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Families covered: Hetherington of Brinkburn, Hetherington of Intack, Hodgson of Brinkburn, Hodgson of Burgh-by-Sands

Thomas Hetherington of Intack (or Hemblesgate) in Brampton, Cumberland (bur 30.06.1795)
m. (04.08.1744) Jane Cruben of Gelt Bridge (bur 07.05.1799)
1. Joseph Hetherington of Burrough's Building (Surrey) then Brinkburn (bpt 03.10.1753, d 06.09.1792)
  m. Elizabeth (m2. Richard Saumarez of Newington)
2. John Hetherington of Intack (bpt 19.10.1755, d 12.1808)
  m. Thomas Smith (a 1825)
  A. Mary Hetherington of Brinkburn (bpt 09.06.1788, d 30.04.1830)
m. (25.10.1809) Richard Hodgson of Moorhouse Hall @@ below
3. Elizabeth Hetherington (bpt 24.01.1747, d 26.05.1813)
  m. (14.11.1772) George Tinniswood of Cumcatch then Boothby House in Brampton (b 1737-8, d 20.03.1801)
  A. Mary Tinniswood
  m. (after 18.08.1801) Thomas Halford of Newington
  B. Elizabeth Tinniswood (a 1825)
  m1. (after 20.12.1806) Benjamin Cook of Newcastle
  m2. _ Reay (of Walker)
  C. Frances Tinniswood
  m. (c10.1813) John Robson of Felling
  D.+ other isssue - John (d 1799), George of Boothby House (b c1777, d 16.02.1853), Joseph of Boothby House (b 1777-8, d 31.05.1826), Thomas (d before 26.08.1825), Robert of Boothby House (b 1786-7, d 19.07.1861)
4.+ other issue (d young) - John, Thomas



William Hodgson of West End, Burgh-by-Sands
1. Thomas Hodgson of West End, later of Fauld, Burgh-by-Sands (bpt 25.07.1725)
  m. (02.07.1748) Isabella Hodgson (bpt 25.06.1726, d 27.03.1788, dau/coheir of William Hodgson of Fauld)
  A. Richard Hodgson of Moorhouse Hall (Burgh-by-Sands), later of Brinkburn (bpt 13.04.1760, d 21.05.1830, Major, youngest son)
  m1. (01.10.1792) Matilda (widow of George Simpson of Calcutta)
  i. William Hodgson, later Cadogan of Brinkburn (b 23.12.1794, d 24.04.1855) had issue
  m. (26.11.1825) Sarah Cadogan (b 15.03.1810, d 19.12.1874, dau/heir of Ward Cadogan of Brinkburn)
  ii.+ other issue - Richard (b 17.11.1793, d 10.03.1794), Jane Dalton (d unm 17.12.1829)
  m2. (25.10.18096) Mary Hetherington (dau/heir of John Hetherington of Intack) @@ above
  iv. Isabella Hodgson (bpt 23.09.1810, dsp c1834)
  m. (c1833) David Eward (Lt. Colonel in Bengal)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas of London (bpt 10.09.1749, d 01.04.1822), John (bpt 06.1752, d 05.01.1789), Jane (bpt 01.08.1756, bur 27.01.1840)

Main source(s):
(1) For Hetherington (uploaded 30.06.19) : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 7, John Crawford Hodgson, 1904, 'Hetherington and Tinniswood of Brinkburn Priory', p476)
(2) For Hodgson (uploaded 30.06.19) : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 7, John Crawford Hodgson, 1904, 'Hodgson, now Cadogan, of Burgh-by-Sands and Brinkburn Priory', p477)
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