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Families covered: Hamilton of Abercorn, Hamilton of Beltrim, Hamilton of Chilston Park, Hamilton of Donalong, Hamilton of Manor Elieston, Hamilton of Manor Hamilton, Hamilton of Strabane, Hamilton of Trebinshun, Hamilton of Woodbrook

Claud Hamilton, 1st Baron Paisley (b c1543, d 1621-2)
m. (01.08.1574) Margaret Seton (d c02.1616, dau of George Seton, 5th Lord)
1. James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Abercorn (b c1575, dvp 23.03.1618)
  m. Marian Boyd (d 26.08.1632, dau of Thomas Boyd, 5th Lord)
  A. James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Abercorn (b c1603, d c1670)
  m. (1632) Catherine Clifton (bur 17.09.1637, dau of Sir Gervase Clifton, Lord of Leighton Bromswold)
  i. James Hamilton, Lord Paisley (dvp before 1670)
  m. (28.04.1653) Catherine Lenthall (dau of Sir John Lenthall)
a. Catherine Hamilton (b c1653, d 24.05.1723)
  m1. William Lenthall of Burford Priory (b 1659, d 05.09.1686)
  m2. Charles Hamilton, 5th Earl of Abercorn (dsps 06.1701) @1@ below
  ii. William Hamilton (dvpsp, Colonel)
  iii. George Hamilton, 3rd Earl of Abercorn (d unm before 1683)
  B. Claud Hamilton, 1st Lord Strabane (d 14.06.1638)
Claud received the title Lord Strabane after it had been resigned by his elder brother. It is arguable that he should therefore be shown (as in TSP) as the 2nd Lord rather than the 1st but we follow BP1934 (Abercorn) in describing him as the 1st.
  m. (28.11.1632) Jean Gordon (dau of George Gordon, 1st Marquess of Huntly)
  i. James Hamilton, 2nd Lord Strabane (b 1633, dsp 16.06.1655)
  ii. George Hamilton, 3rd Lord Strabane (b c1636, d 14.04.1668)
  m. (1659) Elizabeth Fagan (a 1683, dau of Christopher Fagan of Feltrim by Anne, dau of Sir Nicholas White of Leixlip)
  a. Claud Hamilton, 4th Lord Strabane, 4th Earl of Abercorn (bpt 13.09.1659, d unm 1690)
  b. Charles Hamilton, 5th Earl of Abercorn (d 06.1701)
  m. Catherine Hamilton (b c1653, d 24.05.1723, dau of James Hamilton, Lord Paisley) @1@ above
(1) Elizabeth Hamilton (d young)
  c. Anne Hamilton (dsp 14.08.1680)
  m. (1680) Sir John Browne, 3rd Bart of the Neale (d 11.04.1711)
  d. Mary Hamilton (b c1668)
  m. Gerald Dillon
  iii. Catherine Hamilton
  m1. (1647) James Hamilton of Manor Hamilton (d 27.12.1652) @@ below
  m2. Owen Wynne of Lurganboy
  m3. John Bingham of Castlebar
iv. Cecilia Hamilton
  m. Richard Perkins of Lifford
  C. Sir William Hamilton, Bart (dsp 25.06.1681)
  m. (before 01.04.1656) Jean Colquhoun (dau of Alexander Colquhoun of Luss)
D. Sir George Hamilton, 1st Bart of Donalong (d 1679)
  m. (mcrt 02.06.1629) Mary Butler (d 08.1680, dau of Thomas Butler, Viscount Thurles)
  i. James Hamilton (dvp 06.06.1673, Colonel)
  m. (1661) Elizabeth Colepeper (b c1637, d 1709, dau of John Colepeper, 1st Lord of Thoresway, Chancellor)
  a. Sir James Hamilton of Donalong, 6th Earl of Abercorn (b c1660, d 28.09.1734)
  m. (24.01.1683-4) Elizabeth Reading (b c1668, d 19.03.1754, dau of Sir Robert Reading, Bart of Dublin)
b. George Hamilton (d Steinkirk 1692, Colonel)
  c. William Hamilton of Chilston Park (bur 20.07.1737)
  m. Margaret Colepeper (d 19.10.1736, dau of Sir Thomas Colepeper of Holingbourne)
  (1) John Hamilton of Chilston Park, Sheriff of Kent
  m. (1715) Mary Wright (dau of John Wright of London)
  (A) William Hamilton
(B) Sir John Hamilton, 1st Bart of Trebinshun (bpt 21.02.1725-6, d 24.01.1784)
  m. (03.10.1763) Cassandra Agnes Chamberlayne (dau of Edmund Chamberlayne of Maugersbury)
  (i) Sir Charles Hamilton, 2nd Bart of Trebinshun, Governor of Newfoundland (b 25.05.1767, d 14.09.1849, Admiral)
  m. (19.04.1803) Henrietta Martha Drummond (d 10.03.1857, dau of George Drummond of Stanmore)
  (a) Sir Charles John James Hamilton, 3rd Bart of Trebinshun (b 03.04.1810, dsp 23.01.1892)
  m. (14.12.1833) Catherine Emily Wynne (d 25.05.1879, dau of William Wynne of Dublin)
(ii) Sir Edward Joseph Hamilton, 1st Bart of Marlborough House (b 12.03.1772, d 20.03.1851, Admiral) had issue
  m. (01.11.1804) Frances Macnamara (d 27.03.1840, dau of John Macnamara of Langoed Castle)
  (C) Philippa Hamilton (d 11.12.1803, 3rd dau) apparently of this generation
  m. Sir John Fust, 6th Bart of Hill Court (b 26.08.1725, dsp 15.04.1779)
  (2) George or Edward Hamilton had issue
  m. _ Vasserot
  (3) Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. Edwin Stede of Stedehill
(4)+ other issue - Thomas, William (d young)
  ii. Sir George Hamilton, Count in France (d 1675/6, Marechal de Camp)
  m. (1663) Frances Jennings (d 06.03.1730/1, dau of Richard Jennings of Sandridge)
  a. Elizabeth Hamilton (d 06.1724)
  m. (12.1685) Richard Parsons, 1st Viscount Rosse (d 30.01.1702/3)
  b. Frances Hamilton (d 16.11.1751)
  m1. (1687) Henry Dillon, 8th Viscount of Costello Gallen (d 13.01.1713-4)
  m2. Patrick Bellew, younger of Barmeath (dvp 12.06.1720)
  c. Mary Hamilton (d 15.02.1735)
  m. (15.05.1688) Nicholas Barnewall, 3rd Viscount Kingsland (b 15.04.1668, d 14.06.1725)
  iii. John Hamilton, Count in France (d Auhhrim 13.07.1691-2, Colonel, 6th son)
  m. (01.1690) Elizabeth Macan (dau of Glasney Macan)
  a. Margaret Emily Hamilton, Chanoinesse de Poussay
m1. (16.09.1715) Count Pierre de Reance
  m2. (18.07.1718) Francois Philippe, 1st Count de Marmier (d 1736)
  iv. Elizabeth Hamilton (b c1641, d 03.06.1708)
  m. (1664) Philibert, Count de Gramont (b c1621, d 30.01.1707)
  a. Claude Charlotte de Gramont (d 14.05.1739)
  m. (03/6.04.1694) Henry Stafford-Howard, 1st Earl of Stafford (b 1648, dsp 27.07.1719)
  b. Marie Elizabeth de Gramont, Abbesse (b 27.12.1667)
  v. Lucia Hamilton (d 1676)
  m. (mcrt 24.07.1674) Sir Donough O'Brien, 1st Bart of Lemeneagh and Dromoland (d 17.11.1717)
  vi. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (01.1688) Matthew Forde of Seaforde
  vii.+ other issue - Anthony (b c1646, d 20.04.1720, Lt. General for France, author, Count in France), Thomas, Richard (d 1717, Lt. General for France)
E. Sir Alexander Hamilton of Holborn (d before 04.05.1669)
  m. Elizabeth Bedingfield
  i. Alexander Hamilton of Neuberg etc, Count of the Empire
  a. Julius Hamilton, Count of the Empire
  m. Maria Ernestina, Countess of Staremberg (d 1724)
  (1)+ 3 sons and several daughters
ii.+ 3 daughters
  F. Anne Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 18.11.1611) Hugh Sempill, 5th Lord (d 19.11.1639)
  G. Margaret Hamilton (dsp c04.05.1642)
  m. (mcrt 05.01.1628) Sir William Cuninghame, 7th of Caprington
  H.+ other issue - Isobel, Lucy (d unm before 09.06.1696)
2. Sir John Hamilton (4th son)
  m. Johanna Everard (d 14.06.1638, dau of Levimus Everard of Mechlin, m2. Robert Sempill, 4th Lord m3. Patrick Craffurd of Tredonell m4. Sir George Marbury)
  A. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 1619) Sir Archibald Acheson, 1st Bart of Glencairney
3. Sir Claud Hamilton of Shawfield, later of Baldony (d 19.10.1614) ancestor of Hamilton of Woodbrook and Cole-Hamilton of Beltrim
  m. Mary Hamilton (d 09.1613, dau of Sir Robert Hamilton of Leckprivick and Easter Greenlees)
  A. Sir William Hamilton of Manor Elieston (b c1604, d 16.05.1662)
  m1. Elizabeth Johnston (dau of Sir James Johnston of Johnston)
  i. Sir James Hamilton of Manor Elieston (a 09.1686)
  m1. Mary Jacob (dau of Sir Robert Jacob)
  a. William Hamilton of Manor Elieston (dsp after 05.06.1700)
  m. Deborah
  b. John Hamilton of Castle Damph (dsp)
  m2. Eleanor Innes (dau of Sir James Innes of Thurston)
  c.+ other issue
  ii. William Hamilton of Leat had issue
  m. Mary Walkingshaw
  iii. Sarah Hamilton
  m. John Hamilton of Dulata
  iv. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 01.11.1661) Walter Innes of Ortoun
m2. Beatrix Campbell (d c06.1667)
  v. Claud Hamilton of Montalony, Sheriff of Tyrone (d before 31.08.1695)
  m. Isabella
  a. William Hamilton of Beltrim (d after 02.05.1739)
  m. Mary
  (1) Claud Hamilton of Beltrim (d after 07.06.1780)
  m. Letitia Hamilton (dau of Claud Hamilton of Strabane) @2@ below
  (A) Letitia Hamilton (d 07.02.1823)
m. (1780) Hon Arthur Cole of Skea, later Cole-Hamilton of Beltrim (b 08.08.1750, d 1810)
  (B)+ other issue - Isabella, Beatrix
  (2)+ 1 son and 3 daughters
  b. Claud Hamilton of Strabane, Sheriff of Tyrone (d c1736)
  The following comes from BP1870 (Hamilton of Woodbrook).
  (1) James Hamilton of Woodbrook (co. Tyrone) & Strabane
  m. Eleanor Stuart (dau of Robert Stuart of Stuart Hall, sister of Andrew, Earl of Castle Stewart)
(A) Sir John Hamilton of Woodbrook, 1st Bart (b 04.08.1755, d 24.12.1835, Lt. General)
  m. (01.05.1794) Emily Sophia Monck (d 05.01.1856, dau of George Paul Monck by Araminta Beresford, dau of Marcus, 1st Earl of Tyrone)
  (i) Sir James John Hamilton of Woodbrook, 2nd Bart (b 01.03.1802, dsp 1876, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (14.01.1834) Marianna Augusta Cockburn (da of Maj. Gen. Sir James Cockburn, Bart)
  (ii) Harriette Georgiana Hamilton
m. (1829) Sheffield Grace of Knole House (d 05.07.1850, brother of Sir William, Bart)
  (iii) Araminta Anne Hamilton
  m. (1834) Rev. William Henry Hoare (son of William Henry of Staplehurst)
  (iv)+ other issue - Emily Louisa, Eleanor Frances Elizabeth (d 27.08.1863)
  (B) Andrew Hamilton (d 1825)
  m. Mary Hayes (dau of Sir Samuel Hayes, Bart)
(C) James Hamilton
  m. Letitia Hamilton (dau of Hon. Col. _ Hamilton)
  (i)+ issue - James, 2 daughters
  (D) Eleanor Hamilton (d 05.1847)
  m. Christopher Pemberton
  (E)+ other issue - Stuart, Harriett
  (2) Letitia Hamilton probably of this generation
  m. Claud Hamilton of Beltrim (d after 07.06.1780) @2@ above
  c.+ other issue - Beatrix, Mary, Agnes, Margaret, Rebecca
vi.+ other issue - Archibald, Elizabeth (bpt 29.07.1650)
  B. Robert Hamilton (d before 1657)
  i.+ issue (a 1663) - Claud, Alexander
  C. Margaret Hamilton
  m1. Sir John Stewart of Methven
  m2. Sir John Seton of Gargunnock
  D. Grizel Hamilton
  m. Sir William Baillie of Lamington
  E.+ other issue - Alexander (d young), Claud, James (d unm), George (d unm), Janet
4. Sir George Hamilton of Greenlaw and Roscrea (d before 1657)
  TSP identifies 2 wives for Sir George, Isobel Leslie (identified as his wife on 24.02.1609) and Mary Butler (mother of James). Some sources (including Brydges's 1812 revision of Collins's 'Peerage of England' (vol II, Abercorn)) confirm his 2nd wife as Mary Butler but identify his 1st wife as Isabella "of the family of Civico of Burges in Flanders" and then show Sir George & Isabella as parents of Margaret, wife of Sir Archibald Acheson, who we show above as daughter of Sir George's brother John.
  m1. Isobel Leslie a 1625, dau of James Leslie, Master of Rothes)
m2. Mary Butler (dau of Walter Butler, 11th Earl of Ormonde)
  A. James Hamilton (dsp unm before 02.1638-9)
5. Sir Frederick Hamilton of Manor Hamilton (d 31.03.1646 or 05.1647)
  m1. Sidney Vaughan (dau of Sir John Vaughan)
  A. Frederick Hamilton (dvp unm)
  B. James Hamilton of Manor Hamilton (d 27.12.1652)
  m. (1647) Catherine Hamilton (dau of Claud Hamilton, 1st Lord Strabane) @@ above
  i. Sidney Hamilton (b 1648, d 10.01.1685-6)
  m. Sir John Hume, 2nd Bart of Castle Hume (d 07.1695)
  ii. Hannah Hamilton (b 1651, d 16.05.1733)
  m. Sir William Gore, 3rd Bart of Manor Gore
  C. Gustavus Hamilton, 1st Viscount Boyne (b 1642, d 16.09.1723)
  m. Elizabeth Brooke (d 28.12.1721, dau of Sir Henry Brooke of Brooke's Borough)
  D. Christian Hamilton (d c1700)
  m. (1649) Sir George Monro of Newmore (d 1690)
  m2. Agnes
6. Margaret Hamilton (b c1585, d 11.09.1623)
  m. (1601) William Douglas, 1st Marquess of Douglas (b c1589, d 19.02.1660)
7.+ other issue - Margaret (b 01.09.1577, d 23.12.1577), Henry (b 13.12.1584, d 15.03.1585), Alexander (b 18.03.1587, d 21.11.1587)

Main source(s): TSP (Abercorn), BLG1886 (Hamilton of Beltrim), BP1934 (Hamilton of Trebinshun)
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