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Families covered: Newcome of Caldecot, Newcome of Hackney, Newcome of Hertford, Newcome of Shenley

Stephen Newcome of Ely (b 1540, d 1590, cleric)
m. _ Copley or Cropley (dau of Daniel Cropley of Ely, sister of the rector of Girton, m2. Rev. _ Noble of Ampton)
1. Stephen Newcome (b 1590, d 1650 (bur 04.02.1641-2?), rector of Caldecot in Huntingdonshire)
  m. Rose Williamson (dau of Rev. Henry Williamson of Conington)
  A. Robert Newcome (b 1620, d 23.09.1679, rector of Caldecot & Allerton, schoolmaster in Congleton)
  m. (1643) Anne Anderson (d 04.06.1691, dau of Rev. John Anderson of Wymington)
  i. John Newcome (b 1650, d 1688, rector of Caldecot)
  m. Mary Fuller
  a. Robert Newcome (rector of Caldecot)
  m. Anne Gregory
  (1)+ issue - Anne (b 1726), Elizabeth (b 1726), Mary (b 1726)
  b. Stephen Newcome in Grantham, Lincolnshire (baker, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Webb
  (1) John Newcome, Dean of Rochester (d 1765, Master of St. John's College, Cambridge) had issue
  m1. _ Sharpe of Northampton
  m2. (sp?) _ Squire (sister of Archdeacon _ Squire, widow)
  c. Alice Newcome
  m. William Bridges
  d. Elizabeth Newcome
  m. John Rippen
  e.+ other issue - John (d 1702), William (d young), Mary (d young), Anne (d 1702)
  ii. Robert Newcome of Peterborough (b 1652, d 1717)
m. _ Miller of Allerton
  a. Daniel Newcome (b 1676, d 1758, rector of Woburn then Wimpole)
  m. _ Neal (dau of Noah Neal of Stamford)
  (1)+ issue - Daniel (b 1721, d 1761, rector of Wimpole), Noah (b 1722, d 1783), Rachel, Catherine
  b. Joseph Newcome (vicar in Abingdon & Barton, 3rd son)
The following is supported by BLG1886 (Newcome of Hockwold).
  m. Alice Banbridge (widow of Justice Rickards of London)
  (1) William Newcome, Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland (b 09.04.1729, d 11.01.1800)
  m1. Maria D'Oyley (dau of Sir Thomas D'Oyley, 3rd Bart)
  (A) Maria Newcome (d 12.04.1858)
  m. ( Mungo Henry Noble (d 16.06.1831, rector of Clongill)
m2. Anna Maria Smyth (dau/coheir of Edward Smyth of Callow Hill)
  (B) William Newcome (Rev.) had issue
  m. (01.1805/9) Catherine Clough (d 1875, dau of Rev. Cyrill Clough of Feltwell Hall)
  (C) Anne Newcome
  m. Pierce Hely of co. Waterford
(D) Alicia Newcome
  m. (07.1801) Rev. Thomas Blakeney of co. Roscommon (b 1770, d 18.01.1845)
  (E) Catherine Newcome
  m. (16.05.1796) C(hristopher) A(rmitage) Nicholson of Balrath
  (F) Elinor Newcome
  m. (1812) Henry Walsh
  (G) Jemima Newcome
  m. Thomas Lucas of London
  (H) Isabella Newcome
  m. Anthony Chearnley of co. Waterford
  (I) Frances Newcome (d 23.09.1875)
  m. (29.07.1815) Sir Richard Musgrave, 3rd Bart of Tourin (b 1790, d 1859)
  (J)+ other issue (d unm) - Joseph, Robert, Edward, Susanna, Rachel, Louisa
(2)+ 2 sons
  c.+ other issue - William in London, Anne (d young)
  iii. Anne Newcome (b 1660)
  m. (1687) M.J. Smith of Yaxley
  iv.+ other issue - Stephen (b 1654, d 1658), Henry (b 1657)
  B. Stephen Newcome of Caldecot and/or Wymmington (b 1623, bur 17.06.1678)
  m. Alice Anderson (dau of Rev. John Anderson of Wymington, widow of _ White)
  i.+ issue (d young) - Stephen, John
  C. Henry Newcome (bpt 27.11.1627, d 17.09.1695, rector of Gawsworth, minister in Manchester, schoolmaster in Congleton, 4th son)
  m. (06.07.1648) Elizabeth Mainwaring (b c1617, d 1700, dau of Peter Mainwaring of Smallwood)
  i. Henry Newcome (b 1647, d 1713, rector of Tattenhall (Cheshire) & Middleton)
  m. (1677) Elizabeth Taylor
  FMG shows 3 unnamed daughters, married to _ Manchester, _ Lating of Manchester & B. Nicholas of Chester. BLG1952 shows as follows.
  a. Henry Newcome (a 1708, rector of Ewelme in Oxfordshire)
  m. _ Cargill
  (1)+ issue - Anne, Mary, Frances, Elizabeth
  b. Rose Newcome
  m. (1710) _ Duckworth
  c. Elizabeth Newcome
  m. Rev. _ Bann
  d. Anne Newcome
  m. Rev. _ Pritchard
  e.+ other issue - Richard (d Lille 1707), Nicholas (d young)
  ii. Daniel Newcome in Sunderland (d 1695)
  m1. Jane Line
  a. daughter (Jane?)
  m2. Laura Paris
  b.+ other issue - James (b 1676-7, d 25.06.1695), Paris, Daniel
  iii. Peter Newcome (b 05.11.1650/6, d 1713/05.10.1738, vicar of Aldenham then Hackney)
  m. Anne Hooke of Basingstoke b 1660-1, (d 17.08.1726, dau of Eustace Hooke of Hooke)
  a. Peter Newcome (b 18.09.1684, d 31.05.1744, rector of Batcombe then Shenley)
  m. (1726) Ann Hasker (dau of J. Hasker or Haskar of East Wellow)
  (1) Henry Newcome (b 04.03.1731-2, d 09.10.1803, vicar of Gresford, 2nd son)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 (Newcome of Shenley).
  m1. Anne Jones (d 1768, dau of Rev. Edward Jones of Freemantle)
  (A) Anne Newcome (b 1768, d 1821)
  m. Charles Jones (Captain, cousin)
  m2. Elizabeth Hughes (d 1783, dau of Rev. Rev. Thomas Hughes of Ruthyn by Elizabeth, dau of Norfolk Salusbury)
  (B) Thomas Newcome (b 09.11.1797, d 09.1851, rector of Shenley & Fottenham, 2nd son) had issue
  BLG1886 & FMG identify Thomas's wife Charlotte as dau of Thomas Bradbury Winter of Shenley Hill. BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m. (09.04.1806) Charlotte Winter (dau of John Mico Winter of Shenley)
  (C) Richard Newcome (b 1779, archdeacon of Ruthin/Merioneth) had issue
  m. (1837) Frances Hughes (dau/heir of Robert Hughes of Madras, cousin)
  (D)+ other issue - Henry (b 1775, d unm 1794), Elizabeth (b 1773), Maria (b 1780)
  (2)+ other issue (d unm) - Peter (b 15.09.1727, d 02.04.1797, rector of Shenley), Anne (b 31.10.1729)
  b. Henry Newcome of Hackney (b 1689, d 1756, schoolmaster, 3rd son)
  m1. (1714) Lydia Morland (b c1685-6, d 1730, dau of Benjamin Morland of Hackney)
  (1) Peter Newcome of Hackney (b 1715, d 1779, schoolmaster)
m. Elizabeth Walden
  (2) Benjamin Newcome (b 1717, d 1775, rector of Tolleshunt & Siddington, Dean of Rochester)
  m. Sarah Green
  (A) Augustus Newcome of Holbeach, Lincolnshire (b 1749, d 29.07.1787)
  m. Mary Braybrook
  (B) Peter Newcome (d 1794, 5th son)
  m. _ Neate of Whitstone
  (C) Sarah Newcome (b 1750)
  m. _ Gambier (Admiral)
  (D) Lydia Newcome (b 1755)
  m. George Gostling of Doctor's Commons
  (E) Elizabeth Newcome
  m. T. Singleton
  (F) Martha Newcome (b 1765-6, d 19.07.1840)
  m. (07.07.1787) Sir John Whalley Smith Gardiner of Tackley, Bart(dsp 1797)
  (G)+ other issue - Benjamin (d young), Ben Green (d 1752), Peter (d young), Alice/Anne (b 1754, d unm 1823), Charlotte, Caroline (b 1769, d 1782), Elizabeth Maria (d young)
  (3) Lydia Newcome (b 1719, d unm 1761-3)
  m2. Ann Yalden of Lovington (b 1698-9, d 25.09.1743)
  (4) Henry Newcome of Hackney (b 1735, d 1800, schoolmaster)
  m. Mary Mawdsley (dau of Hector Mawdsley or Maudsley of London by Mary, sister of Rev. William Cole of Lancashire then Milton)
  (A) Richard Newcome of Hackney (b 1761, d 1827, schoolmaster, 2nd son)
m. Rachel Ramsthorne of Lancashire
  (i) Rachel Newcome (b 1792, a 1834)
  (ii) Jane Newcome (b 1795)
  m. George Rois (rector of Laverton)
  (B) George William Newcome (b 1762, d 02.1833)
  m. Elizabeth Trower of Clapton
  (i) George Newcome (b 1802, d 1884, Captain)
  m. Harriet Girardot
  (ii) Henry Newcome of Hardingstone (Northamptonshire) & London (b 1805, d 1849) had issue
  m. (30.07.1835) Cecilia Wake (dau of Sir William Wake, 9th Bart of Courteenhall)
  (iii) Harriet Newcome (b 1807, d 1860)
  m. Ross Mangles
  (iv) Rose Newcome (b 1809, d 1882)
  m. Cecil Mangles or Charles Mangtry
  (v)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 1800), Charlotte (b 1801, d unm 1853), Rose (b/d 1806)
  (C) Mary Newcome ( b 1765)
  m. Tom Scawell or Seawell of Bookham or Brookham
  (D)+ other issue - Henry (b 1760, d 1795, Captain RN), Peter (b 1764, d young), John (b 1768, curate of Idsworth), Francis (b 1774, d unm 1834), Anne (b 1760, d unm 1838), Harriet (b 1770)
(5) Anne Newcome (b 1735)
  m. Robert Plumptre or Plumbtre (d 1788, Master of Queens' College, Cambridge, Rev.)
  (6) Elizabeth Newcome (b 1737, d unm 1800)
  c. Stephen Newcome, Governor of Bencoolen in India (b 1690, d 31.05.1732)
  m1. (1715) Caroline Carne (d 01.07.1725)
  m2. (02.09.1726) Violanta Hunter (d 31.05.1732)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (1) Anne Newcome probably of this generation
  m. (1751) James Rodney of Alton (b 1724, dsp)
  d. Richard Newcome, Bishop of Llandaff then St. Asaph (b 03.03.1701, dsp 1769)
  m. (1732) Elizabeth French named Lydia by FMG
  e.+ other issue - Benjamin (b 06.02.1688, d unm 1743-5), Thomas (b 29.11.1692, d 1693), Philip (b 30.04.14703), Anne (b 1683, d unm 1769), Rose (b 22.07.1686, d unm), Elizabeth Maria (b 05.09.1694, d unm bur 05.04.1787), Margaret (b 21.04.1696), Jane (b 19.04.1699, d 1702)
  iv.+ other issue - Rose (b 1646/49-50, d unm 04.05.1719), Elizabeth (b 1649)
  D. Thomas Newcome of Tower Hill & The Priory, Hertford (d 01.11.1701, mealman)
  m. Mary
  i. Thomas Newcome of The Priory, Hertford
  m1. M. Green
  m2. E. Tucker
  a. Susan Newcome
  E. Richard Newcome (b 1629, d 1707, rector of Keystone & Wymington, Huntingdonshire)
  m. Jane White (d 27.01.1683, dau of _ White by dau of Rev. John Anderson of Wymmington)
  i. Stephen Newcome
  m. Mary Fuller
  a. Stephen Newcome (b 1704, 2nd son)
  (1) William Newcome
  (2) Jane Newcome
  m. Rev. _ King
  b.+ other issue - William (b 1704, apothecary), Jane (b 1701), Rose (b 1703)
  ii. Richard Newcome
  m1. Alice Fuller
  m2. Anne Eyles
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  a. Richard Newcome (b 1705, d 1731)
  b. John Newcome (b 1708, d 1763, alderman of Northampton)
  m. _ Gutter
  (1) John Newcome (b 1732, d 1807)
  c. Anne Newcome (b 1704)
  m. _ Walker
  d. Mary Newcome (b 1706)
  m. _ Lettice
  iii. John Newcome (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Marlow
  a.+ issue - Marlow, Elizabeth
  iv. Rose Newcome
  m. _ Clarke of Hardingstone
  v. Jane Newcome
  m. _ Scriven
  vi. Alice Newcome
  m. _ Richard (rector of Brounham)
  vii.+ other issue - Robert (d young), Robert
  F.+ other issue - John in London (b 1625, d unm, clothier), Daniel (b 1637, d young), Rose (b 1641, d unm bur 21.12.1670)
2. Bridget Newcome
  m. Richard Wigmore (vicar of Sutton, rector of Maypole or Mepale)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Newcome of Hale Place) with support from FMG (vol 3, MS457, 'Newcome', p1042+)
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