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Families covered: McNeill of Ardlussa, McNeill of Aros, McNeill of Ballymascanlon, McNeile of Colliers Hall, McNeill of Colonsay, McNeill of Cushendun, McNeill of Faughart, McNeill of Gigha, McNeill of Kilchrist, McNeill of Losset, McNeill of Macrihanish, McNeill of Mount Pleasant, McNeill of Oronsay, McNeill of Taynish, McNeill of Tirfeargus, McNeill of Ugadale

BLG1952 (Macneil of Barra) reports a view that Neil Macneil of Kintyre, younger son of Neil Og Macneil, 6th of Barra, was ancestor of the Macneils of Taynish and Gigha but BLG1952 (NcNeill formerly of Colonsay) starts with ...
Torquille McNeill of Taynish and Gigha (b c1380, Constable of Castle Sween)
1. Neill McNeill (dsp)
2. Hector McNeill (d c1473, Constable of Castle Sween)
A. Neill McNeill of Gigha (d by 1554)
  i. Neill McNeill of Gigha
  a. Neill (or Torquill) McNeill of Taynish and Gigha
  (1) Neill McNeill of Taynish
  m. Elizabeth Campbell (dau of Duncan Campbell, Captain of Castleswene)
  (A) Neill Oge McNeill of Durlocher (2nd son)
  (i) Lachlan McNeill of Tirfeargus and Losset (b c1611, d 1694)
  m1. Mary McNeill of Carskey
  (a) John McNeill of Tirfeargus
  m(1). (1672) Margaret McNeill (dau of Hector McNeill of Gallochally)
  ((1)) Torquill McNeill of Tirfeargus (dsp)
  m. Catherine Mackay of Ugadale
  ((2)) Neill McNeill
  m. _ Park of Carlingford
  ((A)) John McNeill of Faughart (d 1769, Captain)
  ((i)) Neill McNeill of Faughart and Tirfeargus
  ((a)) Donald McNeill of Faughart (b 1790, d 09.04.1865, Major) had issue
  m. _ Courtney
  ((ii)) Torquil Park McNeill of Mount Pleasant
((a)) Sir John Benjamin McNeill of Mount Pleasant (b 1793, d 1880) had issue
  m. Isabella Mercer (dau of Robert Mercer)
  ((iii))+ 2 daughters
  ((B))+ 1 son and 5 daughters
  ((3)) Lachlan Dhu McNeill of Ardguy
  m. Margaret McNeill (dau of Hector McNeill of Losset) @1@ below
  ((A))+ issue - John, Hector
  ((4)) Mary McNeill
  m. Hector McNeill of Carskey
  ((5)) Florence McNeill
  m. John Dhu McAlester
  ((6)) Annabel McNeill
  m. James Montgomery of Ballymena
  (b) Archibald McNeill of Ballymascanlon (d 06.02.1696)
  m. _ McNeale (dau of John McNeale of Billy)
  ((1)) daughter
  (c) Neill Buidh McNeill of Killoquin (d 1722)
  m. Rose Stewart (dau of Captain Ninian Stewart of Garva)
  ((1)) Lachlan McNeill of Ballyucan and Aros (d c1739)
BLG1952 (McNeill formerly of Colonsay) identifes Lachlan as 'of Tirfeargus and Losset) and his wife as Jane McNaghten of Benvarden but, following BLG1952 (McNeile of Nonsuch formerly of Killilaw), we show his wife as ...
  m. Helen Stafford (dau of Francis Stafford)
  ((A)) Neill McNeill of Cushendun
  m. Christian Hamilton (dau of Capt. William Hamilton of Cushendun)
  ((i)) Edmund McNeill of Cushendun (b 1742, d 01.05.1794)
  m. Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Clermont)
((a)) Edmund Alexander McNeill of Cushendun (b c1787, d 28.05.1879) had issue
  m. (13.05.1817) Rose McNeile (d 25.10.1868, dau of Alexander McNeile of Ballycastle) @2@ below
  ((b))+ 2 daughters
  ((ii))+ 1 son and 1 daughter
  ((B)) Alexander McNeill of Drumaduan (d 1785, Doctor)
  m. (1742) Anne Fleming (d 1798, dau of William Fleming, Lord Slane)
  ((i)) William McNeill (dspsm, Professor in Dublin)
((ii)) Fleming McNeill (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Wandesforde
  ((iii)) Neill McNeill of Culbane
  m. Elizabeth Robinson (dau of John Robinson of Dublin)
  ((a)) Thomas McNeill (b 1781, d 1830, Captain) had issue
  m. (1810) Sarah Johnson (dau of Thomas Johnson)
  ((C))+ 1 son and 3 daughters
  ((2)) Donald McNeile (4th son)
  m. (mcrt 1712) Margaret McLean (d 14.03.1723, dau of John McLean) @3@ below
((A)) John McNeile
  m. Elizabeth Vernon
  ((B)) Neill Buidh McNeile of Colliers Hall
  m. (13.06.1752) Jane Clerk (dau of Alexander Clerk of Turnarobert)
  ((i)) Alexander McNeile of Colliers Hall and Ballycastle, Sheriff of co. Antrim (b 12.05.1762, d 14.11.1838, 4th son)
  m. (01.1785) Mary McNeale (d 1852, dau of John McNeale of Culreshekin)
((a)) John McNeile of Parkmount (b 10.03.1788, d 18.05.1855, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (14.06.1823) Charlotte Lavinia Dallas (d 05.08.1859, dau of Lt. Gen. Sir Thomas Dallas)
  ((b)) Hugh Boyd McNeile (b 15.07.1795, d 28.01.1879, Dean of Ripon) had issue
  m. (02.05.1822) Anne Magee (d 1881, dau of William Magee, Archbishop of Dublin)
  ((c)) Rose McNeile (b 21.09.1790, d 25.10.1868)
  m. (20.10.1817) Edmund Alexander McNeill of Cushendun (b c1787, d 28.05.1879) @2@ above
  ((d)) Jane McNeile (b 18.07.1797, d 1874)
  m. (27.09.1825) Alexander Miller
  ((e))+ other issue - Alexander Clerk (b 1786, d young), Daniel (b 21.02.1792, d 1810)
  ((ii)) Esther McNeile (b 25.03.1753)
  m. Daniel McNeill of Gallochally (son of Henry of Binian)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Daniel (b 12.08.1754, d 21.10.1826, Lt. General), James (b 18.08.1756), John(b 03.02.1761), Neill (b 18.04.1764, d young), John (b 25.02.1769), Margaret (b 17.03.1759)
  ((C)) Rose McNeile
  ((3)) John McNeill of Portrush
  m. (1727) Margaret McNeill (dau of Neill McNeill of Taynish)
  ((A))+ 4 sons and 2 daughters
  ((4))+ other issue - Archibald (dspl, Captain), Hugh (d Almanza 07.04.1707)
(d) Torquil McNeill (b 1653, d 1728)
  m1. (1692) Jean Colquhoun (dau of Archibald Colquhoun)
  ((1))+ 2 sons
  m2. Barbara Mackay (dau of _ Mackay of Ugadale)
  ((3)) Neill McNeill of Ugadale
m. Margaret Lindsay-Crawford (b 1702, dau of John Lindsay-Crawford, 1st Viscount Garnock)
  ((A)) Hector McNeill of Ugadale and Losset (dspl c1817)
  ((B))+ other issue (d unm) - John, Charles
  (e) Isobel McNeill
  m. Dugald Campbell of Drumnamucloch
  (f) Elizabeth McNeill
  m. (1660) John Campbell of Kildalloig (d c1706)
  (g) Mary McNeill
  m. Donald McNeill of Colonsay @4@ below
  m2. Margaret McAlester of Tore (d 02.1692)
  (h) Hector McNeill of Losset
  m1. Anne Campbell (dau of Dugald Campbell of Saddell)
  ((1)) Donald McNeill (2nd son)
  m. Florence McAlester of Askomile
  ((A)) Jean McNeill
  ((2)) John McNeill (captain)
  m. Christian Terchard
((A))+ issue - John (Captain), Archibald
  ((3))+ other issue - Dugald (d unm), Archibald, James, 4 daughters
  m2. (1723) Florence Campbell (dau of Peter Campbell of Kildriskland)
  ((10))+ other issue - Lachlan, 2 daughters
  One of the above daughters, but by which marriage is unknown, was ...
  Margaret McNeill
  m. Lachlan Dhu McNeill of Ardguy @1@ above
  (i) Malcolm McNeill of Ballymascanlon (b 1668, d 28.06.1731)
  m. Grizel Donaldson (d 1714, dau of Robert Donaldson of Ballymena)
  ((1)) Henry McNeill of Ballymascanlon (b c1699, d unm 11.1731)
  ((2)) Malcolm McNeill of Ballymascanlon (b c1711, dsps 1783, 3rd son)
  m. Christian Kennan (dau of Thomas Kennan)
  ((3)) Daniel McNeill of Navan (b c1712, d 1773)
  m. Anne Reid of Liverpool
((A)) Robert McNeill of Ballymascanlon (d 1783)
  ((i)) James Wolfe McNeill had issue
  ((ii))+ 3 daughters
  ((B))+ 7 daughters
  ((4)) Margaret McNeill
  m. Patrick Simson (minister of Dundalk)
  ((5)) Grizel McNeill
  m. Neill Oig McNeill, younger of Aros @5@ below
  ((6))+ other issue (d unm) - Robert, Archibald
  (j) Donald McNeill of Kilchrist
  m. Ninian Montgomery of Campbeltown
  ((1)) Lachlan McNeill of Kilchrist, Provost of Campbeltown
  m1. Catherine Clerk (dsps, dau of Baillie Donald Clerk)
  m2. Anne McAlester (dau of Charles McAlester of Tarbert)
  ((A))+ issue - Charles (dspl), Isabel, Anne
  ((2)) James McNeill (d unm)
((3)) Margaret McNeill
  m. Alexander Marchmont
  ((4)) Rose McNeill
  m. Donald McNeill
  (k) Neill Oig McNeill of Macrihanish and Aros (a 1728)
  m. Elizabeth Montgomery (dau of Baillie John Montgomery)
  ((1)) Neill Oig McNeill of Macrihanish and Aros
  m. Grizel McNeill (dau of Malcolm McNeill of Ballymascanlon) @5@ above
((A)) daughter
  ((2)) Lachlan McNeill of Aros (5th son)
  m. (1756) Peggy McNeill (dau of Malcolm McNeill of Tarbert)
  ((A))+ issue (d unm) - Neill, Malcolm, Isabella of Aros
  ((3))+ other issue - John (in New England), Archibald (d unm 1757), Daniel (d unm), 2 daughters
  (l) Annabella McNeill
  m. John McLean (preb. of Rashakin)
  ((1)) Margaret McLean (d 14.03.1723)
  m. (mcrt 1712) Donald McNeile @3@ above
  (m) Isobel McNeill
  m. David Simson (minister of Islay)
  (n) Margaret McNeill
  m. Donald McNeill of Ballygrogan
  (2) son
  b. John Oig McNeill ancestor of McNeills of Couctronon, etc.
(1) Donald McNeill ancestor of McNeills of Gallachallie
  (2) Malcolm Beg McNeill
  (A) Neill Oig McNeill
  (i) Malcolm McNeill of Arichonan
  (ii) John McNeill, later of Arichonan
(iii) Donald McNeill of Crear then of Colonsay and Oronsay (a 1700)
  m. Mary McNeill (dau of Lachlan McNeill of Tirfeargus) @4@ above
  (a) Maclolm McNeill of Colonsay and Oronsay
  m. (1710) Barbara Campbell (dau of Alexander Campbell, 10th of Dunstaffnage)
  ((1)) Donald McNeill of Colonsay, Oronsay and Ardlussa
  m. _ McNeill of Belfast
  ((A)) Archibald McNeill of Colonsay
  m. (1796) Georgiana Anne Forbes (dau of George Forbes, 5th Earl of Granard)
((2)) Alexander McNeill of Oronsay
  m. Mary McDougall (dau of Alexander 'Alistair Dubh' McDougall of McDougall)
  ((A)) John McNeill of Colonsay, Oronsay and Ardlussa (b 1767, d 02.1846)
  m. Hester McNeill (d 06.1843, dau of Duncan McNeill of Dunmore)
  ((i)) Alexander McNeill of Ardlussa and Gigha (b 17.01.1790, d 18.06.1850) had issue
  m. (24.06.1830) Anne Elizabeth Carstairs (d 18.06.1850, dau of John Carstairs of Stratford Green and Warboys)
  ((ii)) Duncan McNeill of Colonsay and Oronsay, Lord Colonsay (b 1793, d unm 1867, Lord Justice General)
  ((iii)) Sir John McNeill (b 1795, d 17.05.1883)
m1. (1814) Innes Robinson (d 1816, dau of George Robinson of Clormiston)
  m2. (1823) Elizabeth Wilson (d 1868, dau of John Wilson)
  m3. (26.08.1870) Emma Augusta Campbell (d 30.05.1893, dau of 7th Duke of Argyll)
  ((iv)) Archibald McNeill of Colonsay (d 1870, 5th son) had issue
  m. Christina Mitchell (dau of Col. St. Leger Mitchell)
  ((v))+ other issue - Malcolm (d Prome 1852, Governor of Vellore, Brigadier), Forbes in London (d 1843)
  ((B)) Donald McNeill (Lt. Colonel, 4th son)
  m. Georgina Mackay (b 1783, dau of George Mackay of Bighouse)
((C))+ other issue - Malcolm, James, Alexander (d young), Archibald (RN)
  (b) Neil McNeill of Ardtalley
  m. Grisel Campbell (dau of Captain Archibald Campbell of Auchindarrock)
  ((1)) Hector McNeill of Ardtalley had issue settled in America
  m. Bessie McTavish (dau of Donald McTavish of Dunardery, Chief)
  ((2)) John McNeill of Ardtalley and Auchindarrock, later of Gigha and Keills, Provost of Inverary (d 14.11.1817)
  m1. _ Campbell (dsp, dau of Alexander Campbell, 10th of Dunstaffnage)
  m2. Elizabeth (or Lillias) Campbell (dau of Rev. Alexander Campbell of Inverary)
  ((A)) John McNeill of Gigha (d 15.10.1850, Major)
  m1. Mary Campbell
  ((i)) John McNeill (dsp in Jamaica)
  ((ii)) Mary McNeill
  m. Malcolm Mackillar of Glenreacdale
  ((iii)) Ann McNeill (d 1881)
  m. James Hunter of Corray (d 1844)
  m2. (1797) Jean Campbell (dsp, dau of Sir Hay Campbell, 1st Bart of Succoth)
  ((B))+ other issue (dsp) - Alexander, Lilias (d 29.11.1853)
  m3. Janet McNeill (dau of Daniel McNeill of Gallachallie)
  (c)+ other issue - Hector, John

Main source(s): BLG1952 (McNeill formerly of Colonsay), BLG1952 (McNeile of Nonsuch formerly of Kippilaw)
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