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Families covered: Higham of Denham, Higham of Giffords Hall, Higham of Higham (Heigham of Heigham), Higham of Wickhambrook

We have adopted the spelling "Higham" for this family although "Heigham" also has a strong claim. BLG1886 is the most recent of the Main Sources we have used for the page and uses Heigham throughout. However, "Higham" appears most used within cross-references to this family from other families and also appears to be the modern spelling for the village which originally gave the family its name.
Richard Heigham or Higham (d 1340)
m. Joane
1. Richard Heigham or Higham
  BLG1886 starts with the above and moves to Richard's great-grandson Thomas (m. Isabel Francis). Visitation starts with the father (Thomas) of that Thomas.
A. ?? Higham
  i. Thomas Higham of Higham Green in Grazeley, Suffolk (d after 1463)
  m. Alice Boyes
  a. Thomas Higham of Higham Green (d 21.03.1480/1)
  m. Isabel Francis (d 26.03.1452, dau of Sir Hugh Francis of Giffords Hall)
(1) Thomas Higham of Higham Green (b by 1431, d 23.04.1492)
  m. Katherine (not Alice) Cotton (dau of William (not Thomas) Cotton of Landwade)
  (A) Thomas Higham (of Higham Green) (dsp 28.07.1504)
  (B) John Higham of Higham Green (d 28.02.1522)
  m. Mary Teringham
(i) Thomas Higham of Higham Green & Denham Manor (bur 14.12.1554)
  m. Phyllis Waldegrave (dau of George Waldegrave of Smallbridge)
  (a) Thomas Higham of Higham Green & Denham Manor (d 09.08.1557)
  m. (07.1548) Martha Jermyn (bur 25.06.1593, dau of Sir Thomas Jermyn of Rushbrook)
  ((1)) Anne Higham (b c1550, d 22.03.1614)
  m. Thomas Clere of Stokesby (d 1619)
  ((2)) Susan Higham (b c1553, bur 04.10.1605)
m. (c1569) Sir Edward Lewkenor of Higham & Denham (bur 05.10.1605)
  ((3))+ other issue - Clement (dvp, bur 15.02.1554), Thomas (bpt 04.01.1557), Lucy
  (b) George Higham of Sawbridgeworth had issue
  m. Anne Bromley (dau of Thomas Bromley of Hunsdon)
  (c) Francis Higham of London had issue
  m. Jane Parkyns of London
  (d) Henry Higham
m. Anne Lucas (d 13.04.1614, dau of Thomas Lucas of Little Saxham, widow of Richard Jocelyn of High Roding & Hyde)
  ((1)) daughter
  (e) John Higham
  (f) Anne Higham
  m. (14.07.1553) Thomas Randall of Wickhambrook (d by 1560)
  (g) Bridget Higham (d 19.06.1597)
  m1. Thomas Burre or Burrough of Wickhambrook (d 19.06.1597)
  m2. (02.12.1597) Thomas French of Wetherfield (d before 31.10.1599)
  (ii) John Higham
  (a) John Higham (dsp)
(iii) Edmund Higham
  m. Margery Shelton (dau of _ Shelton of Shelton Hall)
  (a)+ issue - Francis, Thomas, Jeremy, Edmund
  (iv) Elizabeth Higham
  m. Thomas Armiger of Otley & Monewden
  (v) Margaret Higham
  m. _ Hollingshed
  (vi)+ other issue (dsp) - Mary, Katherine
  (C) Richard Higham (dsp)
  m. Anne Teringham
(D) Clement Higham of Lavenham (d 26.09.1500)
  m. Matilda Cooke (dau of Lawrence Cooke of Lavenham)
  (E) Robert Higham
  (F) daughter (dsp)
  m. Henry Hutton
(G) Jane Higham
  m. John Harleston of Groves
  (2) Clement Higham of Giffords Hall in Wickhambrook, Suffolk (d 20.03.1520)
  m. Joan Cotton (dau of William (not Thomas) Cotton of Landwade)
  (A) William Higham of Giffords Hall in Wickhambrook (d by 1574, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Mordant (bur 16.04.1574, dau of William Mordant of Hempstead)
  (i) John Higham of Giffords Hall (bur 24.07.1597)
  m. Martha Yelverton (dua of William Yelverton of Rougham, widow of Thomas Fincham)
  (a) Clement Higham of Giffords Hall
  m. Susan Bird (bur 03.08.1621, dau of William Bird)
  ((1)) Anna Higham
  m. _ Hill (professor of theology)
(b) John Higham of Stanford, Berkshire (d 20.03.1632)
  Mentioned (with his niece Anna) in Visitation (Berkshire, 1623, Heigham of Stanford).
  (c) Thomas Higham of Giffords Hall (b 1567, bur 18.08.1630, Captain)
  (d) Joan Higham
  m. Robert Knollys of Stanford
  (e) Martha Higham
  m. (01.01.1576) Richard Scryven of Shardelowe Manor
  (f) Sarah Higham (b 1564)
  m1. (11.01.1587/8) Sir Richard Bingham (b c1528, d 19.01.1598)
  m2. Edward Waldegrave of Lawford (b c1553, bur 13.02.1621)
  (g)+ other issue - son (bur 08.09.1572), Elizabeth (bpt 25.01.1559), Martha (bpt 16.03.1565), Lydia (bpt 17.06.1570)
  (ii) Clement Higham
  (iii) Richard Higham
  (a)+ issue including Frances
  (iv) Elizabeth Higham
m. Robert Thorpe of Gestlingthorpe
  (B) Richard Higham of Roydon & Takeley, Essex (d 11.1546, Governor of Lincoln's Inn)
  m. Mary or Margaret Alne (dau of Sir John Alne or Alney, widow of John Colt)
  (C) Elizabeth Higham
  m. John Rockwood of Coldham Hall
  (D) Joan Higham
  m. Robert Buck of Long Melford
  (E) Margaret Higham
  m1. _ Middleton
  m2. _ Joyner
  m3. _ Rodes
  (F) Audrey Higham
  m. Thomas St. George of Hatley St. George, Cambridgeshire
(G)+ other issue - Clement (dvpsp), John
  (3) William Higham (d 1490, rector of Gazeley & Elvedon then Cheveley)
  (4) Richard Higham in Essex (d d 21.10.1500, Serjeant-at-law, Governor of Lincoln's Inn)
  m. Elizabeth widow of Richard, possibly mother of ...
  (A)+ issue - Anne, Audry
  (5) Katherine Higham
  m. _ West of Grey's Manor in Great Cornard
  (6) Jane or Margaret Higham
  m. John Blennerhasset of Frenze (b c1423, d 27.11.1510)
  (7) Edna (Edeyn) Higham
  m. _ Walton
  (8) Alice (?) Higham
  m. John Cokett of Ampton
  b. John Higham (d 06/7.1467, rector of Burwell and Elvedon)
  c. Joan Higham
  m. Robert Harwell
  d. ? Margaret Higham
  m. William Mounteney

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Heigham of Hunston), Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Higham of Higham Green and Barrow), Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Higham of Wickhambrook)
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