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Families covered: Harlakenden of Earl's Colne, Harlakenden of Harlakenden, Harlakenden of Warehorn(e), Harlakenden of Woodchurch

William Harlakenden (d 30.04.1081)
1. William Harlakenden
  A. Thomas Harlakenden of Woodchurch, Kent
  i. William Harlakenden of Woodchurch
a. John Harlakenden of Woodchurch (a 1326)
  (1) Thomas Harlakenden of Woodchurch (1407)
  (A) Moyses Harlakenden of Woodchurch
  m. Petronell Hardres (dau of Henry Hardres (by Susan, dau of John Septvave) (son of Sir Rober t(by Jane Boughton) son of Sir Roger by Mary Estingrave)
  (i) William Harlakenden of Harlakenden in Woodchurch (d 30.04.1481)
  m. Elizabeth or Alice
  (a) Roger Harlakenden of Harlakenden, Woodchurch (d 29.03.1523)
  m1. Margaret Ellis (d 20.10.1479, dau/heir of Guy (or Edward) Ellis of Kennington by Philippa, dau/heir of Sir William Walksted of Kennington)
((1)) Thomas Harlakenden of Harlakenden (b 14786-7, d 25.08.1558)
  m1. Elizabeth Watno (d 04.04.1539, dau of Robert Watno of Warminghurst)
  Visitation (1612) shows Thomas & Elizabeth as parents of Walter of Upton & Ann who are both shown below as children of Robert & Alice Seath. T&G shows their children as follows.
  ((A)) George Harlakenden of Harlakenden (bur 15.10.1565)
  m1. Mary Guldeford (dau of Sir John Guldeford of Hempstead (Sheriff))
m2. Elizabeth Hardres (dau of Thomas Hardres of Hardres, m2. Roger Harlaken of Kenardington then Earl's Colne)
  ((i))+ issue - Mary (dsp), Anne (bpt 29.03.1564, bur 30.04.1567)
  ((B)) Martin Harlakenden of Harlakenden (d 07.01.1584, 5th son?)
  m1/2. (sp) Jane Cope (dau of Edward Cope of Cope's Ashby)
  m2/1. Debora Whetenhall (bur 09.09.1611, dau of Thomas Whetenhall or Whetnall of Hexham Court, Peckham, m2. Sir Edward Waterhouse of Woodchurch)
  ((i)) Deborah Harlakenden (a 1602)
  m. (29.05.1602) Sir Edward Hales of Tunstall & Hendon in Woodchurch, Bart (d 06.10.1654)
((C)) Margaret Harlakenden (dsp 1576)
  m. John Crispe of Quex Park
  ((D))+ other issue - Roger (dvp), Thomas (dvp), William (dvp), Francis of London (d 13.05.1560), Lettice (dvp), Katharine (bur 01.11.1548)
  m2. (sp(s)) Margaret (d before 05.12.1568, widow of _ Draper)
  ((J)) Alice Harlakenden (dvp)
  m2. Alice Colepeper (dau of Richard Colepeper of Wakehurst)
((2)) Robert Harlakenden of Bridge, Kent (bur 25.02.1557)
  Visitation (1612) identifies Robert's wife as Alice, dau of Sir John Sydley of Kent. T&G identifies her as ...
  m. Alice Seath (dau of John Seath of Milton in Kent)
  Visitation (1612) shows Robert & Alice as parents of Martin whom T&G shows as Robert's elder half-brother. T&G shows their children as follows.
  ((A)) Walter Harlakenden of Milton (Kent), later of Ufton, Kent (d 23.09.1603)
  m1. Brigett Astley (dau of John (not Isack) Astley of Melton Constable & Ufton)
  m2. Susan Roper (dau of Christopher Roper of Lynstede)
  ((B)) Ann Harlakenden
  m. Christopher Redwood
  ((3))+ other issue - Mary/Margaret, others (dsp - Peter, Alexander (a 1557), Elizabeth, Anne, Alina)
(b) Thomas Harlakenden of Woodchurch (d c05.1476)
  m. Juliana
  ((1))+ issue - Robert, John, Joane, Alice, Mildred
  (c) Godleve Harlakenden
  (ii) John Harlakenden of Warehorne, Kent (3rd son)
  m. Joane Wylls (dau/heir of Thomas Wylls of Alkenden, m2. _ Bromley of Bromley)
  (a) John Harlakenden of Warehorne
m. Joane Phillipes (dau of _ Phillipes of Tenderden)
  ((1)) Thomas Harlakenden of Warehorne - continued below
  m1. Mary Londenoys (dau/heir of Richard Londenoys)
  m2. Elizabeth Northwood (dau/coheir of Hugh Northwood of Callis Court)
  ((2)) Robert Harlakenden (dsp)
  (b) Agnes Harlakenden probably of this generation
  m. (by 1522) John Collins of Hythe
  (iii) Robert Harlakenden of Helden probably of this generation
  m. Agnes
  (a)+ issue - sons, Joane



Thomas Harlakenden of Warehorn - above below
m1. Mary Londenoys (dau/heir of Richard Londenoys of Breame)
1. John Harlakenden of Warehorn, later of New Romney in Kent (d by 1584)
  m. Jane Bringbourne (dau of John Bringbourne of Feversham)
  A. George Harlakenden, later of Warehorn, later of Goddinges in Little Yeldham, Essex (a 1621)
m. Frances Latham of Hornchurch
  i. William Harlakenden of Little Yeldham (d 22.12.1659)
  B.+ other issue (a 1602) - Jane (d by 1605?), Eleanor, Elizabeth, Anne
2. William Harlakenden of Earl's Colne & Warehorn (dsp before 05.02.1606)
3. Roger (or Robert) Harlakenden of (Kendarlington then) Earls Colne, Essex (b c08.1541, d 21.01.1602)
  m. (206.01.1566) Elizabeth Hardres (dau of Thomas Hardres, widow of George Harlakenden of Woodchurch)
  A. Richard Harlakenden of Earles Colne (Earl's Colne) (b 22.07.1568, d 22.08.1631)
  m. (11.02.1592) Margaret Hubert (b 04.06.1632, d before 06.06.1632, dau of Edward Hubert or Hubard of Stansted Mount Fitchett)
  B. Thomas Harlakenden of Earles Colne (Earl's Colne) (bur 27.03.1648, 3rd son)
  m1. Dorothy Cheney (dau of John Cheney of Drayton Beauchamp)
  i. Thomas Harlakenden of Earl's Colne (bpt 04.11.1599, bur 29.09.1652, 3rd son)
  m1. Eliza Dove
a. Mahetabell Harlakenden
  m. Daniel Nightingale
  m2. Alicia (a 1652)
  b. Dorothy Harlakenden (bpt 23.08.1649, a 1677)
  c. Alicia Harlakenden (bpt 21.11.1651)
  m. (after 1676) Roger Goodall of Neyland
  ii. William Harlakenden of New House (d 18.03.1674, youngest son)
  m. Smithee Scroggs (d 26.06.1651, dau of Edward Scroggs of Hertforshire)
  a. Thomas Harlakenden (bpt 13.12.1636, bur 24.05.1641)
  iii. Dorothy Harlakenden (bpt 12.12.1596)
m. Samwell Simonds (Symonds) of Topsfield
  iv. Anne Harlakenden (bpt 27.12.1597)
  m. (06.06.1636) William Hurrel (curate of Horksley Parva)
  v. Mabell Harlakenden (bpt 16.01.1602, bur 06.02.1678)
  m. Edward Elliston
  vi. Katharine Harlakenden (bpt 25.04.1604, d 1630)
  m. (14.021627) (Rev.?) Thomas Williamson of Beckingham
  vii.+ other issue - Roger (b 02.06.1594, d before 1609), William (b 30.11.1595, d before 1609), Richard (b c1602, d 22.01.1691), Agnes (bpt 30.11.1600, bur 20.12.1627), Katharine (bpt 10.121601)
  m2. Jane Hobert (dau of Edward Hobert of Stansted Mountfichet)
  m3. Anne Buckenden
  C. Mabell Harlakenden
  m. Clement Stonard of Stapleford Abbott (b 1557-8, d 23.09.1612, son/heir of Francis)
  D.+ other issue - Roger, George (dsp)
  m2. Elizabeth Blechenden of Kent
  m3. Jane Josceline (dau of Sir Thomas Josceline of High Rooding, widow of Richard Kelton)
  m4. Anne Barnard of Westminster (widow of _ Dewhurst)
4. Elizabeth Harlakenden
  m. John Bowle of Warehorn
m2. Elizabeth Northwood (dau/coheir of Hugh Northwood of Callis Court)
5. Alice Harlakenden
  m. Henry Thomson

Main source(s): T&G' (vol 1, 'Pedigree of Harlakenden of Harlakenden in Woodchurch, Kent, of Upton in Tunstall, same co., and of Earl's Colne, Essex', p229+), Visitation (Kent, 1612 & 1634, 'Harlakenden')
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