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Families covered: Holt of Ashworth, Holt of Castleton, Holt of Chesham, Holt of Stubley, Holt of Whitwell

John del Holt of Chesham (d 1386)
1. Geoffrey Holt (dvp 1372)
  A. Robert Holt of Chesham (b c1370, a 1434)
  m. Margaret Holland (dau of Richard de Holland)
  VCH supports the above but mentions that, whilst Dugdale did report the succession as shown, "The early history of the family is obscure".
  i. Christopher Holt
  a. Thomas Holt of Stubley, Lancashire (d 1494)
  (1) Robert Holt of Stubley, Spotland, Castleton, etc. (b c1481, dsp 12.1554) possibly the Robert who married ...
  m. Dorothy Assheton (dau of Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton)
(2) Richard Holt 'of Stubley'
  m. Alyce Savell (dau of Sir John Savell of Newhall) named in Visitation (Flower, 1567, Holt of Stubley)
  (A) Robert Holt of Stubley (d 11.1556)
  Dugdale shows that Robert had 5 daughters (Agnes, Mary, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Margaret & Alice) and shows Mary's marriage to Charles Holt. The following comes mainly from Visitation (Chetham Society 1886, Lancashire, 1533, Robert Holt of Stubbley) which names Mary + Alice, Katherine & Margaret.
  m1. (sp) ?? (this appears to be "an olde woman by whom he hadd no issue, & therefore he would not have her name entered", sic)
  m2. Cecily Barton (dau of Andrew Barton of Smithells)
  (i) Mary Holt
  m. Charles Holt of Whitwell (a 1567) @@ below
  (ii) Margaret Holt
  m. John Mirfield of Tong Hall
  (ii) Alice Holt
  m. John Greenhalgh (son/heir of Thomas of Brandlesome)
  (iv) Katherine Holt
  m. Thomas Nuthall of Tottington (d c1605
  (v)+ other issue - Agnes, Elizabeth, Dorothy
  (3)+ "Divers children"
  ii. John Holt
  a. William Holt of Whitwell
  (1) Robert Holt of Whitwell (d 1561)
  Visitation (Flower, Lancashire, 1567, Holt of Stubley) indicates that some sources name Robert as Roger and identifies his wife as ...
m. Isabell Walkeden (dau of Roger Walkeden of Foraxe)
  (A) Charles Holt of Whitwell, Stubley, Chesham, Castleton, etc. (d 1592)
Visitation (Richard St. George, Lancashire, 1613, Holt, fo. 92) reports that "this Charles Holt of Whitwell could not prove himselfe descended out of the house of Stubley, for his father accoumpted but a yeaman untyll this Charles maried with Marye" and that Charles "could not prove himself to be descended out of the house of Stubley as pretendeth, for his father and auncestors before were alwayes reputed yeamen untyll this match". Whilst VCH does identify Charles as son of Robert of Whitwell son of William of Whitwell, the above connection to the elder Stubley branch was given by Dugdale.
  m. Mary Holt (dau/coheir of Robert Holt of Stubley) @@ above
  (i) John Holt of Stubley (b c1577, d 1622)
m1. (by 1592) Winifred Assheton (dsp, dau of Richard Assheton of Middleton)
  m2. Dorothy Banastre (dau of Nicholas Banastre of Altham)
  (a) Robert Holt of Stubley & Castleton (b c1602, a 09.1664)
  VCH reports that, around 1626, "Stubley was abandoned for Castleton, which became the chief seat of the family."
  m1. Mary Bindlosse (dau of Robert Bindlosse of Borwick)
  ((1)) Dorothy Holt
  m. John Entwisell of Foxholes
  m2. Catherine Bullock (dau of John Bullock of Darley)
  ((2)) James Holt of Castleton (a 09.1664, rector of Norton, 4th son?)
Our Main Sources finish with this generation with nothing being shown of James and his siblings other than that they were alive in September 1664. Details of James and his family come from FMG (p448).
  m. (24.02.1678-9) Dorothea Grantham (b 02.1658-9, dau/heir of Thomas Grantham of Goltho )
  ((A)) Frances Holte
  m. (1701) James Winstanley of Brampton (& Meaux)
  ((B)) Isabel Holte
  FMG shows that Isabel d unm but this was probably the Isabella (d by 1746) who married ...
  m1. Delaval Dutton
  m2. Sir William Parsons, 3rd Bart (bpt 1686, d 1760)
((C)) Mary Holte
  m. (20.07.1714) Samuel Chetham of Turton
  ((D)) Elizabeth Holte
  m. (1709) William Cavendish of Dovebridge (grandson of Francis)
  ((3))+ other issue (a 09.1664) - Thomas (b c1642), Robert, Richard, Edward, Isabell
  (b) Mary Holt (a 1613)
  m. Edmund Jodrell of Wardsley (sb Yeardsley)
  (c) Dorothy Holt (a 1613, bur 07.06.1681)
  m.(c06.1626) Roger Noell of Rede
  (d)+ other issue (d unm) - Charles (a 1613), John, Richard
  (ii) Dorothy Holt probably of this generation
  m. John Hopwood of Hopwood
  (B) other issue - Francis, Margery, Helene named in Visitation (Flower, Lancashire, 1567, Holt of Stubley)
2. Roger Holt



Their coat of arms indicate that the following family was connected to the above family and that on Holt03. Note the shared marriage links to the Langley, Asheton, Greenhalgh & Hopwood families An earlier marriage with a Holt of Ashworth (shown on Bamford1) indicates that there were Holts at Ashworth before ...
Oliver Holt of Ashworth, Lancashire
m. ?? Rushton (dau of ?? Rushton of Pontaugh)
1. Robert Holt of Ashworth
m. Joane Langley (dau of Thomas (probably not Robert) Langley of Aegecroft)
  A. Robert Holt of Ashworth
  m1. Mary Asheton (dau of Sir Richard Asheton of Middleton)
  i. Richard Holt of Ashworth
  Dugdale mentions only Richard's marriage to Mary Asheton but this may be the Richard who (also) married ...
  m1. (1614) Mary Dukinfield (b 1595, dau of Robert Dukinfield of Dukinfield)
  m2. Mary Asheton (dau of William Asheton of Clegg)
  a. Richard Holt of Ashworth (b c1626, a 03.1664)
  m1/2. Jane Asheton (dau of Radcliffe Asheton of Cuerdale)
(1)+ issue (a 03.1664) - Robert (b c1651), Richard (b c1652), William (b c1652), Elizabeth (b c1649), Mary (b c1661)
  Dugdale mentions only Richard's marriage to Jane Asheton but this may be the Richard who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Jane Greenhalgh (dau of John Greenhalgh of Brandlesome)
  m2. ?? Hopwood (dau of ?? Hopwood of Hopwood)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert, Mary
  B. Mary Holt probably of this generation
  m1. Thomas Greenhalgh of Brandlesome (dvp 1599)
  m2. Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton (d 1617)
  C. Anne Holt probably of this generation
  m. Samuel Bamford of Bamford (dsp 10.06.1629)
  D. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Hulme (d 29.12.1584)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Holt of Stubley) with some support from VCH (Lancashire, vol 5, 'Townships: Wuerdle and Wardle') and some input/support as reported above
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Holt of Ashworth)
[Thanks to a contributor (CV, 19.05.13) who, immediately after we had first launched this page, drew our attention to the impressive Holt Ancestry site. That site enabled us to expand what we had on the later Holts of Gristlehurst (and Little Mitton) and the associated Holts of London which we had previously shown above in a middle section and which we have put into Holt03. We may revisit that site further in due course.]
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