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Families covered: de Insula of Chipchase, Lisle of Felton, Lisle of Salcliffe, Lisle (de Insula) of Woodburn

Hodgson describes the arms of this family as "Ermine a lion rampant".
Wilhelmus de Insula of Matfen, Fenwick, etc.
1. Otwelus de Insula of Matfen, Newton Hall, etc. (a 1168)
  A. Robert de Insula of Gosforth, etc.
m. _ Canville (dau of Richard Canville (or de Crammaville?) of South Gosforth)
  i. Otwel de Insula of Woodburn, Matfen, etc. (d 1250)
  m. Isabella Fauconberg (dau of Peter Fauconberg)
  a. Sir Robert de Insula of Woodburn, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 1222, dsp 1300)
  m. Emma
  b. Nicholas de Insula .
  (1) Sir John de Insula of Woodburn, Salcliffe, etc. (d 1350) - continued below
  m. _ Umfravill (dau of Gilbert de Umfravill of Prudhoe)
  (2) Peter de Insula (a 1311, canon of Bole, Subdean of York, Archdeacon of Carlisle & Coventry)
  c. Juliana de Insula
  m. Michael Bayfelt (a 1273)
ii. Peter de Insula of Chipchase (a 1243) vol 4 p333
  m. Margery (m1. Richard de Umframvill?)
  a. Robert de Insula of Chipchase (d by 1269)
  m. Margery
  (1) Sir Robert de Insula of Chipchase
  (A) John de Insula of Chipchase
  (B) Robert de Insula of Chipchase (a 1346)
  (i) John de Insula of Chipchase
  (a) Cecily de Insula
  m. Walter Heron (son of Sir William of Ford)
  (ii) Nicholas de Insula
  B.+ other issue - Wilhelmus, Otwell, Richard, Henry



Sir John de Insula of Woodburn, Salcliffe, etc. (d 1350) - continued above
m. _ Umfravill (dau of Gilbert de Umfravill of Prudhoe)
1. Robert del Lisle of Woodburn (b c1300, d 29.06.1367)
  A. Robert del Lisle (dvp)
m. Eleanor Felton (dau of Sir Robert Felton, m2. Sir Aymer de Athol of Felton)
  i. Sir Robert del Lisle of Woodburn & Felton, Sheriff of Northumberland (b c1357, d 19.0.1425/6)
  m. Mary de Athol (dau/coheir of Sir Aymer de Athol)
  a. John Lisle of Salcliffe (dvp 08.10.1422)
  m. (by 1398) Joanna Swinburne (dau of William Swinburne of Capheaton)
  (1) Thomas Lisle of Woodburn & Felton (b 11.06.1413, a 1472)
(A) Robert Lisle of Woodburn & Felton (a 1472)
  (i) Sir Humphrey Lisle of Woodburn, Felton, etc., Sheriff of Northumberland (d 30.07.1516)
  m. Margaret Bowes (dau of Sir William Bowes of Streatham)
  (a) Sir William Lisle of Woodburn & Felton (d c01.1527/8)
  m. _ Fenwick (dau of Ralph Fenwick)
(b) Percival Lisle of Barmeston & Hart, co. Durham (a 02.1509/10)
  m. Elizabeth Burradon (dau/coheir of John Burradon of Burradon)
  (c) Thomas Lisle (a 11.1529)
  A grandson of Sir Humphrey who we speculate was son of this Thomas but was possibly of Sir William or Percival, was ...
  ((1)) Thomas Lisle of Elyhaugh (a 1551)
  m. Margaret Heron (dau of Thomas Heron of Bockenfield)
  (d) daughter
  m. George Swinburne of Eddingham & Nafferton
  (d) Margaret Lisle possibly of this generation
  m. Bertram Mitford of Mitford
(ii) Elizabeth Lisle
  m. William Hayning
  (B)+ other issue (a 03.1450/1) - William, Roger, Thomas
  b. Margaret Lisle (a 1452)
  m. William Mitford
  B. Thomas Lisle of Salcliffe (a 1362, 09.09.1391, dsp)
  m. Agnes Delaval (dau of _ Delaval of Seaton Delaval)
  C. Margaret del Lisle (a 1379)
  m. Thomas Vaux of Beaulfront
2. John de Insula (a 1310, rector of Bolam, prebendary of Auckland)
3. Agnes de Insula
  m1. Sir John de Eure of Stokesley (d 1327)
  m2. Sir Roger de Burton

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 7, John Crawford Hodgson, 1904, 'Lisle (De Insula) of Woodburn and Felton', p255+) with support for the upper section from 'A History of Northumberland' by John Crawford Hodgson (vol 4, 1897, 'De Insula (Lisle) of Chipchase', p333)
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