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Families covered: Leek(e) of Cotham, Leek of Kirketon, Leke of Scarsdale, Leake (Leeke or Leke) of Sutton

BE1883 & BEB1841, which provide the same information about this family, identify this as a "very ancient family in those parts", referring to Derbyshire. TCP reports that a "very elaborate pedigree of Leeke was entered (4 D. xiv, pp. 89-103) in 1717 at the Coll. of Arms". We have managed to obtain some additional information on the earlier generations of this family but hope to confirm it in due course by reference to a single (more co-ordinated) source. [The upper part of the upper section was orginally uploaded within Temp07 on 26.06.05.]
Sir John Leeke, lord of Cotham
1. Sir Simon (not John) Leeke of Cotham, Nottinghamshire
  Named John by the Visitation but the SGM correspondence mentioned below reports that this was a mistake for Simon. The SGM correspondence identifies Simons's wife as ...
m. Margaret Vaux
  A. Sir John Leeke or Leek of Cotham (MP)
  m. Isabell Towers (dau of John Towers of Somerby)
  i. Sir Simon Leek of Cotham
  m. Joan Talbot (dau of Sir John Talbot of Swanington)
  a. Elizabeth Leek
  m. Sir Hugh Hercy of Grove
  b. Mary Leek (d 17.02.1442/3)
  m. (before 18.05.1436) Sir Giles Daubney
  c. Margaret Leek
  m. Sir John Markham of Sebrook (judge)
  d. Anne Leek (nun)
Thanks to a contributor (KLW, 05.03.08) for drawing our attention to the apparent fact that, before Anne entered a convent, she was married to ...
  m. Richard Willoughby (dsp 1471)
  Visitation mentions the following Sir John, indicating that he had issue. We thank a contributor (DS, 28.01.09) for drawing the following to our attention. It comes from newsgroup correspondence within soc.genealogy.medieval (SGM) which notes that some sources suggest (apparently wrongly) that the following John was son of a Ralph.
  ii. Sir John Leek or Leake of Sutton, Derbyshire
The SMG correspondence identifies Sir John's wife only as Alice Grey. Some web sites identify her as daughter of a John Grey of Unstone (Ounston or Ownston). We follow 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 1, 1795, 'Pedigree of the Lords of Hareston, Ancestors of the Earls of Scarsdale', p217) which supports the following and identifies Alice as ...
  m. Alice Grey (dau/coheir of John Hillary then Grey, son of Edward Hillary by Alice, dau/heir of William de Grey of Sandiacre)
  a. William Leek or Leake of Langford and/or Sutton
  m. Katherine Chaworth (dau of Sir Thomas Chaworth)
Nichols follows the line of their elder son John whilst the SMG correspondence follows their 2nd son Thomas.
  (1) John Leake of Sutton
  m. Elizabeth Savage (dau of Sir John Savage)
  (A) Sir John Leake of Sutton (d 11.12.1522)
  m. (09.06.1489) Jane Foljambe (dau of Henry Foljambe)
  (i) Sir Francis Leake of Sutton (d 01.08.1580)
m. Elizabeth Paston (dau of Sir William Paston)
  (a) Sir Francis Leke of Sutton in Scarsdale, Derbyshire (d 1626) - continued below
  m1. Frances Swift (dau of Robert Swift)
  m2. Mary Egioke (dau of John Egioke)
  (b) Mary Leake
  m. Robert Markham of Coatham
  (B) Catherine Leek or Leake probably of this generation (but see ## below)
  m. (c1490) Godfrey Foljambe of Walton (b 27.03.1472, d 1541)
  (2) Thomas Leake of Hasland (2nd son)
  m. Margaret Fox (dau of William Fox) name found on various web sites
  (A) Elizabeth Leake
  m1. (1512) John Hardwick (d 1527)
  m2. Ralph Leech
  iii. Margaret Leek or Leake
  m1. Godfrey Foljambe see ## above
  m2. Sir Thomas Rempston ## see here ##
  B. William Leeke of Kirketon (a 1384, MP)
The following comes from Thoroton's 'History of Nottinghamshire, (vol 1, 1797, p248).
  m. Avice Stockton (dau/heir of John de Stockton by dau/heir (by Margaret) of Thomas de Kirketon son (by Beatrix) of Robert son of John son of Robert de Kirketon, probably son of Roger de Kireketon)
  i. William Leek of Kirketon
  m. Joana
  a. Robert Leek of Kirketon (a 1419, 1438)
  m. Agnes Babington (m2. Thomas Leek)
  (1) Thomas Leek of Kirketon (Kirton Hall)
  m. Jane
  (A) Elizabeth Leek
  m. Richard Whalley of Darlaston
  ii. Nicholas Leek
  a. Thomas Leek (a 1418)
  m. Agnes Babington (widow of Robert Leek)
  iii. Ralph Leek
  a. John Leek (a 1418)



Sir Francis Leke of Sutton in Scarsdale, Derbyshire (d 1626) - continue above
Nichols suggests that Francis was created a baronet in 1611 but TCP reports that it was his son Francis who was created a baronet in 1611, during this Francs's lifetime.
m1. Frances Swift (dau of Robert Swift of Bayton, Yorkshire (& Rotheram))
1. Sir Francis Leke or Leake, 1st Bart of Sutton, Baron Deincourt of Sutton, 1st Earl of Scarsdale (b before 1581, d 09.04.1655)
  m. (16.09.1607) Anne Carey (bpt 10.08.1585, d before 1660, dau of Sir Edward Carey of Berkhampstead)
  A. Nicholas Leke, 2nd Earl of Scarsdale (bpt 01.10.1612, d 27.01.1680/1)
  m. (c1653) Frances Rich (bur 21.11.1692, dau of Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick)
i. Robert Leke, 3rd Earl of Scarsdale (b 09.03.1653/4, dsps 27.12.1707)
  m. (c11.02.1671/2) Mary Lewis (dau of Sir John Lewis, Bart of Ledstone, by Sarah, dau of Sir Thomas Foote, Bart)
  a. daughter (d infant)
  ii. Richard Leke (d 16.04.1687)
  m. (06.12.1680) Mary Molyneux (dau of Sir John Molyneux, 3rd Bart of Teversal)
  a. Nicholas Leke, 4th Earl of Scarsdale (b c1682, d unm 17.07.1736)
  b.+ other issue - Robert (d young), Frances, Lucy
  iii. Mary Leke
  B. Anne Leke
  m. Henry Hildyard of Winestead
  C. Catherine Leke
  m. Cuthbert Morley
  D. Frances Leke (dsp 29.07.1682)
  m. Jenico Preston, 7th Viscount Gormanston (d 17.03.1691)
  E. Penelope Leke
  m. Charles Lucas, 2nd Lord Lucas of Shenfield (d c28.11.1688)
  F.+ other issue - Francis (dvp before 06.1646), Edward, Charles, Henry (d unm), Elizabeth (d unm), Muriel (d unm)
m2. Mary Egioke (dau of John Egioke, m2. Gervase Clifton)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 29.01.09) : Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Hercye) with input /support as noted above
(2) For lower section (uploaded 15.12.07) : BE1883 (Leke of Deincourt & Scarsdale), BEB1841 (Leke of Sutton), TCP (Scarsdale) with some support from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 1, 1795, 'Pedigree of the Lords of Hareston, Ancestors of the Earls of Scarsdale', p217)
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