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Families covered: Lyle of Duchal, Lyle of Lyle

Radulphus de Insula (a 1170) possibly father of ...
1. Alanus de Insula (a 1214, 1252) possibly father or grandfather of ...
  A. Petrus de Insula (a 1273, 1330) possibly father of ...
  i. John de Insula / Lisle of Whitsome (a 1292) possibly father of ...
  a. Sir John de Lyle (a 1368)
  m. Margaret de Vaus
(1) Sir John Lyle of Duchal
  (A) Sir Robert Lyle of Duchal (a 1444)
  m. Elizabeth Stewart (dau of Sir John Stewart of Castlemilk)
  (i) George Lyle (dvp)
  (ii) Robert Lyle, 1st Lord (d c1470)
  m1. (before 07.1445) Margaret Gray (dau of Andrew Gray, 1st Lord)
  m2. Margaret Wallace (dau of Sir William Wallace of Craigie)
  (a) Robert Lyle, 2nd Lord (Ambassador in 1472, a 1495)
  m1. Margaret Seton (dsps, dau of John, Master of Seton)
  ((1)) George Lyle (d young)
  m2. (before 1495) Margaret Houstoun (a 1513, she m2. Andrew Gray, 2nd Lord)
TSP queries the marriage to Margaret Seton (reported by Douglas) but TCP (Lyle) confirms it, noting that "The evidence for Margaret Seton's marriage was unknown when the Scots Peerage article on Lyle was published." BE1883 reports the marriage to Margaret Seton as sp and specifically identifies Elizabeth Douglas (dau of Archibald, 5th Earl of Angus) as the mother of the 3rd Lord but does not mention Margaret Houstoun or any of the children other than Robert. TSP notes that Elizabeth Douglas was contracted to Robert, 3rd Lord (not the 2nd), which is confirmed by BP1934 (Hamilton), but is not certain that that marriage actually took place. TCP (Lyle) reports only the marriages to Margaret Seton and Margaret Houstoun, identifying George above as the only child of the 1st marriage.
  ((1)) Robert Lyle, 3rd Lord (d 1511 or before 03.1502-3)
  (m1). (mcrt 1493) Elizabeth Douglas (dau of Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus)
  m(2). (before 09.1497) Mariot Lindsay (dau of Alexander Lindsay, 4th of Dunrod)
  ((A)) John Lyle, 4th Lord (b c1499, d after 20.07.1551)
  m. (after 09.05.1513) Grizel Beaton (b c1500, dau of Sir David Betoun, 1st of Creich)
  ((i)) James Lyle, Master of Lyle (a 07.1551, dvpsp)
  m. (before 07.11.1534) Margaret Cunningham (dau of Cuthbert Cunningham, 3rd Earl of Glencairn)
  ((ii)) Jean Lyle --
  m. (mcrt 28.08.1549) Neil Montgomery, 2nd of Lainshaw --
  ((B)) Catherine Lyle
  m. Archibald Maclauchlan of that ilk
((2)) Margaret Lyle (a 1494)
  m. James Stewart of Blackhall
  ((3)) Mariota Lyle (a 1495)
  m. Peter Houstoun
  ((4)) Agnes Lyle
  m1. (before 09.08.1507) Alan Cathcart, Master of Cathcart (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m2. John Maxwell of Stanelie or Stainly
  ((5))+ other issue - George (a 1495), John (a 1491), Nicholas (a 1491)
  (b) Elizabeth Lyle
  m. John Stewart of Blackhall
  (c) Agnes Lyle
  m. Uchtred Knox of Ranfurlie (a 1473)
  (iii) Elizabeth Lyle
  m. Alexander Lyle, younger of Cragbate
  (2)+ other issue - Alexander, William
  b. Walter of Whitsome (a 1333)
2. William de Insula

Main source(s): TSP (Lyle), BE1883 (Lyle)
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