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Families covered: O'Brien Kings of Thomond

Conchobar (Conor) Na Suidaine macDonnchada O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 22.05.1258)
Hereafter, other than to omit certain accents and to show alternative spellings in brackets (and subject to transcription errors), we follow the spelling of the names as given in 'RoyalData' but simplify the names by omitting the reference to the father. For example, "O'Brien, Tedg Caeluisce macConchobair, King of Thomond" is shown as ...
1. Tedg (Teige) Caeluisce O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1259)
  A. Toirrdelbach (Turlough) O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1306)
  i. Donnchad O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1311)
  ii. Muirdertach (Mortogh) O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 05.06.1343)
  m. Edaouin McGorman
  a. Mathghamhain (Mahon Moinmoy) O'Brien of Maonmhagh, King of Thomond (d 1369)
  m. Una O'Connor (dau of Phelim O'Connor of Corcomroe (Feildlim O'Connor, Prince of Corcumruadh) mother of Marguerita, possibly also of ...
  (1) Brian Streambach O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1400)
  (A) Tadhg an Glenmore O'Brien (d 1444)
  (B) Mathghamhain Dall O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1462)
  (i) Donnchad O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1461)
  (a) Brian an Cherlaig O'Brien, Prince of Dunstir
  ((1)) Cathir Dubh O'Brien
  ((A)) Murrough O'Brien of Togarrow had issue
  ((2)) Own O'Brien of Togarrow and Monfin
  (ii) Murchadh O'Brien
  (C) Toirdhealbhagh (Turlough) Bog 'the Soft' O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1459)
  (i) Tadhg (Teige) an Chombaid O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1466)
  (a) Toirdhealbhagh (Turlough) Donn O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1528)
  m1. Raghnail Macnamara (dau of John Macnamara of Clancuilen)
  ((1)) Tadhg (Teige) O'Brien (d 1523)
((A)) Brian O'Brien
  ((B)) Mahone O'Brien (d 1552)
  ((2)) Conchobar (Conor) O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1540)
Conor was succeeded as Chief of the O'Briens by his brother Morrough rather than his son. Morrough surrendered his royalty to King Henry VIII of England and was appointed Earl of Thomond for life but with the earldom then following the senior line.
  m1. Annabella de Burgh (dau of Ulrick de Burgh of Clanricarde)
  ((A)) Donough O'Brien, 2nd Earl of Thomond (d 1553)
  m. (1533) Ellen Butler (dau of Piers Butler, 8th Earl of Ormonde)
  m2. Ellice FitzThomas (dau of Maurice FitzThomas 'the lame', 9th Earl of Desmond)
  ((B)) Donald O'Brien ancestor of O'Briens of Ennistymond
  ((C)) Torlogh O'Brien (dsp 1557)
  ((D)) Teige O'Brien ancestor of O'Briens of Ballycorick
((i)) Sarah O'Brien probably of this generation
  m. Teige O'Carroll
  ((E)) Morrough O'Brien ancestor of O'Briens of Cahterminane
  ((F)) Morrough O'Brien of Drumline (d 1593)
  ((3)) Slaine O'Brien
  m. Brian MacMahon of Carrigahlot Castle
  ((4))+ other issue - Donnchadh (d 1531), Dermot
  m2. Joan FitzMaurice (dau of Thomas FitzGerald, Lord of Kerry)
  ((6)) Morrough O'Brien, 1st Earl of Thomond, 1st Lord of Inchiquin (d 07.11.1551)
  m. Eleanor FitzGerald (dau of Sir Thomas FitzGerald of Glyn)
(b) Domhall (Tanaiste) O'Brien (d 1508)
  m. Saibh O'Lochlin
  ((1)) Conor O'Brien (4th son)
  m. Celia D'Dea
  ((A)) Dermod O'Brien of Caruduff had issue
  m. Eleanor MacMahon
  ((B)) Donough O'Brien of Caruduff
  ((2))+ other issue - Brian, Teige, Mortogh
  (c) Margaret O'Brien
  m. James FitzThomas, 8th Earl of Desmond (b c1448, d 07.12.1487)
  (d)+ other issue - Donnchadh, Brian (d 1523)
(ii) Conchobar Mor O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1496)
  (iii) Donnchadh O'Brien, Bishop of Killaloe (d 1460)
  (iv) Mathghamhain (Tanaiste) O'Brien (d 1472)
  (a) Toirdhealbhach O'Brien, Bishop of Kildare (d 1525)
  ((1)) Amy O'Brien (d before 1537)
  m1. James FitzThomas, 10th Earl of Desmond (dspm 18.06.1529)
  m2. (sp) Edmund FitzMaurice, 10th Lord of Kerry (d 1543)
  (v) Murchadh (Tanaiste) O'Brien
  (vi) Toirdhealbhach og O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1498)
  (2) Conchobar O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 13.04.1426)
  (A) Brian Dubh O'Brien
  (i) Domchadh O'Brien of Carrigogunnll (d 1502)
  m. Margaret O'Kennedy
  (a) Mahon O'Brien
  m. Elizabeth O'Brian of Ara
  ((1)) Donough O'Brien
((A)) Donald O'Brien had issue
  ((2)) Mortogh O'Brien
  ((A)) Murrough O'Brien (d 1577) had issue
  ((3)) Brian Duff O'Brien
  ((4)) Maud O'Brien
  m. John FitzThomas, Earl of Desmond
  (B) Domnhald O'Brien, Bishop of Limerick (d 1411)
(C) Dermond O'Brien
  (3) Marguerita O'Brien probably of this generation
  m. Hugh (Aodh) O'Connell, Chief (a 1343)
  b. Toirrdelbach Maol O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1398)
  c. Tadhg O'Brien (d 1380)
  (1) Toirdhealbhach O'Brien (d after 1421) had issue
  iii. Dairmaid O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1364)
  iv. Conchobar (Conor) O'Brien (d Thurles 19.07.1329)
  a. Margaret O'Brien
  m. Maurice FitzThomas, 1st Earl of Desmond (b 1393, d 25.01.1355-6)
  v. Slany O'Brien probably of this generation
  m. Sir Edmond de Burgh (d 1338)
  B. Domnall O'Brien (d 1280)
2. Iohan (Seoinin) O'Brien (d 1268)
3. Brian Ruad O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1275)
  A. Donnchad O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1284)
  i. Diarmait Cleireich O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 01.06.1313)
  B. Domnall O'Brien
  m. Margaret MacMahon
  i. Donnchad O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 17.08.1317)
  ii. Brian Ban O'Brien, King of Thomond (d 1350)
  m. (1318) dau of Henry Burke
  a. Murchada na Raithne O'Brien, Lord of Arra (d 1383)
  m. More O'Kennedy of Ormonde
  (1) Toirdhealbhach O'Brien (d 1400)
m. Honor Oge of Buttercut
  (A) Teige O'Brien (d 1474)
  (i) Donald Mor O'Brien (d 1508)
  (a) Murrough O'Brien (d 1504)
  (b) Mortogh Casch O'Brien
  ((1)) Turlough MacBrien Ara O'Brien (d 1601) had issue
  m. Mor O'Carrol (d 1592, dau of Donough O'Carrol, Lord of Ely)
  ((2)) Mortogh O'Brien of Dunharrow
  ((A)) Maurice O'Brien had issue
  m. Margaret Barry (dau of David FitzGerald Barry)
  (B) Murrough O'Brien (d 1427)
  iii. Donal O'Brien
  C. Toirrdelbach O'Brien (d 1305)

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