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Families covered: Laci of Ulster, Lacy of Halton, Lacy of Lincoln, Lacy of Meath, Lacy of Pontfract

?? de Laci
Both Walter de Laci and Ilbert de Laci came to England with William the Conqueror. TCP (Lincoln) suggests that they were half-brothers.
m1. ??
1. Walter de Laci (d 04.1084)
  A. Roger de Laci banished for rebelling against King William II
  B. Hugh de Laci (dsp 1121)
  m. Adelix
  C. Walter de Laci, Abbot of Gloucester
  D. Ermeline de Laci (dsp)
  E. Emme de Laci
  m. ?? for a suggestion that this was Sir Hugh Talbot of Shrewsbury see here
  i. Gilbert de Laci succeeded by ...
a. Hugh de Laci, lord of Meath (d 25.07.1186)
  m1. Rose de Monmouth
  (1) Walter de Laci, lord of Meath, Ludlow, etc, Sheriff of Herefordshire (d 1241)
  m. Margaret de Braose (dau of William de Braose of Brecknock, Lord of Bramber)
  (A) Gilbert de Laci of Ewyas Lacy (dvp 1230)
  m. Isabel Bigod (dau of Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk)
  (i) Margery de Laci
  m. John de Verdon (d 1278)
(ii) Maud de Laci Y
  m1. Peter of Geneva (d before 29.06.1249)
  m2. Sir Geoffrey de Geneville, Sn de Vaucouleurs, Lord of Trim (b after 1225, d 21.10.1314) Y
  (B) Petronilla de Laci (b c1195, d after 25.11.1288) HY
  m. Ralph de Toeni of Flamsted (b c1189, d c29.09.1239) HY
(C) Egidia (Jill) de Laci Y
  m. Richard de Burgh 'the Great', Lord of Connaught, Viceroy of Ireland (b c1201, d 1243) Y
  (2) Hugh de Laci, Constable of Ireland, Earl of Ulster (b c1176, d before 26.12.124, 4th son2)
  m1. (c1195) Lesceline de Verdun (dau of Bertram de Verdun, Seneschal of Ireland)
  (A) Maud de Laci
  m. (c1234) David FitzWilliam, Baron of Naas
(B) daughter
  m. (1228, sp) Alan, Lord of Galloway, Constable (d 1234)
  (C) daughter
  m. Miles de Nangle ('McCostello')
  (D)+ other issue (dvpsp) - Walter, Roger (a 1226)
  m2. (sp) Emeline de Ridelesford (dau of Walter de Ridelesford of Bray)
  (3) Elayne de Laci
  m. Richard de Beaufo
(4) Alice de Laci
  m1. Roger Pipard
  m2. (before 1232) Geoffrey de Mareys or Marsh (d 1245, Justiciar of Ireland)
  (5) daughter
  m. William FitzAlan
  (6)+ other issue - Robert, Gilbert
  m2. Rose O'Connor (presumed dau of the King of Connaught)
  (8) William de Laci
  b. Eva de Laci probably of this generation
  m. Hugh de Longchamp
  c. Heloise de Laci probably of this generation
  m. William Devereux of Hereford
  F. Agnes de Laci mentioned in a note to TCP (Munchensy of Norfolk)
  m. Geoffrey Talbot
m2. Emma
2. Ilbert de Laci (d c1093)
  A. Robert de Laci of Pontfract
  m. Maud
  i. Ilbert de Lacy (dsp 1141)
  m. Alice de Gant (dau of Gilbert de Gant)
  ii. Henry de Lacy of Pontfract
BE1883 reports that the barony of Pontfract passed to John FitzRichard (later John de Lacy - see below) through John's mother Albreda (Aubreye) de Lisours who was daughter of Albrida (Aubrey), this Henry's wife, by her second marriage to Eudo de Lisours. Not least because that would mean that there was no blood connection in the passing of the barony, which would have been unusual for that time, we follow TCP (Lincoln). It appears that the source used by BE1883 may have confused Henry's wife with his sister.
  m. Aubrey de Vesci
  a. Robert de Lacy (dsp 1193)
  m. Isabel
  iii. Aubrey de Lacy
  m. Robert de Lisours (son of Fulk de Lisours)
  a. Aubrey de Lisours Y
  m1. Richard FitzEustace, lord of Halton, Constable of Chester @@ just below Y
  m2. (c1167) William de Clairfait
  m3. (c1169) William FitzGodric
B. Hugh de Laci



Richard FitzEustace, lord of Halton, Constable of Chester (d 1163)
m. Albreda de Lisours (dau of Robert de Lisours) @@ just above
1. John FitzRichard of Halton, later de Lacy of Pontfract, Constable of Chester (d 1179/90)
  Visitation identifies John's wife as Agnetia (Agnes), sister of William, Count of Albemarle. BE1883 identifies her as Alice de Vere but TCP (Lincoln) identifies her only as Alice. We were thinking of the implications of TCP (vol X, appendix J, p. 118) which shows an Alice, known by her mother's name of de Vere, as wife of John, Constable of Chester, but realised that she was John's niece, daughter of Roger FitzRichard below.
  m. Alice
  A. Roger de Lacy of Halton and Pontfract, Constable of Chester (d 1211)
  m. Maud de Clare ## see here ##
i. John de Lacy of Halton, 1st Earl of Lincoln (b c1192, d 22.07.1240, 2nd son)§C
  m1. Alice (dsp, dau of Gilbert de L'Aigle)
  Visitation shows Alice as mother of John's daughters but TCP reports that she dsp.
  m2. Margaret de Quincy (dau of Robert de Quincy)
  a. Edmund de Lacy, 2nd Earl of Lincoln (b 1230, d 02.06.1257/8)
  m. (05.1247) Alice of Saluces (d before 12.07.1311/2, dau of Manfredo, Marchese di Saluzzo)
  (1) Henry de Lacy, 3rd Earl of Lincoln, Earl of Salisbury (b 06/13.01.1250, d 05.02.1311)
  m1. (c1256) Margaret de Longespee Plantagenet (b c1254, d 1306/10, dau of William, 3rd Earl of Salisbury)
  (A) Alice de Lacy, Countess of Lincoln and Salisbury (b 25.12.1281, dsp 02.10.1348)
  m1. Thomas Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Lincoln (dsp 22.03.1322)
  m2. (before 10.11.1324) Ebles (Eubold) le Strange, 'Earl of Lincoln' (dsp 08.09.1335)
  m3. (before 23.03.1335/6) Hugh de Frenes, 'Earl of Lincoln' (d 1336/7)
(B)+ other issue - Edmund (d young), John (d infant)
  m2. (before 16.06.1310) Joan Martin (d before 27.10.1322, dau of William, Lord Martin)
  (D) Joanna de Lacy (d infant)
  (2) Elenor de Lacy
  m. Eubolo de Strange
  (3) Margaret de Lacy
  m. Sir George de Cantilupe of Bergavenny and Haryngworth (b 29.03.1252, dsp 18.10.1273)
  (4)+ other issue (d infant) - Edmund, John
b. Maud de Lacy (b c1223, d 10.03.1288) Y
  m. (by 25.01.1238) Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertford, 2nd Earl of Gloucester (b 04.08.1222, d 15.07.1262) Y
  c. Idonea de Lacy
  m. Roger de Camville
  ii.+ other issue - Roger (dsp), Robert
  Visitation indicates that the Robert here was of Clavering (and Warkworth) and was ancestor of families who took the name Clavering. We used to follow BE1883 in showing that Robert as son of Roger FitzRichard below but are now uncertain on how the families connected.
  B. Robert FitzJohn de Lacy of Flamburgh ancestor of families named Constable
  C. John de Lacy
  m. Alicia Mandeville (dau of Geoffrey de Mandeville, 1st Earl of Essex)
  ii. Galfrid de Lacy had issue
D. Agnes de Lacy
  m. _ de Monhalt
  E.+ other issue - Albert, Richard, Margaret
2. ? Roger FitzRichard
  A Roger, son of Richard FitzEustace, is often shown as Roger FitzRichard of Warkworth, ancestor of the Claverings. However, it appears that that connection is erroneous.
3. Maria 'FitzRichard'
  m. Robert de Alford
  A. Richard de Alford
  i. Margaret de Alford
  m. John de Arderne of Aldford Castle
4. Albreda 'FitzRichard'
  m. Henry Basset
5.+ other issue - Robert (if not the same as Roger above), Henry (prior of Norton), Richard

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BE1883 (Lacy), TCP (Ulster), TCP (Lincoln)
(2) For lower section : BE1883 (Lacy), TCP (Lincoln), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Barons of Halton)
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