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Families covered: Hobart of Blickling Hall, Hobart of Buckinghamshire, Hobart of Gedford Street, Hobart (Hobert) of Hales (Halles or Hayles) Hall, Hobart of Leyham, Hobart of Plumstead (Plomsted), Hobart of Plumpton, Hobart of Thwayte (Wayte)

John Hobart of La Tye (Hubbert of ley Tye) (a 1381)
1. Godfry Hobart of La Tye (Hobert of la Tye) (a 1407)
  A. John Hobart of La Tye (a 1431)
  m. _ AttChurch see the note on Thomas's wife just below
  i. Thomas Hobart of the Tye & Gedford Street (d 1458)
  Visitation identifies Thomas's wife as Ellyn (dau/heir of Robert at Church (by Ellyn, dau/heir of John Taylor alias Amfrey of Kellesey) son of John son of James) but she was possibly Thomas's mother identified by Lipscomb who, supported by Collins, shows Thomas's wife as ...
  m. Eleanor Taylor (dau/heir of John Taylor alias Amfry)
  a. William Hobart of Gedford Street (Brent Illeigh, Suffolk) (a 1473)
(1) Thomas Hobart of Gedford Street & Leyham
  (A) William Hobart or Hobert of Leyham ancestor of Hobarts of Monks Illegh (Lindsey), Milding & London
  m. Anne Tilney (dau of Sir Philip Tilney)
  (i) Thomas Hobart or Hobert of Leyham (d 1514-5)
  m. Elizabeth Forth (dau of Thomas Forth of Hedley)
  (a) Nicholas Hobart of Lyndford
  (b) Elizabeth or Dorothy Hobart or Hobert
  m. Thomas or Ralph Bendish
The Hobart Visitation record disagrees with the Bendish Visitation as to the first names of these 2 but both show them as parents of Elizabeth who m. Thomas Doyley.
  (c) Alice Hobart (d um)
  (B) Sir James Hobart of Halles Hall & Gedford Street (d 1507? (a 1511? notd 1484, Attorney General)
  m1. Dorothy Glemham (dsp, dau of Sir John Glemham of Suffolk)
  m2. Margaret Naunton (d 1494, dau of Peter Naunton, relict of John Dorward)
  (i) Sir Walter Hobart of Halles or Hales Hall, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk
  m1. Elizabeth (probably not Anne) Heydon (dau of Sir Henry Heydon)
(a) Henry Hobart or Hobert of Hayles
  m. Ann Fineux (dau of Sir John Fineux)
  ((1)) James Hobert of Hayles
  m. Frances Drury (dau of Sir William Drury of Halsted)
  ((A)) Henry Hobert of Blyford
  m. _ Rous (sister of Thomas Rous of Henham)
  ((i)) Anthony Hobert
  ((B)) James Hobert
  m. _ Norton of Suffolk
  ((C)) Ann Hobert
  m. (16.01.1583/4) Edward Duke of Worlingham
((D)) Elizabeth Hobert
  m. Richard Varney of Langley Abbey
  ((E)) Katherine Hobert
  m. T. Cursonn of Norfolk
  ((F))+ other issue - Christopher (dsp), Edward, William (dsp), Robert, John, Prudence, Audrey, Mary
  m2. Anne Ratcliff (dau of John Ratcliff, Lord FitzWalter)
  (b) son ancestor of Hobarts of Morley
  (ii) Miles Hobart of Plumstead (Plomsted), Norfolk (d before 22.02.1557)
  m. Eleanor Bleverhasset (dau of John Bleverhasset or Blenerhassett of France)
(a) Thomas Hobart of Plomsted (d 26/28.03.1560)
  m. Audrey Hare (d 16.07.1581, dau/(co)heir of William Hare of Beeston, m2. Sir Edward Warner m3. William Blennerhasset)
  ((1)) Sir Miles Hobart of Plomsted and/or Plumpton (a 1595)
  m. Margaret Woodhouse (dau of Sir Thomas Woodhouse of Waxham)
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Hobart of Plumpton
  m. _ Hopton (dau of Sir Arthur Hopton of Bliburgh)
  ((2)) Sir Henry Hobart, 1st Bart of Blickling Hall (d 26.12.1625, Chief Justice, Attorney General)- continued below
  m. (21/2.04.1590) Dorothy Bell (d 04.1641, dau of Sir Robert Bell of Beaupre Hall)
  ((3)) Mary Hobart
  ((4)) Ellen Plumpton Hobart who apparently married ...
  m. (12.02.1577/8) Daniel Blennerhassett
  (b) John Hobart of Wayte (Thwayte)
  m. Anne Tilney (dau of Sir Philip Tilney of Schelley by Elizabeth Geaffrey of Stanfield)
((1)) Thomas Hobart or Hubbert of Thwayte
  m. Anne Reymes (dau of William Reymes of Overstrond)
  ((A))+ issue - John, Anne, Mary, Elizabeth
  ((2)) William Hobart of Melton, Norfolk
  m. Catherine Underwood (dau of Robert Underwood of Cromer)
  ((A))+ issue - Henry, Agnes, Frances
  ((3)) Mary Hobart
  m. John Dye of Saxston
  ((4)) Anne Hobart
  m. Nicholas Macye of the Isle of Ely
  (iii) Catherine Hobart (28.04.1546)
  m1. Sir Thomas Sampson
  m2. J. Blomevile
  (iv) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Blakney of Honingham



Sir Henry Hobart, 1st Bart of Blickling Hall (d 26.12.1625, Chief Justice, Attorney General, MP) - continued above
m. (21/2.04.1590) Dorothy Bell (d 04.1641, dau of Sir Robert Bell of Beaupre Hall)
1. Sir John Hobart, 2nd Bart of Blickling (b 19.04.1593, d 20.04.1647, 2nd son)
  m1. Philippa Sydney (d 24.09.1620, dau of Robert Sydney, Earl of Leicester)
  A. Dorothy Hobart (bpt 01.01.1619/20, bur 07.02.1662/3) who, according to TCP (Crofts), married ...
  [m1. ? Sir Thomas Hele]
  m2/1. Hugh Rogers of Conington
  m3/2. Sir John Hele (a 1645)
  m4/3. (c01.04.1661) William Crofts, Baron Crofts of Saxham (b c1611, dsp 11.09.1677)
  m2. (02.1621) Frances Egerton (d 27.11.1664, dau of John Egerton, Earl of Bridgewater)
B. Philippa Hobart (dsp bur 19.01.1654-5)
  m. Sir John Hobart, 3rd Bart of Blickling (bpt 20.03.1627/8, d 22.08.1683) @@ just below
2. Sir Miles Hobart of Plumstead (b 12.04.1595, bur 06.12.1639, MP)
  m. Frances (possibly Susan?) Peyton (d 1631, dau of Sir John Peyton, 1st Bart)
  A. Sir John Hobart, 3rd Bart of Blickling (bpt 20.03.1627/8, d 22.08.1683)
  m1. Philippa Hobart (dsp bur 19.01.1654-5, dau of Sir John Hobart, 2nd Bart of Blickling) @@ just above
  m2. (06.1656) Mary Hampden (before 02.05.1689, dau of John Hampden of Hampden)
i. Sir Henry Hobart, 4th Bart of Blickling (b c1658, d 21.08.1698)
  m. (09.07.1684) Elizabeth Maynard (d 22.08.1701, dau of Joseph Maynard, son of Sir John)
  a. John Hobart, 1st Earl of Buckinghamshire (b 11.10.1693, 22.09.1756)
  m1. (08.11.1717) Judith Britiffe (d 07.02.1727, dau of Robert Britiffe of Baconsthorpe by Judith, dau of Henry Edgar of Eye)
(1) John Hobart, 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire (b 08.1723, d 03.08.1793, 2nd son)
  m1. (14.07.1761) Mary Anne Drury (d 30.12.1769, dau of Sir Thomas Drury, Bart of Overstone)
  (A) Harriet Hobart (b 07.04.1762, d 14.07.1805)
  m1. (02.03.1780, div 04.1793) Armar Lowry-Corry of Castle Coole, 1st Earl Belmore (b 07.04.1740, d 02.02.1802)
  m2. William Kerr, 6th Marquess of Lothian (b 04.10.1763, d 27.04.1824)
  (B) Caroline Hobart (b 24.02.1767, dsp 27.10.1850)
  m. (04.06.1792) William Harbord, 2nd Lord Suffield (b 21.08.1766, dsp 01.08.1821)
  (C) Sophia Hobart (b 05.04.1768, d 17.08.1806)
  m. (21.02.1789) Richard Edgcumbe, 2nd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe (b 13.09.1764, d 26.09.1839)
  m2. (24.09.1770) Caroline Conolly (dau of William Conolly of Stratton Hall by Anne Wentworth)
(D) Amelia Anne Hobart (b 20.02.1772, dsp 12.02.1829)
  m. (09.06.1794) Robert Stewart, 2nd Marquess of Londonderry (b 18.06.1769, dsp 12.08.1822)
  (E)+ other issue (dvpsp) - John (b 30.07.1773, bur 19.12.1775), Henry Philip (b 11.02.1775, d 15.02.1776), George (b 02.04.1777, d 30.10.1778)
  (2) Dorothy Hobart (dspm 01.06.1798)
  m. (21.10.1752) Sir Charles Hotham-Thompson, Bart (dspm 25.01.1794)
  (3)+ other issue - Henry (b 20.07.1718, d infant), Robert (b 1724-5, dvp 22.05.1733), 4 daughters (d young)
m2. (10.02.1728) Elizabeth Bristow (d 12.09.1762, dau of Robert Bristow by Catharine, dau of Robert Wooley of London)
  (9) George Hobart, 3rd Earl of Buckinghamshire (b 10.10.1731, d 14.10.1804)
  m. (16.05.1757) Albinia Bertie (b c1739, d 11.03.1816, dau of Lord Vere Bertie)
  (A) Robert Hobart, 4th Earl of Buckinghamshire (b 06.05.1760, d 04.02.1816, 2nd son)
  m1. (04.01.1792) Margaretta Bourke (d 09.08.1796, dau of Edmund Bourke (or Browne?) of Urrey)
  (i) John Hobart (d infant)
  (ii) Sarah Albinia Louisa Hobart (b 22.02.1793, d 09.04.1867)
  m. (01.09.1814) Frederick John Robinson, 1st Earl of Ripon (b 01.11.1782, d 28.01.1859)
  m2. (01.06.1799) Eleanor Agnes Eden (b 09.07.1777, dsp 15.10.1851, dau of William Eden, 1st Lord Auckland)
  (B) George Vere Hobart (b 1761, Lt. Governor of Grenada)
  m1. (02.07.1786) Jane Cataneo (d 06.1798, dau of Horace Cataneo or Cattaneo of Leeds)
(i) George Robert Hobart, later Hampden, 5th Earl of Buckinghamshire (b 01.05.1789, dsp 01.02.1849)
  m. (03.05.1819) Anne Glover Pigot (d 23.05.1878, natural dau of Sir Arthur Pigot)
  (ii) Augustus Edward Hobart, later Hobart-Hampden, 6th Earl of Buckinghamshire (b 01.11.1793, d 29.10.1885, prebendary of Wolverhampton, 3rd soin) had issue
  m1. (12.09.1816) Mary Williams (d 25.01.1825, dau of John Williams)
  m2. (15.08.1826) Maria Isabella Egremont (d 20.03.1873, dau of Rev. Godfrey Egremont)
  (iii) Albinia Jane Hobart (d 28.05.1807)
  m. (18.03.1815) Sir Augustus John Foster, Bart
  (iv) Harriet Hobart (b 08.01796, d 28.12.1868)
  m. (20.11.1820) Jasper Scityon Hagerman of Denmark (General)
  (v)+ other issue - Charles (b 08.06.1789, d 06.1813, Captain RN), Henry (d infant)
  m2. (26.04.1802) Janet Maclean (d 20.04.1804, dau of Col. Alexander Maclean of Coll)
(vii) Vere Catherine Louisa Hobart (d 15.11.1888)
  m. (31.07.1832) Donald Cameron of Lochiel, 23rd Chief (b 25.09.1796, d 02.12.1858)
(C) Henry Lewis Hobart (b 1774, d 08.05.1846, dean of Windsor) had issue
  m. (05.10.1824) Charlotte Selina Moore (d 12.01.1867, dau of Richard Moore)
  (D) Albinia Hobart (b 1759)
  m. (14.07.1784) Richard Cumberland
  (E) Henrietta or Harriet Anne Hobart (d 1828)
  m. (28.05.1789) John Sullivan of Richings Lodge
  (F) Maria Frances Hobart (d 23.04.1794)
  m. (30.09.1785) George Augustus North, 3rd Earl of Guildford (b 11.09.1757, d 20.04.1802)
  (G) Charlotte Hobart (d 15.08.1798)
  m. (23/28.05.1789) Edward Disbrowe of Walton-on-Trent (d 1818, Colonel)
  (H)+ other issue - George (d infant), Charles (d 04.1782, RN), others? (d infant)
(10) Henry Hobart (b 1738, d 10.05.1799, MP)
  m. (22.07.1761) Anne Margaret Bristow (d 12.07.1788, dau of John Bristow of Quiddenham Hall)
  (A) Henry Charles Hobart (b 30.11.1773, d 17.01.1844, canon of Hereford) had issue
  m. (05.05.1800) Mary Beauchamp (d 05.05.1854, dau of Sir Thomas Beauchamp-Proctor)
  (B) Anne Catherine Hobart (d 18.03.1800)
  m. (23.09.1784) Montagu Wilkinsoin (later Montagu?) of Little Bookham (d 03.06.1797)
  (C) Maria Anne Hobart (d 31.10.1846)
  m. (09.04.1785) Henry Frazer (d 24.11.1805, Major General)
  (D) Leonora Hobart (d unm 08.03.1794)
  b. Henrietta Hobart (b c1681, d 26.07.1767)
  m1. (02.03.1705-6) Charles Howard, 9th Earl of Suffolk (d 28.09.1733)
  m2. (26.06.1735) Hon. George Berkeley (dsps 29.10.1746)
c. Catherine Hobart (d 02.06.1725)
  m. Charles Churchill (d 1745, Lt. General)
  d. Dorothy Hobart (d unm 09.1722)
  ii. Philippa Hobart (dsps)
  m. (28.04.1680) Sir Charles Pye, 2nd Bart of Hone (d 12.02.1721)
  iii.+ other issue - James (bur 22.10.1676 (1670?)), John (dsp 07.11.1734, Brigadier), Thomas (d unm, of Lincon's Inn), Mary (d unm)
  B. Alice Hobart
  m. (1651) John Jermy of Bayfield (b c1629, d 1679)
3. Nathaniel Hobart who apparently married ...
  m. Anne Leek (dau of Sir John Leek)
1. James Hobart (younger son)
  m. Hannah
  A. Edmund Hobart (b c1614, d 13.02.1666)
  m. Bridgett
4. Elizabeth Hobart (b 17.03.1608, d 15.03.1633)
  m. John Lisle
5. Frances Hobart (d 21.05.1632)
  m. (Sir Thomas) Hewet
6. Dorothy Hobart (dsp)
  m. Sir Robert Crane, Bart of Chilton, Sheriff of Suffolk (d 02.1642-3)
7.+ other issue - Henry (b 28.04.1591, dvpsp), Thomas, Robert, Edward/Edmund (bur 14.10.1607), Henry (b 17.11.1619), Dorothy (b 14.03.1591-2), Mary

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Collins (1741, vol IV, Lord Hobart), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Hobart and Hobart-Hampden, Earl of Buckinghamshire, Baron Hobart, and Baronet', p276+) , Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1618, Hubbert or Hobart)
(2) For lower section : BP1934 (Buckinghamshire), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Hobart and Hobart-Hampden, Earl of Buckinghamshire, Baron Hobart, and Baronet', p276+) with a (very) little support from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Hobart)
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