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Families covered: Mytton of Garth, Mytton of Halston, Mytton of Pontyscowryd
[Most of the data on this page was originally provided within Mytton1 but was moved here to facilitate expansion.]

Richard Mytton of Shrewsbury (d 28.11.1591)
m1. Anne Grey (dau of Sir Edward Grey of Enville)
1. Edward Mytton of Habberley, later of Halston (dvp 1568)
  m. Anne Greville (dau of Sir Edward Greville of Milcote)
A. Edward Mytton of Halston (b 1553, d 1583)
  m. Anne Corbet (dau of Reginald Corbet of Stoke-upon-Tern)
  i. Richard Mytton of Halston, Sheriff of Salop (b 1577, a 1610)
  m. Margaret Owen (dau of Thomas Owen of Condover, judge)
  a. Thomas Mytton of Halston, Sheriff of Salop (b 1608, bur 29.11.1656, parliamentary General)
  m. (1629) Margaret Napier (dau of Sir Robert Napier of Luton)
(1) Richard Mytton of Halston
  m. Rebecca Kynaston (dau of Roger Kynaston of Hordley)
  (A) Richard Mytton of Halston
  m. Arabella Houblon (dau of Sir John Houblon, Lord Mayor of London)
  (i) Richard Mytton of Halston (b 1688, d 27.02.1730/1)
  m. Letitia Owen (dau of Roger Owen of Condover)
(a) Anna Maria Mytton (d 08.1750)
  m. Sir Charles Leighton, 3rd Bart of Wattlesborough (d 05.05.1780)
  (ii) John Mytton, later of Halston (b 1690, d 1756)
  m. Mary Elizabeth Davenport (dau of Henry Davenport of Davenport House)
  (a) John Mytton of Halston (d 1783)
  m. Rebecca Pigott (dau of Robert Pigott of Chetwynd)
((1)) John Mytton of Halston (b 03.03.1768, d 08.09.1798)
  m. (13.10.1795) Sarah Harriet Mostyn-Owen (dau of William Mostyn-Owen of Woodhouse)
  ((A)) John Mytton of Halston, Sheriff of Salop and Merioneth (b 30.10.1796, d 29.03.1834) had issue
  m1. (21.05.1818) Harriet Emma Jones (d 02.07.1820, dau of Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt Jones, 1st Bart)
  m2. (29.10.1821) Caroline Mallet Giffard (d 1841, dau of Thomas Giffard of Chillington)
  ((B)) Harriet Rebecca Mytton (d 13.03.1826)
  m. (27.03.1817) Sir John Hesketh Lethbridge, 3rd Bart (d 01.03.1873)
  ((2)) Arabella Mytton
  m. William Pigott (b c1742, d 09.03.1811, rector of Edgmond and Chetywnd)
  (b) Barbara Letitia Mytton
  m1. John Corbet of Sundorne
  m2. Edward Williams of Easton Mascott
  (c) Arabella Mytton
  m. William Pigott (rector of Edgmond and Chetwyn)
  (d) Sarah Mytton
  m. Moses Corbet (Deputy Governor of Jersey)
(iii) Charles Mytton of Chester
  m. Elizabeth Pigott (dau of Robert Pigott of Peploe)
  (a) Charles Mytton (rector of Eccleston)
  m. Rebecca Vernon
  ((1)) Charles Mytton, later Thornycroft (d 04.05.1840, rector of Eccleston) had issue
  Charles was the beneficiary of a bequest from Edward Thornycroft. His son John became 'Thornycroft of Thornycroft Hall'.
m1. (26.06.1802) Henrietta Grey (dau of Hon. John Grey)
  m2. (28.12.1826) Elizabeth Kynaston Grey (d 02.03.1853, dau of Hon. Booth Grey)
  (iv) Arabella Mytton
  m. David Pennant of Bychton and Downing
  (iv)+ other issue - William (d unm 03.09.1746, rector of Habberley), James, Mary, Rebecca, others (d young)
  (B) Edward Mytton (dsp)
  b. Sara Mytton (d 30.09.1677)
  m. (1644) Sir Edward Acton, 1st Bart of Aldenham Hall (bpt 20.07.1600, d 1659)
  ii. Peter Mytton of London (3rd son)
  m. Mary Lee (dau of Rowland Lee of London)
  a.+ 3 sons and 1 daughter
  iii. Elizabeth Mytton
  m. Richard (not Thomas) Thornes of Shelvock
  iv.+ other issue - Reginald, Edward
  B. Richard Mytton
  m. Anna Pate of Ketleby
  i.+ issue - 10 sons (including Edward, Henry) and 10 daughters (including Katherine, Brigitta)
  C. Lodovic or Lewis Mytton
  m. Ursula Pate (sister of Anna, dau of _ Pate or Peate of Kettleby)
  i.+ issue - Jane, Brigitta
  D.+ other issue - Elianora, Cassandra, Margaret, Jane
2. John Mytton of Pontyscowryd
  m1. Mary Cole (dau of Lawrence Cole of London)
A. Ellen Mytton
  m. John Whitacres
  m2. Anne Barnes (dau of John Barnes of Salop)
  B. Richard Mytton of Pontyscowryd
  m. _ Garnons of Herefordshire
  i. James Mytton of Pontyscowryd
  m. Eleanor Jones (dau of Edward Jones of Sandford, sister of Chief Justice Sir Thomas)
a. Richard Mytton of Pontyscowryd, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire (a 1674)
  m. Bridget Devereux (dau of George Devereux of Vaynor)
  (1) Richard Mytton of Pontyscowryd and Garth, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire (d 1773)
  m. Dorothy Wynn (dau of Brochwel Wynn of Garth)
(A) Devereux Mytton of Garth (b 1725, d 12.05.1809)
  m. Anne Jones (dau of Richard Jones of Trelydan)
  (i) Richard Mytton (dvp)
  (a) Richard Mytton of Garth and Pontyscowryd (d 21.02.1828, Rev.) had issue
  m. (05.03.1804) Charlotte Herbert (dau of John Herbert of Dolforgan)
  (b) Anne Mytton (d 1811) probably of this generation
  m. (1806) Richard Hill (b 01.02.1779, d 17.05.1834)
  (ii) John Mytton of Penylan, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire (a 1809)
  m1. Bridget Jones (dau of Price Jones of Glenhafren by Bridget, dau of Edward Glynne of Glynn)
  (a) Devereux Glynne Mytton (rector of Llandyssil) had issue
  m. (19.06.1810) Elizabeth Sarah Lloyd (dau of Francis Lloyd of Berghill)
  m2. Beatrice Catherine Browne of Beaumaris (dau of Rev. W. Browne)
  (B) Catherine Mytton (d 22.02.1748-9)
  m. (13.04.1738) Edward Devereux, 11th Viscount Hereford (d 20.08.1760)
  (2) Catherine Mytton
  m. Edward Lloyd of Aberbechan
  b. Elizabeth Mytton
  m. Charles Hughes of Bryntangor, Sheriff of Merioneth (a 1689)
C. Humphrey Mytton
  m. Judith Turvill
  D. Edward Mytton
  E. daughter
  m. David Davies of Egerley
3. Elizabeth Mytton
  m1. Nicholas Grosvenor
  A. Elianora Grosvenor probably of this generation
  m. Jasper Lodge of Over
  m2. Richard Dewe
4. Cicely Mytton apparently of this generation
  m. Richard Acton of Acton Scot
5.+ other issue - George, Hankin, William (dsp), Richard (dsp), Roland (dsp), Robert (dsp), Anna (dsp), Katherine (dsp)
m2. _ Pigott (dau of Jenkin Pigott of Rhuddlan) not mentioned by Visitation
13. Jenkin Mitton or Mytton
  m. Elizabeth Pool (dau of Sir Thomas Pool)
  A. Richard Mytton or Mutton of Rhuddlan
  m. Elin Conway (dau of John Conway)
i. Peter Mytton or Mutton
  m1. Magdalen
  a. John Mutton 'of Rhuddlan'
  m1. Catherine Mostyn (dau of Piers Mostyn)
  (1) Jane Mutton
  m. Thomas Evans of Northop
m2. Anne (dau of Griffith ap Evan)
  (2) Sir Peter Mutton of Lannerch (chief justice of North Wales)
  m. Eleanor Williams (dau of Edmund Williams, relict of Evan Griffith)
  (A) Anne Mutton
  m. (29.07.1631) Robert Davies of Gwysaney
  (B) Eleanor Mutton
  m. Kenrick Eyton of Eyton
  m2. Margaret Griffith (dau of Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn)
m3. Eleanor Harborne (b c1512, d 30.01.1602, dau of George Harburne of Shrewsbury)
14. Adam Mitton of Shrewsbury (a 1584, recorder of Shrewsbury)
  m1. Jane Lacon (dau of Lancelot Lacon of Lindley)
  A. George Mitton of Salop
  i. Edward Mitton
  B. Jane Mitton (bur 29.08.1585) possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Modlicott 'of Shrewsbury?'
  C.+ other issue - Edward/Henry, Maria
  m2. (sp) Maria Holstock (dau of Thomas Holstock)
15. Jane Mitton
  m1. Edward Ireland of Salop
  m2. Thomas Higgin
16. Isabella Mitton
  m. Thomas Walter
  A.+ issue - Richard, Edward, John, Adam, Elinor

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Thornycroft formerly of Thornycroft Hall) with input/support from BLG1886 (Mytton of Garth and Penylan), Commoners (ii, Mytton of Halston) and Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Mitton of Shrewsbury and afterwards of Halston)
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