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Families covered: Grey of Dorset, Grey of Envile, Grey of Groby, Grey of L'Isle, Grey of Pirgo, Grey of Stamford, Grey of Suffolk, Grey of Warrington

Sir Edward Grey, 1st Lord of Groby (d 18.12.1457)
m. Elizabeth Ferrers (b 1419, d 01.1482/3, dau of Henry Ferrers, younger of Groby)
1. Sir John Grey, 2nd Lord of Groby (7th Lord Ferrers of Groby) (b 1435, d St. Albans 17.02.1461)
  m. (before 1460) Elizabeth Wydeville (b c1437, d 08.06.1492, dau of Sir Richard de Wydeville of Grafton, 1st Earl Rivers)
  A. Sir Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset (d 30.08.1501)
  m1. (10.1466) Anne Holand (dau of Henry Holand, 2nd Duke of Exeter)
  m2. (mcrt 18.07.1474) Cecilia (dau of William Bonville, Lord Bonville and Harrington)
  Not sure which wife was the mother of Thomas's eldest sons. His successor Thomas (and younger sons) is reported by BP1934 to have been by Cecilia and his daughter Cicely (shown by BE1883 as his eldest daughter) is reported by TCP (Dudley) also to have been by Cecilia.
  i. Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset (b 22.06.1477, d 10.10.1530, 3rd son)
  m1. Eleanor St. John (dau of Oliver St. John of Lyliard Tregoze)
m2. Margaret Wotton (dau of Sir Robert Wotton of Bocton)
  a. Henry Grey, 3rd Marquess of Dorset, Duke of Suffolk (d 23.02.1554)
  m1. Katherine FitzAlan (dsp, dau of William, Earl of Arundel)
  m2. Frances Brandon (dau of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk)
Frances's mother was Mary Tudor, sister of King Henry VIII of England. This meant that her daughter, Jane Grey, was in line for the throne of England, albeit certainly not at the top of that line. Nevertheless, apparently at the instigation of the dying King Edward VI who was keen that his Protestant reforms would not be undone by his Catholic half-sister Mary and who suspected that his other half-sister Elizabeth would not support a coup against Mary, Henry Grey conspired with the Duke of Northumberland (father of Jane's husband Lord Dudley) to put Jane on the throne of England after Edward's death. The 'reign' lasted only 9 days before Jane was replaced by Edward's half-sister Mary. The various parties involved in the conspiracy were beheaded and the Dukedom of Suffolk was forfeited.
  (1) Jane Grey, 'Lady Jane', 'Queen of England' (b 10.1537, d 12.02.1554)
  m. Lord Guildford Dudley (d 12.02.1554-5)
  (2) Katherine Grey (d 26.01.1567)
  m1. (div) Henry, Lord Herbert
  m2. (25.12.1560) Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford (b 12.10.1537, d 06.04.1621)
(3) Mary Grey (b 1545, dsp 20.04.1578)
  m. (1565) Thomas (not Martin) Keyes
  b. John Grey of Pirgo (4th son)
  m. Mary Browne (dau of Sir Anthony Browne)
  (1) Sir Henry Grey of Pirgo, 1st Lord of Groby (d 26.07.1614)
  m. Anne Windsor (d 1605, dau of William Windsor of Bradenham, 2nd Lord)
(A) Sir John Grey (dvp 10.1611)
  m. Elizabeth Nevill (dau of Edward Nevill, Lord Abergavenny)
  (i) Henry Grey, 1st Earl of Stamford (d 21.07.1673)
  m. (19.07.1620) Anne Cecil (dau of William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Exeter)
(a) Thomas Grey (b 1623, dvp before 08.05.1657)
  m. (c04.06.1646) Dorothy Bourchier (dau of Edward Bourchier, 4th Earl of Bath)
  ((1)) Thomas Grey, 2nd Earl of Stamford (b 1654, dsps 31.01.1719-20)
  m1. Elizabeth Harvey (bur 07.09.1687, dau of Sir Daniel Harvey of Combe)
  m2. Mary Maynard (d 09.11.1722, dau of Joseph Maynard of Gunnersbury)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Grey
  m. Henry Benson of Charwelton
((3)) Anne Grey
  m. James Grove
  (b) Anchitel Grey of Risley (dsps 09.07.1602)
  m. Mary Willoughby (dau of Sir Henry Willoughby, Bart of Risley)
  (c) John Grey of Enville Hall
  m1. Mary Wollryche (dau of Sir Francis Wollryche of Dudmaston)
((1)) Mary Grey
  m. William Ward of Willingsworth and Sedgeley Park (d 25.10.1720)
  m2. (21.11.1683) Catherine Ward (dau of Edward Ward, 7th Lord Dudley)
  ((2)) Henry Grey, 3rd Earl of Stamford (b 10.06.1685, d 16.11.1739)
  m. (06.07.1704) Dorothy Wrighte (d 12.08.1738, dau of Sir Nathan Wrighte)
  ((A)) Henry Grey, 4th Earl of Stamford (b 18.06.1715, d 24.06.1768)
  m. (05.1738) Mary Booth (d 10.12.1772, dau of George Booth, Earl of Warrington)
((i)) George Harry Grey, 5th Earl of Stamford, 1st Earl of Warrington (b 01.10.1737, d 28.05.1819)
  m. (28.05.1763) Henrietta Cavendish Bentinck (d 04.06.1827, dau of William, 2nd Duke of Portland)
  ((a)) George Harry Grey, 6th Earl of Stamford, 2nd Earl of Warrington (b 31.10.1765, d 26.04.1845)
m. (23.12.1797) Henrietta Charlotte Elizabeth Charteris (d 30.01.1839, dau of Francis Charteris, Lord Elcho)
  (((1))) George Harry Grey (b 05.04.1802, dvp 24.08.1835) had issue
  m. (20.12.1824) Katherine Charteris Wemyss (d 04.01.1844, dau of Francis, 8th Earl of Wemyss & March)
  Their only son dsp after which the Earldom of Warrington expired but the earldom of Stamford passed to a kinsman, see ## below.
  (((2))) Henry Booth Grey (b 29.01.1807, d 03.1857)
  (((3))) Henrietta Charlotte Grey (b 1799, d 25.02.1868)
  m. (16.12.1820) James Thomas Law (d 22.02.1876, son of Bishop of Bath & Wells)
  (((4))) Jane Grey (d 22.06.1877)
m. (08.11.1825) Sir John Benn Walsh, 1st Lord Ormathwaite
  ((b)) William Booth Grey (b 10.09.1773, dsp 11.03.1852)
  m1. (07.04.1802) Frances Anne Price (d 1837, dau of Thomas Price of Duffryn)
m2. (28.08.1838) Frances Somerville (d 23.10.1849, sister of 16th Lord Somerville)
  ((c)) Henrietta Grey (d 12.07.1826)
  m. (26.10.1785) Sir John Chetwode, 4th Bart of Chetwode
  ((d)) Maria Grey (d 1848)
  m. John Cotes of Woodcote
  ((e)) Sophia Grey (d 07.01.1849)
  m. (21.10.1809) Booth Grey of Aston Hayes (b 1783, dsp 13.04.1850) @@ below
  ((f)) Amelia Grey (d 29.10.1849)
  m. (18.10.1800) Sir John Lister Kaye, 1st Bart of Grange
((g))+ other issue - Anchitel (b 16.12.1774, d unm 20.12.1833,prebendary of Durham), Henry (b 23.08.1776, d 10.02.1799, Comm. RN), Louisa (d unm 02.1830)
  ((ii)) Booth Grey (b 15.08.1740, d 04.03.1802)
  m. (10.05.1782) Elizabeth Manwaring (d 04.07.1823, dau of Charles Manwaring)
  ((a)) Booth Grey of Aston Hayes (b 1783, dsp 13.04.1850)
  m. (21.10.1809) Sophia Grey (d 07.01.1849, dau of George Harry Grey, 5th Earl of Stamford) @@ above
  ((b)) Elizabeth Kynaston Grey (d 02.03.1853)
m. (28.12.1826) Rev. Charles Mytton, later Thornycroft (d 04.05.1840)
  ((iii)) John Grey (b 22.05.1743, d 12.07.1802)
  m. (22.07.1773) Susannah Leycester (dau of Ralph Leycester of Toft)
  ((a)) Harry Grey (b 08.07.1783, d 26.03.1860, Rev.) had issue
  m1. (14.05.1811) Frances Elizabeth Ellis (dau of Hugh Ellis)
  ## Parents of the 8th Earl of Stamford.
  m2. (11.05.1847, sp) Mary Harvey
  ((b)) Henrietta Grey
  m. (1802) Rev. Charles Mytton, later Thornycroft (d 04.05.1840)
  ((c)) Mary Grey (d 27.03.1842)
  ((d)) Emma Grey (d 27.04.1851)
  m. (1807) Thomas W. Tatton of Wythenshawe
((e)) Anna Maria Grey (d 1827)
  m. Rev. T. Clarke
  ((iv)) Mary Grey (b 17.04.1739, dsp 01.03.1783)
  m. (24.02.1764) George West (d 1776, son of 1st Earl De la Warr)
  ((v)) Anne Grey (b 23.01.1742, d 06.1743)
  ((B)) John Grey (dsp)
  m. (05.1748) Lucy (or Ann) Danvers (dau of Sir Joseph Danvers, 1st Bart)
((C)) Anne Grey
  m. (1744) Sir Richard Acton, 5th Bart (b 1711-2, d 20.11.1791)
  ((3)) Mary or Frances Grey (d 1769)
  m. (1703) Sir John Wrottesley, 4th Bart (b 1683, d 10.1726)
  m3. Susanna Scrimshaw
  (d) Elizabeth Grey (d 04.01.1690/1)
  m. (12.1644) George Booth, 1st Lord Delamere (b 18.12.1622, d 08.08.1684)
  (e) Diana Grey (d 08.04.1689)
  m. Robert Bruce, 2nd Earl of Elgin, 1st Earl of Ailesbury (d 20.10.1685)
  (f) Jane Grey
  m. _ Ogle
(g)+ other issue - Leonard, Anna (d unm), Mary (d unm)
  (B) Ambrose Grey of Enville
  (1) Enville appears to have been bought from another Grey family.
(2) The following comes from Visitation (Grazebrook 1885, Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Grey of Enville).
  m1. Margaret Prince (dau of Richard Prince of Shrewsbury)
  (i) Henry Grey of Enville (b c1611, d 02.01.1686)
  m. Mary Wolich (dau of Francis Wolich (Wolrich) of Dudmaston)
  (a)+ issue (d young) - Thomas, Susan
  (ii) John Grey
  m. Clare Davenport (dau of William Davenport of Hallon)
(a)+ issue - Mary, Anne
  (iii) Mary Grey
  m. Sir Walter Wrottesley, 1st Bart of Wrottesley (bpt 06.05.1606, d 11.1659)
  (iv) Frances Grey
  m. Ambrose Salisbury of Leicestershire
  (v)+ other issue (d young) - Daniel, Jane
m2. Susan Tracy (dau of Samuel Tracy of Gloucestershire)
  (vii) Ambrose Grey
  m. Dorothy Wrottesley (dau of Sir Walter Wrottesley, half-niece)
  (viii)+ other issue -
  (C) Elizabeth Grey probably of this generation
  m. Sir Anthony Felton of Playford (d by 1614)
  (D) Mary Grey probably of this generation
  m1. William Sulyard (dvpsp before 01.06.1610)
  m2. Thomas Steward of Swardeston
  (2) Margaret Grey (described in BP1934 (Essex) as dau of "Lord John Grey of Pirgo", assumed to fit here)
  m. Sir Arthur Capel of Hadham and Rayne Hall, Sheriff of Hertfordshire (a 1592)
(3) Frances Grey probably of this generation
  Frances is described in Visitation (Essex, 1558, Cooke) as dau of "Lord John Gray sister of Henry Grey of Pirgo".
  m. Sir William Cooke of Highnam
  c. Thomas Grey (d 23.04.1554)
  According to BP1934 (Brabourne), Thomas's daughter and heir was ...
  (1) Margaret Grey
m. John Astley of Maidstone
  d. Catherine Grey
  m. Henry FitzAlan, 18th Earl of Arundel (d 1580)
  e. Elizabeth Grey
  m1. (22.04.1538) Thomas Audley, Lord of Walden (b 1488, d 30.04.1544, son of Geoffrey of Earls Colne)
  m2. George Norton
  f. Anne Grey
  m. Sir Henry Willoughby of Wollaton
  g.+ other issue (dsp) - Edward (dsp), Mary
ii. Richard Grey of Groby, Leicestershire
  m. Florence Pudsey
  a. Henry Grey (dsp)
  iii. John Grey (dsp)
  m. Anne Barlow (dau of William Barlow)
  iv. Leonard Grey, Viscount Grane or Graney (b c1490, d unm c1540)
v. Cecily Grey
  m. John Sutton, 3rd Lord Dudley (b c1495, bur 18.09.1553)
  vi. Dorothy Grey (d 1552/3)
  m1. Robert Willoughby, 2nd Lord de Broke (d 1522)
  m2. (before 29.07.1523) William Blount, 4th Lord Mountjoy (b c1478, d 08.11.1534)
  vii. Elizabeth Grey
  m. Gerald 'Oge' FitzGerald, 9th Earl of Kildare, Lord Deputy of Ireland
  viii. Margaret Grey
  m. Richard Wake of Blisworth (d 1503)
  ix. Eleanor Grey
  m. Sir John Arundel of Lanhern
  x. Mary Grey (d 22.02.1534)
  m. Walter Devereux, 1st Viscount Hereford (d 27.09.1588)
  xi.+ other issue - Edward (dsp), Anthony, George, Bridget, Anne
B. Sir Richard Grey (d 1483)
2. Edward Grey, 1st Viscount L'Isle (d 14.10.1492)
  m1. Elizabeth Talbot (d 08.09.1487, dau of John Talbot, Viscount L'Isle)
  A. John Grey, 2nd Viscount L'Isle (b 04.1480, d 09.09.1504)
  m. Marcella or Muriel Howard (d 14.12.1512, dau of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk)
  i. Elizabeth Grey (b c25.03.1505, dsp before 1526)
  m. Henry Courtenay, 2nd Earl of Devon, Marquess of Devon (d 09.01.1539)
  B. Anne Grey (dsp before 1523)
  m. (mcrt 02.10.1486) Sir John Willoughby of Wollaton
  C. Elizabeth Grey (d c1530)
  m1. Edmund Dudley (d 18.08.1510, Councillor to King Henry VII, etc)
  Their son John became Viscount L'Isle (then Earl of Warwick, then Duke of Northumberland).
  m2. (12.11.1511) Arthur Plantagenet, Viscount Lisle (d 03.03.1541/2, natural son of King Edward IV)
  D. Anne Grey (dsp)
  m. Henry Stafford, Earl of Wiltshire
  m2. (1474) Joan (widow of John Treguran & Robert Drope, Lord Mayor of London)
3. Reginald Grey (d Wakefield 31.12.1460)
4. Anne Grey
  m. Sir Edward Hungerford
5. Margaret Grey (dsp)
  m. Sir Robert de Greystock (dvp 17.06.1483)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Grey of Groby, Dorset, Suffolk), BP1934 (Stamford), BE1883 (Grey of L'Isle)
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