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Families covered: Lucie of Egremont, Lucie of Lucie, Lucy of Langley, Lucy of Lucy, Limesi of Maxstoke, Limesi of Pirton, de Lincoln of Winterbourne, Lante of Exeter

Richard de Lucie, Governor of Falais, later Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire, Justiciar then Lieutenant of England (d c1178)
Richard's family as reported here, which follows BE1883 (Lucy) except as reported below, is to be investigated further. TCP (Lucy of Newington) reports a son Geoffrey, son of Richard's son Geoffrey, who had successors.
m. Rohais
1. Geffrey FitzRichard de Lucie (dvp)
  A. Richard FitzGeffrey de Lucie (dsp before 1196)
2. Hubert FitzRichard of Stanford (dsp)
3. Maude de Lucie (d 1243)
  m1. Walter FitzRobert
  m2. Richard de Ripariis (Rivers)
  As reported on Temp63, although this connection is supported by Commoners, it is not by TCP (Rivers). We shall review it in due course.
4. Rohaise de Lucie
  BE1883 suggests that this was the Rohaise who first married Fulbert de Dover, Lord of Chilham, and then (c1207) Richard Fitzroy of Chilham. However, the Rohaise who married Richard FitzRoy was born about 10 years after this Rohaise's father died and is thought to be daughter of Fulbert de Douvres of Chilham.
5. Aveline de Lucie not mentioned by BE1883
  m. Gilbert de Montfichet of Stanstead



Presumed to be connected with the above family, but in a way that has not yet been idenitified, was ...
1. Reginald de Lucie, Governor of Nottingham (a temp Henry II 1154-1189)
  m. Annabell (dau of William FitzDuncan, Earl of Murray/Moray)
  A. Richard de Lucie of Egremont (d 1213)
  m. (c1202) Ada de Morvill (dau of Hugh de Morvill)
  i. Annabell (or Amabel) de Lucie, heiress of Egremont
  m. (c1213?) Lambert de Multon of Egremont (d before 16.11.1246)
  ii. Alice de Lucie
  m. Alan de Multon
  Their son Thomas took the name de Lucy. He is shown just below.



Thomas de Multon, later de Lucy (d 1304)
Thomas was son of Alan de Multon by Alice de Lucie, shown just above.
m. Isabel de Bolteby (dau of Adam de Bolteby of Langley)
1. Thomas de Lucy of Langley (d 1308) possibly the Sir Thomas of Cockermouth who was father of ...
  A. Alice de Lucy
  m. (c1288) Guiscard de Charron of Horton (d Bannockburn 1314)
2. Anthony de Lucy of Langley, 1st Lord, Sheriff of Cumberland, Justice of Ireland (d 1343)
  m. Elizabeth Tilliof (dau of Robert Tilliof, lord of Scaleby)
  A. Thomas de Lucy, 2nd Lord (d 05.12.1365)
  m1. (c11.1329) Mary or Margaret de Multon (dau of Thomas de Multon, 1st Lord of Egremont)
  i. Anthony de Lucy 'of Cockermouth', 3rd Lord (dsp 1368)
  m. Joane (widow of William, Lord Greystoke)
  a. Joane de Lucy (d infant 1369)
  ii. Maud (Matilda) de Lucy (dsp 18.12.1398)
  m1. (by 10.1362) Gilbert de Umfraville, Earl of Angus (d 06.01.1380-1)
  m2. (1381) Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland, Marshal & Constable of England (b 1342, d 29.02.1408)
  m2. (c07.1343, sp) Agnes de Beaumont (dau of Henry de Beaumont)
  B. Joane de Lucy (d 1331)
  m. William de Melton



Ralph de Limesi or Limesay of Maxstoke (a 1086)
m. Hawise or Hadewise (widow of Nigel de Bradwell) named on various web sites
1. Alan de Limesi of Maxstoke (Warwickshire) & Pirton (Hertfordshire)
  A. Gerard de Limesi of Maxstoke & Pirton
  m. Amice de Bidun (dau of Halerand de Bidun, sister/coheir of John) named on various web sites
  i. John de Limesi of Pirton (dsp temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  ii. Basilia de Limesi
  m. Hugh de Odingsells of Maxstoke & Pirton
  iii. Eleanor de Limesi GS--
  m. (c1174) William (not David) de Lindsey GS--
  VCH identifies Eleanor as wife of David and mother of David & Gerard (both dsp) and Alice (m. Robert (sb Henry?) de Pinkney). That appears to be a generation out. This is noted here in case it is relevant to future reserach.



Colswegen de Lincoln of Battleby, Lincolnshire (d before 1110)
m. Muriel de Capello (dau of Eudo de Capello of Contentin by Maud de Conteville)
1. Alured de Lincoln of Winterbourne, Dorset (d 1130)
m. Hawise de Bosquerville (dau of Nicholas de Bosquerville, son of Baldric of Courcy)
  A. Robert de Lincoln of Winterbourne (d before 1156)
  m. Benza
  i. Alured (Alfred) de Lincoln of Winterbourne (b c1135, d 1198)
  m. Albreda
  a. Alured (Alfred) de Lincoln of Winterbourne
  m. Maud
  (1) Alured (Alfred) de Lincoln of Winterbourne
  (2) Margery de Lincoln
  m. Sir Roger FitzPayn of Poorstock (d before 14.10.1237)
2. Muriel de Lincoln HJY
  m. Robert de la Haye of Halnaker HJY



Possibly uncle of Thomas Lant, Windsor Herald, was ...
William Lante ("who came out of the Northe")
1. John Lante, Mayor of Exeter (d 17.08.1614)
  m. Elizabeth Lambell of Exeter (bur 17.12.1650)
  A. John Lante of Exeter (bur 22.10.1623)
  B. William Lante in Exeter (bur 02.12.1620)
  m. (07.02.1615-6) Grace Newcombe of Exeter
  i.+ issue - William (bpt 04.01.1617-8), Mathew (bpt 10.12.1620)
  C. Richard Lante (5th son)
  m. (30.06.1635) Susanna Marshall
  D. Hester Lante
  m. _ Haymer of London
  E. Grace Lante
  m. (c12.1617) Thomas Bowridg of Exeter
  F. Sara Lante
  m. (c12.1628) Clement Cheriton of Exeter
  G. Elizabeth Lante
  m. (04.08.1627) Richard Yeo
  H.+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Mathias, Samwell
2. Johane Lante
  m. William Mace of Exeter

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