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Families covered: Hammond of Boxted, Hammond of Cresseners, Hammond of Hawkedon, Hammond of Hawstead, Hammond of London

Thomas Hammond of Cresseners in Hawkedon, Suffolk (d before 28.09.1586)
m. Anne Cawson (d by 1612, dau of John Cawson of Cresseners in Hawkedon)
1. Thomas Hammond of Hawkedon (d before 13.11.1595)
  m. (c1587) Anne Payton (dau of Thomas Payton of Debden)
  A. Thomas Hammond of Cresseners in Hawkedon (d before 29.10.1682-3)
  m. Sarah Paschall (dau of Sir John Paschall of West Hassingfield)
  i. John Hammond of Cresseners & East Bergholt a 12.1693, dsp)
  ii. Walter Hammond of Pebmarsh (Essex), later of Cresseners (d 10.05.1713?)
  m. Deborah (a 04.1714)
  a. John Hammond of Brick House & Cresseners in Hawkedon (a 1723)
  m. (c1704?) Mary Branch (b c1680, d 1715, dau of Edward Branch of Snailwell)
  (1) John Hammond of Cresseners & Keddington (b 1706, dsp c1773)
  m. (22.06.1704) Anne Phillips (bur 1715, dau/heir of William Phillips of Cotton Hall, Keddington)
  (2) Thomas Hammond of Newmarket (bpt 1713, d 18.11.1772, 3rd son)
  m. (06.07.1738) Rebecca Pleasance (d 1793)
  (A) John Hammond of Cresseners & Denston (b 1739-40, d 27.02.1802)
  m. Anne (b 1733-4, d 09.04.1809)
  (i) John Hammond of Ashly & Cresseners 
  m. Mary Harlock (d 1823, dau of William Harlock)
  (a) Harlock Hammond had issue?
  (B) Charles Hammond of Needham & Newmarket, Cambridgshire (b 1749, d 04.03.1837, banker, 3rd son)
  m. (25.11.1782) Ann Watson of Exning (d 03.01.1830)
  (i) Charles Hammond of Needham & Newmarket (b 1783, d 19.04.1837, banker) had issue
  m. (1813) Ellen Wilson (b c1798, d 09.01.1882, dau of John Wilson of Swinton)
  (C) Mary Hammond
  m. Richard Eaton
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas, Rebecca
  (3)+ other issue - Walter, Mary (bpt 1709), Branch (b 1710)
  b. Walter Hammond of Stamfield, Suffolk (a 1719) had issue
  c. Susannah Hammond
  m. John Jolly of Little Saxham
  iii. Anne Hammond
  m. Christopher Scott (clerk)
  iv. Elizabeth Hammond
  m. Thomas Worliche
B.+ other issue (a 1611) - Robert, John
2. Philip Hammond of Boxsted (Boxted) (d before 20.12.1631/2, younger son?)
  m. Elizabeth (d by 12.1648)
  A. Philip Hammond of Boxted (bpt 1597, d 1674)
  m. Anne Giggs (dau of Thomas Giggs of Hartest)
  i. Philip Hammond of Boxted (d before 12.05.1685)
  m. Martha Plume (sister of Edward Plume of Hawkedon)
  a. Philip Hammond of Hawkedon (a 11.1751)
  m. (c09.1685) Elizabeth (a 1713, sister of John Peils (?) of Cransford)
  (1) Philip Hammond of Boxted (b 1687, d 05.05.1757)
  m. Anne (b 1681, bur 09.12.1742)
  (A) Philip Hammond (bpt 1713?, d 1758)
  (i) Philip Hammond of Hawkedon Hall (b 1749, d 1779)
  m. Harriet Richardson of Melford (m2. John Oliver)
  (a) Philip Knights Richardson Hammond (b/d 1775)
  (B) William Hammond
m. Elizabeth
  (C) Anne Hammond (d 1738)
  (2) John Hammond of Melford
  m. Mary Castell (dau of Roger Castell)
  (3) Anne Hammond (a 1731)
  m. John Keye (clerk)
  ii. Anne Hammond (b c1630-1, d 1722)
  m. Edward Plume of Hawkedon (a 1705, dsp)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas (d by 1648), Robert (bpt 1601, bur 1631), Elizabeth (b 1611?, bur 04.03.1622), Ann (bpt 1614)
3. Anne Hammond
  m. _ Coppen
  A.+ isssue (a 1611) - Thomas, Alice, Bridget
4.+ other issue (a 1611) - Nicholas, Ambrose, Robert, George, Mary (d unm)



Thomas Hammond of Hawstead, Suffolk (d 08.08.1640)
m1. (20.04.1629) Anne Hoo (d 28.10.1634, dau/heir of John Hoo alias How)
1. John Hammond of Hawkedon (sic) (b c1630, d before 08.11.1683)
  m. Sarah Sparrow (dau of John Sparrow of Reed, brother of William of Bildeston, cousin of Anthony Sparrow, Bishop of Norwich)
  A John Hammond of Wattisham Hall, Suffolk (d before 28.11.1684)
  m. Susan Beaumont (dau of John Beaumont of Bildeston, m2. John Sparrow of Reed)
  i.+ issue (a 1705) - John of Hawkedon, Elizabeth
  B. Thomas Hammond of Chelmsford (d before 02.1702)
  m. Hannah (d before 11.02.1706, cousin of William Neave, m2. Robert Gower?)
  C.+ other issue (a 1632, 1695) - Rebecca, Elizabeth
2. Anne Hammond (a 1649)
m2. Susan Asty (a 1639, dau of Francis Asty of Bury St. Edmunds, sister of Edmond of Bury)
3. Francis Hammond (bpt 11.04.1638, d by 1686)
  A. George Hammond of London (d 1736)
  i.+ issue - Susan, Anne, Mary
4. Philip Hammond (bpt 10.03.1639)
  A. Thomas Hammond of London & Enfield (bpt 1636, d before 19.09.1707, salter)
  m1. (c09.1689) Martha Bonson (dau of George Bonson of Towcester)
  i. Francis Hammond of London, Hawstead & Whepstead (d before 26.08.1728, salter)
  m. Honor Asty (a 1757, dau of Ambrose Asty of Northaw by Anne, sister of Sir Fisher Teach)
  a. Ambrose Hammond of London, later of Potter's Bar (d before 05.07.1769, salter)
m. Sarah Wright (bur 1769, dau of Henry Wright of Thornton)
  (1) Francis Hammond of London (b 1739, bur 1798, salter)
  m. Mary Woodgate (d 1778, dau/heir of William Woodgate of Sale)
  (A) Sir Francis Thomas Hammon of Plumpton in Whepstead, Suffolk (d 26.11.1850, General, Lt. Governor of Edinburgh)
  m. Louisa King (dau of Admiral Sir Richard King, Bart)
  (i) Georgina Augusta Frances Hammond (b c1808, d 25.10.1824)
  (B)+ other issue - James of Potter's Bar, Ambrose (d young), Elizabeth (d young)
b.+ other issue - Honor (d 1758), Elizabeth (d 1768)
  ii. Martha Hammond (d before 07.10.1745)
  m. Robert Rayne of Gansford
  m2. Mary (m1. ??)
  iii. Thomas Hammond of London (d before 18.06.1747, salter)
  m. Anne Asty (bur 1749, dau of Ambrose Asty of Northaw by Anne, sister of Sir Fisher Teach)
  a. Mary Hammond
  m. Robert Kingscote of Kingscote
  b. Anne Hammond
  m. John Manley of the Braziere
  iv. Susan Hammond (d before 23.05.1747)
  v. Mary Hammond
  m. Leonard Belt

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