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Families covered: Macleod of Bernera, Macleod of Luscantyre, Macleod of Muiravonside, Macleod of Talisker

Sir Roderick MacLeod of Talisker (d 1675)
m1. (Mary) Mackay (dau of Donald Mackay, 1st Lord Reay)
1. daughter (d young)
m2. Mary Mackinnon (dau of Sir Lachlan Mackinnon of Mackinnon)
2. John Macleod of Talisker
  m. Janet Macleod (dau of Alexander Macleod, younger of Greshornish)
  A. Donald Macleod of Talisker
  m. Christina Macleod (dau of John Macleod, 2nd of Contullich) @@ below
  i. John Macleod of Talisker (b 1718, d 07.1800, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. Florence or Mary Maclean (dau of Hector Maclean of Coll)
  a. son (b 1745, d young)
m2. (sp) Christian Mackay (dau of John Mackay of Inverness)
  ii. Magnus Macleod of Talisker (a 1800, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Margaret Isabella Macdonald (dau of _ Macdonald of Skirinish)
  a. Donald Macleod, last of Talisker, to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) (a 1821, Major) had issue in Australia
  m. Catherine Maclean (dau of Alastair Ruadh Maclean of Coll by Catherine Cameron)
b. Alexander Macleod (Colonel)
  iii. Roderick Macleod (b 1727, d 11.1815, Principal of King's College, Aberdeen)
  m. Isabella Christie (dau of Dr. _ Christie of Baberton)
  a. Roderick Macleod of London (physician, 4th son) had issue
  m. Margaret Gambier Macleod (dau of Rev. Roderick Macleod of Soho)
  b. Christina Macleod
  m. Hugh Macpherson (Sub-Principal of King's College, Aberdeen)
  c. Isabella Macleod
m. (01.01.1805) Arthur Forbes (Colonel, son of Sir Arthur of Craigievar)
  d. Margaret Macleod
  m. George Thomas Gordon (Colonel)
  e.+ other issue (d unm) - Archibald (d infant), Donald (Captain), John (d 1824, Captain), Anne, Jessie (d young)
  iv. Norman Macleod
  v. Janet Macleod
m. (mcrt 11.03.1748) Hugh Maclean of Coll
  vi. Isabel Macleod
  m. Hector Maclean of the Isle of Muck
  B. Margaret Macleod
  m. Roderick Macleod, 1st of Ulinish
  C. daughter
3. Magnus Macleod (dvp unm)
4. Isabel Macleod
  m. Donald Maclean of Coll



Sir Norman MacLeod of Bernera (b c1600, a 1662, Lt. Colonel)
m1. Margaret Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Lochslinn by Isabel, dau of Alastair Mackenzie, 5th of Gairloch)
1. Ian (John) Macleod of Bernera, 1st of Contilich
  m. Isobel Mackenzie (dau of Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st of Scatwell, by Janet Ross).
  A. William Macleod (d by 1731, 3rd son)
  m. Margaret Mackenzie (dau of Kenneth Mackenzie of Suddie) probably wife of William, presumed mother of ...
  i. son (dsp)
  B. John Macleod of Muiravonside
  m1. Elizabeth Straiton (dau of Capt. Alexander Straiton)
  i. Alexander Macleod of Muiravonside (dsp 30.12.1784)
  m. (1710) _ Montgomery (dau of William Montgomery of Macbeth Hill)
  ii. Elizabeth Macleod
m. John Macdonald, 8th of Largie
  m2. (sp) _ Hume (dau of Alexander Hume of Glasgow)
  C. Donald Macleod, 3rd of Bernera (b 1693, d 16.12.1783)
  BLG1952 does not report on Donald's family other than to report that he had issue by the Alexandrina, dau of Donald Macleod of Grishernish. Mackenzie suggests that her sister Margaret was Donald's 3rd wife.
  m1. Anne Macleod (dau of Roderick Macleod of Macleod by Isabel, dau of Kenneth, 3rd Earl of Seaforth)
  i. Norman Macleod of Unish, later of Bernera
  m. Margaret Macneil (dau of (Roderick) Macneil of Barra)
  a. Anne Macleod (d 1830)
  m. Norman Macleod of Bernisdale (d 1804)
  b. Margaret Macleod
  m. Angus Campbell of Ensay
  (1) Margaret Campbell
  m. William Macleod (son of Norman of Bernisdale)
c.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Roderick, William, Donald, Isabella of Orbost (d unm 1839), Janet, Christian, 5 others (d young)
  ii. Alexander Macleod of Rodel in Harris, Bernera, St. Kilda, etc. (a 1779, Captain)
  m. Helen Maclean of Boreray (cousin)
  a. Alexander Norman Hume Macleod
  (1)+ issue - Alexander (had issue), Charles, 2 sons, Louisa, 3 daughters
  b. Donald Hume Macleod
  (1) Frances Anne Mackenzie Macleod
  m. (09.0.41877) John D. Dundas
  c. Sophia Macleod
d. Elizabeth Macleod
  m. (1784) Robert Bruce Aeneas Macleod of Cadboll
  iii. Janet Macleod
  m. John Macpherson (d 1765, minister of Sleat, author)
  Their son John (b 1744, d unm 1821, MP) was Governor-General of India in 1785-86 and was created a Baronet in 1786.
  iv. Isabella Macleod
  m. Rev. William Macleod (son of Roderick, 1st of Ulinish)
  v. Christian Macleod
  m. _ Macleod of Oze
  v. daughter (dsp)
  m. _ Macleod of Ferrinlea
  vii. Sibella Macleod
  m. Allan Macdonald of Knock
  viii. Flora Macleod
m. _ Campbell of Ensay
  ix. daughter
  m. _ Maclean of Trean
  x. daughter
  m. _ Macdonald of Achagoyle (Major)
  xi.+ other issue - Roderick, William, John, 7 others
  m2. (sp) Margaret Macdonald ("a daughter of John Macdonald Gorm Macdonald of Sleat")
  m3. Alexandrina (probably not Margaret) Macleod (dau of Donald Macleod of Grishernish)
  xxi. Sir John Macleod of Unish (b 09.01.1766, d 1851, Lt. General) had issue
m. _ Finlayson (dau of Colonel _ Finlayson)
  xxii. Donald Macleod (Captain) had issue (1 son who d young)
  m. _ Gigurney of Cheltenham
  xxiii. Sir Charles Macleod, later in London (dsp, Lt. General)
  m. Mary Chinnery ("daughter of an artist of that name")
  xxiv. Alexandrina Macleod
  m. Norman Macleod of Drynoch & Ellanriach (d 1828)
  xxv. Anne Macleod
  m. Kenneth Campbell of Stron
  xxvi. Marion Macleod
  m. Alexander Macleod of Dalvey (Major)
xxvii. Jessie Macleod
  m. Donald Maclean of Boreray & Drimnin
  xxviii. Christina Macleod
  m. _ Macdonald of Askernish
  xxix. daughter (d infant)
  D. Margaret Macleod
  m. William Macleod of Ose, 2nd of Vatersteen
E. Christina Macleod
  m. Donald Macleod, 3rd of Talisker @@ above
  F. Janet Macleod
  m. Lachlan Maclean, 2nd of Gruline (son of Allan of Gruline son of Charles, 2nd of Ardnacross & 1st of Drimnin)
  G.+ other issue (dsp) - Alexander, Roderick
m2. Catherine Macdonald (dau of Sir James Macdonald, 2nd Bart of Sleat, by Margaret Mackenzie)
2. William Macleod, 1st of Luscantyre (Luskintyre) (b 1661, d 08.02.1738)
  Mackenzie identifies William's wife Margaret as dau of Kenneth Mackenzie, 2nd of Suddie, but BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret Mackenzie (dau of Capt. Alastair Mackenzie, 4th of Suddy)
A. Alexander Macleod, 2nd of Luscantyre
  m. Margaret Morrison
  i. John Macleod (Captain)
  a. issue including Sir Alexander (b 09.01.1766, youngest son)
  ii. Isabella Macleod
m. William Macleod of Glendale (b c1750, d 08.1811)
  iii.+ 17 others ("most of whom died young")
  B. Roderick Macleod 'of Bernera' (W.S.)
  m1. Isabel Bannatyne (dau of Hector Bannatyne of Kaime, sister of James)
i. Sir Bannatyne William Macleod (b 1749, d unm 1833, Lord of the Court of Session as 'Lord Bannatyne')
  ii. Anne Macleod (d 05.02.1830)
  m. (1774) Sir John McGregor Murray of Lenrick Castle, Bart (Colonel)
  iii.+ other issue - Norman (d young), daughter (d unm), 3 other daughters (married but dsps)
  m2. Marjory Taylor (dau of John Taylor of Inveraray)
  C. Margaret Macleod (d 20.09.1750)
  m. Ranald Macdonald, 16th of Clanranald, 4th of Benbecula (b 1692, d 28.11.1753)
  D. Alice Macleod
  m. Roderick Macneil, 19th of Barra (b 1693, d 07.05.1763)
  E.+ other issue (dvp)
3. Sir Alexander (Alastair) Macleod (dsp, Lord Advocate)
4. Isobel Macleod
  m. Roderick 'Dhu' Macneil, 18th of Barra (a 1715)
5. Marion Macleod
  m. Donald Maclean of Coll
6. Catherine Macleod
  m1. Alastair Macleod, 7th of Raasay
  m2. Agnus Macdonell, 3rd of Scotus (brother of Alastair Dubh of Glengarry)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of the Macleods' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1889, p229+)
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 ('Macleod of Macleod'), 'History of the Macleods' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1889, p240+)
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