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Families covered: Mohun of Dunster, Mohun of Ham
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(1) TCP (Somerset) reports that "William de Moion, whose parentage is unknown, appears to have been seigneur of Moion or Moyon, near St. Lo in the Cotentin. He came to England in or after 1066, and was granted large estates in the west confiscated from various Englishmen", adding a note "Unless these lands were granted to his father or some other predecessor who d. before 1084."
(2) TCP (Dorset) reports that "The counties of Somerset and Dorset were originally under the jurisdiction on one Sheriff" so that the early Earls were often indifferent as to of which county were designated. However, of William de Mohun (who d by 1155), TCP reports "Some have called him Earl of Dorset, but there is no doubt that his creation was as Earl of Somerset."
(3) Vivian suggests that the first William (immediately below) was created Earl of Somerset whilst BE1883 identifies William, shown below as 2nd of Dunster, as Earl of Dorset. TCP reports that it was the William who d by 1155 who was created Earl in 1141 by Empress Maud but that that creation was not recognised by King Stephen so his son William was never styled Earl.
Sir William de Mohun 'Sapell', Sheriff of Somerset (a 1066, d after 1090)
m. Adeliz or Alice
1. William de Mohun, 1st of Dunster, Earl of Somerset (d by 1155) "presumably son, though probably not eldest son, of (the above) William"
  m. Agnes de Gaunt (d 1155, dau of Walter de Gaunt)
  A. William de Mohun, 2nd of Dunster (d 1176 / before 1165, 2nd son)
  m. Godehaut de Toeni (b 1130, dau of Roger de Toeni of Conches and Flamsted)
i. William de Mohun 'Meschyn', 3rd of Dunster (d 10.1193)
  m. Lucy
  a. Reynold or Reginald de Mohun, 4th of Dunster (d 1213)
  m. (c1205) Alice de Briwere (dau of Sir William de Briwere)
  (1) Reynold / Reginald de Mohun, 5th of Dunster (d 20.01.1257/8)
  m1. Hawise (dau of Geoffrey FitzPiers, 1st/4th Earl of Essex)
BE1883 reports that Hawise was sister of Humphrey de Bohun, (1st) Earl of Hereford, but we follow TCP in treating her as his sister-in-law for Humphrey's wife was Maud, Hawise's half-sister.
  (A) Sir John de Mohun (dvp 1253-4)
  m. Joane de Ferrers (d 10.1267, dau of William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby )
  BE1883 appears to combine these 2 generations of Johns, showing just one who died in 1278 having married Joane de Ferrers.
(i) John de Mohun, 6th of Dunster (d 11.06.1279)
  m. Eleanor FitzPiers (dau of Sir Reynold FitzPiers)
  (a) John de Mohun, 1st Lord of Dunster (b c1268, d 25.08.1330)
  m1. (by 1299) Ada de Tibetot (d by 1324, dau of Sir Robert or Paine de Tibetot)
  ((1)) John de Mohun (dvp)
  m. Christian Segrave (dau of John de Segrave, 2nd Lord)
((A)) John de Mohun, 2nd Lord of Dunster (b c03.05.1320, d 15.09.1375)
  m. (before 09.1342) Joane de Burghersh (dau of Bartholomew de Burghersh, 3rd Lord)
  ((i)) Elizabeth de Mohun (dsp 1414)
  m. William de Montacute, 2nd Earl of Salisbury (d 1397)
  ((ii)) Philippa de Mohun (dsp 17.07.1431)
  m1. Walter FitzWalter, 4th Lord (b 1345, d 26.09.1386)
  m2. Sir John Golafre (d 18.11.1396)
m3. (1396) Edward Plantagenet, 2nd Duke of York, Duke of Albermarle (b 1373, d Agincourt 25.10.1415)
  ((iii)) Maud de Mohun (d 20.09.1400)
  m. John le Strange, 6th Lord of Knokyn (d 28.07.1397)
  ((B)) Margaret de Mohun
  Shown by Vivian as the Margaret who m. Sir John Carew. We provisionally show that Margaret one generation earlier.
((C)) Elizabeth de Mohun (dsp)
  ((2)) Robert de Mohun
  m. Elizabeth Rogers
  ((3)) Reginald de Mohun (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth FitzWilliams (dau of John FitzWilliams)
  ((4)) Lawrence de Mohun (7th son)
  ((5)) Margaret de Mohun
  m. Sir John Carew of Carew, Lord Deputy of Ireland (d 1363)
((6)) Alianora de Mohun (dsp)
  m. Ralph of Willington
  ((7))+ other sons - Thomas (dsp), Baldwin, Paine, Patrick, Henry
  m2. (by 1325) Sibyl (d 11.1337, widow of Henry de Lorty)
  (b) Margaret de Mohun possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John Cantilupe (d c1324)
  (ii)+ other issue - Reginald (dsp), Robert, Jacobus
  (B) Lucy de Mohun
  m. John de Grey of Codnor (d 1271)
  (C) Alice de Mohun
  m. Robert de Beauchamp of Hatch (a 1257)
(D)+ other issue - Reginald (dsp), Juliana of Ilstor (m. William de Lisle?)
  m2. Isabel de Ferrers (d before 26.11.1260, dau of William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby)
  (F) William de Mohun of Mildenhall, Ottery, etc (d 1280)
  m. Beatrix FitzPiers (dau of Reginald FitzPiers)
  (i) Reginald de Mohun (dsp)
  (ii) Alianore de Mohun (b 01.08.1280)
  m. John de Carru or Carew of Moulsford (d 26.06.1324, son of Richard)
  (iii) Mary de Mohun (b 07.12.1282, dsps by 06.02.1300/1)
  m. John de Meryet of Long Ashton (d 20.02.1326/7)
(G) Sibilla de Mohun
  (H) Isabel de Mohun
  m. Edmund Deincourt of Blankney and Branston, 1st Lord (d 06.01.1326/7)
  (2) Anelina de Mohun
  m. Patrick Frisell, 'Comitis de Anegos'
  (3) Alice de Mohun (dsp)
The following was kindly provided by a contributor (JT, 17.11.08), identifying 'The History of Dunster & the Families of Mohun & Luttrell' by Sir H C Maxwell Lyte (1909) as his source.
  (4) William de Mohun presumably the William of Torry (dspml 1265) mentioned by Visitation
  m. Juliana de Vernon
  (5)+ other issue - Baldwin (priest), Richard
  b. William de Mohun
  ii. Geoffrey de Mohun of Ham, Dorset
  iii. John de Mohun of Ham, Dorset shown by BE1883 as 2 generations later
  a. Sir William de Mohun of Ham
  (1) John de Mohun
  (A) John de Mohun (d 1331)
  (i) John de Mohun (b 1308)
  m1. Matthia Stokes (dau of Sir William Stokes)
  m2. Hawis
(a) John de Mohun
  ((1)) John de Mohun (d 1407)
  m. Sybil
  ((A)) John de Mohun 'of Ham Mohun'
  m. Joanna Jordan (dau/heir of John Jordan of Wolfeton)
  ((i)) Christine de Mohun
  m. Henry Trenchard of Hordhill, later also of Ham Mohun & Wolfeton (d c1476)
  iv. Agnes de Mohun
  m. William de Windsor
  v. Yolenta de Mohun
  m. Ralph de Mohun (son of William son of Durand)
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas, Robert
  B.+ other issue - Ralph, Henry of Whichford (Warwickshire), Ivan, Richard, Peter
2.+ other issue - Geoffrey, Robert

Main source(s): TCP (Mohun), BE1883 (Mohun) with some support/input from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Mohun of Boconnoc), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Mohun of Tavistock)
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