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Families covered: Kempe of Ollantigh, Kempe of Wye
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Raulf Kempe of Bileting in Ollantigh, Kent (d 1313?)
1. Sir John Kemp
  m. Agnes Alden (dau of Sir Thomas Alden) mentioned by various web sites
  A. Sir Roger Kemp
  B. Thomas (or Peter) Kempe (d 1428)
Berry suggests that Thomas's wife Beatrix was daughter of Sir Thomas Lewknor by a daughter of Sir Thomas Hoo (brother of Lord Hoo) but experience with the Visitations on the Hoo family makes that suspect. Visitation shows Cardinal John as brother of the Sir Thomas who married Emelyn, heiress of Alyn Chiche, and was father of Sir William who married Elynor Browne. That suggests that there was some confusion with the generations. We follow Berry except in the identification of Beatrix's mother.
  m. Beatrix Lewknor (dau of Sir Thomas Lewknor (by Joan Doyley))
  i. John Kemp, Cardinal, Archbishop of Canterbury, Chancellor of England (b c1380, d 22.03.1454)
  ii. ?? Kemp
a. Sir William Kemp or Kempe of Ollantigh (b c1436)
  m. Alice Scott (dau/heir of Sir Robert Scott (Lieutenant of the Tower))
  (1) Sir Thomas Kemp or Kempe 'of Wye' of Ollantigh (b 1462, d 1520)
  m. Emelyne Chicke (dau/coheir of Valentine Chicke (Chicheley by Isabell, dau of Sir Robert Chicheley, Lord Mayor of London)
  (A) Sir William Kempe of Wye & Ollantigh (b 1487, d 28.01.1538/9)
  Berry shows William's wife Eleanor as dau of Sir Thomas Browne. Visitation (1530-1) supports the view that she was in fact ...
  m. Eleanor Browne (dau/coheir of Robert Browne son of Sir Thomas, widow of Sir Thomas Fogge)
(i) Sir Thomas Kempe of Ollantigh & Wye (d 07.03.1591)
  Berry shows all of Sir Thomas's children as by his 2nd wife, Anne/Amye Moyle. Visitation (Kent, 1574, 'Kempe') attributes them as follows.
  m1. Catherine (or Cicely) Cheyney (dau of Sir Thomas Cheyney)
  (a) Margaret Kempe
  m. William Crowmar or Cromer
  (b) Anne Kempe
  m. Thomas Shirley of Wiston (b 1542, d 10.1612)
  (c) Alice Kempe
  m. Sir James Hales
  m2. Amye Moyle (dau of Sir Thomas Moyle)
  (d) Sir Thomas Kempe of Ollantigh (d 1607)
m1. (before 1574) Dorothy Thomson (dau of John Thomson)
  ((1)) Mary Kempe shown below ##
  ((2)) Anne Kempe
  m. Sir John Cutts
  ((3)) Dorothy Kempe (d 1644)
  m. Sir Thomas Chicheley (b 1578, d 1616)
  ((4)) Amy Kempe
  m. Sir Henry Skipwith
m2. ??
  ((5))+ 3 daughters
  m3. Joan Farmar (widow of John, Lord Mordant) mentioned by various web sites
  (e) Reginald (Raynold) Kempe 'of Wye' (bpt 18.05.1553)
  m. (11.12.1590) (Mary) Argall (bpt 1572, d 1617/1622, dau of (Richard) Argall of East Sutton)
  ((1)) Thomas Kempe (dsp)
  ((2)) Ann Kempe
  m. Josias Clarke
((3)) Amy Kempe
  m. Maurice Tuke of Essex
  ((4)) Dorothy Kempe
  m. _ Denny
  (f) Mary Kempe shown by Berry above ## as daughter rather than sister of Sir Thomas
  Thanks to a contributor (NB, 11.10.06) for confirming that Mary was of this marriage, evidenced by a brass plate at St. Mary’s Church, Chilham.
  m. Sir Dudley Diggs of Chilham (a 1619)
  (g)+ other issue - Moyle, William, Elyn (d 1548)
  (ii) Edward Kempe of Hampshire
  m. _ Wilmot of Oxfordshire
  (iii) Anthony Kempe
m. _ Conyers (dau/heir of John, Lord Conyers)
  (iv) Francis Kempe
  (a) Barbara Kempe
  m. Richard Fitts (b c1556, d 28.01.1630)
  (v) Emeline Kempe
  m. Sir Reginald Scott
  (vi) Margaret Kempe
  m. George Fogge
(vii) Cicele Kempe
  m. William
  (viii) Faith Kempe
  m. Francis Neal
  (ix) Mary Kempe probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Sir Edward Boughton
  (x) Alice Kempe mentioned by Visitation (Kent, 1530-1, 'Kempe') but not by Berry
m. Edward Scote (son of Sir William Scote)
  (xi) Anne Kempe mentioned by Visitation (Kent, 1530-1, 'Kempe') but not by Berry
  m. William Scott (son/heir of Sir John Scott)
  (xii)+ other issue - John (d young?), John
  (B) Christopher Kempe
  m. (Mary) Guildford (dau of Sir Richard Guildford, m2. Sir William Hunt)
  (i) Mary Kemp
  m. Laurence Finch of the Mote (dsp)
  (C) daughter
  m. Humphry Style
  (i) Edmund Style
(D) daughter
  m. _ Robertson
  (E) daughter
  m. _ Melton
  (F) Cecilia Kempe
  m. John Toke of Goddenton
  (G)+ other issue - Richard, John (a 1541), Andrew, Edward, George
  b. Thomas Kempe, Bishop of London (d 28.03.1489)
  iii. Isabel Kemp apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Robert Strelley of Strelley

Main source(s): CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p486) with some support from Visitation (Kent, 1530-1+1574, 'Kempe')
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