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Families covered: Lee of Aston, Lee of Beaconsfield, Lee of Ditchley, Lee of Hulcote, Lee of Lee Hall, Lee of Lichfield, Lee of Quarendon

Sir Walter Lee of Lee in Wibonbury, Cheshire (a temp Ed. III who r. 1327-1377)
1. Sir John Lee of Lee Hall
  m. Isabelle Dutton (dau of _ Dutton of Dutton)
  A. John Lee
  m. Isabella Folhurst (dau of Sir Thomas Folhurst or Fulleshurst of Crewe)
  i. Thomas Lee of Lee, Cheshire (a 1327)
  m. Alice Aston (dau/heir of Sir John Aston)
  a. John or Thomas Lee of Lee Hall (a 1348)
  m. Margaret or Margery Hocknel (dau of Sir Ralph Hocknel or Hockenhull of Hocknell Hall)
(1) Thomas Lee of Lee Hall (a temp Richard II who r. 1377-1399)
  m. Winifred Cotton (dau of William Cotton of Cotton)
  (2) John Lee of Aston, Staffordshire
  m. _ Bagott
  (A) William Lee of Aston
  m. Maude Cheney (dau/heir of Sir John Cheney, widow of William Cholmondley)
  (i) Sir James Lee of Aston
  (a) Ellin Lee
  m. Sir Humfry Stanley of the Pype (b c1455, d 1504)
  (3) William Lee of Essex had issue
  Visitation notes alongside William's name "of whom the L: Darcy is discended".
  (4) Henry Lee of Aston
  (A) John Lee of Aston
  (i) Thomas Lee of London
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Thomas Bleston (Roleston?) of Swarston)
  (a) Thomas Lee of Clottercottck, Oxfordshire (dsp)
  (b) Alice Lee
  m. William Watson of London
  (ii)+ other issue - Henry, Beatrix
  (B) Anthony Lee of Stafford
  (i) Anthony Lee
  (a) Roger Lee
  m. Elenor Bull (dau of John Bull of Sheldon)
  ((1)) John Lee of Winchcomb
  m. Jane Hurst of Oxforshire
  ((A))+ issue - Emmanuell, Francis
  ((2)) Richard Lee (d 1597, Clarenceux King of Arms)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Lee
  m1. _ Withnall
  m2. _ Colly
  ((4)) Alice Lee
  1. Hugh Aston
  m2. _ Windlow
  ((5)) Ellin Lee
  m. Thomas Walpole of Tame Parke
  (B)+ other issue - Richard, Francis, Roger of Lichfield (dsp), Bennett
  (5) Robert Lee of Aston
  (6) Benedict (Benett) Lee of Burston, Quarendon & Warwick (a 1461) this line followed by Lipscomb
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Berkshire, 1623, 'Lee of Binfield').
  m. Elizabeth Wood (a 1476, dau/heir of John Wood of Warwick)
  (A) Richard Lee of Quarendon (Quaringdon or Quadrington) (3rd son?)
  m. Elizabeth Sanders (dau/heir of William Sanders or Saunders of Oxfordshire by Joane, dau of John Spencer)
  (i) Sir Robert Lee of Burston (Buckinghamshire) & Quarendon (Quarindon)
  Visitation (Cheshire) shows only that Robert had son Anthony by Lettice Peniston. Lipscomb shows as follows.
  m1. Joane Cope
  (a) Sir Anthony Lee of Quarendon 'of Brigston' (d c1550, MP)
  m1. Margaret Wyatt (bur 1561, dau of Sir Henry Wyatt of Allington Castle, sister of Sir Thomas)
  ((1)) Sir Henry Lee of Fleet Marston & Quarendon (d 12.02.1610, KG)
  m. Anne (dau of William, Lord Paget)
((A))+ issue (d infant) - John, Henry, Mary
  ((2)) (Robert?) Lee
  (1) Lipscomb shows this as Robert as 'of Beaconsfield' m. (05.07.1557) Katharine Dauney (bur 07.04.1572) father of various younger children (shown below) and Robert of Binfield (m. Joane Sweyn). As reported here, this appears to be confusion with another Robert of Beaconsfield. Provisionally we show this son as father of Robert, nephew of Sir Henry KG.
(2) This may be the Robert of Quarenden who married ...
  m. Jane Restwold (dau of Edward Restwold, widow of Sir Francis Hastings of Fenwicke) possibly wife of Robert, possibly (?) mother of ...
  ((A)) Robert Lee 'of Beaconsfield' ("nephew of Sir Henry of Dichley KG")
  ((i)) Anne Lee
  m. Brian I'Anson of Ashby Ledgers (b c1559)
  ((B))+ other issue - Philip (Peter?) (bpt 26.09.1561, bur 19.02.1568?), John (bpt 28.10.1566, bur 09.05.1571), William (bpt 19.01.1567, bur 18.11.1568), Richard (bpt 13.02.1569), Agnes (bpt 23.10.1564), Joane (bur 09.02.1571)
((3)) Letitia Lee
  m. Nicholas Cooke of Linstead
  ((4)) Joyce Lee
  m. John Cheyne of Chesham Bois
  ((5)) Ann Lee possibly of this generation
  m1. George Rede of Thorington
  m2. Leonard Spencer of Rendlesham (d 1600)
  ((6)) Jane Lee possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Peter Read of Gymmyngham (d 29.12.1568)
((7))+ other issue - Cromwell (d 1601), Sir Richard (d 22.12.1608)
  m2. Anne Hassell of Cheshire (heir)
  ((9)) Jane or Elizabeth Lee
  m2. Lettice Peniston (dau of Sir Thomas Peniston of Hawridge, widow of Robert Knowles)
  (b) Benedict Lee of Bagginton, Warwickshire
  m. Margaret Pakington (dau of Robert Pakington (by Katherine, dau/coheir of Lord Chief Justice Baldwyn), m2. Thomas Scott of Yorkshire)
  ((1)) Thomas Lee of Biggenhall (2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Pepper
((A))+ issue - William (bpt 19.01.1611), Mary (bpt 18.11.1610)
  (c) Elizabeth Lee
  m1. Thomas Tresham
  m2. Walter Vachell of Cowley
  (ii) Benedict Lee of Hulcote (d 1545)
  m(2). Elizabeth Cheney (dau of Robert Cheney or Cheyne of Chesham Boyce)
  (a) Sir Robert Lee of Hulcote
  m. Lucia Pigot (dau of Thomas Pigot of Beauchampton)
  ((1)) Sir Henry Lee, 1st Bart of Quarendon (d c1631) - continued below
  m. Eleanor Wortley (dau of Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley)
  ((2))+ other issue - Benedict (bpt 12.08.1572), Joice (bpt 28.10.1577)
  (b) Thomas Lee (bur c06.1572)
  ((1)) Helen Lee (bpt 10.09.1569)
  (c)+ other issue - Mary, Jane
  (iii) Roger Lee of Pickthorn or Picthorne (Buckinghamshire?)
  (iv) John Lee in Worcestershire ancestor of Lees of Binfield
  m. Alice Dalbye (dau of Robert Dalbye)
  (B)+ other isuse - Roger, Edward (a 1475), John (a 1476)
  (7) Francis or Henry Lee
  ii.+ other issue - 6 sons, Isabel



Sir Henry Lee, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, 1st Bart of Quarendon (d c1631) - continued above
m. Eleanor Wortley (dau of Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley)
1. Henry Lee (d infant)
2. Sir Henry Lee of Ditchley, 2nd Bart of Quarendon (d 23.07.1639)
  m. Anne St. John (b 05.11.1614, bur 18.03.1695/6, dau of Sir John St. John of Lidiard Tregos)
  A. Sir Henry Lee of Ditchley, 3rd Bart of Quarendon
  m. Anne Danvers (dau of Sir John Danvers of Cornbury)
  i. Eleanor Lee (d 31.05.1691)
  m. (01.02.1671-2) James Bertie, 1st Earl of Abingdon (bpt 16.06.1653, d 22.05.1699)
ii. Anne Lee (dsp 29.10.1685)
  m. (16.09.1673) Thomas Wharton, 1st Marquess of Wharton (b 08.1648, d 12.04.1716)
  B. Sir Francis Henry Lee of Ditchley, 4th Bart of Quarendon
  m. Elizabeth Pope (dau of Thomas Pope, 2nd Earl of Downe)
  i. Sir Edward Henry Lee, 5th Bart, 1st Earl of Lichfield (b 04.02.1662/3, d 14.07.1716)
  m. (06.02.1676/7) Charlotte FitzRoy (b 05.09.1664, d 17.02.1717-8, natural dau of Charles Stuart, King Charles II)
a. James Lee (b 13.11.1682, dvpsp 1711, Captain RN, 3rd son)
  m. Sarah Bagshaw (dau of John Bagshaw)
  b. George Henry Lee, 2nd Earl of Lichfield (b 12.03.1689/90, d 15.02.1742/3, 6th/7th son)
  m. (before 05.1718) Frances Hales (b c1698, d 03.02.1769, dau of Sir John Hales, 4th Bart of Hackington)
  (1) George Henry Lee, 3rd Earl of Lichfield (b 21.05.1718, dsp 19.09.1772)
  m. (16.01.1744/5) Dinah Frankland (b c1719, d 08.01.1779, dau of Sir Thomas Frankland, 3rd Bart of Thirkleby)
  (2) Charlotte Lee (d 19.06.1794)
  m. (26.10.1744/5) Henry Dillon, 11th Viscount of Costello Gallen (d 15.09.1787)
(3) Mary Lee (d 1758)
  m. (31.07.1742) Cosmo Henry Joseph Nevill of Nevill Holt (b 1716)
  (4) Frances Lee
  m. (09.11.1737) Henry Hyde, 'Viscount Cornbury', Lord Hyde of Hindon (b 28.11.1710, dspvp 1753)
  (5) Harriet or Henrietta Lee (b 1726, d 30.04.1752)
  m. (05.1749) John Bellew, 4th Lord of Duleek (b 1702, d 18.08.1770)
  (6) Anne Lee (b c1731, d 09.12.1802)
  m. (17.12.1749) Hugh Clifford, 4th Lord of Chudleigh (b 29.09.1726, d 01.09.1783)
(7)+ other issue - Edward Henry (d 1742), Charles Henry (d 17.07.1740)
  c. Robert Lee, 4th Earl of Lichfield (b 03.07.1706, dsp 03.11.1776, youngest son)
  m. (29.05.1745) Catherine Stonehouse (d 08.03.1784, dau of Sir John Stonehouse, Bart of Radley)
  d. Charlotte Lee (b 13.03.1678, d 22.01.1720/1)
  m. (02.01.1698/9) Benedict Leonard Calvert, 4th Lord Baltimore (b 21.03.1679, d 16.04.1715)
  m2. (before 10.12.1719) Christopher Crowe of Woodford (b c1683, d 09.11.1749)
  e. Elizabeth Lee
  m1. _ Lee (Colonel)
  m2. Edward Young (rector of Welwyn)
  f. Barbara Lee
  m. (c05.1725) Sir George Browne, 3rd Bart of Kiddington (b c1694)
  g.+ other issue - Charles (b 06.05.1680, bur 13.10.1680), Edward Henry (b 06.06.1681, dvp unm 1713, Colonel),Francis (d young), Charles Henry (b 05.06.1688, dvp unm 1708), Frances Henry (d young), Fitzroy Henry (b 02.01.1699, dsp 15.04.1750, Vice Admiral RN), William (d young), Thomas (d young), John (d young , Anne (d young), Mary Isabella (d 28.12.1697)
3. Eleanor Lee probably of this generation
  m. Sir Samuel Tryon of Boys Hall, 2nd Bart (b c05.1615, d 1665)

Main source(s):
(1) BE1883 (Lee of Lichfield) with support from TCP (Lichfield) and some support/input for the top section from the section on 'Lee of Lee and Darnhall' within Commoners (vol 3, 'Townshend of Hem and Trevallyn', p314+), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Lee of Lee)
(2) Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Lee of Quarendon, Fleet-Marston, Burston, &c; Lee, Baronets, Earls of Litchfield, Viscounts Quarendon; and Dillon-Lee, Viscount Dillon', p404+)
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