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Families covered: Greene (Grene) of Boughton (Boketon), Greene of Drayton, Greene of Gillingham, Greene of Green's Norton

We have yet to track down one or more of the 'traditional sources' which are said to provide pedigrees of this family and so we provide the following on a provisional basis, based on information found in various web sites. We were close to releasing this page only as DRAFT but decided that some of the web sites we have relied on (including those mentioned below) appear to show the results of extensive research such that, although there are a few inconsistencies between them, it would be disrespectful to discount the efforts involved. The Geocities site mentioned below suggests that the parents of the following Alexander were Geoffrey 'de la Zouche' & Hawise de Fergant but on this point we are sceptical, preferring to believe that the Rootsweb site mentioned below is more likely to be correct in suggesting that he was a great-grandson of one of those who invaded England with William the Conqueror.
Sir Alexander de Grene of Boketon or Boughton, Northamptonshire
m. Isabelle de Cantilupe (dau of Sir William de Cantilupe, Lord Abergavenny) ?? connection provisionally ignored
1. Walter de Grene of Boketon or Boughton (a 1314)
  A. John de Grene or Greene of Boketon or Boughton (dvp c1271)
  i. Sir Thomas de Grene or Greene of Boketon or Boughton (a 1319)
  Thomas Greene is the first mentioned by Nichols. Various web sites suggest that his wife was ...
  m. Alice Bottisham (dau of Thomas Bottisham) possibly Thomas's mother rather than his wife
  a. Sir Thomas de Grene or Greene of Boughton, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d c1352)
  Nichols shows Sir Thomas Green as m1. _ Zouch, m2. _ Iwarby. Various web sites identify his 1st wife as ...
  m1. (23.10.1312) Lucie la Zouche (d 23.10.1326, dau of Eudo la Zouche by Millicent Cantilupe)
  (1) Sir Henry de Greeen of Boughton, Lord Chief Justice (b 1311, d 1369-70) generation omitted by Nichols
  Some sites show Sir Henry's wife as Catherine, dau of Sir John de Drayton by Pbilippa d'Arderne but VCH (mentioned below) shows her to having been a generation later, being ...
m. (c1340) Catherine Drayton (b 1314, d 1369, dau of Sir Simon de Drayton)
  Web sites disagree on the next few generations. Nichols shows the following Thomas as son of the above Thomas, missing out this generation (and the following Thomas's siblings) altogether. Most web sites we have seen follow the line of the younger son Henry (then Thomas of Isham some of whose descendants emigrated to America) but are inconsistent with those who follow the line of the eldest son, Thomas, evidencing some confusion between the cousins & their wives. The following comes from a miscellany of sites (including genealogics.org) and is to be reviewed further in due course.
  (A) Thomas de Greene of Boughton
  Various web sites identify this Thomas's wife as Maud or Margery (or Isabella) Marblethorne. Nichols identifies her as ...
  m. _ Mallethorpe (dau/heir of John Mallethorpe of Norton)
  (i) Sir Thomas Greene of Boughton & Green's Norton (d 1417)
  This is the only one of the family whose seat is given by Nichols. That is as "lord of Greene's Norton and Kegworth".
  m. Mary Talbot (dau of Richard Talbot, 4th Lord (by Ankeret le Strange), sister of John, (1st) Earl of Shrewsbury)
(a) Sir Thomas Greene of Greene of Boughton & Green's Norton (b 10.02.1399/1400, d 18.01.1461/2)
  m. Philippa de Ferrers (dau of Robert Ferrers, 5th Lord of Chartley, by Margaret Despencer)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Greene of Greene of Boughton & Green's Norton (d 1462)
  m1. Maud Throckmorton (dau of Sir John Throckmorton of Coughton)
((A)) Sir Thomas Greene of Greene of Boughton & Green's Norton (b 1461, d 1506)
  m. Joan Fogge (dau of Sir John Fogge of Repton by Alice, dau of William Hawte of Bishopsbourn)
  ((i)) Anne Green ("1st da. and coh.")
  m. Nicholas Vaux, 1st Lord of Harrowden (b c1460, d 14.05.1523)
  ((ii) Maud Green (d 01.12.1531)
  m. Sir Thomas Parr of Parr & Kendal (d 12.11.1517)
  ((iii))+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Joan
((B)) Anne Greene
  Some sites show a daughter Anne, wife of John Harewell of Wootton Wawen. Provisionally, we show her as her mother's daughter by her 2nd husband.
  Noting the confusion reported on the Beler page, it was possibly this Sir Thomas who married and had 3 daughters by ...
  m2. Marina Beler (dau of John Bellers of Kirkby & Kettleby)
  ((C)) Anne Greene
  m. Sir Thomas Pinchbeke
((D)) Elizabeth Greene
  m. Sir Brian Sandford
  ((i)) Dorothy Sandford
  m. Richard Lascelles
  ((E)) Johanna Greene
  m1. John Tyrwhitt
  m2. Sir William Pickering of Oswald Kirke
  ((2)) Elizabeth Greene
  m. William Raleigh
  (b) Amabel Greene (d 1430) possibly of this generation
  m1. Sir John Chetwode of Chetwode
  m2. Sir Thomas Strange
(B) Sir Henry de Greene of Drayton, Northamptonshire (d 30.07.1399)
  The following is mostly supported by VCH (Northamptonshire, vol 3, Lowick), which follows the ownership of Drayton Manor, the wording of which is not as clear as it could be thereby reflects (and may partly have been the cause of) some of the confusion shown by various web sites on the next generation), plus VCH (Wiltshire, vol 8, Warminster: Manors), which follows the ownership of Warminster, plus Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Vere, Drayton, Greene, and Stafford', p29).
  m. (c1368) Matilda Mauduit (b 1354, d c1404, dau of Sir Thomas Mauduit of Warminster by Joan Bassingbourne)
  (i) Ralph Greene of Drayton & Fowick (dsp 1417)
  m. Katherine Mallory (dau of Anketill Mallory, m2. Simon Felbrigge) possibly sister of Ela below
  (ii) John Greene of Drayton (b c1404, d 1432-3) shown by some sites as brother rather than son of Sir Henry
  Some sites show John's wife as Alice de Plumpton, others (including VCH) show her as ...
  m. Margaret or Mary Grene (dau of Sir Walter Grene of Bridgnorth) @@ below
  (a) Ralf Greene (d young)
(b) Henry Greene of Drayton in Lowick, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d 1467)
  m1. (sps) Constance (d before 18.11.1442, widow of Sir John Paulet)
  m2. Margaret Roos (dau of Sir Robert Roos of Gedney, widow of John Wittlebury of Milton & Marholm)
((1)) Constance Greene (d 02.03.1474/5, heir)
  m. John Stafford, Earl of Wiltshire (son of Humphrey, Duke of Buckingham)
  (c) Margaret Greene
  m. Sir Henry or William Huddlestone
  ((1)) Elizabeth Huddlestone (dsp 1502)
  m. Sir Thomas Cheney of Chesham Bois
  (d) Isobel Greene
  m. Sir Richard Vere of Thrapston & Addington
  (iii) Thomas Greene of Isham (b 1373, d 14.12.1417) - continued below
  m. Ela Mallory (dau of Sir Anketil Mallory by Alice de Driby)
  (iv) Henry Greene
  m. Margaret de Grey (widow of John Wittilbury)
  (v) Eleanor Greene
  m. John Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough (d 05.07.1417)
  (vi) Elizabeth Greene
  m. Thomas Cotton
(vii) Mary Greene
  m. Geoffrey Luttrell of Hooton Pagnel (dsp 03.01.1418/9)
  (C) Sir Walter de Grene
  (i) Sir Walter Grene
  m1. _ de Sancto Ivone (d 1400, dau of Adam de Sancto Ivone)
  m2. Elizabeth Warner
  (a) Mary Margaret Grene
  m. Sir John Grene of Drayton (d 1486) @@ above
  (D) Agnes (not Margaret) Greene
  m. (before 27.10.1351) William la Zouche, 3rd Lord of Haryngworth (b by 1342, d 13.05.1396)
  (E) Amabilia Greene
  m1. Ralph Reynes
  m2. John Chetwoode
(F)+ other issue - Nicholas, Richard
  m2. _ Iwarby of Northmpton (heir)
  (2) Nicholas Greene
  m. Joan Bruce (b c1341, d 28.06.1421, dau/coheir of John Bruce of Exton)
  The following comes from 'The Herald and Genealogist' (John Gough Nichols, vol VIII, 1874, 'Sir Bernard Bruce of Connington and Exton and his descendants', p336+).
  (A) Jane Grene (dsp c1422)
  m. Sir John de Holand
  (B) Alianor Grene
  m. (Thomas) Colepeper
  b. Richard de Greene 'of Barkway'
  (1) Hawise de Greene (a 1297)
  m. Henry Drury



Thomas Greene of Isham (b 1373, d 14.12.1417) - continued above
Sources disagree on the next generations. Some sites, including the Rootsweb site, identify Thomas's wife as Mary Talbot whom we show as wife of his cousin Thomas above). Others show her as the following Ella, possibly sister of the wife of Thomas's elder brother Ralph.
m. Ela Mallory (dau of Sir Anketil Mallory by Alice de Driby)
1. (Thomas?) de Greene
  A. John Greene of Gillingham, Dorset (b 1450, d c1520)
  m. (c1488) Elizabeth
  i. Robert Greene of Gillingham (d 1558)
  m. Elizabeth (Worgg?)
  a. Peter Greene
  m. Joan
b. Richard Greene of Gillingham (b 1525, d before 03.05.1608)
  m. Joan Converse (dau of William Converse)
  (1) Richard Greene (b c1560, d before 23.06.1617)
  m. Mary Hooker (d c1625, dau of John Hooker by Austice Bridgman)
  (A) John Greene (bpt 09.02.1596/7, d before 07.01.1658/9, to Rhode Island, 4th son) had issue
  m. (04.11.1619) Joan Tattershall (dau of Richard Tatershall & Margaret Fox)
  (B)+ other issue - Peter, RIchard, Robert, Thomas, Rebecca, Mary, Anna. Rachel
  (2) Katherine Greene
  c. John Greene
  d. Alice Greene
  m. _ Small
  e. Anne Greene
  m. Roger Capps

Main source(s):
(1) originally prepared using various web sites (including rootsweb & geocities)
(2) part of upper section reviewed 28.06.23 using 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 3, part 2, 1804, 'Pedigree of Greene of Kegworth', p851)
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