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Families covered: Mackenzie of Applecross, Mackenzie of Farenough (Jamaica), Mackenzie of Highfield, Mackenzie of Ord, Mackenzie of Killichrist, Mackenzie of Inverlael, Mackenzie of Strathgarve, Mackenzie of Suddie

John Mackenzie of Strathconnan, Scatwell & Kinlochenchart
BLG1952 shows this John as 2nd son of John of Killin & Kintail but is not mentioned by Mackenzie & BLG1886. BLG1952 then shows this John as father of the following Thomas whilst Mackenzie & BLG1886 shows Thomas as 2nd son of Kenneth of Gilchrist . [## see below ##] We presume that BLG1952 changed what was shown in Mackenzie & BLG1886 consequent to further research.
1. Thomas Mackenzie of Lochluichart (Leanlockluichart or Kinlochenchart) (a 1598, d before 1619)
  BLG1952 shows Thomas as 1st of Ord but Mackenzie suggests that it was his son John who "was the first of the family who possessed Ord and was designed thereof, though it was previously held in tack by his father".
  m1. Isobel McLeod (dau of Rorie (Roderick MacAllan) McLeod of Gairloch)
  A. Murdoch Mackenzie of Scatwell (dsp)
  B. Kenneth Mackenzie ancestor of Langwell
  BLG1886 identifies Kenneth as ancestor of the Mackenzie of Scatwell. We suspect that that was confusion with the Kenneth shown here. Note that BLG1952 does not mention the above 1st marriage but identifies John, son of the following Annabella, as Thomas's eldest son.
m2. Annabella Mackenzie (dau of Murdoch Mackenzie of Fairburn, she m2. Alexander Mackenzie of Coul)
  C. John (Ian Dubh a Ghiuthais) Mackenzie of Ord (d before 01.12.1644)
  m. Isabel Cuthbert (dau of Alexander Cuthbert of Drakies by Christian Dunbar)
  i. John Mackenzie of Ord (d before 19.02.1686, Captain)
  m. (mcrt 21.07.1633) Magdalene Fraser (dau of William Fraser of Culbokie)
a. Thomas Mackenzie of Ord (a 1716)
  m. Mary Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Applecross)
  (1) Alexander Mackenzie of Ord (d before 10.10.1748)
  m. (before 29.06.1725) Jean Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Highfield) @@ below
  (A) Thomas Mackenzie of Ord (d 1803)
m. (1750) Anne Mackenzie (dau of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Bart of Scatwell)
  (i) Alexander Mackenzie of Ord (d 1820)
  m. Helen MacInnes (dau of Niel (Neil) MacInnes of Aberdeen)
  (a) Thomas Mackenzie of Ord (b 12.1797, d 17.07.1887, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (27.04.1825) Anna Watson Fowler (d 1854, dau of James Fowler of Raddery & Fairburn Grange (Jamaica))
  (b) Alexander Mackenzie (d 15.06.1837, Captain) had issue
  m. Hannah Fraser (dau of James Fraser of Belladrum)
(c) Anne Mackenzie
  m. (1817) Thomas Mackenzie of Dundonnel (son of George, cousin)
  (d) Margaret Mackenzie
  m. John Maclean of Grenada
  (e)+ other issue (d unm) - John (dvp), Eliza, Helen
  (ii) Elizabeth Mackenzie
  m. (mcrt 17.04.1777) Alexander Gillanders of Highfield (son/heir of George)
  (iii) Abigail Mackenzie
  m. George Mackenzie of Dundonald (Dundonnel)
  (2) Magdalen Mackenzie
  m. (mcrt 18.07.1716) William Mackenzie (son of Sir Alexander of Coul)
  b. Kenneth Mackenzie
  m. (1702) Elizabeth ("daughter of Assynt")
  (1) Kenneth Mackenzie
  c. Annabella Mackenzie
  m. (28.04.1698) Charles Maclean of Brae
  d. Helen Mackenzie
m. (25.04.1700) James Murray of Culloden
  e. Janet Mackenzie
  m. (mcrt 1711) Donald Macdonald of South Uist
  f. Florence Mackenzie
  m. Kenneth Mackenzie of Kenlochewe
  ii. Thomas Mackenzie of Highfield (d by 1730?)
  The following comes from 'History of the Mackenzies' (p533+).
  m. Agnes Matheson (dau of Murdoch Matheson of Balmacarra)
a. John Mackenzie of Highfield
  m. Margaert Maclean (dau of James Maclean of Inverness (Bailie))
  (1) Thomas Mackenzie (dvpsp)
  (2) James Mackenzie of Highfield
  m. Mary Mackenzie (dau of Roderick Mackenzie of Applecross, sister/heir of John of Applecross)
  (A) Thomas Mackenzie of Highfield & Applecross (a 1781)
  m. Elizabeth Mackenzie (dau of Donald Mackenzie of Kilcoy)
  The following comes from 'History of the Mackenzies' (p601+).
  (i) John Mackenzie of Applecross & Lochcarron
  m. (1787) Jane Elphinstone (dau of Alexander Elphinstone of Glack)
  (a) Thomas Mackenzie of Applecross (d unm 1827, MP)
(b) Elizabeth Mackenzie of Applecross (d unm 1829)
  (c)+ other issue (d young) - John, Alexander, Frederick
  (ii) Donald Mackenzie (Captain, 4th son)
  m. Anna Macelod (dau of James Macleod of Raasay)
  (a) Flora Loudon Mackenzie
  m. Sir Alexander Lindsay (General)
  (b) Jane Mackenzie
  m. James Thomas Macdonald of Balranald
  (c) Anne Mackenzie
  m. Christopher Webb Smith
  (d) Isabella Mary Mackenzie
m. Lauclan Mclean (Dr)
  (e) Maria Mackenzie
  m. John Mackenzie ("Piobaire Ban", piper)
  (f)+ other issue - John, Thomas, Elizabeth (d unm)
(iii) Anne Mackenzie
  m. Kenneth Mackenzie of Inverinate (brother of Alexander of Hilton)
  Their son Thomas succeeded to Applecross.
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm) - James, Colin, Thomas, Jean
  (B) Alexander Mackenzie of Breda, Aberdeenshire (4th son)
  m. Maria Rebecca Mackenzie (dau of Colonel William Humberston Mackenzie of Conansbay, sister of Lord Seaforth)
  (i) Alexander Mackenzie (Captain, youngest son) had issue
m. Lilias Dunbar Fowler (dau of James Fowler of Raddery)
  (ii)+ other issue (dsp) - William (d Merxem 1814), Thomas (RN), Frderick (d 1820, RN), Francis (d 1828, RN), John
  (C) Margaret Mackenzie
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Muirton of Kilcoy
  (D) Elizabeth Mackenzie
  m1. (1755) Donald Matheson of Attadale
  m2. Farquhar Matheson of Tullich
  (E) Anne Mackenzie
m. James Rose of Cuilich
  (F)+ other issue - William (d unm), Alexander (d young), John (d unm)
  (3) Colin Mackenzie of Meikle Scatwell (dsp)
  m. Catharine Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Lentran)
  (4) William Mackenzie of Strathgarve
  m. Janet Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Lentran)
  (A) John Mackenzie of Strathgarve
(i) William Mackenzie of Strathgarve had issue
  m. _ Mackenzie of Edinburgh (surgeon)
  (ii)+ 3 daughters
  (B) Alexander Mackenzie (dsp)
  (5) Elizabeth Mackenzie
  m. (1716) Donald Mackenzie of Kilcoy
  (6) Jean Mackenzie
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Ord @@ above
  (7) Catharine Mackenzie
  m. (1747) Robert Ross of Achnacloich
  b. Lachlan Mackenzie had issue
  m. Mary Macdonald of Tighchruich
  iii. James Mackenzie
  m. _ Clerk (dau of Rev. Farquhar Clerk of Stornoway)
  iv. George Mackenzie
  m1. _ Mackenzie (natural dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Gairloch)
  m2. Janet Linen (dau of _ Linen, minister of Fairnbie or Fainrly)
  a. Alexander Mackenzie of Farenough, Jamaica (d 20.12.1744)
  m. (01.1709-10) Mary Jenners (d 25.11.1759, dau of Arthur Jenners of Jamaica)
  (1) George Mackenzie of Farenough (b 23.09.1711, d c1780)
  m. (1746) Mary Stevens (d 10.10.1798, dau of Paul Stevens of Jamaica)
(A) George Mackenzie of Farenough (b 28.03.1747, d 21.10.1815)
  m. (28.10.1773) Ann Burrell (d 04.08.1797, dau of George Burrell of Jamaica)
  (i) Arthur Mackenzie of Farenough (b 06.09.1782, d 02.08.1836) had issue
  m. (18.04.1810) Mary Tabitha Rawden (d 20.12.1838, dau of George Rawden of Dry River, Jamaica)
  v. daughter
  m. _ Mackenzie of Tarradale
  vi. Annabella Mackenzie
  m. (1650, sp) Alexander Mackenzie of Hilton
  vii. Jane Mackenzie
  m. Alexander Mackenzie (son of Alexander of Gairloch)
  viii. daughter
  m. _ Clark (son of Rev. John Clark of Lochalsh)
  ix. daughter
  m. Murdo Mackenzie Mhic Mhurchaidh
  D. Thomas Mackenzie (d before 1628)
  m. dau of the Laird of Katewell
  i. John Mackenzie of Wester Kessock
  m. Margaret Maclean
  ii. son (d unm 1642)
  E. Murdoch Mackenzie (d unm 1628)



Kenneth Mackenzie of Killichrist (a 1526, vicar of Avoch)
m. Helen Lovell (dau of Robert Lovell of Balumbie)
1. Alexander Mackenzie of Killichrist (d 1575)
  m. Agnes Mackenzie (dau/heir of Roderick Mackenzie, son of Allan of Hilton)
  A. Kenneth Mackenzie of Killichrist
  m1. ?? (widow of James Gray of Skibo)
  i. daughter
m1. John Dunbar of Avoch
  m2. Lachlan Macintosh of Kyllachy
  m2. (1605) Catharine Mackenzie (dau of Roderick More Mackenzie of Redcastle)
  ii. Alexander Mackenzie of Suddie (a 1672)
  m. Mary Bruce (dau of ?? Bruce of Airth)
  a. Kenneth Mackenzie of Suddie (d Mulroy 1688, Captain)
m. Isobel Paterson (dau of John Paterson, Bishop of Ross)
  (1) Kenneth Mackenzie of Suddie
  m. (1706) Katharine Shaw (dau of John Shaw of Sornbeg)
  (A) William Mackenzie of Suddie
  m. Margaret Mackenzie (dau of Sir Alexander Mackenzie of Coul, Bart)
  (i) Henrietta Wharton Mackenzie
  m. (1810) Sir James Wemyss Mackenzie of Scatwell, Bart
  (ii)+ other issue(dsp) - Alexander (dvp), John Randoll (d Talavrea 1809, Major General), Janet, Katharine
  (B) John Mackenzie (Lt. Colonel)
  (C) Mary Mackenzie
m. Norman Macleod of Macleod (General)
  (D) Agnes Mackenzie
  m. Lachlan Mackintosh of Kyllachy
  (2) George Mackenzie
  (3) Margaret Mackenzie
  m. William Macleod of Bernera
  (4) Elizabeth Mackenzie (dsp)
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Conansbay (Colonel, son of Kennth Mor, 3rd Earl of Seaforth)
  (5) Alice Mackenzie
  m1. (1698) John Macdonald of Balcony (son of Sir James of Sleat)
  m2. John Maclean of Inverness (Dr)
  b. Colin Mackenzie
  m. Janet Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Ardcharnach & Langwell)
  (1)+ issue - Alexander, Thomas (dsp), John (Lt. Colonel), Colin (dsp)
  c. Elizabeth Mackenzie
m. (by 1653) George Leslie (Sheriff Clerk of Inverness)
  d. Agnes Mackenzie
  m. (c1630) Roderick Mackenzie (son of Alexander of Gairloch)
  e. Magdalen Mackenzie
  m. Alexander Graham of Drynie
  iii. Margaret Mackenzie
  m1. _ Fraser (Tutor of Foyers)
  m2. Hugh Fraser, 1st of Ercht
  B. John Mackenzie of Inverlael (Archdean of Ross)
  m. Margaret Innes (dau of William Innes of Culrossie)
  i. Kenneth Mackenzie of Inverlael (dspm)
m. (mcrt 1629) Agnes Fraser (dau of William Fraser of Culbokie)
  ii. Thomas Mackenzie of Inverlael (Archdean of Ross)
  m. Agnes Douglas (dau of Hector Douglas of Muldearg)
  a. John Mackenzie of Inverlael
  (1) daughter
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Towie
(2)+ 3 sons (dsp)
  b. Thomas Mackenzie in Edinburgh (d unm, WS)
  c. daughter probably of this generation
  m. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie of Assynt, 1st Bart of Coul (a 1673)
  iii. Alexander Mackenzie (d unm, WS)
  iv. James Mackenzie (minister of Nigg) had issue
  m. Mary Rose (dau of John Rose of Broadley)
  v. Agnes Mackenzie probably of this generation
  m. Hugh Ross of Tollie & Achnacloich (bur 02.02.1643)
  C. Murdoch Mackenzie of Little Findon
  m. Margaret Mackenzie (dau of Murdoch Mackenzie, son of John of Loggie)
  i. John Mackenzie of Little Findon
  D. Kenneth Mackenzie
partner unknown
  A. Alexander Mackenzie, Governor of Tangiers (Colonel)
  m. "a German lady"
  i. Penelope Mackenzie
  m. (sp) Allan Macdonald of Clanranald (d Sheriffmuir 1715)
  ii+. 2 sons + 1 daughter
2. Thomas Mackenzie
  'History of the Mackenzies' (p522) shows this Thomas as Thomas Mackenzie of Kinlochluichart which is supported by BLG1886. However BLG1952 shows him that Thomas as son of John of Strathconnan, Scatwell & Linlochenchart. [## see above ##]
3. John Caol (slender) Mackenzie had issue
4. Roderick Mackenzie
  A. daughter
  m1. _ Macdonald
  m2. Kenneth Mackenzie (minister of Sleat, of the Torridon family)
  B.+ other issue - Alexander, John

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 04.01.07, reviewed/expanded 07.11.17) : 'History of the Mackenzies' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1894, p525+), BLG1886 ('Mackenzie of Ord'), BLG1952 ('Mackenzie formerly of Ord')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 07.11.17) : 'History of the Mackenzies' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1894, p522+)
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