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Families covered: Northmore of Cleve, Northmore of South Tawton, Northmore of Well

Probably descended from William Northmore of South Tawton (a 1480), son of Richard who was probably descended from John of South Tawton (a 1332), was ...
John Northmore of South Tawton, Devon (bur 1577) probably father of
1. Richard Northmore of Well in South Tawton the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m1. Johane (bur 02.04.1565)
  A. Edward Northmore of Well (bpt 03.05.1560, bur 29.03.1629, 2nd son)
  m. (06.10.1591) Philote Haywoode (bur 18.0.1623, dau of John Haywoode of Bondleigh)
  i. John Northmore of Well (bur 01.04.1671, Forester of Dartmoor, 2nd son)
  m. (16.11.1633) Johane Stronge (bur 03.12.1686, dau of John Stronge of Torr Hill)
  a. John Northmore (bpt 24.01.1635-6, dsp bur 15.04.1713, Town Clerk of Okehampton)
m. (26.11.1674) Margery Wolcombe of Place, Chudleigh (bur 15.09.1707)
  b. William Northmore of Throwleigh & Well (bpt 13.01.1639-40, bur 05.09.1716, 3rd son)
  m1. (06.04.1675, sp) Mary Knapman (bur 02.04.1685, dau/heir of William Knapman of Welson)
  m2. (21.01.1688-9) Anne Hutton (bur 17.01.1743-4, dau of Rev. William Hutton of North Lew)
  (1) William Northmore of Cleve & Wenson (bpt 01.07.1690, dsp bur 25.031735, MP)
m1. (1711) Anne Northmore (dau of Thomas Northmore) @@ below
  m2. (05.1720) Florence Chichester (dsp bur 01.01.1725-6, dau of Sir Arthur Chichester of Raleigh, Bart)
  m3. (11.09.1734) Elizabeth Oxenham (dau of William Oxenham of Oxenham, m2. Stephen Weston (son of the Bishop))
(2) Elizabeth Northmore (bpt 18.03.1695-6, bur 17.01.1750)
  m1. (c02.1713) Edward Herle of Prideaux Herle & Landue, Sheriff of Cornwall
  m2. Charles Kendall (son of Archdeacon Nicholas of Pelyn)
  m3. (26.04.1742) John Weekes
(3)+ other issue - John (bpt 04.10.1693, bur 23.08.1695), Anne (bpt 19.04.1689, bur 05.05.1689), Mary (bpt 08.12.1691, bur 20.03.1692-3)
  c. Thomas Northmore of Cleve in St. Thomas (bur 30.07.1713, Master in Chancery, MP)
  m1. Anne Pridham (d 08.04.1686)
  (1) Anne Northmore (dsp bur 07.05.1717)
  m. (1711) William Northmore of Cleve & Wenson @@ above
  (2) Elizabeth Northmore (bpt 1680, d 02.08.1683)
  m2. (20.01.1686-7, sp) Elizabeth Andrew (bur 10.1689, dau of Solomon Andrew of Lyme Regis, Sheriff of Dorset)
  m3. (c09.1690) Elizabeth St. Aubyn (dsp 04.01.1735-6, dau of John St. Aubyn of Clowance)
  d. Jeffery Northmore of Well (bpt 27.09.1643, bur 20.09.1724)
  m1. Sarah (bur 04.08.1691)
  (1) Edward Northmore (bpt 28.11.1689, bur 17.04.1732, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Weekes (bur 13.04.1730, dau of William Weekes)
  (A) William Northmore (bpt 21.09.1721, bur 24.03.1724-5)
  (B) Sarah Northmore (bpt 29.06.1726, bur 10.05.1765)
  m. (17.12.1750) Gilbert Yard
  (2)+ other issue - John (bpt 15.11.1688, dsp), Joan (bpt 04.11.1690)
  m2. (c05.1693) Grace Risdon (b 1661-2, bur 05.09.1726, dau/heir of Nathaniel Risdon of Spreyton)
  (4) Thomas Northmore (bpt 22.08.1694, bur 20.11.1695)
  (5) John Northmore of Cleve & Well (bur 03.12.1735)
m. (20.05.1730) Anne Collacott (bur 04.02.1772, dau of John Collacott of Way, Chagford)
  (A) Thomas Northmore of Cleve, Sheriff of Devon (bpt 28.11.1735, bur 10.10.1777)
  m. (15.05.1764) Elizabeth Osgood (d 1776, dau/heir of Richard Osgood of Fulham)
  (i) Thomas Northmore of Cleve (b 1766, bur 29.05.1851)
  m1. (1790) Penelope Welby (d 07.11.1792, dau of Sir William Earle Welby of Denton, Bart, by Penelope Glynne)
  (a) Thomas Welby Northmore (b 1791, d 16.07.1829, Captain then Vicar in Lincoln then Devon) had issue
  m. (05.1822) Katherine Welby (b 04.06.1797, d 11.05.1869, dau of Sir William Earle Welby of Denton, Bart)
  m2. (09.11.1809) Emmeline Eden (bur 21.07.1850, dau of Sir John Eden of Windelstone, Bart)
  (b)+ other issue
(ii)+ other issue(d unm) - William Gracchus (b 1768, d 13.12.1837, cleric), Edward (b 1769, bur 03.09.1814, Captain), John (d infant), Elizabeth (d infant)
  (B) Elizabeth Northmore (bpt 1731)
  m. William Langdon Wilkins of Slade
  e. Mary Northmore (a 1666)
  m. William Battishill (a 1666)
  f. Elizabeth Northmore (a 1666)
  m. (11.04.1681) Richard Weekes of North Wyke (a 1666)
  g.+ other issue - Edward (d unm 02.10.1687, vicar of Newton St. Syres), Joane (bpt 06.02.1641, bur 16.06.1669)
  ii. Jeffery Northmore (bpt 15.10.1596)
  m. Susanna (bur 01.09.1687)
  iii. Thomas Northmore (bpt 27.08.1599, bur 05.10.1636, 5th son)
  m. (28.09.1619) Joane Gay
  a. Joane Northmore (bpt 19.08.1621)
  m. Alexander Knapman
  b.+ other issue - Edward (bur 14.03.1668-9), Thomas (bpt 12.05.1639)
  iv. Grace Northmore (bpt 30.09.1604)
  m. _ Speke
  v. Margery Northmore
  m. (25.09.1627) Richard Jolly
  vi.+ other issue - John (bur 14.06.1594), Henry (bpt 16.05.1602), Mary (bpt 15.02.1605)
  B. Ellen Northmore (bpt 030.1.1554)
  m. (30.01.1579) James Richards
  C.+ other issue - William (bpt 05.01.1556), Thomas (bpt 02.10.1562), Anne (bpt 24.03.1564, bur 05.04.1571)
  m2. (14.02.1567) Johane Southwode
  F.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 06.06.1568), John (bpt 21.05.1571, bur 01.09.1571)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Northmore of Cleve', p851+ (in Addenda)) with support from BLG1952 ('Northmore formerly of Cleve')
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