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Families covered: Mowat of Ardo, Mowat of Brabstermire (Brabstermyre), Mowat in Edinburgh, Mowat of Inglistoun (Inglishton), Mowat in Redcloak, Mowat of Swinzie

James Mowat in Redcloak (b c1532, d 03.02.1612)
m. Agnes Auchinleck (d 1622, sister of George Auchinleck of Balmanno)
1. John Mowat in Tannachie (d 1633)
  m. (1596) Agnes Gardyne (d 09.1622, dau of Rev. Thomas Gardyne of Tarves by Isobel Chalmers)
A. James Mowat of Logie (d 05.03.1662)
  m. Margaret Mowat (dau of Thomas Mowayt of Ardo by Janet Ogilvy)
  i. John Mowat in Edinburgh (bpt 08.11.1661, d 05.1709)
  m. (03.10.1689) Helen Mitchell (dau of Andrew Mitchell, Provost of Aberdeen, by Elizabeth Hunter)
  a.+ issue - James, Elizabeth (bpt 06.05.1693, a 1726), child (bur 23.03.1696), Margaret (bpt 29.07.1698, 1726)
  ii. Margaret Mowat (bpt 15.01.1663)
  m. (19.12.1682) Alexander Orem (d 03.1712, bailie in Aberdeen)
  B. Alexander Mowat in Powbair, later in Redcloak (d 12.1685, 3rd son)
  m. (mcrt 1638) Sibilla Mowat (d by 1670, dau of John Mowat in Glithno by Isobel (Elspet) Hervy) @@ below
  i. Elizabeth Mowat (d by 01.1701)
  m1. James Mowat (brother of Magnus of Balquholly)
  m2. (before 18.10.1688) Andrew Strachan (sheriff clerk of Kincardinshire, m1. Margaret Stewart)
  ii. Marie (Marjorie) Mowat (d by 1675)
  m. (03.11.1672) Andrew Moncur in Barnhill
  iii.+ other issue - George (bpt 1641), Margaret (d unm)
  C. Robert Mowat in Edinburgh (b c1620, bur 16.11.1686, 5th son)
  m. (06.08.1667) Maria Logan (bur 24.06.1689. dau of Robert Logan of Mountlothian by Marion Logan)
  i. Bethia Mowat (bpt 21.01.1670)
  m. Alexander Campbell of Barvoline
  ii.+ other issue - Roger (b before 10.1668, bur 14-5,02.1672), child (bur 16.08.1669), John (bpt 21.09.1672), Roger (bpt 29.03.1678), Elizabeth (bpt 21.11.1680, d before 24.06.1689)
  D.+ other issue - George (Captain), William, Elspet, Isobel, Agnes
2. Alexander Mowat in Edinburgh
m1. (11.04.1604) Katherine Nisbet (dau of George Nisbet of Edinburgh, relict of George French of Edinburgh)
  m2. (mcrt 14.11.1612) Margaret Barclay (dau of John Barclay of Edinburgh, brother of Adam of Mathers)
  A.+ issue - John (bpt 13.09.1616), Agnes (bpt 09.11.1613)
  p. Katharin Sympsoune
  C. child (bpt 04.11.1599)
3. George Mowat in Redcloak (d 07.1645)
  m. (23.03.1623) Isobel Orchardtoune (m2. Alexander Strachan of Fallside, m3. Alexander Barclay)
4. Roger Mowat in Edinburgh, later of Balquholly, 'of Drumbruch' (d 1653)
  m. (12.02.1618) Margaret Marjoribanks (dau of Joseph Marjoribanks of Edinburgh)
  A. Alexander Mowat (bpt 17.11.1618, d young?)
  B. Sir George Mowat of Inglishton (Inglistoun), 1st Bart (bur 04.03.1666)
  m. Elizabeth Hope (d by 05.1686, dau of Sir John Hope of Craigall, Bart, by Margaret Murray)
  i. Sir Roger Mowat of Inglishton, 2nd Bart (d by 02.1683, 2nd son)
  ii. Sir William Mowat of Inglishton, 3rd Bart
  m. Antonia Willobie (Willoughby?)
  The Main Sources report that Sir William & Antonia had, as their "only lawful son", Sir Winwood Mowat. TCB (vol 3, Mowat of Inglistoun), which does not identify Sir William's wife, does not mention Winwood but notes that there was a possible 4th Bart, a Sir Alexander Moway, "whose relationship to the former Baronets in unknown".
  iii. Mary Mowat
  m. George Hamilton (Captain)
  iv. Elizabeth Mowat
m. (30.03.1680) Robert Monteith of Randieford (d 04.05.1703)
  v.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 16.06.1657, d young), John (a 1685)
  C. Joseph Mowat of Fallside (d by 1668)
  m1. (26.08.1655) Helen Hamilton (dau of Sir Patrick Hamilton of Littlepreston (Prestonhall) by Elizabeth McGill)
  m2. (mcrt 1663) Jonet Lyll (dau of William Lyll of Bassendean, m2. James Horn in Flos)
  i. Elizabeth Mowat (bpt 04.02.1667)
  m1. (sp) John Kerr of Edinburgh
  m2. (10.07.1692) John Hay of Easthopes
  ii.+ other issue - David (bpt 07.9.1665), William (bpt 05.07.1668, d unm 05.1705, Captain)
  D. Margaret Mowat (bpt 19.03.1620)
  m. David Boswell of Balmuto (d 1680)
  E. Isobel Mowat (bpt 09.10.1621, bur 21.07.1663)
  m. John Cockburn (son of Sir William of Langton by Helen Elphinstone)
  F. Janet Mowat (d 28.04.1672)
  m1. (mcrt 04.02.1648, sp) David Wood (d 05.1668, tutor of Bonnyton)
  m2. (02.04.1669) Bryce Blair of Bogside (Captain)
5. Hugh Mowat in Edinburgh
6. Elspet Mowat (d 11.1614)
  m. (mcrt 14.01.1611) Andrew Milne (b c1592, d 12.10.1640, minister of Ferreresso, m2. Katherine Erskine
  A. Isobel Milne
  m. (mcrt 21.03.1629) Robert Leslie (bur 13.09.1644, son of James of Aberdeen)
  B. Anna Milne
7. Isobel Mowat
  m. David Grahame in Arduthie & Milne of Glenbervie (d 02.1618)



Magnus Mowat in Cowie (d c1596)
m. Isobel Hay (bur 02.09.1615)
1. James Mowat of Ardo (d 1636, burgess of Aberdeen)
  m1. Isobel Strang (dau of Andrew Strang)
  m2. Jonet Hay (d 21.08.1599, dau of Rev. George Hay of Addleston by Marion Henrysonne)
  A. Bethia Mowat
  m. (25.10.1614) David Wedderburn (master of the Grammar School in Aberdeen, author, son of William (by Marjorie Annand), m1. Janet Johnston)
  m3. Katherine Forbes (dau of James Forbes of Bridge)
  B. Thomas Mowat of Ardo (bpt 17.10.1602, d 27.12.1648)
  m1. (after 11.09.1626) Janet Ogilvy (d before 1646, dau of Thomas Ogilvy in Brechin)
  i. Margaret Mowat (bpt 20.01.1629, d 07.03.1700)
  m1. James Mowat of Logie
  m2. Walter Copland in Ardneidly
ii. Elizabeth (Elspet) Mowat (b c1637, d 19.04.1707)
  m1. William Douglas (tailor)
  m2. (22.07.1680) John Maxwell in Edinburgh (d 1703, tailor)
  iii.+ other issue - child (b/bur 07.1627), child (bur 217.07.1632), Thomas (bpt 24.12.1632, d 06.1633), Andrew (bpt 07.08.1642, bur 15.11.1643?), Isobel (bpt 11.03.1634, d infant?), Janet (bpt 31.03.1635, d infant?)
  m2. Margaret Forbes (d 11.09.1662, dau of John Forbes of Craigton)
  C. James Mowat (bpt 09.02.1616, a 1680, youngest son)
  m. ?? ("a French woman")
  i.+ issue- - John Francis (a 07.1667, burgess of Aberdeen), Gawdon (a daughter), Susane
  D. Margaret Mowat (bpt 19.01.1614)
  m1. (08.10.1632) Andrew Strachan
  m2. (19.02.1637) Alexander Hay of Bilbo (son of John of Crimonmogate)
E.+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 17.10.1602), Robert (bpt 24.03.1607, d before 1640), child (bpt 25.04.1609, bur 07.11.1610), Agnes (bpt 17.10.1602, bur 16.04.1606), Isobel (bpt 10.01.1614)
2. William Mowat in Logie (bur 28.10.1633)
  A. John Mowat in Powbair then Glithno (d 06.07.1655, burgess of Aberdeen)
  m1. Isobel (Elspet) Hervy (d 01.06.1650, dau of James Hervy of Blanok by Elspet Stewart)
  i. Bethia (Bessa) Mowat
  m. Leonard Leslie in Aberdeen
  ii. Sibilla Mowat
  m. (1638) Alexander Mowat in Redcloak @@ above
  m2. Elspet Burnett (relict of Andrew Strachan in Ystsyde)
3. John Mowat in Powbair (d before 09.1621)
  A. John Mowat (a 09.1621)
  B. Jonet Mowat
  m1. _ Mowat (son of John in Powbair)
  m2. (mcrt 13.01.1624) John Rait of Aberdeen
4. Isobel Mowat (d 23.08.1597)
  m1. (20.12.1575) Bartill Winton in Fetteresso
  m2. John Foullarton in Cowie (sheriff clerk of Kincardineshire)



Gilbert Mowat of Brabstermire (Brabstermyre) (a 1517)
1. Malcolm Mowat of Brabstermire (a 1541)
  A. John Mowat of Brabstermire (a 1583)
  i. Andrew Mowat of Brabstermire (d c1634)
  m1. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m2. Elizabeth Knowles (a 1637)
  Not clear which wife was mother of which child.
  a. Patrick Mowat of Swinzie (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Leask
  (1) Alexander Mowat of Swinzie
  m. (1652) Jean Halcro (dau of Hugh Halcro of that ilk)
  (A) Patrick Mowat of Swinzie (d 1679)
  (B) Hugh Mowat, last of Swinzie (later called Lochend)
  (2) Andrew Mowat
  m. Marjory Gifford (dau of Laurence Gifford of Whethersta by Jean Sinclair)
  (A)+ 1 son and 1 daughter
  b.+ other issue - George (dvp), William, Elizabeth, Jean

Main source(s): 'A Lairdship Lost - the Mowats of Balquholly, 1309-1736' by Diane Baptie (2000, ISBN: 978-1862320529), www.cosoft.org/mowat/ with support for the lower section from 'The Mowats of Brabstermyre and Swinzie' within 'Caithness Family History' (John Henderson, 1884, p178+)
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