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Families covered: McCarty of Carrignavar, McCarthy of Dooneen, McCarthy of Drishane Castle

Dermot MacCarthy of Drishane Castle, co. Cork
1. Teige McCarthy of Drishane Castle
  A. Donough McCarthy of Drishane Castle
  m. Honora McCarthy (cousin, of the house of Muskerry)
i. Donough McCarthy of Drishane Castle
  m. Honora McSweeny (of the family of Amath)
  a. Donough McCarthy of Drishane Castle (a 1641)
  m. Anne Fitzgerald (of the house of Desmond)
  (1) Dermot McCarthy of Carhue & Dooneen
  m. (before 1635) Ellinor O'Callaghan (dau of Darby O'Callagan of Kilpeader or Kilpadir)
  (A) Donough or Denis McCarthy of Dooneen (b 1619, d 1725!)
  m. Jane Radley of Rockram
  (i) Denis McCarthy of Dooneen (b 1677, d 24.06.1761)
  m. Jane Barrett (dau of J. Barrett of Barrett's Country)
  (a) Justin McCarthy
  m. (1730) Anne McCarthy (dau of Charles McCarthy of Lyradane)
  ((1)) Denis McCarthy of Glynn, co. Cork (d 1824)
  m1. (1770) Anne McCarthy (d 1780, dau of Felix McCarthy of Springhouse)
  ((A)) Denis McCarthy, later McCarthy-O'Leary of Coomlagane (d 10.1829) had issue
  m. (1812) Leonora Howley (d 1832, dau of John Howley of Richill)
  m. Albert Stubbeman of Cork
  ((C)) Mary McCarthy
  m. Timothy Mahony of Cork
  m2. Helen O'Leary (dsp, dau of _ O'Leary of Millstreet)
  ((2)) Jane McCarthy
(b) Daniel McCarthy of Nohavall
  m. Ellen McCarthy (dau of Daniel McCarthy)
  ((1))+ issue - Denis, Charles, Mary, Catherine, Jane
  One of these was parent of ...
  ((A)) Justin McCarthy had issue
  (c) Alexander McCarthy of Knocknagree (b 1718, d 1802)
  m. Mary Duggan (dau of Daniel Duggan of Mount Infant, aunt of Daniel Cronin of the Park)
  ((1)) Denis McCarthy
  ((A))+ issue including Florence of Crookhaven (had issue)
  ((2)) Alexander McCarthy of Cork (b 25.03.1771, youngest son) had issue
  m. Eliza Fagan (d 30.05.1829, dau of Stephen Fagan)
  ((3)) Ellen McCarthy
  m. Denis Mahony of Islandaughter
  ((4)) Mary McCarthy
  m. Martin Lawlor of Killarney
  ((5)) Jane McCarthy
  m1. _ O'Driscoll
  m2. _ Coghlan of Crookhaven (Captain)
  ((6))+ other isuse - Florence (d 1778, Captain), Daniel (d 1795, Major), Justin (d 1788)
  (d) Joan McCarthy
  m. Timothy McCarthy of Lyradane
  (e)+ 3 daughters
  (ii) Daniel McCarthy
  (a)+ issue - Dermot, Justin



Donald or Daniel MacCarthy or McCarty of Carrignavar, co. Cork
1. Charles (Cormac) McCarty of Carrignavar
  BLG1886 identifies Charles's wife as Catherine, dau of David Roche, 7th Viscount Fermoy. However, BE1883 (Roche of Fermoy) identifies her father as a grandson of that Viscount. The dates make that look a bit tight but, provisionally, we follow the latter suggestion and identify Charles's wife as ...
  m. Catherine Roche (dau of Theobald Roche of Ballymagoulan)
  A. Daniel McCarty (dvp 1692)
  m. (1683) Elizabeth Mathew (dau of Toby Mathew of Thurles, widow of Pierce Butler, Lord Cahir)
i. Charles McCarty of Carrignavar (dsp 1761)
  m. Lucy Kavanagh (dau of Morgan Kavanagh of Borris)
  ii. Daniel McCarty
  m. Grace Fitzgerald
  a. Daniel McCarty of Carrignavar
  m. (1751) Elizabeth Geraldina de Courcy (dau of Gerald, 24th Lord Kingsale)
  (1) Justin McCarty of Carrignavar (b c1751, dsp 1775)
  (2) Robert McCarty of Carrignavar (d 1823)
  m. (1784) Jane Capel (dau of Joseph Capel of Cloghroe)
  (A) Justin McCarty of Carrignavar (b 19.03.1786, d 1864) had issue
  m. (29.05.1810) Isabella Falkiner (dau of Caleb Falkiner, son of Sir Riggs, 1st Bart)
  (B) Joseph McCarty (d unm 1821)
  (C) Elizabeth McCarty
  m. (1811) Joseph Deane Freeman of Castlecor
  (3) Elizabeth McCarty
  m. Maurice Uniacke Atkin of co. Cork

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol II, McCarthy of Cork), BLG1886 (O'Leary of Coomlagane)
(2) For lower section : BLG1886 (McCarty of Carrignavar)
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