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Families covered: Keith of Keith
[A significant correction to this page was made on 15.11.04 when it was realised, after KL had kindly brought the error to our attention, that the details for Sir Edward de Keith of Synton had been mixed up with those of Robert de Keith, grandson of the Sir Robert de Keith who died in 1346. Sir Edward was the successor of Sir Robert who was his elder brother.]

Waren (a temp David I, c1140)
1. Hervey
  A. Hervey de Keith, King's Marischal (d before 1196)
  i. Malcolm de Keith
  TCP (Marischal) reports that the descent over the next few generations (until Sir Robert who d 1346) is not certain. The following is from TSP.
a. Philip de Keith, Marischal (d before 1225)
  m. Eda Lorens (dau of Hugh Lorens) who may have been wife rather than mother of ...
  (1) Hervey de Keith, Marischal (d before 1250)
  (A) Sir John de Keith (d before 1270)
  m. Margaret Cumyn (dau of William Cumyn, Earl of Buchan)
(i) Sir William de Keith (d before 1293)
  m. Barbara de Seton (dau of Adam de Seton)
  (a) Sir Robert de Keith, Sheriff of Aberdeen, Marischal (d Durham 17.10.1346)§D
  m. Barbara Douglas
  ((1)) John de Keith (dvp 1324)
  m. ?? de Soulis (sister of William de Soulis)
  ((A)) Robert de Keith (dsp before 1345)
  m. Margaret Hay (dau of Sir Gilbert de Hay of Erroll, Constable)
  ((B)) Christiana (?) de Keith --
  m. Robert Maitland of Thirlestane and Lethington (d Neville's Cross 13.10.1346) --
  ((C))+ other issue (d Durham 17.10.1346) - Sir Edward, Edmund
  ((2)) Sir William de Keith (a 1335)
(b) Sir Edward de Keith of Sinton or Synton, sheriff of Aberdeen, Marischal (d before 1351, 3rd son)
  m1. (before 07.1305) Isabella Sinton (heiress of Sinton)
  ((1)) Sir William Keith, Marischal (d before 1410)
  m. Margaret Fraser (dau of John Fraser of Touchfraser)
  ((A)) John Keith (dvp before 27.12.1375)
  m. Jean Stewart (dau of King Robert II)
  ((i)) Robert Keith (d before 08.1404)
((B)) Sir Robert Keith, Marischal (d before 20.07.1430)
  m. the heiress of Troup
  ((i)) William Keith, 1st Earl Marischal (d before 1476) --
  m. Mary Hamilton (dau of Sir James Hamilton of Cadzow) --
  ((ii)) John Keith of Troup ancestor of Keiths of Northfield
  ((iii)) Alexander Keith (a 1413)
  ((iv)) Margaret Keith (d 1419)
  m. Hugh Arbuthnot, 9th of Arbuthnot (d 1446)
  ((v)) Elizabeth Keith (d 1400) --
m. Sir Robert (aka Alexander) de Irwin, 4th of Drum (d before 03.11.1457) --
  ((vi)) Christian Keith
  ## There is a suspicion that this Christian may have been the one who married Sir William Lindsay and the one shown below as having done so was in fact the wife of Thomas Monypenny.
  m. Thomas Monypenny, 8th of Pitmilly (d 1427)
  ((vii)) Marion Keith
  m. (1414) Alexander Fraser of Lovat (d before 03.1415-6)
((C)) Sir Alexander Keith of Grandown
  m. (before 1403) Marjorie Stewart (dau of King Robert II)
  ((i)) Christian Keith --
  m. Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Auchterhouse (d c1429) --
  ((D)) Marietta (Muriella) Keith (d 1449) --
  m. Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany (b 1339, d 03.09.1420) --
  ((E)) Janet Keith
  m1/2. Philip de Arbuthnot
  Janet (dau of Sir William by Margaret Fraser) is also reported by Skene records as having married ...
  m. Adam Skene, 5th of Skene (d Harlaw 1411)
((F)) Margaret Keith --
  m. Sir James Lindsay of Crawford (d 1397) --
  ((G)) Elizabeth Keith (d c1436) --
  m1. Sir Adam Gordon of that ilk (d Homildon Hill 14.09.1402) --
  m2. Sir Nicholas Erskine of Kinnoull (d before 12.1406)
  m3. Thomas Somerville of Carnwath --
  ((H)) Christian Keith --
  m1. (dispensation 01.03.1363) John Hay (son of John of Tullibody)
  m2. (before 27.12.1375) Sir William Lindsay of the Byres --
  There is a suspicion that the Christian who married Sir William was a generation later. See note ## above.
((2)) John Keith, 1st of Inverugie --
  m. (c1369) Mariotta de Cheyne (dau of Reginald de Cheyne) --
  ((3)) Catherine Keith
  m. Alexander de Berkeley, 1st of Mathers (a 1351)
  m2. Christian Menteith (d c1387, dau of Sir John Menteith, Lord of Arran)
  ((4)) Janet Keith (d 1413) --
  TSP (Marischal) mentions only Janet's marriage to Sir Thomas Erskine of Erskine but her earlier marriage to David Barclay is mentioned by various other sources including TCP (Atholl) & TCP (Erskine).
  m1. Sir David Barclay, 2nd of Brechin (d by 08.09.1368) --
  m2. (by 13.04.1370) Sir Thomas Erskine of that ilk (d before 28.05.1404) --
(c)+ other issue - Sir Richard (dsp), Philip, daughter
  (ii) Adam de Keith (a 1296, 1324)
  (iii) Robert de Keith
  TSP reports "It may have been another son of Sir John de Keth who married Joanna, eldest daughter of William de Galbrathe (son of Sir William Galbrathe by a daughter of Sir John Cumyn of Badenoch). She was heiress of Dalserf, and died in 1301. They had issue Bernard de Cathe of Keth (a Sir Bernard de Keth appears in 1307, attached to the English interest).". The article on Bardowie in 'The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry' identifies Janet Keith (shown below, wife of Sir David Hamilton) as "heiress through her mother of the Galbraiths". This suggests that it was this son (Robert?)'s son Sir William who married Joanna de Galbrathe but TSP suggests a generation earlier.
  m. Johanna de Galbrathe (d 1301, dau of Sir William Galbrathe)
  (a) Sir William Keith of Galston (d Stirling 1336)
  ((1)) Janet Keith --
  m1. Sir David Hamilton, 3rd of Cadzow (d before 14.05.1392) --
  m2. Sir Alexander Stewart of Darneley
  (b) Sir Bernard de Keith (a 1307)
  b. David de Keith, Marischal (a 1237)
  (1) David de Keith, Marischal (a 1290)
  (A) Richard de Keith
  m. Agnes

Main source(s): TSP (Marischal)
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