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Families covered: Mere of Mere, Mere of Rawstorne

Robert de la Mere ('de Mara') (a 1172)
Ormerod identifies the eldest son, William, as "nephew of Sir Hugh Venables, baron of Kinderton" so either Robert's wife was a sister of that Sir Hughor a sister of Robert married that Sir Hugh.
1. William de la Mere (a 1240) possibly father of ...
  A. Sir John de le Mare (a 1240) succeeded by ...
  i. William de la Mere
  a. William de la Mere ('de Mara') (a 1319, d by 1326)
  m. Elena Legh (a 1326, dau of John Legh of Booths)
(1) Matthew del Mere (2nd son)
  m. Alice Danyers (a 1319, dau of Thomas Danyers of Over Tabley)
  (A) William del Mere
  m. Margery Fytton (dau of Thomas Fytton of Gawsworth)
  (i) Richard del Mere (d c1412?)
  (a) William Mere of Mere (d c1447?) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Fitton (dau of Sir Laurence Fitton of Gawsworth)
  (ii) Matthew del Mere of Tiverton (a 1402, dsp, judge of Chester)
  m. Elena de Bromhall (dau of Richard de Bromhall)
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas, John
  (B) Margery del Mere
m. John (son/heir of Hugh son of William de Royercroft)
  (C) Ellena del Mere
  m. Robert de Millington
  (2) David del Mere in Edge & Cuddington (a 1320)
  m. Margery
  (A) son(s) had issue
  (B) Mabell Mere
  m. Roger Dod of Edge
  (3)+ other issue (a 1319) - Adam (dvp), John, Katherine
  b. Richard de la Mere (d before 1342)
  m. Margaret (a 1342)
  ii. Alan de la Mere
  m. Agnes
  a. William de la Mer (dsp)
2.+ other issue - Simon, Adam, Edward, Robert, Philip in Strethull, Gilbert



William Mere of Mere (d c1447?) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Fitton (dau of Sir Laurence Fitton of Gawsworth)
1. Thomas Mere of Mere
  m. Margaret (probably not Isabella) Legh (dau of Robert Legh of Adington by Isabella, dau of Sir WIlliam Stanley of Hooton)
  A. William Mere of Mere (d c1461?)
  m. Margaret Booth (dau/coheir of Ralph Booth, son of Sir Robert of Dunham Massy)
  i. John Mere of Mere (d c1507?)
  m. Douce Legh (dau of Richard Legh of West Hall in High Legh)
  a. William Mere of Mere
  m1. (sp) Alicia Venables (dau of Thomas Venables of Kinderton)
  Ormerod shows William as first married to Alicia Venables (sp) and then to Dorothy, dau of Sir John Digby of Kettilby & widow of John Brokisbe of Frisby. Visitation (1580) just shows the marriage to Dorothy Digby. Visitaton (1613) starts with this William and identifies the mother of his children as an unnamed dau of Sir John Leveson by Dorothy, dau of John Digby of Ketleby. Provisionally we follow Ormerod.
m2. Dorothy Digby (dau of Sir John Digby of Kettilby, widow of John Brokisbe of Frisby)
  (1) John Mere of Mere (d c1595)
  Ormerod & Visitation (1580) reportonly John's marriage to Catherine Fitton. Visitation (1613) shows that he was first married to ...
  m. Jane Ayerd (dau of Clement Ayerd of Forston)
(A)+ issue - Edmond (dvp?), Thomas (dvp?), Anne, Elianor
  m2. Catherine Fitton (dau of Sir Edward Fitton of Gawsworth)
  (E) William Mere of Mere (a 1584)
  m. Parnel Davenport (bur 06.10.1608, dau of John Davenport of Davenport (by Jane, dau/heir of Richard Massey of Tatton), relict of William Newton of Pownall)
  (i) John Mere, last of Mere
  m1. Margaret Jodrell (dau of Edward Jodrell of Yeardsley)
m2. Jane Bold (dau/coheir of Francis Bold of Cremshaw by Catherine. sister of Richard Barnes, Bishop of Durham)
  (a) son (bur 24.01.1599)
  (b) William Mere (b 12.12.1602, d 1655)
  m1. ??
  ((1))+ issue - Hellenora (b 1632, bur 1634), Elizabeth (b 1636), Margaret (b 1638)
  m2. Parnel Davenport (dau of John Davenport of Woodford) @@ below
  ((4)) Peter Mere of the Hough in winslow (b 1656, d 18.08.1726)
  m. Frances Gerton (b c1657, d 07.01.1730-1, dau of John Gerton of Burton upon Trent)
  Ormerod refers to "the Pedigree of Latham of Bradwall" but does not follow the descendants of Peter & Frances. The following comes from the section on 'Family of Mere' within Commoners (vol I, Latham of Bradwall).
  ((A)) Nathaniel Mereor Meyer of Macclesfield
  m. Sarah Lingard (dau of William Lingard)
  ((i)) Peter Meyer (b 30.03.1728, d 1785, vicar of Prestbury)
  m. (26.12.1753) Martha Arderne (dau/coheir of John Arderne of the Oak & Romsey)
  ((a)) Mary Meyer
  m. John Latham of Bradwall Hall
  ((b)) Frances Meyer (d 15.10.1797)
  m. David Davies of Macclesfield
  (((1))) Frances Davies
  ((ii)) Henry Meyer (dsp 1780, rector of Cottingham)
  m. Eton Jefferies of Norwich
  ((iii)) Mary Meyer (d 07.01.1733)
  ((B))+ other issue (dsp) - Peter (d 1737), Henry (d 1746)
  (c) Frances Mere
m. William Booth of Lincolnshire
  (ii) Alice Mere
  m. (25.08.1597) James Brampton of Dagenam
  (iii) Frances Mere
  m. (02.02.1618) John Davenport 'of Woodford'
  (a) Parnel Davenport
  m. William Mere of Mere @@ above
(b)+ other issue - Anne, Alice, Frances
  (iv) Dorothy Mere
  m. _ Stothard of Rusbton
  (v)+ other issue - Mary, Margaret, Ellen
  (F) John Mere of Bewbridge in Claverley
  m. Isabella Berdmore (dau of William Berdmore of the Beech, relict of Richard Elliot of London)
(G) Mary Mere
  m. William Domville (bur 16.05.1624)
  (H) Margaret Mere named by Visitation (1580) as a 2nd Mary
  m. William Newton (son/heir of William Newton of Pownall)
  (I)+ oher issue - Elizabeth, Ellen, Anne
  (2) Alice Mere
  m. John Domville of Lymme (dsp bur 18.10.1593)
  (3) Margaret Mere
  m. Henry Stretton
(4) Ellen Mere
  m. Roger Hurleston or Hurlton of Chester
  b. Catherine Mere
  m. Hugh Page of Eardshaw
  c. Elizabeth Mere
  m. William Millington of Millington
  B. Matthew Mere of Rawstorne (a 1488, 3rd son?)
  m. Joan Millington (dau of Roger Millington of Millington)
  i. Thomas Mere of Rawstorne
  m. Katherine Hill (dau of Robert Hill of Rawstorne)
  a. Hugh Mere of Rawstorne (a 1566)
  m. Elizabeth Ligh (dau of Robert Ligh of High Ligh)
  b. Isabell Mere
  m. John Ganby
  c. Elizabeth Mere
  m. Robert Jackson
  d. Alice Mere
  m. John Ashton of Ashton Cr oft
  e. Margery Mere
  m. Roger Harper
  f.+ other issue - Edward, William, Margaret
  C.+ other issue (a 1488) - Richard, Thomas
2.+ other issue - Jonet, Cecily

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 1, 'Mere of Mere') with input/support for lower section from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Mere of Mere and Rawstorne), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Mere of Mere) and additional input as reported above
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