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Families covered: Early Earls of Mar

There were probably 4 Mormaers (Earls) of Mar before Ruadri but their identity is not clear and their connection with this family is not certain. Ruadri is sometimes referred to as the 5th Earl of Mar and later Earls are therefore sometimes numbered 4 'higher'.
Ruadri / Rotheri / Roderick, 1st Earl (Mormaer) of Mar (a 1114, d by 1141) succeeded by Morgund, son of Gillocher who may have been Ruadri's brother
1. Morgund, 2nd Earl of Mar (d by 30.03.1183) succeeded by Gilchrist, who may not have been his son, then Duncan who definitely was
  A. Gilchrist, 3rd Earl of Mar
  m. Orabile (d before 30.06.1203, dau of Nes)
  i. Malcolm
  ii. John
  iii. daughter --
  m. Malcolm of Lundin, the Doorward --
  m. Agnes
  B. Duncan, 4th Earl of Mar (d before 07.02.1243/4)
  i. William, 5th Earl of Mar (d 1281, Chamberlain)
  m1. Elizabeth Comyn (d 1267, dau of William Comyn, 1st Earl of Buchan)
a. Sir Donald, 6th Earl of Mar (d after 25.07.1297)
  m. Helen of Wales (a 1297, dau of Llewelyn, Prince of North Wales)
  (1) Gartney / Gratney, 7th Earl of Mar (d by 09.1305)
  m. (c1292) Christian Bruce (d 1357, dau of Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale)
  (A) Donald, 8th Earl of Mar (b c1300, d Dupplin 12.08.1332)
  m. Isabel Stewart (possibly dau of Sir Alexander Stewart of Bonkyl)
  (i) Thomas, 9th Earl of Mar (b after 1327, dsp before 21.06.1374, Chamberlain)
  m1. (c1353, div by 02.1359) Margaret Graham, Countess of Menteith (b before 1334, d c1380)
  m2. (after 1361) Margaret Stewart, Countess of Angus (d 1417)
(ii) Margaret, Countess of Mar (b c1360, d by 19.10.1393) --
  m1. William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas, Earl of Mar (d 1384) --
  m2. (before 27.07.1388) Sir John Swinton of Swinton (d Homildon Hill 14.09.1402)
  Not reported by TSP, and so perhaps illegitimate, was ...
  (iii) daughter
  m. William Leith of Barnis, Provost of Aberdeen (a 1350)
  (B) Margaret (??) of Mar sister or daughter of Donald, Earl of Mar, possibly of this generation --
  m. Malcolm, 5th Earl of Lennox (d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333) --
  (C) Elyne / Ellen of Mar
  m. (before 1323) Sir John Menteth of Arran (d before 1344)
Their daughter Christian's daughter Janet married Sir Thomas Erskine. Through that marriage, after the earldom and/or lordship of Mar had passed through the legitimate descendants of her brother Donald and after various other claims had been rejected, the earldom of Mar eventually passed to the Erskine family.
  (2) Duncan (a 1296)
  (3) Alexander (a 12.1297)
  (4) Isabel of Mar J
  m. (c1295) Robert 'the' Bruce, King Robert I of Scots (b 11.07.1274, d 07.06.1329) J
  (5) Marjory/Mary of Mar --
  m1. John of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl (d 10.11.1306) --
  m2. Kenneth, 4th Earl of Sutherland (d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333) --
  m2. Muriel of Strathearn (b 1244, dsp before 11.1291, dau of Malise, 5th Earl of Strathearn)
  It is thought probable that some but possibly not all of Morgund's other sons were by his wife Agnes.
  C.+ other issue - Malcolm, James, David or Donald, John

Main source(s): TSP (Mar), BP1934 (Mar)
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