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Families covered: Hamilton of Crawfordjohn, Hamilton of Evandale, Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh, Hamilton of Libberton, Hamilton of Spittlehaugh
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Sir James Hamilton of Evandale & Crawfordjohn (d 12.1597)
m. (1547) Helen Cunynghame (dau of John Cunynghame of Caprington)
1. Sir James Hamilton of Evandale, Libberton & Crawfurdjohn (b 1547/8, d 1605)
m. (mcrt 09.01.1570-1) Christian Boyd (dau of Robert Boyd, 5th (not 4th) Lord)
  A. Sir James Hamilton of Evandale, Libberton & Crawfordjohn (d 1614)
  m. (c1598, div before 1610) Margaret Cunningham (dau of James Cunningham, 7th Earl of Glencairn, m2. Sir James Maxwell of Calderwood)
  HJHeraldry reports that Sir James & Margaret "left no surviving issue". Anderson reports that they had "several sons, who all died young, and one daughter, Jean." 'HamiltonHistory' reports as follows,:
  i. James Hamilton of Evandale & Libberton
  'HamiltonHistory' reports that "What subsequently happened to the last James has not been traced, not whether he married or left issue. The representation of the family passed to the descendants of John Hamilton, parson of Crawfurdjohn".
  ii. Jean Hamilton (b 03.1605)
m. (mcrt 07-8.1619) Sir James Maxwell of Jaktoun
  B. Thomas Hamilton of Columbie & Robertoun (dsp before 1647)
  m. Jean Ker (d 17.08.1632, dau of Mark Ker, Earl of Lothian)
  C. John Hamilton
  D. Mary Hamilton
  m. Sir James Somerville of Cambusnethan
  E. Jean or Jonet Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 03.02.1604) William Cokburne of Skirling
  partner unknown (possibly _ McMath)
  F. Andrew Hamilton
2. John Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh in Crawfordjohn (d 13.07.1628, parson of Crawfurdjohn)
m1. (mcrt 1583/4) Agnes Baillie (dau of William Baillie of Lamington)
  A. Mary Hamilton (d before 1592)
  m2. Margaret Hamilton (a 1630, dau of James Hamilton of Neilsland)
B. John Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh & Balgray (d before 08.04.1664 or c1668)
  m1. (mcrt 21.08.1619) Jean Hamilton (dau of John (not William) Hamilton of Udston)
  i. William Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh (d 09.1670)
  m. (1653) Margaret Hamilton (bur 16.07.1686, dau of Alexander Hamilton of Haggs)
  a. John Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh (d 1700)
m. (09.08.1681) Catherine Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton of Westport)
  (1) James Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh & Monkland (d 1770/3)
  m1. (1712) Barbara Mitchell (dau of James Mitchell of Ladath, widow of John Clark of Edinburgh)
  (A) Alexander Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh (d 25.09.1790)
m. Helen MacQueen (dau of John MacQueen of Braxfield, cousin)
  (i) Daniel Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh (b 1760, d 30.06.1823, 3rd son)
  m. (20.12.1793) Harriet Campbell (b 1770, d 1826, dau of Walter Campbell of Shawfield)
  (a) Walter Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh (b 1803, dsp 30.12.1868, 2nd son)
  (b) George William Hamilton (b 1808, d 1868, Colonel, 4th son) had issue
  m. Charlotte Logie (dau of Colonel William Logie)
  (c) Robert Ker Hamilton (b 1811, d 1865, minister at Saltoum later in Madras) had issue
  m. (1845) Susan Ann Sophia Churchill Spencer (d 1856, dau of George Trevor Spencer, Bishop of Madras)
  (d) Eleanora Hamilton
  m. Alexander James Hamilton of Dalzell, 12th of Orbiston (b 28.10.1793, d 11.01.1834)
  (e)+ other issue - Alexander/Albert Henry (d 1820, RN), John James (b 1803, d 1874), Harriet Carter (d unm)
  (ii) Robert Hamilton (dsp 1831, advocate & professor)
  m. (27.12.1805) Janet Hamilton Anderson (dau of John Anderson of Winterfiel, 'Lord Westhall')
  (iii) Charles Hamilton of Glasgow (6th son)
  m. (1794) Isabella Campbell (dau of John Campbell of Glasgow)
  (a) Alexander Hamilton (b 1797, WS) had issue
  m1. (1836, sp?) Margaret Chisholm Landreth (dau of Richard Landreth of Grenada)
  m2. (1845) Mary Chisholm Robertson (dau of Charles Robertson of Kindean)
  (b) Charles Hamilton (3rd son) had issue
  m. Janet Lillie (dau of David Lillie of Fife)
  (c)+ other issue - John, Robert (chjaplain), Margaret, Helen, Isabella Campbell, Elza Helen, Catherine Georgina
  (iv) Thomas Hamilton of Glasgow (8th son) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Parish (dau of John Parish of Bath & Hamburg)
  (v) James Hamilton of Kames Castle, Bute (d 1849, WS)
  m. (12.12.1807) Harriet Frances Wynne (dau of Richard Wynne of Folkingham)
  (vi) Barbara Hamilton
  m1. (1795) Hugh Robertson (clerk to the signet)
  m2. George Irving (Colonel)
  (vii)+ other issue - James (d young), John (d unm 1788, Captain), Alexander (Captain), Stirling (d 1797), Helen (d young)
  (B)+ other issue (d young) - John, Elizabeth, Catherine (b 1719)
  m2. (1753, sp) Henrietta Wood (d 10.1793, dau of William Wood of Edinburgh, surgeon)
  (2) Charles Hamilton of Spittlehaugh (d c1762, surgeon in Nevis (West Indies), 4th son)
  m. (13.08.1738) Jane Ramsay (dau of Andrew Ramsay of Abbotshall)
  (A)+ issue - Andrew of Spittlehaugh (d 1807, WS), Catherine of Spittlehaugh (d 1816)
  (3) Anne Hamilton
  m. Thomas Lining or Linning (minster of Walston)
  (4) Helen Hamilton
  m. John MacQueen of Braxfield
  (5)+ other issue - John (d unm), Alexander (to New Hamilton in Carolina)
  b. Jean Hamilton
  m. George Hume (minister of Selkirk)
  c.+ other issue - Alexander, Lilias, Rachel
  m2. (by 1662) Jean Lindsay
  ii.+ other issue - Gavin of Balgray (d 04.1682), Alexander of Balgray, James (a 1674)
  C. Mary Hamilton
  m. Hugh Weir of Cloburn
  D. Anne Hamilton
  m. John Weir (minister of Morton)
  E.+ other issue - William (d 13.11.1621), James in Edinburgh (a 1630), Thomas (a 1653)
3. Robert Hamilton of Philipston, Heuchheild & Wraye (d before 27.07.1624)
  m. (after 25.12.1583) Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of Sir David Hamilton of Fingaltoun & Preston)
  A. James Hamilton
  m. (24.01.1615) Anna Foulis (dau/heir of Robert Foulis of Bonython)
  i. Barbara Hamilton (b 1618)
  B. Alexander Hamilton (d before 22.07.1643, minister of Minigaff)
  m. (before 25.04.1620) Margaret Henderson
i.+ issue - William (a 07.1643), Thomas, Marjory, Masry (b 03.1619)
4. Eleazor Hamilton of Auclochan then Torfit (a 1610)
  A. William Hamilton
5. Hugh Hamilton of Windhill then Eldragholme (d 1609, younger son)
  A Hugh of this generation is sometimes shown as the Hugh of Lisbane whom we show just below.
  A.+ issue - James (a 1619), Susanna (a 1622)
6. Alexander Hamilton of Netherfield (d by 11.1598, 6th son?) mentioned by Anderson & HJHeraldry but not by 'HamiltonHistory'
  A. Robert Hamilton of Netherfield "apparently followed by" ...
  i. Walter Hamilton of Netherfield (d by 1667)
7. William Hamilton, Provost of Killileagh (b c1565, a 1612) shown by 'HamiltonHistory'(pp992-3) as father of ...
  A. Hugh Hamilton of Lisbane, co. Down (b c1590, d c05.1671)
8. Agnes Hamilton
  m. William Chancellor of Shieldhill (son/heir of William of Quodquan, m1. ??)
9. Annabella Hamilton (d before 30.10.1620)
  m. (24.10.1584) James Crawford of Ferme
10. Elspeth or Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 30.01.1579/80) James Hamilton of Stanehouse
1.+ other issue - Eleazor of Auchlochan, Barbara
partner unknown
13. Marion Hamilton

Main source(s) (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' (p273+), 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Fynnart', p287+), HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Finnart'' (p31+) & 'Gilkerscleugh' (p32+))
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