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Families covered: Maynard of Curryglass, Maynard of Fulham, Maynard of Gunnersbury, Maynard of London, Maynard of Milton, Maynard of Sherford

Although no connection between the two families shown on this page has yet been found, it is thought very likely that both were connected to the family shown on Maynard01.
Thomas Maynard of Sherford, Devonshire
m. _ Winston
1. Thomas Maynard of Sherford
  m. _ Hilliard or Hildeyard (coheir)
  A. John Maynard of Sherford
  m. Joan Alexander (dau of John Alexander)
  i. Nicholas Maynard
m. Dorothea Munday (dau of Edward Munday of Derbyshire)
  a. John Maynard (b c1585, a 1620)
  b. Francisca Maynard
  m. Samuel Ducket of London
  ii. Thomas Maynard 'of Sherford' 'of Brixton' (a 1620)
  m. ?? Snellinge (dau of William Snellinge of Chaddlewood)
  a. Thomas Maynard (a 1620)
  m. Agnes Lambert (dau/heir of Thomas Lambert of Plymouth)
  (1) John Maynard of Brixton (d before 1671, 2nd son)
  m. Katherine (bur 22.09.1671)
  (A) Thomas Maynard (bur 01.06.1706)
  m. Margery
  (i) Francis Maynard in London (a 1665, d before 09.1698, Captain)
  m. Elizabeth (m2. Henry Walrond)
  (a) Susanna Maynard (bpt 20.09.1695)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 21.08.1703), Alexander (bpt 25.08.1672)
  (B) Mary Maynard
  m. (c05.1663) Walter Rouse of Plymstock
  (C) Elizabeth Maynard
  m. (19.05.1669) Rev. John Oltramare
(D) Honor Maynard
  m. (24.01.1657-8) Oliver Warring
  (2)+ other issue (a 1620) - Francis (b c1611), Nicholas, Andrew, Mary
  b. Joan Maynard
  m. Henry Polexfen
  c. Anne Maynard
  m. John Jacob of Tavistock
d. Alice Maynard
  m. William Grills of Tavistock
  e. Honor Maynard
  m. Walter Heale of Spredlestone
  f. Jane Maynard
  m. (c08.1626) Anthony Short (rectoro of Ashreigney)
  g.+ other issue - George, John, Andrew, Francis, Christopher
  iii. John Maynard
  m. Maria Martin (dau of Stephen Martin)
a.+ issue (a 1620) - James (b c1590), John (b c1592), son, daughter
  iv. Alexander Maynard of Towstoke (Tavistock), Devonshire the only son shown by Le Neve
  m. Honora Arscott (dau of Arthur Arscott of Tetcott)
a. Sir John Maynard 'of Gunnersbury' 'of Tooting Gravening?' (b 1602, d 08.10.1690, serjeant-at-arms, 3rd son)
  m1. Elizabeth Henley (bur 04.01.1654, dau of Andrew Henley of Taunton)
  (1) Joseph Maynard 'of Gunnersbury' (bpt 15.12.16539, dvp)
  m. Mary or Margaret Moseley (dau of Sir Edward Moseley of The Hough, Bart)
  (A) Mary Maynard (dsp 09.11.1722)
  m. Thomas Grey, Earl of Stamford (dsps 1719-20)
  (B) Elizabeth Maynard (d 22.08.1701)
  m. (09.07.1684) Sir Henry Hobart, Bart of Blicking (d 1698)
  (2) Elizabeth Maynard (bpt 10.01.1631-2)
  m. Sir Duncomb Colchester of Hilldern
  (3) Martha Maynard
  m. Sir Edward Gresham of Limpsfeild, Bart (d 1769)
  (4) Dorothy Maynard (bpt 20.02.1633-4,/b c1647) probably the Dorothy who married ...
  m. (c01.1678/9) Sir Henry Dereham, 2nd Bart of Dereham Abbey (dsp 1682)
  (5) Joanna Maynard (d 1700) probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
m. (1666) Thomas Legh of Adlington (bpt 10.02.1643-4, bur 17.04.1691)
  (6)+ other issue - Andrew (bpt 07.05.1633, bur 16.01.1635-6), Andrew (bpt 25.05.1641, bur 23.12.1641)
  m2. Jane Sellhurst of Kent (d 09.10.1690, relict of _ Austen of Kent)
  m3. (sp) Margaret Gorge (dau of Edward, Lord Gorge, relict of Thomas Fleming of North Stoneham & Sir Francis Prideaux of Pridjean)
  m4. (sp) Mary Upton (d 01.1720/1, dau of John Upton of Lupton, relict of _ Vermunden, m3. Henry Howard, Earl of Suffolk)
  b.+ other issue - Arthur (dsp bur 11.02.1628-9), Joseph (b c1607, a 1620), Allan (dsp)
  v. daughter
  B. Jone Maynard
  m. Walter Hele of Brixton



John Maynard of London
m. Jane Floyer (dau of William Floyer of Floyers)
The connection shown by Mundy between John and his following son is shown dotted, implying that it is not certain.
1. ?? Maynard of Fulham & London
  m. Dorothy Goddard (dau of Thomas Goddard of Ogborne)
  A. William Maynard of Fulham & London
  m. Angell Baskervile (dau/coheir of Humfrey Baskervile, alderman of London)
i. Sir William Maynard of Curriglas (Curryglass), Ireland
  m. Mary Newce (dau of Samwell Newce of Bickendonbury)
  Mundy ends with this generation. The following comes from cross-references from elsewhere in the database.
  a. Sir Boyle Maynard of Curryglass probably of this generation
  m. Anne Lawrence name found on a web site
  (1) William Maynard of Curryglass probably of this generation
It is not clear whether William married twice or one of the marriages was of the next generation, to a son (or nephew) of the same name.
  m1. Henrietta Wandesford (d 19.04.1736, dau of Christopher Wandesford, 1st Viscount Castlecomer)
  m2. Mary Tynte (dau of Sir Henry Tynte of Ballycrenane, m2. William FitzGerald, Bishop of Clonfert)
  (2) Mary Maynard probably of this generation
  m. (1673) Edward Denny of Tralee Castle (b 10.02.1652, d 1709, Colonel)
  (3) Anne Maynard probably of this generation
  m. (after 03.1677/8) Arthur Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy (dsp 07.01.1686)
  (4) Catherine Maynard probably of this generation
  m. (1691) Barry Denny
  b. Mary Maynard probably of this generation
  m. Sir George Hume, 1st Bart of Castle Hume (d c1657)



Henry Maynard of Milton, Devon
m. Johan Jackman
1. Constantine Maynard of Milton
  m. Agnes Hawkyns (dau of John Hawkyns of Tavistock)
  A. Nicholas Maynard of Milton (a 1620)
  m1. Jane Michell (dau of Gilbert Michell)
i. Philppa Maynard
  m2. Elizabeth Langdon (dau of Walter Langdon of Keverell)
  ii.+ other issue - Walter (bur 21.10.1614), Charles (b c1617, a 1620), Rebecka, Elizabeth
  B. Henry Maynard (a 1620)
  m. Julyan Cosworth (bur 26.01.1670, dau of Edward Cosworth)
  i. Henry Maynard 'of Cosworth' (b c1614, bur 21.04.1670)
  m. Bridget Cosworth (bur 08.10.1686, dau of Samuel Cosworth)
  a. Anna Maynard (bur 08.09.1685)
  m. (c07.1677) Francis Vivian of St. Columb (bur 02.08.1690)
  ii.+ other issue - Samuel, Barbara, Frances
  C.+ other issue - John, Bartholomew
2. Johan Maynard
  m. _ Chapman
3. Mary Maynard
  m. _ Wodman
4. Alice Maynard
  m. _ Robyns
5. Philip Maynard
  m. _ Edgcomb
6.+ other issue - Oliver, William

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