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Families covered: Meade of Ballintubber, Meade of Ballymartle, Meade of Clanwilliam, Meagh (Miagh) of Cork

John Miagh in co. Cork
1. John Miagh
  A. William Miagh (d before 1488)
  i. John Miagh (a 1488)
  a. William Meagh (d by 1559)
  (1) James Meaghor Meade (d by 1589, recorder of Cork)
  (A) John Meade of Ballintubber and Cork (a 1611)
  (i) Sir John Meade of Ballintubber (d 28.09.1629)
  m. (mcrt 02.1611) Catherine Sarsfield (dau of Dominick Sarsfield, Viscount Kilmallock)
  (a) William Meade of Ballintubber (b c1612, a 1666, Lt. Colonel) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Travers (dau of Sir Robert Travers)
  (b) John Meade



William Meade of Ballintubber (b c1612, a 1666, Lt. Colonel) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Travers (dau of Sir Robert Travers)
1. Sir John Meade,1st Bart of Ballintubber (d 12.01.1706-7)
  m1. (1671) Mary Coppinger (dsp, dau of James Coppinger)
m2. (14.06.1680) Elizabeth Redman (dau of Major Daniel Redman of Ballyinch Castle)
  A. daughter
  m3. (14.06.1688) Elizabeth Butler (d 12.1757, dau of Pierce Butler, 2nd Viscount Ikerrin)
  B. Sir Pierce Meade, 2nd Bart of Ballintubber (d unm bur 18.07.1711, 3rd son)
  C. Sir Richard Meade, 3rd Bart of Ballintubber (b 1697, d 26.05.1744)
  m. (1736) Catherine Prittie (d 21.03.1779, dau of Henry Prittie of Dunalley, she m2. Sir Henry Cavendish, 1st Bart)
  i. John Meade, 1st Earl of Clanwilliam (b 21.04.1744, d 19.10.1800)
  m. (29.08.1765) Theodosia Hawkins-Magill (d 02.03.1817, dau of Robert Hawkins-Magill of Gill Hall)
  a. Richard Meade, 2nd Earl of Clanwilliam (b 10.05.1766, d 03.09.1805)
  m1. (06.10.1793) Caroline, Countess Thun (b 18.05.1769, d 1804)
  (1) Richard Meade, 3rd Earl of Clanwilliam (b 15.08.1795, d 07.10.1879) had issue
  m. (03.07.1830) Elizabeth Herbert (d 20.09.1858, dau of George Herbert, 11th Earl of Pembroke)
  (2) Caroline Meade (d 29.08.1820)
m. (1811) Count Paul Szecheny of Austria
  (3) Selina Meade (d 29.08.1872)
  m. (1821) General Count Clam-Martinitz of Austria
  (4)+ other issue - Robert (b 21.07.1800, d young), Emma (b c03.1799, d 08.1799)
m2. (07.1805) Margaret Irene Sarney (dau of John Sarney)
  b. Robert Meade of Earsham Hall & Burrenwood (b 29.02.1772, d 11.07.1852, General) had issue
  m. (20.06.1808) Anna Louisa Dalling (d 18.03.1853, dau of Gen. Sir John Dalling, Bart)
  c. John Meade (d 06.08.1849, Lt. General) had issue
  m. (02.10.1816) Urania Caroline Ward (d 11.1851, dau of Hon. E, Ward)
  d. Pierce Meade (b 21.11.1776, d 22.11.1834, archdeacon of Dromore) had issue
  m. (06.04.1801) Elizabeth Percy (d 26.09.1823, dau of Thomas Percy, Bishop of Dromore)
  e. Anne Meade (d 1826)
  m. (1788) John Whaley of Whaley Abbey
f. Catherine Meade (d 1793)
  m. (30.06.1789) Richard Wingfield, 4th Viscount Powerscourt (b 29.10.1762, d 19.07.1809)
  g. Theodosia Sarah Frances Meade
  m. Lord Howden
  h. Melosina Adelaide Meade (d 26.03.1866)
  m. (31.12.1801) John Chambre Brabazon, 10th Earl of Meath (b 09.04.1772, d 15.03.1851)
  i.+ other issue - Edward (d 1801), Rose Maria Arabella Sarah (b 1782-3, d 07.02.1876)
  ii. Elizabeth Meade (d 13.03.1807)
  m. (1760) Joseph Dean Bourke, Archbishop of Tuam, 3rd Earl of Mayo (b 1736, d 17.08.1794)
D. Helen Meade (d 28.03.1743)
  m. Richard Ponsonby of Crotto
  E. Catherine Meade
  m1. Thomas Jones of Osbartstown
  m2. Nehemiah Donellan of Nenagh
  F. Mary Meade
  m. (23.02.1727) Denis McCarthy of Cloghrae
  G. Elizabeth Meade (d 06.10.1750)
  m1. Sir Ralph Freke, Bart of Rathbarry (d 1718)
  m2. James King, 4th Lord Kingston (b 1693, d 26/8.12.1761)
H.+ other issue - William (d young), James (d young), Jane (d unm 1777)
2. Robert Meade of Kinsale
  m. (1682) Frances Courthope (dau of Sir Peter Courthope of Little Island and/or Courtstown by Margaret, dau of Thomas Daunt of Owlpen & Gortigrenane)
  The following comes from BLGI1958 (Meade formerly of Ballymartle and Ballintober), BLG1886 (Meade of Ballymartle) & BLG1886 (Meade of Ballintober).
  A. William Meade of Ballymartle (b 02.01.1685, d before 31.05.1764, Dean of Cork)
  m. (02.1719) Helena Townsend (dau of Bryan Townsend of Castle Townsend by Mary, dau of Edward Synge, Bishop of Cork)
  i. John Meade of Ballymartle and Ballintober (dsp 1800, rector of Ballymartle)
  m1. (1748) Katharine Moore (dau of Rev. John Moore of Innishannon)
  m2. (1768) Susanna Townsend (dau of Rev. Horace Townsend of Derry)
  ii. Robert Meade (b 1722, d 02.1779, rector of Danderrow)
  m. (1753) Charlotte Nesbitt (dau of James Nesbitt)
a. Joanna Meade (b 1755, d unm)
  b. Helena Meade (b 04.05.1761, d 05.1786)
  m. (1785) Rev. Horace Townsend of Donoughmore
  iii. Richard Meade (d unm 1769)
  iv. William Meade (b 1728, d 1769, rector of Ringcurran)
  m. (1759) Martha Bourne (dau of Col. Richard Bourne of Burren)
  a. Richard Meade of Ballymartle (d 1814, rector of Ballymartle) had issue
  m. (1802) Dorothea Newman (d 1815, dau of Adam Newman of Dromore)
  b. William Meade (dsp 1813, MD)
  m. Catharine Poole (dau of Hewitt Poole of Mayfield)
  c. John Meade of Ballintober (b 1767, d 1876?)
  m. Alice Corker (dau of Chambre Corker of Ballymaloe and Glanmire, archdeacon of Ardagh, granddau of _ Browne, Archbishop of Tuam)
  (1) John Meade of Ballintober (b 26.07.1792, d 01.1864, rector of Livighmoney) had issue
  m. (26.07.1818) Sarah Wood (d 02.1873, dau of George Wood of Riverview)
(2) William Meade (rector of Inchibacky & Midleton) had issue
  m. Anne Warrne (dau of Robert Warren)
  (3) Richard Meade of Dublin (d 04.1860) had issue
  m. Catharine Stephens (dau of William Stephens)
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) -
  d. Robert Meade (b 1768, d 1852, rector of Ballymoney)
  m. Elizabeth Travers (dau of Robert Travers)
  (1) William Robert Meade (dsp 1852, vicar of Kinsale)
  m. Margaret Lewis (dau of Richard Lewis)
  (2) Robert Meade (d unm)
  (3) Barbara Helena Meade (d 1814)
  m. William de Courcy Meade (bur 13.06.1855, rector)
e.+ other issue (d unm) - Martha (d 1832), Helena (d 1843)
  B. Joanna Meade
  m. (1722) J. Nesbitt (MD)
3. Patrick Meade (dsp before 30.06.1732, Brigadier)
4. Dominick Meade (b 1661, Archdeacon of Cloyne) had issue
  m. Mary Smyth (dau of Francis Smyth of Rathcourcy)
  The following comes from BIFR1976 (Tonson-Rye) which describes Percy as nephew of Sir John, 1st Bart. It is a presumption that Percy was son of Dominick & Mary.
  A. Rev. Percy Meade
  m. Elizabeth Tonson (dau of Henry Tonson of Spanish Island)
  i. Elizabeth Peniel Meade
  m. (06.09.1758) John Rye of Rye Court (d 1768)
5. Elizabeth Meade
  m. John Galway of Lota
6. Eleanor Meade
  m. Godwin Swift (uncle of Dean)
7. Katherine Meade
  m. William Dunscombe of Cork

Main source(s): BP1934 (Clanwilliam)
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