamberlain, information on whose family is somewhat clouded (see here and here). The connection we provisionally make is speculative but seems plausible.
1. Peter de Graham of Dalkeith
A. Sir Henry de Graham of Dalkeith (a 1159)
  i. Sir Henry de Graham of Dalkeith (a 1203)
Some sources show 2 rather than 3 generations of Henrys.
  a. Sir Henry de Graham of Dalkeith (a 1248, 1283)
  m. ?? Avenel (dau/heir of Roger Avenel of Eskdale)
  (1) Sir Nicholas de Graham of Dalkeith, Abercorn and Eskdale (d 1306)
  m. (by 1269) Maria of Strathearn (b c1248, d c1316, dau of Malise, 5th Earl of Strathearn)
(A) Sir John de Graham of Dalkeith, Abercorn and Eskdale (b c1278, d 25.04.1337)§D
  m. Isabella
  (i) Sir John de Graham of Dalkeith, Abercorn and Eskdale (dsp)
  (ii) Sybilla (?) Graham --
  m. Sir Reginald More of Abercorn (a 1329, Chamberlain of Scotland) --
  (iii) Elizabeth (or Margaret) Graham
  m. Sir William Douglas of Lugton and Liddesdale ("the Flower of Chivalry", d 08.1353)
  (iv) Agnes Graham see note ## just below --
  m. Sir John Douglas (d 1350) --
  Dalkeith passed into the Douglas family consequent to this marriage.
  (B) Isabella Graham --
  m. Walter Stewart, 6th High Stewart of Scotland (b 1292, d 1325) --
  (C) Agnes Graham
## Thanks to a contributor (PK, 22.10.07) for drawing our attention to recent research (by J.P. Ravilious) which indicates that Agnes was of this family and that, even though the wife of Sir John Douglas is normally identified as Agnes, widow of John de Monfode, it was her niece Agnes who married Sir John.
  m. John de Monfode 'of Braidwud, Lanarkshire'
  (i) Margaret de Monfode possibly of this generation
  m1. John de Cragi
  (a) Walter de Cragi
  (b) Margaret de Cragi
  m. John Stuart
  m2. (1363) Sir Alexander de Cokburn of that Ilk
  (2) Idonea de Graham
  m. Sir Adam of Swinburne
  (3)+ other issue - Henry, David (d 1278), Peter, William
  b. Sir Nicholas de Graham ancestor of the Grahams of Tabolton and Walston
  ii. Peter de Graham ancestor of the Grahams of Elvingston
  iii. Robert de Graham
  B.+ other issue - William, Alexander, John (a 1200), Radulph (a 1180)
2. John (or Alan) de Graham
  A. William de Graham (a 1200)
  i. David de Graham of Kinnabar
  m. Amabel
  a. Sir David de Graham of Dundaff (a 1244)
  m. Agnes
BP1934 (Montrose) and TSP (Montrose) disagree here as BP1934 inserts an additional generation of a Sir David of Dundaff (which we follow) and shows that David as husband of Annabella of Strathearn whom TSP shows as wife of SIr Patrick of Kincardine. There is therefore some difference in allocation of children, the most 'important' one possibly being the John who became Earl of Menteith.
  (1) Sir David Graham of Dundaff (d c1270)
  Various sources indicate that his wife was Annabella, daughter of 4th Earl of Strathearn. TSP (Strathearn) specifically contradicts this and reports "the evidence is clear that she was the wife of his son Sir Patrick".
  (A) Sir Patrick Graham of Kincardine (d Dunbar 28.04.1296)
  m. (before 1260) Annabella of Strathearn (dau of Robert, 4th Earl of Strathearn)
  (i) Sir David Graham of Kincardine (a 1322)§D
  (a) Sir David Graham of Kincardine and Old Montrose (a 1373)
((1)) Sir Patrick Graham of Kincardine and Dundalf (a 1394)
  m1. Matilda
  ((A)) Sir William Graham of Kincardine and Old Montrose --
  m1. Mariota or Matilda --
  m2. Mary Stewart (dau of King Robert III) --
  ((B)) Matilda Graham
  m. Sir John Drummond of Concraig
  m2. Eupheme or Egidia Stewart (dau of Sir John Stewart of Ralston)
  ((C)) Patrick Graham, Earl of Strathearn (d 10.08.1413)
  m. (by 1406) Eupheme Stewart, Countess of Strathearn and Caithness
  ((i)) Malise Graham, 1st Earl of Menteith (b c1407, d before 19.05.1490) --
  m1. Ann de Vere or Jane de Rochford --
  m2. Marion Campbell (dau of Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy)
  ((ii)) Eupheme Graham (d c10.1468) --
m1. (c1424) Archibald Douglas, Earl of Wigtown, 5th Earl of Douglas, 2nd Duke of Tourraine, 1st Count of Longueville (b c1390, d 26.06.1438) --
  m2. (c1441) Sir James Hamilton, 6th of Cadzow, 1st Lord Hamilton (d 06.11.1479)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Graham --
  m. Sir John Lyon of Glamis (d c1435) --
  ((D)) Sir Robert Graham of Kilpont (d 1437, assassinated King James I)
  m. (mcrt 1399) Marion/Mariot Oliphant (dau of Sir John Oliphant of Aberdalgie)
  ((i))+ issue - Sir Robert of Cessfurd, Walter, Patrick, Umfrid
  partner ??
  ((v)) Thomas Graham (d 1437)
  ((E))+ other issue - David, Alexander
((2)) David Graham (a 1369)
  ((3)) John Graham, 1st of Auchencloich & Tamrawer
  (b) Sir Patrick Graham of Kinpunt
  (c) Margaret Graham --
  m1. Hugh de Ross, 4th Earl of Ross (d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333) --
  m2. Sir John de Berkeley, 10th of Gartley
  (ii) Patrick Graham (a 1308)
  (iii) Sir John Graham, 9th Earl of Menteith (d c06.03.1346-7)
BP1934 merely identifies this son as Sir John, living in 1317. TSP (identifying him as a younger son of Sir Patrick by Annabella of Strathearn) reports a suggestion that he was the Sir John who became Earl of Menteith through his marriage.
  m. (before 05.1334) Mary Stewart, Countess of Menteith (dau of Alan, 7th Earl of Mentieth)
  (a) Margaret Graham, Countess of Menteith (b before 1334, d c1380) --
  m1. (c1348) Sir John Moray of Bothwell (dsp before 05.09.1351)
  m2. (c1353, div by 02.1359) Thomas, 9th Earl of Mar (b after 1327, dsp before 21.06.1374)
  m3. (by 1360) John Drummond of Concraig (d before 09.1361)
  m4. (c1361) Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany (b 1339, d 03.09.1420) --
  (iv) daughter J
  m. Sir Malcolm Drummond (a 1301, 1325) J
(B) Sir John Graham of Dundaff (d Falkirk 22.07.1289 or his son John)
  m. Margery (a 1296)
  (C) Sir David Graham of Loveth i.e. Lovat (d 1297)
  m. Muriel or Mary Byset (dau of John Byset, Lord of Lovat)
  (i) Sir Patrick Graham (a 1333)§D
  m. dau of John of Argyll
  (ii) daughter (possibly Eupheme) --
  m. William, 3rd Earl of Ross (d 28.01.1322-3) --
  (iii) daughter not mentioned by TSP --
  m. John, Earl of Caithness and Orkney (d before 28.10.1312) --
  b.+ other issue - Sir Patrick (a 1248), Sir Thomas, William
  ii.+ other issue - William, Patrick (a 1248)

Main source(s): TSP (Montrose) , BP1934 (Montrose), BE1883 (Graham of Strathern, Monteith, Airth)
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