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Families covered: Lovett of Astwell, Lovett of Liscombe, Lovett of Newton, Lovett of Ryston (Rushton)

BEB1841 starts with the following Richard "who was one of the few who accompanied the Conqueror into England without receiving pay for his services, returned to die in his own country, and his tomb may be seen to this day in the cathedral at Rouen."
Richard de Louet de Normania (a 1066)
1. William Lovett in Northamptonshire, etc (master of the wolf hounds)
  BLG1952 identifies the family's coat of arms as "Arg. three wolves passant in pale sa" and its crest as "A wolf passant ppr."
  m. "a French lady"
  A. William Lovett
  i. ?? Lovett
  a. ?? Lovett
  (1) ?? Lovett
  (A) Sir Robert Lovett of Rushton & Newton, Warwickshire
  m. Alicia de Wever (dau of William de Wever of Cester Over)
  (i) Robert Lovett
  (a) Sir Richard or Robert Lovett of Newton - continued below
  (ii) John Lovett of Newton, Dodisthorp and Cester Over (dsp)
2. Robert ancestor of the Lovets of Worcestershire



Sir Robert or Richard Lovett of Rushton & Newton, Warwickshire - continued above
BLG1952 starts with the father of the following Robert, naming him Robert, but BEB1841 names him Richard.
1. Robert Lovett of Liscombe (Buckinghamshire) & Ryston (Northamptonshire) (a 1314)
  Visitation starts with this Robert, married to Sara Turvill, but shows a different descent as follows: his son John (m. Margaret) father of Thomas of Astwell (2nd son) and William, father of Roger father of John father of Simon father of 4 sons (John dsp, Richard, William & Robert), Richard being father of Richard (m. Alice, dau of Thomas Martyn) father of Laurence (m. Elizabeth Williams) & Robert, Richard & Alice. We follow BLG1952 & BEB1841.
  m. (1303) Sarah de Turville (dau of Sir Nicholas de Turville of Helmedon)
  A. John Lovett of Liscombe & Ryston (a 1343)
  i. Maud Lovet (d 09.05.1393) possibly fits here
  m1. Sir Andrew Sackville of Emmington & Buckhurst
  m2. (c1370) Sir Edmund de la Pole of Boarstall Castle
  B. Thomas Lovett of Liscombe, Hollingdon, Soulbury & Ryston (a 1365)
  m. Clementia (she m2. John Parount)
  i. William Lovett of Liscombe, etc (d 1392)
  a. Roger Lovett of Liscombe, Soulbury & Helmedon (a 1435)
  (1) John Lovett of Helmedon (dvp)
  m. Margaret de Ingleton
(A) Simon Lovett of Liscombe & Soulbury (a 1467)
  (i) John Lovett (dsp)
  (ii) William Lovett of Liscombe
  (a) Roger Lovett of Liscombe (dsp?)
  (b) Thomas Lovett of Liscombe
  m. ?? Neville (sister of Michael Neville of Gothurst, son of Sir Godfrey of Gothurst, son of Sir Robert by Joan, dau of Sir John Nowers of Gothurst)
  ((1)) John Lovett (dsp)
((2)) Richard Lovett of Liscombe (a 15.06.1535)
  m. Alice Martin (dau of Thomas Martin of London)
  ((A)) Laurence Lovett of Liscombe
  m. Elizabeth Williams (dau of Sir Reginald Williams of Burghfield or Burfield)
  ((B)) Alice Lovett
  m. John Taylor of London
  ((C))+ other issue - Robert, Richard
  ((3)) William Lovett 'of Astwell?'
  m. Anne Cope (dau of Edward Cope of Spraton) ## see here ##
  ((4)) Robert Lovett (alderman of Nottingham) had issue
  m. _ Bonner
  (iii) Thomas Lovett of Astwell, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d 1491) - continued below
  m(3). Joan Billinge (d 20.10.1517, dau of Thomas Billinge, son of Sir Thomas, Chief Justice)
  ii. Richard Lovett of Welford had issue at Welford
  iii. Nicholas Lovett of Richton had issue ("extinct in the third generation")
  m. _ Lions (sister of Richard Lions of Oakley)
  iv. Maud Lovett
  m. _ De Arches



Thomas Lovett of Astwell, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d 1491) - continued above
m(3). Joan Billinge (d 20.10.1517, dau of Thomas Billinge, son of Sir Thomas, Chief Justice)
1. Thomas Lovett of Astwell, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d 1502)
  m. Anne Drayton (sister of Richard Drayton of Strixton)
A. Thomas Lovett of Astwell, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b c1485, d 1543)
  m1. Elizabeth Butler (dau of John Butler (Boteler) of Woodhall)
  i. Thomas Lovett of Astwell, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (a 1561)
  m. Anne Danvers (dau of Sir John Danvers of Dantesey)
a. Thomas Lovett of Astwell
  m. Elizabeth Fermor (dau of Richard Fermor of Easton Neston, she m2. William Grey of Donyland)
  (1) Jane Lovett
  m. John Shirley of Stanton Harold (dvp 12.09.1570)
b. John Lovett (d unm)
  c. Anne Lovett
  m. Robert Leeson
  d. Elizabeth Lovett
  m1. Anthony Cave of Chichley
  m2. John Newdegate of Harefield
  m3. Richard Weston of Skreens in Roxwell (d 06.07.1572, judge)
  e. daughter
  m1. Thomas Barker
  m2. Thomas Duncombe of Whitechurch
ii. Elizabeth Lovett
  m. Sir William Chester (alderman of London)
  iii. Amye Lovett
  m. James Bury of Hampton Poyle
  iv. Margaret Lovett
  m. Thomas Foxley of Blakesley
  v. Constance Lovett
  m. (1512) John Matthew of Braden
  vi. Anne Lovett
  m1. John Heneage of Pendeston
  m2. William Palmer of Carlton
  vii. Bridget Lovett
  m1. Gabriel Dormer of Lee Grange
  m2. John Hawtrey of Ruislip (not Chequers)
  m2. Jane Pinchpole (dau of John Pinchpole of London)
  viii. George Lovett (d unm)
  B. Catherine Lovett possibly of this generation
  m. Giles Poulton of Desborough (d 1553)

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Lovett of Liscombe House) and (for the middle section) BLG1952 (Lovett formerly of Liscombe) with some support/contradiction from Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Lovett of Liscombe)
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