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Families covered: Hamilton of Airdrie, Hamilton of Edinburgh, Hamilton of Ellershaw (Eldershaw)
[Much of the upper section was orginally within Hamilton06. It was moved here to facilitate review & expansion of both pages and to make more flexible the placement of the progenitor of the branch within Hamilton06 given that there is some uncertainty as to which generation he belonged to.]

James (not John) Hamilton (of Rossaven?) (a 1491, d Flodden 1513)
m1. (before 1503) Helen Crawfurd (probably dau of Archibald Crawfurd of Ruchsalloch)
1. Methusalem Hamilton, 2nd of Airdrie (a 1564) this generation omitted by TCB
m. Christian Bell
  A. Gavin Hamilton, 3rd of Airdrie (d 17.08.1591, 2nd son)
  m. (1567) Isabella Roberton (dau of James Roberton of Earnock (by Christian Dundas, probably not Margaret Hamilton of Torrance))
  i. John Hamilton, 4th of Airdrie (b 1569, d 1648)
  m. Janet Hamilton (a 1648, dau of Robert Hamilton of Torrance)
  a. John Hamilton (dvp 03.1641)
  m. (mcrt 08.06.1636) Margaret Hamilton (dau/sister of James/John Hamilton of Udston, m2. James Hamilton in Park of Bothwell)
  'AndersonMemoirs' & HJHeraldry report that John dsp but 'HamiltonHistory' mentions 2 daughters.
(1) Janet Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 01.03.1659) David Somervell of Blackrig
  (2) Margaret Hamilton (a 1652)
  b. Gavin Hamilton, 5th of Airdrie (d before 11.0.1675
  m. Jane Montgomery (dau of Robert Montgomery of Hazlehead by Jean/Jane, dau of Sir James Hamilton of Preston (Fingalton))
  (1) (Sir) Robert Hamilton of Airdrie, de jure '3rd Bart' (b 1650, d 18.01.1705)
  TCB reports that Robert was later identified as heir to the baronetcy of his cousin, Sir Robert Hamilton, 2nd Bart of Preston (see above). However, neither this Robert nor any of his immediate successors assumed the title. The first to assume the title was the 9th Bart (see below).
  m. (24.02.1680) Elizabeth Cochrane (d 18.11.1725, dau of William Cochrane of Rochsoles)
  (A) (Sir) William Hamilton of Airdrie, de jure '4th Bart' (b 06.03.1681, d 25.05.1749, minister of Bothwell)
  m. (04.06.1713) Margaret Bogle (d 02.04.1773, dau/heir of John Bogle of Sandyhills & Kilbowie, sister/heir of Grizel & Martha)
  (i) (Sir) Robert Hamilton of Airdrie, de jure '5th Bart' (b 11.07.1714, d 09.08.1756 (1766?), professor in Glasgow)
  m. (27.04.1747) Mary Baird (dau of John Baird of Craigton)
  (a) (Sir) William Hamilton, de jure '6th Bart' (b 06.06.1748, d unm 05.03.1770)
  (b) James Hamilton (d young)
  (c) (Sir) John Hamilton, de jure '7th Bart' (b 04.1751, d unm 1778 in the West Indies)
  (d) (Sir) Robert Hamilton, de jure '8th Bart' (b 09.07.1754, d unm 08.06.1799)
  (e) Grizel Hamilton
  m. (1770) John Arnott ("merchant from China")
  (f) Mary Hamilton
  m. Thomas Cochrane (MD)
  (ii) John Hamilton in Glasgow (b 1716, a 1740)
  (a) daughter
  m. _ Irvine (Dr.)
  (b)+ daughters
  (iii) James Hamilton of Carsland (b 1722, d 1760, minister of Bothwell)
  m. (1750) Elizabeth Hood (d 1782)
(a)+ issue - William, (b 1751, d unm), John (b 1757, d unm), Kamet (b 1753), Elizabeth (b 1755)
  (iv) Thomas Hamilton (b 01.10.1728, d 02.08.1781, surgeon & professor in Glasgow)
  m. Isabel Anderson (d 1795, dau of Professor William Anderson of Glasgow)
  (a) James Hamilton (dsp)
  (b) William Hamilton (b 1753/58/60, d 1790/3, professor in Glasgow)
  m. (1783) Elizabeth Stirling (d 1827, dau of William Stirling of Drumpellier)
  ((1)) Sir William Hamilton, 9th Bart (b 1788, d 06.05.1856, professor in Edinburgh) had issue
  m. (1829) Janet Marshall (d 24.12.1877, dau of Hubert Marshall, cousin)
  ((2)) Thomas Hamilton (b 1789, dsp 1842)
  m1. Annette Montomgery Campbell (d 1829, dau of Archibald Montgomery Campbell)
  m2. (15.02.1834) Maria Frances Geslip Latour (d 27.08.1875, widow of Sir Robert Townshend Farquhar, Bart)
  (v) Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. Daniel St. Clair (minister of Longformacus)
  (vi)+ other issue - Grizel (b 1720, d unm before 07.04.1783), Jean
  (B) Louisa Hamilton  shown by BP1934 as of the next generation
  m. (10.09.1704) James Balfour of Pilrig
  (C) Elizabeth Hamilton
  (2) William Hamilton (b 1669, d 12.11.1732, Principal of Edinburgh University)
  m. (1696) Mary Robertson (b c1675, d 1760, dau or John Roberson of Glasgow)
  (A) Gavin Hamilton in Edinburgh (b 1704, d 01.01.1767, 3rd/4th son)
  m. Helen Balfour (d 1793, dau of James Balfour of Pilrig, cousin)
  (i) John Hamilton (b 1740, d 28-3)
  m. (1769) Jemima Biggar (b 1746, d c1830, niece of _ Biggar of Sciennes)
  (a) Gavin Hamilton (b 1770, d 1803 in Ceylon)
  (ii) Robert Hamilton (b 1743, d 1829, professor in Aberdeen)
  m1. Ann Mitchell of Drumnaird
  (a) Anne Hamilton
  (b) Helen Hamilton
  m. _ Thomson of Banchory
  (c) Marion Hamilton
  m. _ Swan
  m2. Jean Morrison (dau of James Morrison of Elrick)
  (iii) Louisa Hamilton (b 1733, d 1793)
  m. James Wodrow (b 1730, d 1811, minister at Dunlop)
  (iv)+ other issue - Ann (b 1738, d unm 1788),
  (B) Robert Hamilton (b 1707, d 1787, minisetr of Cramond, professor in Edinburgh, 4th son)
m. (1745) Jean Hay (d 1804, dau of John Hay of Haystoun)
  (i) Grizel Hamilton
  m. (1774) Benjamin Bell of Edinburgh (surgeon)
  (ii)+ other issue - James of Edinburgh (b 1749, d 1845, physician), Gavin, Catherine (d 1811)
  (C) Gilbert Hamilton (b 1715, d 1772, minister of Cramond)
  m1. (1742) Isobel Smith (d c1753, dau of James Smith of Nether Alderstoun)
  m2. (1754) Margaret Craigie (dau of John Craigie of Dunbornie)
  (i) Anne Cockburn Hamilton (b 1756)
  (ii) Mary Hamilton (b 1758)
  m. William Dinwiddie of Manchester
  (iii) Susan Hamilton (b 1761, d 1821)
  m. (1786) Patrick Anderson (WS)
  (D) Ann Hamilton (b 1703)
  m. John Horsley (rector of Newington Butts, Surrey)
  (E) Jean Hamilton
  m. (1718) Hugh Cleghorn of Edinburgh
  (F) Margaret Hamilton
  m. (1731) William Tod of Edinburgh
  (G) Janet Hamilton
  m. (1731) James Smith
  (H)+ other issue - son, William of Edinburgh (d before 27.09.1722), Alexander (dsp),
  (3) Janet Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 09.1688) Robert Wallace (minister of Baldernock)
  (4)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Margaret, Jean
  c. James Hamilton of Glasgow (d 10.1669) mentioned by 'HamiltonHistory' but not by Anderson or HJHeraldry
  m1. (29.12.1640) Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of Robert Hamilton of the Woodhall family)
  (1)+ issue - John in Glasgow (b 1641, a 1667), Robert (b 1642, d young), James (b 1644), Robert (b 1646), Gawane (b 1647, d young), Jonet (b 1645)
  m2. Grizel Boyd
  (7)+ other issue - George (b 1650), William (b 1651), Gawane (b 1651), Margaret (b 1653)
  d. Walter Hamilton of Edinburgh (d 04.1667, bailie of Leith) mentioned by 'HamiltonHistory' but not by Anderson or HJHeraldry
  m1. Margaret Calderwood of Edinburgh (bur 15.09.1659)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (b 1657, d 1682), child (bur 1660), child (bur 1663), child (bur 1665), child (b 1667)
  m2. (07.03.1661) Isobel Gray (b 1638, d 10.1676, dau of Sir William Gray of Pittendrum, m2. James Frazer)
  (6) William Hamilton (b 1667, d 01-2.1689) possibly the William who married ...
m. (28.04.1682) Elizabeth Dickson
  (7)+ other issue - Isobel (d before 30.07.1678), Mary (b 1664), Elizabeth (b 1665, bur 1674)
  e. Christian Hamilton
  m. James Baillle, younger of Polkemmet
  f. Jane Hamilton
  m. John Fleming of Cardarroch
  g. Janet Hamilton (b 1629, d 11.1656)
  m. (10.10.1651) William Lindsay of Caldersyde (a 1657)
  h. Marion Hamilton (d 29.06.1665) mentioned by 'HamiltonHistory' but not by Anderson
  m. Malcolm Fleming of Cardaroch
  ii. Christian Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 17.05.1589) Archibald Normount (minister of Avendale, son/heir of Thomas of Avendale)
  iii.+ other issue - Gavin (dsp before 25.07.1637), James (d unm 11.1613), Archibald
  B. Janet Hamilton
  m. James Dalzell (cousin of Sir Robert Dalzell of that ilk)
  C. Agnes Hamilton (d 12.1619)
  m. John Drew (elder) in Gartinquein
  D. Christian Hamilton
  m. George Newlands of Kipchappel
  E.+ other issue - John (dvp unm 1561), Gelis, Isabella, other issue
2. William Hamilton (a 1522) presumed of this marriage
m2. Margaret Weir (dau of Oswald Weir of Clowburn)



John Hamilton of Ellerschawe (Ellershaw) (d before 1510)
m. Margaret Bell (a 1513)
1. Adam Hamilton of Ellershaw possibly succeeded by ...
  A. William Hamilton of Ellershaw (d 1594)
  i. John Hamilton of Ellershaw (d before 1608)
  m. Sara Johnston (a 1608, possibly m2. Thomas Twedie of Oliver)
  a. William Hamilton
  m. (before 1618) Bessie or Elspeth Johnstoun
  (1) William Hamilton of Eldershaw (d 1669) probably not the same person as the William shown above as his father
  m. Mary Lockhart (dau of William Lockhart of Park, m2. John Menzies of Hangingshaw)
  (A) John Hamilton of Eldershaw (d 1703)
  m. (mcrt 30.12.1696) Jean Bertram (d before 15.07.1725, dau of Alexander Bertram of Nisbet)
  (i) William Hamilton of Eldershaw (d c1749)
  m. Grisel Johnston (a 1751, dau of William Johnston of Beerholm)
  (a) John Hamilton (b 1734, d 1813)
  m1. (1758) Anne Craik (dau/heir of William Craik of Arbigland)
  ((1)) Douglas Hamilton, later Hamilton-Craik of Arbigland (b 1762, d 1844)
  m. Elizabeth Beckwith (b 1772, d 1881!)
  m2. (before 17.09.1781) Catherine Copland (widow of John Morison of Antigua)
  ((2)) James Hamilton (a 1800)
  (ii)+ other issue - Helen, Mary
  (B) William Hamilton (d before 1698 in St. Christopher)
  (C) Lucie Hamilton
  m. (by 1698) William Inglis of Douglas
  (2) Robert Hamilton (a 1663)
  (A)+ issue - John (d before 04.1692), Sarah (natural dau)
  b. John Hamilton (a 1618)
  c. Katherine Hamilton
  m. Patrick Twedie
  ii. James Hamilton (a 1608)

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(2) For lower section : 'HamiltonHistory' ('Ellershaw (or Eldershaw)', p340+)
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