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Families covered: Higham of Barrow Hall, Heigham of Hunston, Heigham of Rougham

Clement Higham of Lavenham (d 26.09.1500)
m. Matilda Cooke (dau of Lawrence Cooke of Lavenham)
1. Sir Clement Higham of Barrow Hall, Suffolk (d 09.03.1570/1, Speaker of the House of Commons, Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
  m1. Anne Monines (dau of John (or Thomas?) Monines or Moonines or Munnings )
  Visitation identifies Anne as "daughter of John, not Thomas Monines or Munnings, of Semer Hall". BLG1886 identifies her as "dau. of John de Moonines, of Seamer Hall". HoP ("Clement Heigham of Barrow") identifies her as "da. of John de Moomines of Semer Hall or of Thomas Monnynge or Munnings of Bury St. Edmunds: Provisionally, the connection supports the former.
  A. Vincent Higham (dvpsp)
  B. Elizabeth Higham
  m1. Henry Eden of Bury St. Edmunds & Barningham (d by 1546)
i.+ issue - Anne, Elizabeth
  m2. Robert Kempe of Spains Hall (d before 1562)
  C. Margaret Higham (b c1530, d 19.12.1608)
  m. Humphrey Moseley of Ousden
  i.+ issue - Richard, William, Mary
D. Anne Higham
  m. Thomas Turnor of Little Wratting & Great Thurlow (d by 1596)
  E. Lucy Higham (d 14.08.1596)
  m1. John Bokenham of Great Livermere, Thelnetham & Snetterton (dsp 1551)
  m2. Francis Stoner of Knowles Hill
  F. Frances Higham (dsp)
  m1. Humphrey Warren
  m2. William Fletcher
  m2. Anne Waldegrave (dau of George Waldegrave of Smallbridge, widow of Henry Buers of Acton)
  G. Sir John Higham of Barrow Hall (b 1527/8, d 02.05.1626)
  m1. (09/11.12.1562) Anne Wright (bur 24.12.1609, dau of Edmund Wright of Sutton Hall)
  i. Sir Clement Higham of Barrow
The following comes solely from BLG1886. In deference to the family, we revert to spelling the family name as Heigham.
  m1. Anne Cardinal (dau of William Cardinal of Great Bromley)
  a. John Higham or Heigham of Barrow had issue
  BLG1886 does not follow this line, finishing by reporting that John was ancestor of later Heighams of Barrow. It is a presumption, but seemingly a reasonable one given that his step-mother was widow of Robert Bedingfield, that this was the John, son of Sir Clement, who married ...
m. Philippa Bedingfeld (dau of Robert Bedingfeld of Ditchingham Hall) wife of John, presumed mother of ...
  (1) Clement Higham or Heigham of Barrow probably of this generation, father of Ann, possibly also of ...
  (A) Clement Higham or Heigham of Barrow (Rector of Sculthorpe) probably of this generation
  m. Susan Skippon (dau of Luke Skippon)
  (i) Elizabeth Heigham (b 1674-5, d 03.07.1759, coheir)
  m. Francis Wace (d 06.11.1721, Rector of Blakeney)
  (a) Elizabeth Wace (b c1709, d 08.11.1774, heir)
  m. (1732) Thomas Jones of Fakenham (b 1705, d 04.01.1769)
  (B) Ann Higham
  m. (11.07.1678) Charles Barnwell of Mileham & Beeston (d 19.12.1702)
b.+ other issue
  m2. Anne Appleyard (dau of John Appleyard of Denston, widow of Robert Bedingfield of Ditchingham)
  c. Arthur Higham or Heigham (d 28.01.1648, rector of Redgrave, Suffolk)
  m. (06.02.1638) Anne Coell (dau of Thomas Coell of Depden)
  (1) Arthur Heigham (bpt 11.05.1643, d 1690, rector of Hopton)
  m. (1678) Hannah Symonds (dau of John Symonds of Gislingham)
(A) John Heigham of Rougham and Hunston (bpt 20.07.1679)
  m1. (10.04.1701) Mary Lurkin (d 19.08.1718, dau of John Lurkin of Hunston)
  (i)+ 2 sons and 2 daughters
  m2. Anne Pell (dau of John Pell of Darsingham, relict of William Ellis of Cotton)
  (v) Pell Heigham of Rougham '& Hunston' (bpt 09.05.1725, d 27.08.1781)
  m. (02.10.1757) Penelope Dashwood (d 17.09.1806, dau of George Dashwood of Peyton Hall)
  (a) John Heigham of Hunston
  (b) Henry Heigham of Hunston (b 21.01.1768, d 29.12.1834, Rev.)
  m. (13.07.1790) Elizabeth Symonds (d 09.12.1832, dau of Thomas Symonds of Edmundsbury)
  ((1)) John Henry Heigham of Hunston Hall (b 24.07.1798, d 22.07.1879, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (14.08.1823) Maria Catherine Gould (d 1837, dau of Lt. Col. William Gould of St. Edmundsbury)
  m2. (02.09.1846) Lydia Birch (dau of Rev. Henry Rous Birch of Southwold)
  ((2)) George Thomas Heigham of Houghton Hall (b 25.08.1800, d 21.07.1854) had issue
  m. (1830) Mary Anne Elizabeth Hasted (dau of Rev. Henry Hasted of Horningsheath)
  ((3)) Mary Anna Penelope Heigham
  m. (1829) Edward Gould (rector of Sproughton)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Sophia Heigham (d 21.12.1855)
m. (1835) Alexander Henry Augustus John, Comte de St. George of Changins (in Vaud, Switzerland)
  ((5))+ other issue - Henry John (d infant), Charles William of Lincoln's Inn & Wetherden (b 18.08.1802, d 26.11.1875)
  (c)+ 1 son and 2 daughters
  (vi) Anne Heigham (d 1724)
  (2) Clement Heigham (d infant)
  (3) Susan Heigham
  m. Maurice Moseley (rector of Weston Market)
ii. Dorothy Higham (d 1651) probably of this generation
  m. Sir George Sayer of Bourchiers Hall (d 03.1630)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas, William, son, 8 daughters
  m2. Anne Poley (bur 13.06.1623, dau of William Poley of Boxted)
  H. Thomas Higham (dsp bur 12.1597)
  m. Mary Newdigate (widow of _ Bryan)
  I. William Higham of East Ham (b 1546-7, d 10.07.1620)
  m. Anne Stoneley (dau of Richard Stoneley of Doddinghurst)
  J. Judith Higham (bur 03.02.1570)
  m. John Spelman of Narburgh (d 1581)
  K. Dorothy Higham (bur 11.04.1567)
  m. (18.10.1561) Sir Charles Framlingham of Crowes Hall (d 28.07.1595, m2. Elizabeth Barnardiston)
  i. Clement Framlingham (dsp)
  ii. Anne Framlingham (d 06.1594)
  m. Sir Bassingborne Gawdye (b 19.05.1560, bur 23.05.1606)
2. Thomas Higham (dsp)
  m1. Elizabeth Calthorpe (d 09.03.1542, dau of Sir William Calthorpe)
  m2. _ Poley
3.+ other issue - John, William (dsp, parson of Coney Weston), Edmund, Constance

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Heigham of Hunston'), Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, 'Higham of Higham Green and Barrow')
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