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Families covered: Heneage of Alfriston, Heneage of Hainton, Heneage of Middleton

John de Heneage (a temp Henry III 1216-1272)
1. Walter de Heneage
  A. Sir William de Heneage
  i. John de Heneage of Haynton (a 1337)
  a. (John?) Heneage
  (1) The wording in Commoners is slightly unclear at this point, indicating that the above John (a 1337) had acquired then sold Haynton but it was re-purchased in 21RII (1397-8) by "John de Heneage's son", the following John. It could be read as suggesting that the following John was son rather than grandson of the above John (a 1337). BP1934 reports that "6th in descent" of the above John was the John who d 1530. Having regard to this and the dates, we presume there was this intervening generation between the John who acquired/sold Haynton and the John who repurchased that estate.
(2) Maddison, which starts with the following John, disagrees with Commoners which shows the next John as father of William (m. Grace Stamford) father of William (m. William Cawood) father of both John (m. Elizabeth Preston) and Robert (m. Lucy Burton, father of Sir Robert of Copt Hall). We follow Maddison in showing the William who married Grace Stamford as younger son of the following John and so younger brother of the John who married Eleanor (not Elizabeth) Preston rather his grandfather. Given the "6th in descent" reference, BP1934 appears to have followed Commoners so the following disagrees with BP1934 over the next few generations.
  (1) John Heneage of Hainton (d 22.09.1439)
  m1. Alice Goddard (dau of Walter Goddard of Snettisham)
(A) John Heneage of Hainton (d by 1473)
  m. Eleanor Preston (dau of John Preston of South Reston)
  (i) John Heneage of Hainton (b 1451-2, d 31.05.1530)
  m. Katherine Wymbish (dau of Thomas Wymbish of Nocton)
  (a) Sir Thomas Heneage of Hainton (b c1480, d 21.08.1553)
Sir Thomas was Private Secretary to Cardinal Wolsey and later Master of the Household for King Henry VIII.
  m. Katherine Skipwith (d before 02.09.1575, dau of Sir John Skipwith of South Ormsby)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Heneage (b c1518)
  m. Sir William Willoughby, 1st Lord of Parham (d 1574)
  (b) John Heneage of Towes, later of Hainton (d 07.1557)
  m. Anne Cope (d 05.02.1587-8, dau of Edward Cope of Denshanger & Helmdon (Helmeden), widow of William, son of Thomas Lovett of Astwell)
  ((1)) Sir George Heneage of Hainton (b c1521, dsp 16.10.1595)
  m1. Elizabeth Southwell (dsp 07.121583, dau of Sir Richard Southwell of Woodrising)
  m2. Olive Bretton (b c1537, d 03.02.1631-2, dau of Thomas (Edward?) Bretton of Felmingham, widow of Thomas Herne)
  ((2)) John Heneage of Kirkby (b c1524, bur 08.08.1584)
  m. Jane Wingfield (dau of Lewis Wingfield of the Isle of Wight)
((A)) Mary Heneage (a 1605)
  m. George (Roger?) Dawkins of Fanbridge
  ((B)) Katherine Heneage
  m. John Chilton
  ((C)) Ann Heneage
  m. Philip (William?) Bleasby of Bleasby
  ((3)) William Heneage of Benworth, later of Hainton (b 1528-9, d 29.03.1610)
m1. Anne Fishbourne (d 29.06.1585, dau of Ralph Fishbourne of Coates)
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Heneage of Hainton (d 05.06.1613)
  m. Barbara Guildford (dau of Sir Thomas Guildford of Hemstead)
  ((B)) Sir George Heneage of Towes (b 1557-8, dsp 08.05.1631)
  m. Mary Bussy (dau of John Bussy of Haydor)
  ((C)) William Heneage probably of this generation
  ((i)) Anne Heneage
  m. (c05.1596) Ralph Gyll of London (d 12.02.1620, lion keeper)
  ((D)) Anne Heneage
  m. Nicholas Wilson of Sheepwash & Strubby (d by 1605)
((E)) Katherine Heneage (bur 13.08.1637)
  m1. William Ayscough (bur 13.08.1637)
  m2. (16.04.1612) Sir John Hatcher of Careby
  m2. Jane Brussells alias Hawks (d 24.11.1596)
  ((4)) Mary Heneage
  m1. Erasmus Cope
  m2/3. Sir Thomas Andrewes 'of Charwelton'
  m3/2. Sir Robert Lane of Horton
((5)) Katherine Heneage (a 1543)
  m1. Francis Holles of Yoxall & Garton (dsp 05/6.1543)
  m2. John Higford (not Hankford) of Henwood (d 1558)
  m3. Sir John Higford (not Hankford) of Dixton ## see here ##
(c) Robert Heneage of Lincoln (d 27.07.1536)
  m1. Lucy Buckton (dau of Ralph Buckton of Hemswell)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Heneage of Copt Hall (d 17.10.1595)
  m1. Anne Poyntz (d 30.11.1592, dau of Sir Nicholas Poyntz of Acton Poyntz)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Heneage, Countess of Winchilsea (d 23.03.1633-4)
  m. (1578) Sir Moyle Finch, 1st Bart of Eastwell (d 18.12.1614)
  m2. (sp) Mary Browne (dau of Anthony, 1st Viscount Montacute, widow of Henry, 3rd Earl of Southampton)
  ((2)) Michael Heneage (b 27.09.1540, d 30.12.1600)
  m. Grace Honywood (dau of Robert Honywood of Charing)
  ((3)) Margaret Heneage
  m. Sir Andrew Billesby of Billesby (a 1562)
  ((4))+ other issue (dsp) - Robert (d 10.12.1558), Edward, William (d 05.08.1535), Mary
m2. Margaret Manners (d before 12.06.1559, dau of George Manners, 12th Baron de Ros, widow of Sir Henry Strangwayes)
  (d) George Heneage (Dean of Lincoln)
  (e) Elizabeth Heneage
  m. John Asfordby of Bilsby
  (f) Margaret Heneage (d before 25.07.1562)
  m1. Arthur Sandon of Ashby-by-Partney
  m2. John Bohun of Driby
  m3. Thomas Kyme of Friskney
  (g) Eleanor Heneage
  m. Edward Skipwith of Habrough
  (ii) Alice Heneage
  m. John Barde of North Kelsey
  (iii) Elizabeth Heneage
  m. John Skipwith of Utterby
  (iv)+ other issue - Thomas of Benniworth, Anthony (rector of South Willingham), Nicholas
  (B) William Heneage in London
  m. Grace Stamford
  (i) William Heneage of Middleton & Alfriston, Sussex (d before 18.06.1518)
  m1. Margaret Cawood (dau of William Cawood)
  (a) ?? Heneage
  ((1)) William Heneage of Middleton & Alfriston (d before 21.05.1555)
  m. Jane Standish (dau of Thomas Standish)
  ((A))+ issue - Christopher, Margaret, Katherine, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Alice, Mabel, Anne
  ((2)) Isabella Heneage
  m. (after 1517) John Lovibond
  m2. Joan Digges (dau of John Digges of Barham)
  (b) Etheldred Heneage (a 1518)
  (ii) Thomas Heneage
  (a) Thomas Heneage (a 1518)
  (C) Isabel Heneage
  m. Anthony Langdon
  (D) Joan Heneage
  m. Ralph Goodhand of Kirmond-le-Mire
  (E)+ other issue - Robert, Elias, James, Richard
  m2. Joan Browne (dau of Sir Anthony Browne, m2. Ralph Hawley of Langton-by-Wragby)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Heneage of Hainton), Commoners (vol IV, Heneage of Hainton), BP1934 (Heneage of Hainton)
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