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Families covered: Lyell of Balhall, Lyell of Balmaleedie, Lyell of Gardyne, Lyell of Dysart, Lyell of Murthill

1. John (filii Lyelli)
  A. William Lyell
  m. (1333) Catherine Ramsay (dau of Sir William Ramsay of Ingeston)
  i. Hugo Lyell of Murthill & Kinalty, Forfarshire
  a. John Lyell of Murthill had issue
BLG1952 reports that John was succeeded in Murthill & Kinalty "for seven generations, when on the death s.p. of Alexander Lyell of Murthill and Kinalty, 1684, the chief branch of the family became extinct."
  b. Thomas Lyell of Kynll
  (1) William Lyell of Balnavis (a 07.1444)
  m. Helen de Ramorgney
(A) David Lyell (a 07.1444)
  (B) John Lyell of Balmaleedie & Crookston
  m. ?? Falconar (dau of David Falconar, 1st of Halkerton)
  (i) James Lyell of Balmaleedie & Haltoun
  m. (c1496) Elizabeth Lyle (dau of Alexander Lyle of Cragbat)
  (a) Alexander Lyell of Balmaleedie & Haltoun
  m. (c1523) _ Tullo (dau of Andrew Tullo of Craiginston)
  ((1)) Alexander Lyell of Balmaleedie & Haltoun (d 1574)
  m. (1550) Christian Carnegie (dau of Sir Robert Carnegie, 5th of Kinnaird)
  ((A)) Walter Lyell (d 1613, 3rd son) - continued below
  m. Sybil Lambie (dau of John Lambie of Dunkenny)
  ((B))+ 4 sons and 1 daughter
  (ii) son



Walter Lyell (d 1613) - continued above
m. Sybil Lambie (dau of John Lambie of Dunkenny)
1. Walter Lyell of Balhall, Dysart & Whytfield
  m1. (1635) Margaret Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Borland)
  A. David Lyell of Balhall (b 1634, d 03.1696, minister of Manchory Devenick)
  m1. _ Melville (dau of David Melville of Dysart)
  m2. Marjorie Sandilands (d 1689, dau of Lord Abercrombie by Agnes Carnegie)
  i. James Lyell (dvp unm 02.1696)
  ii. Patrick Lyell of Balhall (dsp)
  m. Margaret Ogilvy (dau of 2nd Earl of Airlie, widow of Lord Falconer)
  B. Marie Lyell
  m2. Janet Finlayson (dau of _ Finlayson of Gagie)
  C. Thomas Lyell of Dysart (b 1644, d 1683, 3rd son)
  m. Jean Maria Lindsay (dau of Col. William Lindsay, "cousin of the Edzell family")
  i. William Lyell of Dysart (b 1674, d 1715)
  a.+ 3 sons (dspvp)
  ii. Thomas Lyell of Gardyne & Newgate (b 1677)
  m. Isabella Smith (dau of Thomas Smith)
  a. Thomas Lyell of Gardyne
  m. Margery Renny (dau of Peter Renny of Usan)
  (1) Alexander Lyell of Gardyne
  m1. Margaret Renny (dau of Thomas Renny of Usan by Jean Strachan of Seatown & Tarry)
  (A) Jean Lyell (dsp)
  m2. Elizabeth Renny (dau of Alexander Renny of Usan)
(B) Alexander Lyell of Gardyne (d 1851) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Gibb (d 1861, dau of James Gibb of Arbroath)
  (C)+ 5 others (dsp)
  (2)+ 1 son (dsp) and 1 dau (dsp)
  b. Stewart Lyell (4th son)
  m. _ Gairdner (dau of _ Gairdner of Tarry)
  (1) John Lyell of Fernyflatt & Kineff
  (2) David Lyell (b 1769, minister of Careston) had issue
  m. (19.04.1805) Catherine Arbuthnott (d 1853, dau of John Arbuthnott, 7th Viscount Arbuthnott)
  c. Clementina Lyell
  m. James Carnegy of Balmachie
  d.+ other issue - James (dsp), Hercules (dsp), David (RN), Margaret (dsp), Isobel (dsp)
  iii.+ other issue - Catherine, Jean
  D. Andrew Lyell of Whytfield (b 1646, d 1683)
  m. Elizabeth Grahame (d 1695)
  E. Margaret Lyell
  m. Sir Alexander Straiton of Lauriston
  F.+ other issue - John (b 61643, d 1674), Elizabeth (d unm)
2. Elspit Lyell

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Lyell of Gardyne)
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