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Families covered: Mackenzie of Kintail

We show here the traditional view that the Mackenzies descended from a FitzGerald but we must report that it seems that various respected sources discount that view because of lack of evidence to support it and start off the pedigree either one or two generations later. This family provides a good example of the difficulties genealogists face when trying to identify a family's roots (including the falsification of ancestries and the re-writing of History for political and other purposes).
Colin FitzGerald (b c1150)
1. Colin (or Kenneth FitzColin FitzGerald), 1st of Kintail (d 1278)
  According to 'the Geraldine theory', this Colin (or Kenneth) went from Ireland to Scotland in about 1261 and helped King Alexander (III) repel the invasion of Haco, King of Norway, and was rewarded for his efforts with the lands of Kintail, co. Ross. BE1883 suggests that he married a daughter of Walter, High Steward (possibly the 1st Stewart?) but, on this at least, we do not feel sufficiently confident in BE1883 to make that connection.
  A. Kenneth, 2nd of Kintail (d 1304)
  m. Morna MacDougal (dau of Alexander MacDougal of Lorn)
  i. John or Ian (or Kenneth) MacKenneth or Mackenzie, 3rd of Kintail (d 1338)
  TSP reported that John "is said to have married Margaret, daughter of David de Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl" but adds a note that "No record of this daughter has been discovered." The dates make such a connection look wrong.
  a. Kenneth Mackenzie 'of the nose', 4th of Kintail (d 1348)
  m. Fynvola Macleod (b 1304, dau of Torquil Macleod of Lewis)
  (1) Murdoch Mackenzie 'of the cave', 5th of Kintail (b 1340, d 1375)
  m. Isabel Macaulay (b 1344, dau of Murdoch Macaulay of Lochbroom)
(A) Murdoch Mackenzie 'of the bridge', 6th of Kintail (b 1370, d 1416)
  m. (1397) Fynvola Macleod (b 1375, dau of Malcolm Macleod of Harris)
  (i) Alexander Mackenzie 'upright', 7th of Kintail (b 1398, d 1488)
  m1. (c1459) Anna Margaret MacDougall (b 1410, dau of Sir John MacDougall of MacDougall, 11th of Dunollie)
  (a) Kenneth Mackenzie 'of the battle', 8th of Kintail (b 1454, d 07.02.1490-1)
  m1. (1477, div) Margaret MacDonald (dau of John MacDonald, Lord of the Isles, 4th Earl of Ross)
  ((1)) Kenneth Mackenzie (dsp)
  m2. Agnes Fraser (dau of Hugh Fraser, 1st Lord of Lovat)
((2)) John Mackenzie, 9th of Kintail (d 1561)
  m. Elizabeth Grant (dau of John Grant, 2nd of Freuchie)
  ((A)) Kenneth Mackenzie 'of the whittle', 10th of Kintail (d 06.06.1568)
  m. (1538) Elizabeth/Isabel Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl)
  ((i)) Murdoch Mackenzie (d young)
  ((ii)) Colin Cam ('one-eyed') Mackenzie, 11th of Kintail (d 14.06.1594)
  m. (mcrt 25.04.1572) Barbara Grant (dau of John Grant, 4th of Freuchie)
  ((a)) Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Lord of Kintail (d 27.02.1611)
  m1. Jean Ross (d 09.05.1604, dau of George Ross of Balnagowan)
  m2. (before 12.03.1607) Isabel Ogilvie (dau of John (not Gilbert) Ogilvie of Powrie)
((b)) Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Tarbat and Cogeach (b c1579, d 09.1626)
  m. (1605) Margaret Macleod (dau of Torquil Macleod of Lewis)
  ((c)) Colin Mackenzie (d 05.1650)
  m1. Catherine Macleod (dau of Torquil Macleod of Lewis)
  (((1)))+ issue - Kenneth, Colin
  m2. Isobel Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie, younger of Gareloch)
  ((d)) Alexander Mackenzie of Kilcoy
m1. (mcrt 15.11.1611) Jean Fraser (dau of Sir Thomas Fraser of Strichen)
  m2. Margaret Dunbar
  ((e)) Murdoch Mackenzie
  ((f)) Katherine Mackenzie (d 05.1593)
  m. (12.1589) Simon Fraser, 6th Lord of Lovat (b c1568, d 03.04.1633)
  ((g)) Janet Mackenzie
  m. Hector Og Maclean of Duart (d 1623)
  ((h)) Mary Mackenzie
  m. Donald Gorm Mor Macdonald, 7th of Sleat (dsp 12.1616)
  ((i)) Agnes Mackenzie
  ((j)) Margaret Mackenzie
  p. Mary Mackenzie (dau of Roderick Mackenzie of Davochmaluag)
((k)) Alexander Mackenzie of Coul (d 03.1650)
  m1. Annabella Mackenzie (dau of Murdoch Mackenzie of Fairburn)
  m2. (1617) Christian Munro (dau of Hector Munro of Assynt)
  ((iii)) Roderick Mackenzie of Redcastle
  m. Funguella or Florence Munro (dau of Robert Munro of Foulis)
  ((iv)) Dugald Mackenzie (a 1581)
  ((v)) Janet (Mary) Mackenzie
  m1. Angus MacDonald of Glengarry (d 1574)
  m2. Alexander Chisholm of Chisholm (d before 1590)
  ((vi)) Agnes Mackenzie
m. (mcrt 11.05.1567) Lachlan Mor Mackintosh, 16th of Mackintosh (d 1606)
  ((vii)) Margaret Mackenzie (d 06.1570)
  m. (mcrt 24.11.1556) Walter Innes, younger of Inverbraikey
  ((viii)) Catherine Mackenzie (d 12.04.1592)
  m. Alexander Ross of Balnagowan (d 25.10.1592)
  ((ix)) Elizabeth Mackenzie
  m. Walter Urquhart of Cromarty (b c1535, d 1589)
  ((x)) Marjory Mackenzie
  m. (mcrt 30.05.1574) Robert Monro, younger of Foulis
  ((B)) John Mackenzie of Strathconnan, Scatwell, etc.
  ((3)) Alexander Mackenzie, 1st of Davochmaluag
  m. Margaret Munro (dau of Sir William Munro of Fowlis)
  ((4)) Roderick (Rory Mor) Mackenzie, 1st of Achilty (d 17.03.1533)
  m1. _ Maclean (dau of Farquhar MacHeachen or MacEachainn)
  m2. _ Grant (widow of _ Ross of Balnagowan)
  p. _ Macleod (dau of William Dow MacLeod)
  ((5)) Kenneth Mackenzie (Vicar) ancestor of Mackenzies of Suddie
  This is presumably the Kenneth of Gilchrist shown in BLG1886 (Mackenzie of Ord) as ancestor of the Mackenzies of Ord, who are shown in BLG1952 (Mackenzie formerly of Ord) as descended from the above John of Strathconnan, who married ...
  m. Helen Lovell (dau of Robert Lovell of Balumbie)
((6)) Agnes Mackenzie
  m. Roderick MacLeod of Lewis
  ((7)) Catherine Mackenzie
  m. Hector Munro of Foulis (d 1541)
  (b) Duncan Mackenzie, 1st of Hilton (b c1430)
  m. _ Cameron (dau of Ewen Cameron of Lochiel)
  m2. Margaret McCoull (dau of McCoull of Morir)
  (c) Hector Mackenzie, 1st of Gairloch
  m. dau of Ranald MacRanald of Moydart
  p. dau of Grant of Freuchie
  (d) daughter
  m. Allan Macleod of Gairloch
  partner unknown
  (e) son (bur 1479)
  (ii) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Angus Roy Mackay of Strathnaver (d c1486)

Main source(s): TSP (Seaforth), BE1883 (Mackenzie of Seaforth)
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