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Families covered: Melton of Aston, Melton of Kellome, Melton of Swine

There are some differences between Walker and the Visitation with, we presume, some confusion & duplication between generations, certainly in the latter source and probably (for the first generation or two) also in the former. Visitation starts with Sir Henry father of Sir William father of Sir William (m. Jane Lucy) father or Sir John (m. Margaret Clifford) father of Sir John (m. Elizabeth Hylton) father of John (m. Margaret Fitzhugh). father of Sir John (m1. Ales Stanley, m2. Elenor St. John). We follow Walker which starts with ...
Sir John Melton (a 1331)
Walker shows this Sir John as married to Elizabeth Hilton, heiress of Swine & Killome (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Hilton). This appears to be a confusion/duplication with the Sir John who married an Elizabeth Hilton 100+ years later (see below).
1. John Melton of Swine & Killome (a 1335)
  m1. Margaret Fitzhugh (dau of William Fitzhugh, Lord of Ravensworth Castle (?))
  A. Sir William Melton (a 1368)
  m. Joan Lucy (d 04.07.1331, dau of Anthony de Lucy)
i. William Melton, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 1339, d 07.03.1399)
  m. Isabel or Elizabeth Everingham (d before 28.01.1393)
  a. Sir John Melton of Aston (b 1377, d 1455)
  m. Margaret Clifford (dau of Roger, Lord Clifford)
(1) Sir John Melton, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 1415, d 23.10.1474)
  m1. Elizabeth Hilton (d 1454, dau of Sir Robert de Hilton of Swine)
  (A) Sir John Melton (b 1455, d 11.07.1510)
  m1. Alice Stanley (bur 1493, dau of Sir John Stanley of Elford)
  (i) John Melton of Swine, Kellome & Aston (d 11.09.1515)
m1. Catherine Hastings (dau of Sir Hugh Hastings of Fenwick by Anne, dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe)
  (a) Dorothy Melton (b 1509, d 21.09.1557)
  m. George Darcy, 1st Lord of Aston (d 23.09.1588)
  m2. Margaret Stanley (dau of Sir William Stanley of Hooton)
  (ii)+ other issue - Nicholas, Robert, Elizabeth
  m2. Eleanora St. John (d 1519, dau of _ St. John by _ Bradshaw, Eleanora was widow of Sir John Zouch)
  m2. Cecilia (d 06.03.1484, widow of _ Fouleskirk)
  (B) John Melton (dvp)
  m. Margaret Fitzhugh (a 1510, dau of William, Lord Fitzhugh)
  (2) Anthony Melton
  (3) Thomazyn Melton
  m. Sir Henry Perpoynt (d before 1454)
(4) daughter
  m. _ Hastinges
  (5) daughter
  m. _ Markenfyld
  b. daughter shown by Visitation as sister of the Sir John who m. Margaret Clifford
  m. _ Everingham of Byrkyn
  ii. Katherine Melton
  m2. Cecilia (widow of _ Fouleskirk who d. 1383)
2. Henry de Melton (a 1328)
  m. Joan
  A. William de Melton (a 1341)
  B. Joan de Melton
  m. (1333) Robert (probably not Thomas) de Conyers
3. William de Melton, Archbishop of York (a 1341)
4. Richard de Melton (a 1337, parson of Brandesburton)

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Melton of Swine and Kilham (Killome)) with support/input/contradiction from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Melton)
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