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Families covered: Kavanagh of Ballyhale, Kavanagh of Borris

We hope in due course to connect the following family to the early MacMurrough-Kavanagh Kings of Leinster. Said to be descended from Donall Caomhanagh ('the handsome') was ...
Art Boy Kavanagh of Borris & St. Molins (Carlow) & Poulmonty (Wexford) (a temp Edward IV who r. 1461-1483)
1. Cahir (Charles) Kavanagh of Borris, baron of Ballyanne (d before 1554)
  m. Alice or Cecilia Fitzgerald (dau of Gerald Fitzgerald, (9th) Earl of Kildare)
  A. Brian Kavanagh of Borris & Poulmonty (d 1575, 4th son) this line followed by BLG1952
  m. Elinor Byrne (dau of Hugh Byrne of Rathangan)
  i. Morgan Kavanagh of Borris & Poulmonty (d 19.06.1636)
  m1. Elinor Butler (dau of Edmund Butler, 2nd Viscount Mount Garratt)
  a. Brian Kavanagh of Borris (d 01.12.1662)
  m1. Elinor Colclough (dau of Sir Thomas Colclough of Tintern Abbey)
(1)+ issue - Elinor, Anne
  m2. Elinor Blancheville (dau of Sir Edward Blancheville of Blanchevillestown)
  (3) Morgan Kavanagh of Borris
  m. Mary Walsh (dau of John Walsh of Piltown)
(A) Morgan Kavanagh of Borris (d 1720)
  m1. Frances Esmonde (dau of Sir Lawrence Esmonde, 2nd Bart of Ballytrammon)
  (i) Bryan Kavanagh of Borris (d 1741)
  m. Mary Butler (dau of Thomas Butler of Kilcash)
  (a) Thomas Kavanagh of Borris (d 1790)
  m. (1755) Susanna Butler (sister of John, 17th Earl of Ormonde)
  ((1)) Walter Kavanagh 'of Borris' (dsp 1813)
((2)) Morgan Kavanagh (dsp 1804, 3rd son)
  m. (1792) Alice Grace (dau of Michael Grace of Gracefield)
  ((3)) Thomas Kavanagh of Borris House (b 10.03.1767, d 20.01.1837)
  m1. (24.03.1799) Elizabeth Butler (d 1822, dau of John Butler, 17th Earl of Ormonde)
  ((A)) Anne Kavanagh (d 1830)
  m. Henry Bruen of Oak Park
  ((B)) Susanna Kavanagh
  m. Richard Doyne (Major)
  ((C)) Grace Kavanagh (dsp)
  m. John St. George Deane of Berkeley Forest
  ((D))+ other issue - Walter (dvp 1836), 6 daughters (d unm)
  m2. (28.02.1825) Harriet Margaret Le Poer Trench (dau of Richard Le Poer Trench, 2nd Earl of Clancarty)
  ((K)) Thomas Kavanagh of Borris House (d unm 03.1852 in Australia)
((L)) Charles Kavanagh of Borris House (b 28.01.1829, d unm 02.1853)
  ((M)) Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh of Borris House (b 25.03.1831) had issue
  m. (15.03.1855) Frances Mary Leathley (dau of Rev. Joseph Forde Leathley)
  ((N)) Harriet Margaret Kavanagh
  m. W.A. Middleton (d 07.05.1876, Colonel)
  ((4)) Helena Kavanagh
  m. James Archbold of Davidstown
  ((5)) Mary Kavanagh
  m. George Butler of Ballyraggett
  ((6))+ other issue - Brian (dsp), Honora
  (b) Margaret Kavanagh
  m. Richard Galwey
(c)+ 5 daughters
  (ii)+ other issue - Henry (d 28.04.1741), Charles (a 1766, General, Governor of Prague)
  m2. Margaret Morres (dau of Hervey Morres of Castle Morres)
  (iv) Hervey Kavanagh of Ballyhale, co. Kilkenny (d 1740)
  m. (04.1732) Mary Meade (dau/heir of _ Meade of Ballyhale)
  (a) Morgan Kavanagh of Ballyhale (d 1817)
  m. Frances Butler (dau of Walter Butler of Garyricken, sister of John, 17th Earl of Ormonde & Ossory)
((1)) Walter Hervey Kavanagh of Ballyhale (d 1853) had issue
  m. Mary Newland (dau of Edward Newland of London)
  ((2)) Elinor Kavanagh (d 02.09.1802)
  m. (c03.1792) George Lidwill of Donard
  ((3)) Margaret Kavanagh (d unm)
  (b) Mary Kavanagh
  m. Luke Masterson of Moneyseed
  (B) Lucy Kavanagh (d 1708) possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Butler (Colonel)
  (C) Margaret Kavanagh possibly of this generation
  m. William White of Scarnagh
  (4) Elizabeth Kavanagh
  m. John Fitzpatrick (son of Brian, 6th Lord Upper Ossory)
  (5) Alice Kavanagh
  (6) Mary Kavanagh
  m. Charles Kavanagh (son of Sir Morgan of Clonmullen)
b.+ other issue - Charles, Edmund, Arthur
  m2. Joan Morris (dau of Nicholas Morris of Templemore)
  e. Joan Kavanagh
  ii. Edmond Kavanagh of Ballyknocktaggard had issue
  iii. Gerald Kavanagh of Ballybranagh ancestor of Kavanagh of Rocksavage & Inch
  iv. Morish Kavanagh had issue
  v. Ellinor Kavanagh
  m. Donel 'Spainagh' Kavanagh of Clonmullen
  vi. daughter probably of this generation
  m. Walter Devereux of Carrickschurch (son of SIr Nicholas)
  a. Catherine Devereux
  m. Nicholas Hore (a 1636)
  B. Turloch (MacCahir) Kavanagh (d 1575) not mentioned by BLG1886 but given by BLG1952 which provides the following
  m. _ Browne (dau of Patrick Browne of Mulrankine)
  i. Donogh MacTurloch Cavenagh believed to have been the father of ...
  a. Donogh (Dennis) Cavenagh of Clane (a 1641)
  (1) James Cavenagh of Grangemellon, co. Kildare
  m. Elizabeth
  (A) Wentworth Cavenagh of Ballinamoy, co. Kildare (bpt 22.08.1675, d 11.1752)
  (i) James Cavenagh of Graignamanagh, co. Kilkenny (d 04.05.1769, 2nd son)
  m1. (1732) Elizabeth Lindsey (dsp 07.04.1734)
  m2. Ann Lane (d 09.06.1742, dau of Ambrose Lane of Lane's Park)
  (a) Matthew Cavenagh of co. Wexford (b 1740, d 22.07.1819, 2nd son)
  m. (1760) Catherine Hyde Orfeur (d 27.05.1814, dau/coheir of John Orfeur of Drillistown)
  ((1)) James Gordon Cavenagh of Castle House, co. Wexford (b 1766, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (27.03.1815) Ann Coates (d 18.12.1846, dau of Odiarne Coates of New Romney)
  ((2))+ other issue 2 sons (dvp) + 6 sons + 6 daughters
  (b)+ 1 son and 1 daughter
  m3. Elizabeth Archdeacon (d 13.03.1787)
  (d)+ 4 sons and 2 daughters
  (ii)+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
  (B) Mary Cavenagh (bpt 13.10.1672)
  (2) Martin Cavenagh
  ii.+ other issue - Edmond, Dermot
  C. Honora Kavanagh
  m. Rowland Masterson of Ballyshannon
  D.+ other issue - Morough (Morgan 'baccagh') of Cowellellyn (dsp), Gerald, Dermot (dsp), Crean
2. Moriertagh Art Boy Kavanagh ancestor of Kavanagh of Templeudigan & Ballyleigh

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Kavanagh of Borris'), the section on Cavenagh within BLG1952 ('Cavenagh-Mainwaring of Whitmore and Biddulph')
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