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Families covered: Hore of Harperstown

Presumably connected to the family in Hore1, a presumption supported by the fact that their coat of arms is shown by Commoners as based on that of the other family, was ...
Thomas le Hore (a 1272)
1. Philip le Hore
  A. William le Hore of Tillaghdonan (a 1332)
  i. Stephen le Hore
a. Mathew le Hore of Harperstown in Taghmon, co. Wexford (a 1390)
  m. Agatha Harper (dau of Philip le Harper of Harperstown)
  (1) William Hore of Harperstown (a 1427)
  m. _ St. John (dau of John St. John of Taghmohagyr)
  (A) John Hore of Harperstown
  (i) William Hore of Harperstown
  m. _ Browne (dau of Nichlas Browne of Malrankan)
(a) Nicholas Hore of Harperstown
  m1. John Hay (dau of Thomas Hay of Killiane Castle)
  m2. _ (dau of McMurrough Kavanagh, 'King of Leinster')
  m3. ?? Walsh (dau of Edmond Walsh of Castle Hoel)
  ((1)) Edmond Hore of Harperstown
  m. _ Kavanagh (dau of Gerald Kavanagh of House of Borres)
  ((A))+ issue - Katherine, Margaret
  (b) David Hore of Harperstown
  m. _ Sutton (dau of William Sutton of Ballykeroge)
  ((1)) Robert Hore of Harperstown (dspm 1547)
  ((2)) William Hore of Harperstown (d 20.01.1568) - continued below
  m. Joan Chevers (dau of Sir Nicholas Chevers of Balyhaly)
  ((3)) Richard Hore of Taghmon (a 1569)
  ((A)) ?? Hore
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  ((i)) ?? Hore
  ((a)) David Hore of Aghfada (a 1634, MP)
  (((1))) Ellen Hore
  m. Christopher Bryan of Skarr



William Hore of Harperstown (d 20.01.1568) - continued above
m. Joan Chevers (dau of Sir Nicholas Chevers of Balyhaly)
1. Nicholas Hore (dvp before 1561)
  m. (before 1558) Margaret Isham (d 09.1616, dau of John Isham of Bryanston, m2. Sir Nicholas Arnold, Governor of Ireland)
  Commoners identifies John Isham as cousin of Sir John, 1st Bart of Lamport. However, as that baronetcy was created in 1627, that reference appears to be misleading.
  A. Edmund Hore of Harperstown (b 1558, d 02.11.1609)
  m. Elinor Turnor (dau of Nicholas Turnor of Balyraly)
  i. William Hore of Harperstown (b 1587, d 1662)
  m. (10.12.1607) Margaret Keating (dau of Oliver Keating of Kilcoan by Joan, dau of Pierce Butler of Kayer, son of Richard, 1st Viscount Mountgarrett)
  a. Walter Hore (dvp, 2nd son)
  m. (1633) Alison Devereux (dau of Col. Nicholas Devereux of Balmagir by Honora, dau of Sir John FitzGerald of Rostilan, she m2. John Neville)
(1) William Hore of Harperstown, Sheriff of Wexford (b 1633, d 1699)
  m. (26.02.1671) Jane Russell (dau/heiress of William Russell of Newcastle (Wexford))
  (A) William Hore of Harperstown (d 13.04.1741, Colonel, MP)
  m1. Anne Bunbury (dau of Rev. Thomas Bunbury of Balesker)
(i) William Hore of Harperstown (d 02.1745/6, Attorney General for Ireland, Chief Justice)
  m1. Dorothy Ponsonby (dau of William Ponsonby, Viscount Duncannon)
  (a) Walter Hore of Harperstown (d 27.02.1795, Attorney General for Ireland)
  m. (28.05.1758) Anne Stopford (d 03.1808, dau of James Stopford, 1st Earl of Courtown)
  ((1)) William Hore of Harperstown, Sheriff of Wexford (d 20.06.1798)
  m. (05.01.1782) Eleanor Catherine Bradstreet (d 1849, dau of Sir Simon Bradstreet, Bart)
  ((A)) William Hore of Harperstown (b 06.06.1784, d 16.04.1878) had issue
m. (13.10.1806) Mary Elizabeth Thornton Ruthven, Baroness Ruthven (b 1784, d 13.02.1864)
  Ancestors of later Lord Ruthvens. At least some of their descendants took the name Hore-Ruthven.
  ((B)) Samuel Bradstreet Hore of Lamberton (Captain RN) probably of this generation
  m. (08.09.1821) Caroline Jane Solly (dau of Richard Solly)
  ((2)) James Hore (d unm)
  ((3)) Walter Hore of Seafield (captain)
  m. Catherine Conroy (dau of Sir John Conroy, aunt of Sir John, Bart)
  ((A)) Walter Hore (minister) had issue
  m. (1812) Harriet Jocelyn (dau of George Jocelyn, son of Robert, 1st Earl of Roden)
  ((B))+ other issue - James, Elizabeth, Frances, Louisa
  ((4)) Thomas Hore (rector of Kiltennel then Ham)
  m. (1797) Mary Howard (d 02/7.1798, aunt of Earl of Wicklow)
  ((5)) Ponsonby Hore
m. Rachel Coxe of Castletown
  ((6)) Elizabeth Hore
  m. James Boyd of Toslare House
  (b) Mary Hore
  m. (17.04.1746) John Cox of Coolcliffe
  (c) Anne Hore (b 1732)
  m. Loftus (probably not Anthony) Cliffe of Ross (General)
m2. (29.08.1743, sp) Mary Grogan (d 1777, dau of John Grogan of Johnstown Castle, widow of Andrew Knox of Bathmacnee Castle, m3. Charles Tottenham of Tottenham Green)
  (ii) Thomas Hore (d before 1762)
  m. (Mary) Tench (dau of John Tench of Branstown)
  (a)+ issue - William, Walter, Anne
  (iii) Jane Hore
  m. Richard Waddy of Cloest
  (iv)+ other issue - Walter of Drinagh (d 1462), Martha
  m2. Catharine Shapland (dau of John Shapland of Wexford)
  (vi) Ellen Hore
  (B) Alice Hore (bpt 17.04.1678, a 06.1702)
  (C) Mary Hore
  m. (13.11.1697) Abraham Hughes of Ballytrent
(D) Sarah Hore (d 1749)
  m. (09.10.1697) Thomas FitzSimons of Ballenemona
  (2)+ other issue - Walter (MP), 3 daughters
  b. Anne Hore
  m. Edward Comerford (MP for Callan)
  c.+ other issue - John (dvp before 1642), Anthony (a 1645, Captain), Mary (b before 1618), Joane
  ii. Nicholas Hore (a 1636)
  m. Catherine Devereux (dau of Walter Devereux of Carrickschurch (son of SIr Nicholas) by dau of Bryan McCahir Kavanagh of Borres)
  iii. John Hore (d 1618)
  m. Elizabeth Gwynn
  iv. Walter Hore of Dungarvan (d 11.05.1636) had issue (including some in Spain)
  m. Ellen Hore (dau of Thomas Hore, son of John of Shandon Castle)
  v. James Hore of Wexford
  m. Margaret Stafford (dau of John Stafford of Wexford Castle)
  vi. Thomas Hore
  m. Ellen Lamporte (dau of Philip Lamporte of Ballyhire)
  a. ?? Hore
Uncertain on number of intervening generations who were of Coolcull, near Harperstown.
  (1) ?? Hore
  (A) Christopher Hore of Scullabogue
  m. (10.02.1693) Margaret Devereux (dau of Colonel James Devereux of Carrickmenan by Elizabeth, dau of Edward Butler, Viscount Galmoy)
  vii. Mary Hore
  m1. William Walsh of Polerangan
  m2. (before 1618) Michael Synnott of Rahines
  B. Anne Hore
2. Katherine Hore
  m. (1565) Thomas Turnor (son of Paule of the Friars Minors by Alice, dau of Sir Nicholas Devereux of Balmagir)
  A. William Turnor, Sheriff of Dublin
  i. (Catherine) Turnor or Turner
  m. Sir Nicholas Plunkett (brother of Lucas, 1st Earl of Fingall)
3.+ other issue - David (a 1618), Joane, Ellen, Marion, Margaret

Main source(s): Commoners (vol IV, Hore of Harperstown) with some support for lower section from BP1934 (Ruthven)
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