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Families covered: Macdonald or Macdonell of Glengarry, Macdonell of Lochgarry, Macdonald or Macdonell of Scotus (Scothouse)

Donald MacDonald, 2nd of Glengarry (d 1420)
m1. Laleve MacIver (MacIvor)
1. John Macdonald, 3rd of Glengarry (dsp)
  m. _ Macleod (dau of _ Macleod of Lewis)
m2. _ Fraser (dau of _ Fraser of Lovat)
2. Alexander (Alastair) Macdonald, 4th of Glengarry (d 1460)
  Mackenzie suggests that Alastair was son of John. TSP & BLG1952 show that he was John's half-brother.
  m. Mary Maclean (dau of Hector Roy Maclean, 2nd of Dowart)
  A. John Macdonald, 5th of Glengarry (d 1501)
  m. _ Cameron (dau of Donald Cameron of Lochiel (by a dau of Hector Mor Maclean of Duart, cousin?))
i. Alexander Macdonald, 6th of Glengarry (d 1560)
  m. Margaret Macdonald of Lochalsh (dau of Sir Alexander Macdonald of Lochalsh)
  a. Angus (Aeneas) Macalister Macdonald, 7th of Glengarry (d 1574)
  m1. Janet Maclean (dau of Hector Maclean, 8th of Dowart)
  (1) Donald Macdonald, 8th of Glengarry & Morar (b by 1545, d 1645, over 100!)
  m1. Margaret Macdonald (dau of Allan Macdonald, 9th of Clanranald and Moirart)
  (A) Alexander (Alastair Dearg) Macdonald (dvp)
  m. Jean Cameron (dau of Allan Cameron, 16th of Lochiel)
  (i) Angus (Aeneas) Macdonell, 9th of Glengarry, Lord Macdonell & Arros (b c1615, dsp 06.12.1680 (or 1682))
  m. (1646) Margaret Macdonald (dau of Sir Donald Macdonald, 1st Bart of Sleat)
  (ii) Donald Macdonald
(B) Donald Gorm Macdonald, 1st of Scotus
  m. Mary Macdonald (dau of Sir James Macdonald, 2nd Bart of Sleat)
  (i) Ranald (Reginald) Macdonell, 2nd of Scotus, 10th of Glengarry (a 1695)
  m. Flora Macleod (dau of Alexander Macleod of Macleod)
  (a) Alastair Dubh Macdonell, 11th of Glengarry (d 1724)
  Alastair was created a peer by the exiled Jacobite King James VIII in 1716. It appears that that creation has never been recognised under UK law.
  m1. Isabel Fraser (b 1662, dau of Hugh Fraser, 8th Lord Lovat)
  ((1)) Anne Macdonell
  m. Roderick Mackenzie of Applecross
  m2. Mary Mackenzie (bur 02.02.1726, dau of Kenneth Mackenzie, 3rd Earl of Seaforth)
  ((2)) Donald Gorm Macdonell (d unm Killiecrankie 27.07.1689)
  ((3)) John Macdonell, 12th of Glengarry (d 1754)
m1. Margaret Mackenzie (dau of Colin Mackenzie of Hilton family)
  ((A)) Alastair Macdonell, 13th of Glengarry (d unm 23.12.1761)
  ((B)) Aeneas or Angus Macdonell (d 1746, Colonel)
  m. Mary Robertson (dau of Alexander Robertson (or Colonel Duncan) of Struan (Strowan))
  ((i)) Duncan Macdonell, 14th of Glengarry (d 11.07.1788)
  m. (1772) Marjory Grant (dau of Sir Ludovick Grant, 6th Bart of Dalvey)
((a)) Alexander (Alastair) Ranaldson Macdonell, 15th of Glengarry (b 15.09.1771, d 17.01.1828) had issue
  m. (20/28.01.1802) Rebecca Forbes (d 1840, dau of Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo)
  ((b)) Sir James Macdonell (d unm 15.05.1857, Lt. General, 3rd son)
  ((c)) Elizabeth Macdonell (d 17.10.1859)
  m1. (12.03.1785/1795) William Chisholm of Chisholm (d 22.03.1817)
  Elizabeth's 2nd husband is identified as Sir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain. It appears that he was in fact ...
  m2. ('Sir') Thomas (probably not Alecander) Ramsay
  ((d)) Margaret Isobel Macdonell (d 07.10.1859)
  m. James Downing (Major)
  ((e))+ other issue (d unm) - Lewis (d aged 19, Captain), Angus (d infant), Somerled, Sibella (d young)
  ((ii)) Augusta (Angusia) Macdonell
  m. Alexander Mackay of Achmony (Achamony)
  m2. Helen Gordon (dau of John Gordon of Glenbucket)
((C)) James Macdonell (Captain)
  ((i)) Amelia Macdonell
  m. Simon Macdonald of Morar (Major)
  ((D)) Helen Macdonell (d 07.06.1793)
  m. Ranald Macdonell, 5th of Scotus
  ((E))+ other issue - Charles (d c1762, Major), Mary, Christian, Helen, Isabel
  ((4)) Elizabeth Macdonell probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Roderick Chisholm, The Chisholm (b 1697, d 19.08.1767)
  ((5))+ other issue - Randulph of Kyllas, Alexander
  (b) Angus (Aeneas) Macdonell, 3rd of Scotus
  m. Catherine Macleod (dau of Sir Norman Lacleod)
  (c) John Macdonell of Lochgarry
  The following comes from 'History of the Macdonalds' (p342+).
  m. Helen Cameron (dau of Doinald Cameron of Lochiel)
  ((1)) Donald Macdonell of Lochgarry
  m. Isabella Gordon of Glenlivet
  ((A)) Alexander Macdonell of Lochgarry ("General in the Portugues service", 2nd son)
  m. Maria Zose da Costa (dau of 10th Count of Soure)
  ((i)) Anthony Macdonell of Lochgarry
m. Cassandra Eliza Macdonald Darby (dau of Major Ross Darby, heir of Angus Macdonald of the Grange, Brrompton)
  ((a)) Alexander Anthony Macdonell of Lochgarry ("Colonel in the Indian Army") had issue
  m. Margaret Jane Maclean (dau of Lachlan Maclean)
  ((B))+ other issue - John (d un m), Peter (d young)
  (d) Donald Macdonell (d Killiecrankie 27.07.1689)
(e) Archibald Macdonell ancestor of Macdonalds of Barrisdale
  (C) John (Ian Mor) Macdonald (Macdonnell) of Ardnabi
  (D) John (Ian Og) Macdonald ancestor of Macdonalds in America
  (E) Alistair Mor Macdonald ancestor of Macdonalds of Aberchalder & Culachie
  (F) Isabella Macdonald (Macdonnell)
  m. (by 1598) Sir Roderick Macleod, 16th of Macleod and Dunvegan (d 1626)
(G) Margaret Macdonald
  BLG1952 shows that Margaret m. Torquil Macleod of Lewis but that is possibly confusion with her aunt (below) so, even though the dates make it look as though she had 2 children very young, it was probably this Margaret who married ...
  m. Neil Macleod of Assynt (d 1581)
  (H) Katherine Macdonald
  m. Duncan Grant of Aolach
  (I) Janet Macdonald
  m. Malcolm Mackintosh
  (J) Flora Macdonald possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Murdo Macleod of Gesto
  m2. (??) Katherine Mackintosh (dau of Lachlan Mackintosh of that ilk)
Katherine is reported by BLG1952 as being the wife of Donald's undermentioned illegitimate son Angus rather than Donald's own second wife, with Angus's wife being daughter of a different Lachlan Mackintosh. We follow TSP on this. As Donald lived to over 100, it would be surprising if he had not had more than one wife. It is an assumption that his first wife, Margaret, was mother of all of the above-mentioned children. Mackenzie, who does not mention Alistair or any of the daughters, identifies the 2nd wife as a dau of Macdonell of Keppoch.
  p. Helen Grant (dau of John Grant of Freuchie)
  (K) Angus McConeill Vic Angus (d before 17.03.1607)
  m. (mcrt 24.04.1590) Katherine Mackintosh (dau of Lachlan Mackintosh of Dunnachtoun (of that ilk))
  (2) John Macdonald
  m2. Margaret Macleod (dau of (Roderick) Macleod of Macleod)
  (3) Angus Og Macdonald (d 11.1602)
  (4) Margaret Macdonald
  m1. _ Cuthbert of Castlehill, Inverness
  m2. Donald Cam Macleod of Assynt
  m3. Torquil Conanach Macleod (of Lewis family)
  m3. Marie (Janet) Mackenzie (dau of Kenneth Mackenzie, 10th of Kintail)
  (5) Elizabeth Macdonald
  m. John Roy Mackenzie, 4th of Gairloch
  b. Alan Macdonald, 1st of Lundie had issue
  c.+ other issue - Godfrey, Ranald, Roderick (d 02.1581-2)
  ii.+ other issue - Donald, Angus
  B. John (Ire) Macdonald had issue
  C. Angus (Aeneas) Mor Macdonald ancestor of Macdonalds of Shian
3. Angus Og Macdonald

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Macdonell of Glengary'), TSP ('Macdonell and Aros'), 'History of the Macdonalds and Lords of the Isles' by Alexander Mackenzie (1885, p299+)
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