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Families covered: Mackenzie of Allangrange, Mackenzie of Dundonnel, Mackenzie of Rosehaugh
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Simon Mackenzie of Lochslinn (Lochallin or Lochalyne) (d 01.1666)
TSP mentions both of Simon's wives and his children, George, Simon, Colin, Thomas, Alexander & Jean ("eldest daugter") but is not clear which wife was mother of which child. BLG1952 does not mention the daughters but identifies Elizabeth as mother of George, Simon, Thomas, Colin & other issue and Agnes as mother of a posthumous son. 'History of the Mackenzies' (p355+) identifies Elizabeth as mother of George, 4 other sons plus Jane whilst 'History of the Mackenzies' (p362) identifies Agnes as mother of Kenneth, Isobel & Elizabeth.
m1. (mcrt 05/06.1634) Elizabeth Bruce (dau of Peter Bruce, Principal of St. Leonard's, son of Bruce of Fingask)
1. Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh (b 1636, d 08.05.1691, Lord Advocate)
  m1. (mcrt 08.12.1662) Elizabeth Dickson (bur 13.08.1669, dau of John Dickson of Hartree, Senator)
  A. Agnes Mackenzie (b 02.01.1663, eldest daughter)
  m. (07.1680 (not 1705)) Sir James Stuart, 1st Earl of Bute (d 04.06.1710)
  B. Elizabeth Mackenzie (d 07.1717)
  m1. (Sir) Archibald Cockburn of Langton (dvp)
  m2. Sir James Mackenzie, Bart of Royston (b 1671, d 09.11.1744, Lord of Session as Lord Royston)
  C.+ other issue (d young) - John, Simon, George
  m2. (14.01.1670) Margaret Halyburton (d 01.1713, dau of James Halyburton of Pitcur)
F. George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh (d 10.1707, youngest son)
  i. daughter (dsp)
  G.+ other issue (d young) - Jamnes, Jean, Margaret
2. Simon Mackenzie (d 1664)
  m. (1663) Jane Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Ballone, brother of Sir John of Tarbet, uncle of George, 1st Earl of Cromarty)
A. Simon Mackenzie, 1st of Allangrange (b 1664/5, d 02.1730)
  m1. (22.08.1693) Isobel Mackenzie (dau of Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Findon)
  i. George Mackenzie, 2nd of Allangrange (d 1773, 2nd son)
  m. (05.1731) Margaret Bayne (dau of John Bayne & granddau of Sir Donald Bayne of Tulloch)
  a. John Mackenzie, 3rd of Allangrange (d 10.11.1812, 5th son)
  m1. (1781) Catherine Falconer (d 02.04.1790, dau of James Falconer of Monckton by Jean Falconer)
  (1) George Falconer Mackenzie, 4th of Allangrange, Clan Chief (b 09.03.1790, d 1841) had issue
  m. (09.01.1828) Isabella Reid Fowler (d 09.1854, dau of James Fowler of Raddry, Fairburn and Jamaica)
  Their sons John and James were successive chiefs of their clan. Both died unmarried.
(2) Jane Falconer Mackenzie (d 1857)
  m. (1803) John Gillanders of Highfield
  (3)+ other issue (d infant) - Margaret, Margaret
  m2. Barbara Gillanders (dsp 1823, dau of George Gillanders of Highfield, widow of John Bowman of London)
  b. Margaret Mackenzie
  m. Alexander Chisholm of Chisholm
  c. Isobell Mackenzie
  m. (mcrt 1767) Simon Mackenzie of Langwell (Captain)
  d. Mary Mackenzie
  m. Kenneth Chisholm of Fasnakyle (cadet of Knockfin)
e.+ other issue(d young or unm) - Simon (dvp 1731), William (dvp 1764, Captain), George, Anne, Janet, Susanna, Lilias, Ann, Barbara, Elizabeth
  ii. William Mackenzie (Captain in the Dutch army, 4th son) had issue ("since proved extinct")
  m. _ Innes
  iii. Elizabeth Mackenzie
  m. (1745) John Matheson of Fernaig
  iv. Eliza Mackenzie
  m. (1745) Ludovic Mackenzie (son of Roderick of Redcastle)
  v. Isobel Mackenzie
  m. Murdoch Cameron
  vi.+ other issue - Roderick (d unm), Simon (dsp), Lilias (d unm)
  m2. (28.08.1718) Susanna Fraser (dau of Colonel Alexander Fraser of Kinneries) ## but see here ##
  ix. Colin Mackenzie
  m. _ Macdonald in Lochaber
  a. Susanna Mackenzie
  m. _ Cameron
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - William, daughter
  x. Margaret Mackenzie
  m. John Mackenzie of Newton (d 1759)
  a. Simon Mackenzie of Mullet Hall, Jamaica (Dr)
  m. Catherine Gregory (dau of Samuel Gregory from Nairn)
b.+ other issue - George, Roderick, Kenneth, Isobel
  xi. Frances Mackenzie
  m. (mcrt 1752) James Cumming
  xii.+ other issue (d unm) - Alexander (dsp in 1780 in Jamaica), Susanna, Janet
3. Colin Mackenzie (dsp)
  m. (29.03.1677) Helen Clerk (bur sp 11.01.1690, dau of John Clerk of Pennycuik)
4. Thomas Mackenzie
m. (mcrt 16.09.1667) Annabella Mackenzie (dau of Donald Mackenzie of Logie)
5. Alexander Mackenzie probably the Alexander of Inchcoulter who married ...
  m. (1678) Isobella Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Ardross & Dundonnel)
  A. George Mackenzie of Inchcoulter possibly fits here
  i. daughter
  m. William Mackenzie of Pitlundie & Culbo
  B. Grace Mackenzie possibly fits here
  m. Roderick Mackenzie of Flowerburn
6. Jean (Jane) Mackenzie
m1. (mcrt 09.07.1656) Robert Douglas of Katewell, younger of Muldarge
  m2. Sir James Grant of Moyness
m2. (1650) Agnes Fraser (dau of William Fraser of Culbockie, widow of Alexander Mackenzie of Ballone)
7. Kenneth Mor Mackenzie of Glenmarkassie & Dundonnel (a 1690, Chamberlain of Assynt)
  m. Annabella Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Gruinard, natural son of George, 2nd Earl of Seaforth)
A. Kenneth Mackenzie of Dundonnel
  m. Jean Chisholm (dau of John Chisholm of Chisholm)
  i. Kenneth Mackenzie of Dundonnel
  m. (1737) Jean Mackenzie (dau of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie of Scatwell, 1st Bart)
a. George Mackenzie of Dundonnel
  m. Abigail Mackenzie (dau of Thomas Mackenzie of Ord)
  (1) Alexander Mackenzie (d young)
  (2) Kenneth Mackenzie of Dundonnel (dsp before 1835)
  m. (1817) Isabella Roy (dau of Donald Roy of Treeton)
  (3) Thomas Mackenzie, last of Dundonnel (a 1835) had issue
  m. Anne Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Ord)
  (4) Jane Mackenzie
  m. _ Ross (minister of Lochbroom)
  b. Janet Mackenzie (dsp 1783)
m. Colin Mackenzie of Jamaica (brother of George of Kildonan of Lochbroom)
  c.+ other issue - Kennth (d 1790, WS), William (minister, had issue), Roderick (had issue), Alexander (dsp, Captain), Simon in Nairn (d 1812), Lewis (dsp, Captain), Isabella (d unm)
  ii. Alexander Mackenzie (d 1783, Captain)
  iii. John Mackenzie
  m. Barbara Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Ardloch, m2. Roderick Mackenzie (son of George of Gruinard))
  a. Annabella Mackenzie
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Rivochan in Kishorn
  c.+ other issue - "several sons" (d young), Isabella
iv. Isabel Mackenzie possibly of this generation
  m. John Mackenzie of Torridon
  B. Colin Mackenzie of Ardinglash (dsps, 3rd son)
  m. Annabella Mackenzie (dau of Simon Mackenzie of Logie)
  C. Barbara Mackenzie
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Ballone
  D. Sibella Mackenzie
  m. John Mackenzie of Ardloch
  E. Annabella or Isabella Mackenzie
  m. James Mackenzie of Keppoch (brother of John of Ardloch)
  F.+ other issue - Alexander, Simon
8. Isobel Mackenzie
  m. (1673) Murdoch Mackenzie, 6th of Fairburn
9. Elizabeth Mackenzie
  m. Rev. Roderick Mackenzie of Avoch (son of John, Archdeacon of Ross, natural son of George, 2nd Earl of Seaforth)

Main source(s): 'History of the Mackenzies' (p355+ & p362+), BLG1952 ('Fraser-Mackenzie of Bunchrew formerly of Allangrange') with a little support from TSP ('Seaforth')
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