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Families covered: Gant (Gaunt) of Lincoln, Grentmesnil (Grandmesnil) of Grentmesnil, Geneville of Trim

Gilbert de Gaunt (Gant) (d c1095)
For some time we showed Gilbert as a son of Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders. This followed a well known view, supported by (inter alia) BE1883 (Gant of Lincoln), which describes Gilbert as "son of Baldwin, Earl of Flanders, by Maud, sister to William the Conqueror". Faith in that view is weakened by the fact that, as far as is known, William had no sister (or half-sister) Maud (although William was married to Baldwin VI's sister Matilda). We now follow the connection suggested by TCP (Lincoln) and supported by www.rootsweb.com/ ~medieval/gant.htm (which was kindly brought to our attention by a Visitor to this site).
m. Alice (dau of Hugh II de Montfort)
BE1883 reports that Gilbert had one wife, Alice de Montfort, but a Visitor to this site has reported that he had an earlier wife: Emma of Kyme. Alice was mother of Hugh and presumably therefore also of Hugh's younger brothers. It is possible, however, that Emma of Kyme was mother of one or both of Gilbert's daughters.
1. Hugh de Gant, later Hugh (IV) de Montfort Y
  m. Adeline de Beaumont (dau of Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, 1st Earl of Leicester) Y
2. Walter de Gant or Gaunt (d 1138/9)
  m. Maud of Brittany (dau of Stephen, Count of Brittany = Etienne I, Count of Trequier and Lamballe)
  A. Gilbert de Gant, Earl of Lincoln (b c1120, d 1156/60)
  BE1883 identifies Gilbert's wife as Hawyse Romare (dau of William de Romare, Earl of Lincoln) but TCP identifies her as ...
  m. Rohese de Clare (dau of Richard FitzGilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Hertford)
  i. Alice Gant (d 1185)
  m. Simon de St. Liz, Earl of Northampton, later of Huntingdon (dsp 06.1184)
ii. Gunnora Gant
  B. Robert de Gant (d c1193)
  m1. Alice Paynel (dau of William Paynel or Paganel of Drax)
  i. Alice Gant
m. Robert FitzHardinge, later Gant
  m2. Gunnor (Gunnora)
  TCP (Lincoln) identifies Gunnor as sister and co-heir of Ralph d'Aubigny and says she m2. Nicholas de Stuteville. BE1883 (Gant) identifies her as niece of Hugh de Gournay. See the note under Gunnora Gournay (who m. Nicholas de Stuteville). This Gunnora was probably closely connected to Nigel d'Albini, the husband of Gunnora Gournay.
  ii. Gilbert de Gant, 'Earl of Lincoln' (d 1241)
  a. Gilbert de Gant of Folkingham (d 1274)
  (1) Gilbert de Gant, Baron Gant (dsp 1297)
  m. Lora (sister of Alexander de Baliol)
  (2) Margaret Gant
  m. William de Kerdeston, Sheriff of Norfolk (a 1297)
(3) Nichola Gant (d 1284)
  m. (by 1273) Peter de Mauley, 1st Lord (b 22.07.1249, d 06.09.1308)
  (4) Julian Gant (d unm)
  b. Julian Gant
  m. Geffrey de Armentiers
  iii. Stephen de Gant
C. Agnes de Gant (d 1155)
  m. William de Mohun, 1st of Dunster
  D. Alice de Gant --
  m1. Ibert de Lacy (dsp 1141)
  m2. Roger de Mowbray (d 1188) --
  E. daughter
  m. William FitzWalter of Wells and Claxby (d before 1198)
  F.+ other issue - Baldwin, Geoffrey
3. Robert de Gant, Lord Chancellor of England (a 1153)
4. Emma de Gaunt Y
  m. Alan de Percy ('the Great Alan') Y
5. daughter
  m. Ives or Ivo de Grandmesnil @@ below
6. Agnes de Gaunt Y
  m. William FitzNigel, lord of Halton, Constable of Chester Y



This family tree has been pulled together from data in various web sites but with some guidance from TCP (Leicester). The name Grandmesnil appears to have been an anglicised version of Grentmesnil, near Lisieux. The family appears to have been researched in some depth in recent years apparently because of interest in the fact that Hugh de Grentmesnil is reported to have been one of the close companions of William the Conqueror. This has led to the correction of previous confusion between his sons and the ancestry of Petronilla (Pernel) but the effects of that earlier confusion are not easy to unwind so the following should not be viewed as fully secure.
Gervase de Grentmesnil (b c977)
1. Robert de Grentmesnil
  m. Hawise (dau of Giroie d'Eschauffen)
  A. Robert de Grentmesnil, a monk
  B. Hugh de Grentmesnil (or Grandmesnil), Sheriff of Leicestershire (d 22.02.1098, Steward of England)§B
  m. Alice de Beaumont (d c1091, dau of Ivo, Count of Beaumont)
i. Robert de Grandmesnil (d 1136)
  m1. Agnes of Bayeux (dau of Ranulph de Meschines, 1st Earl of Chester)
  m2. Emma of Estuteville (dau of Robert de Estuteville)
  m3. Lucy (dau of Savary FitzCana)
  Some sources report that Robert dsp but TCP mentions one source that identifies one daughter, but by which wife is not certain:
  a. Agnes de Grandmesnil
  m. Robert de Moulins
  TCP (Leicester) says of the Pernel (Petronilla) who married Robert de Beaumont that "we know that Pernel was great-grandaughter of Hugh the Domesday tenant" and speculates "if she inherited the Norman lands she would in all probability be a daughter of a son of Hugh's son Robert."
  b. son (Hugh?)
(1) Pernel (Petronil or Petronilla or Patronil) de Grentemesnil (b 1134, d 01.04.1212) HJY
  m. (before 1155) Robert 'Blanchmaines' de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester (d 1190) HJY
  ii. William de Grandmesnil
  m. Mabel of Apulia (dau of Robert 'Guiscard' de Hauteville, Duke of Apulia)
  Some sites suggest that William's elder brother Robert dspm and that William was father of the Pernel who married Robert de Beaumont. However, TCP says he went to Apulia "and no more is heard of him in England or Normandy."
  iii. Ives or Ivo de Grandmesnil
  m. ? Gent (dau of Gilbert de Gant) @@ above
  a.+ at least 2 sons (including Ives)
  iv. Adeline de Grandmesnil
  m. Roger d'Ivry
  v. Rohais de Grandmesnil
  m. Robert de Courci
  vi. Matilda de Grandmesnil
  m. Hugh de Montpincon
  vii Agnes de Grandmesnil
  m. William de Say (Saye) (a 1066)
  viii.+ other issue - Hugh (d young c1087), Sir Aubrey, Hawise (d unm)



Sir Geoffrey de Geneville, Sn de Vaucouleurs, Lord of Trim (b after 1225, d 21.10.1314)
BE1883 says that Geoffrey was son of Peter de Genevill who was either a man of humble birth or Lord of Vancouleur, brother of John de Joinville. We follow TCP which does not mention such a Peter.
m. Maud de Lacy (dau of Gilbert de Lacy of Ewyas Lacy)
1. Geoffrey de Geneville (dvpsp before 11.10.1283)
2. Peter de Geneville of Ludlow (dvp before 08.06.1292)
  BE1883 suggests that Peter outlived his father and became 2nd Lord although it accepts that he was never summoned to Parliament.
  m. (before 1285) Jeanne de Lusignan (d c08.1322, dau of Hugues XII of Lusignan, Comte de la Marche et d'Angouleme)
A. Joane de Geneville (b 02.02.1285/6, d 19.10.1356) Y
  m1. Bernard Ezy, Sire d'Albert
  m2. Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March (b 1287, d 29.11.1330) Y
  B.+ other issue - Isabel (nun), Beatrice (nun)
3. Sir Simon de Geneville of Culmullin
  m. Joan FitzLeon (dau of Richard FitzLeon of Culmullin)
  A. Simon de Geneville (dspvp)
  B. Matilda de Geneville
  m. Baldwyn Fleming, Lord Slane
  C. Elizabeth de Geneville
  m. Sir William de Loundres, Baron of the Naas
  D. Joan de Geneville
  m. John Cusack

Main source(s):
(1) For Gant : TCP (Lincoln), BE1883 (Gant of Lincoln)
(2) For Grandmesnil/Grentmesnil : various web sites, not least www.patpnyc.com/conq/grntmsnl.shtml
(3) For Genevill: BE1883 (Genevill), TCP (Geneville)
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