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Families covered: Hellesby of Acton, Hellesby of Cherleton, Hellesby of Hellesby

Sir Jocelyn (Joceramus) de Hellesby of Hellesby, Cherleton & Acton, Cheshire (a 1214)
m. Agatha Massey (dau of Sir Hamon Massey of Doneham Massey)
1. Sir John de Hellesby of Hellesby (d before 1270)
  m. Leuca Arden
A. Richard de Hellesby (dvp)
  m. Alice de Thornton (dau of Sir Ranulph de Thornton of Thornton "en the Mores")
  i. Alan de Hellesby of Hellesby
  Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, p35) shows Alan as possibly a son of Hugh son of Ralph son of Adam son of Josceramus but in the Corrigenda on vol 3, p445 supports MGH with his ancestry as above.
  m. Beatrix de Hatton (dau/heir of Adam de Hatton of Hatton)
  a. Sir William de Hellesby of Hellesby (d 1320-1)
On page 111 under 'Pro Hatton', Visitation shows 2 generations of Sir Williams but on page 112, under 'Hatton of Hatton by Warton. Hatton of Hatton by Daresbury'), Visitation shows just one (as does Ormerod). We follow MGH in showing 2 generations.
  m. Alice Fitton (dau of Sir ?? Fitton (Phyttun) of Bollyn)
  (1) Sir William de Hellesby of Hellesby (d 1332)
  m. Hawise Trussell (dau of Sir William de Trussell of Marstone Trussell)
  (A) Lucy de Hellesby
  m. Sir Piers de Thornton of Thornton
(B) Alice de Hellesby
  m. Sir _ de Beeston of Beeston, Cheshire
  (C) Joan de Hellesby
  m. _ Griffin of Bartherston (Barderton)
  (i) Sir John Griffin (Gryffyn)
  (D) Katherine de Hellesby
MGH shows Katherine as wife of Pyers de Hattone of Hatton and had (with other issue) Richard of Aldersay father of Katherine who m. Roger Booth and was mother of Isabell (m. Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmoreland), Charles (Bishop of Hereford), John (archdeacon), Raphe (dean) & Robert of Mollynton. Some sources give conflicting connections (eg Visitation shows that it was Jone who married Adam Hatton) but it appears that Katherine married ...
  m. Adam Hatton of Great Aldersey
  (E) Jane de Hellesby
m. (John) de Trafford
  (2) Margery de Hellesby
  (3) Alice de Hellesby
  m. Galfrid Starkey of Stretton
  (A) Rafe Starkey of Stretton ## see here ##
  b. Adam de Hellesby of Acton
  m. Mawde de Hellesby (dau/heir of Ralph de Hellesby of Acton) @@ below
  (1) Sir Richard de Hellesby of Acton (d 01.10.1384)
  m. Havisia de Harthulle (d 31.12.1373, dau of William de Harthulle of Harhulle)
  (2) Ralph de Hellesby (younger son)
  m. _ Hulle de Mallepasse
  (3)+ other issue - Sir Reginald, Sir Bertram, Adam (a 1390), Matilde, Alice
  c. Piers de Hellesby
  m. Katherine
  d. Hugo de Hellesby
  e. Ralph de Hellesby of Acton (a 1307)
m. Cecilia
  f. Beatrix de Hellesby
  m. _ de Edgerton (Egerton)
  ii. Richard de Hellesby
  m. _ Egertonne
  iii. Galfrid de Hellesby
  iv. Hawisia de Hellesby
  m. Hugh de Bostoke (son of Sir William by Elizabeth, dau of ?? de Audley of Helegh)
  B. Henry de Hellesby of Cherleton
i. William de Hellesby of Bacford, Acton & Cherleton (a 1305)
2. Adam de Hellesby of Acton (d before 1276)
  m. Emme Frodesham (dau of Robert de Frodesham of Frodesham)
  A. Ralph de Hellesby of Acton (d before 1276)
  m. ?? Trafford (dau of ?? Trafford of Trafford)
  i. Ralph de Hellesby of Acton (a 1272, 1307)
  a. Mawde de Hellesby
  m. Adam de Hellesby of Acton @@ above
  ii. Thomas de Hellesby of Acton
  a. William de Hellesby of Acton (a 1315, 1336, vicar of Bacford)
  b. Agnes de Hellesby
  m. _ de Aldersay
  iii.+ other issue - Hugo of Acton, Simon of Acton
  B. Maria de Hellesby
  m. _ Massey
3.+ other issue - Jocelyne, Hamon, Roger

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876), 'Helsby Pedigree', p55+) with just a little support from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, 'Pro Hatton')
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